Order Light and Love



The PRESENCE OF PLANETARY LIBERATION, acting in consequence of the urgency that wraps the Planet, makes a call to all the inhabitants of the Planet Earth, so that you reflect on the grave situation that wraps you and meditate on the events that in It happens; and on that base you decide what Action you should follow. Likewise you are invited to reflect on your own actions, on what day by day each one pours over the Planet, and if you are conscious or not of the why of your existence, of your making and of your life. It is necessary that you make a BALANCE, even external as internal and over that base, to reflect and to see if you have a possibility to continue living on a Planet about to collapse for the weight caused by the Unconsciousness and Ignorance of its most inconsiderate inhabitants, who unthinkingly have contributed to the chaos that now involves you.

INHABITANTS OF THE PLANET EARTH, if you meditate in the above-mentioned, you will be able to realize of the panoramic of the Planet, because it is very dark, Understand! that you are darkened by the threats of destruction that hangs on the planet, and with which you have collaborated thoroughly, maybe without realizing it; giving loose rein to your personal desires, to your ambitions of power, maintaining in modern slavery to your own siblings, to your sexual licentiousness, to your manias that in one way or another have manifested without consideration that each thought, emotion and action emanated from you are contaminating your environment, your neighbor, your community, your nation, the Planet and all gem of beings that inhabit with you on the Earth. You will be able to see that unthinkingly you have contributed to create the atomic arsenals that abound in the face of the Earth, since your thoughts of anger, of rabies, of hate and your dark feelings, gave life in hands of others to the nuclear weapons created to destroy, without considering that nobody is the owner of his life and therefore the life of other ones. If you don't know it, all of you are INTERNALLY INTERCOMMUNICATED by being of the same genetic inheritance, and governed by only one genetic pattern in the multiplicity. The Life that encourages you has been given by The ALL-BEING so that you love it and liberate it in Conscience Light over your fellow men, over the Planet; blessing day by day the wonderful experience of living in a Planet covered by LOVE, by LIGHT, by UNITY and for the PRESENCE of The FATHER-MOTHER.

INHABITANTS OF THE PLANET EARTH, you could see how paltry are your feelings, your actions because instead of glorifying the LIGHT, you have glorified your desires, your low passions; surrendering to the consequence and obtaining the same one, without think in the damage that you cause to life that have been given to you as a gift of Love, so that you manifest the Divine Being that each one bearers. Have you ever thought of It?, Have you had time for this?; isn’t it?; you have been trapped in the matter, adoring the forms created by the unconscious men, ambitioning them to the extreme; but in that act you are controlled by them robbing you this way, your vital energy, submerging you in the dream of the unconsciousness and ignorance, entailing you to the self-destruction. Damaged as you are, you don’t perceive the danger that you have in front and even so, you believe you are free; without to realize that you are prisoners and that you are in dark jails, loaded with hates, pain, illnesses, death and necessities of all type, without knowing the reason. This way, you believe that you have possibilities to survive in a Planet loaded with arms, atomic bombs and surprisingly in the hands of few ones, justifying that it is for everybody’s good; but at any moment, in a mental imbalance of one of them, they can make them explode. To this is added the desperation of the Elementary Forces, natural creatures that register the unconsciousness of the men, they want to liberate the Planet of this self-destruction menace, pulsing to sweep from the face of the earth the men and their load of iniquity. Think about it!, because day by day the situation of the Planet and yours is aggravating.

INHABITANTS OF THE PLANET EARTH, it is necessary to wake up from the dominant that oppresses you, of the unconsciousness or ignorance that drowns you, of the fantasy and the deceit created by the “egos” of their delusion existence. It doesn't make sense the irrationality of your actions. It is painful to see you stroll as robots, without a real center, rotating unconsciously around the preset orbit by the dark forces that control you; this explains why life had turned monotonous; even if you try to relax, to go on vacation, nothing will function, you always will return to the same thing again and again. Where is the desire, the yearning of your Beings?, Buried in the unconsciousness?. Don't lose the Divine Spark that lives in each one of you. Why do you surrender to the dark vortex that takes you to the auto-destruction?. WAKE UP!!!. Feel the call that your Beings make!!!, feel the pain that drowns them when seeing you to go toward the death, without thinking of the true purpose of your existence, of the why and for what reason of your lives!!!.

WAKE UP!!!. For how long do you believe that this situation will last?, or is it maybe better that you be destroyed or self-destroyed to clean the Planet of a so shameful panorama?, What impedes you?, Your governors, those that feel powerful?, They also clamor!, What are you waiting for?... If you don't feel the scream of your Beings and the anguish call of the Planet, Will it be better that everything finishes once and for all?; because it doesn't make sense that the man lives to destroy, to damage the other Systems of Life that are developing in the Planet. It doesn't make sense that Light Forces fight to maintain with life something that doesn't deserve to live.

BEINGS OF THE PLANET EARTH, since the personality doesn't listen; YOU LISTEN!!!. Beings of Light, clamor for your LIBERATION, for the manifestation of the Luminous Condition that each one Is!. You live in the shade, but you have the right to be FREE. THE PRESENCE OF PLANETARY LIBERATION IS PULSING TO CAPTURE THE DIVINE ARCHETYPE IN THE EARTH AND IN ALL LIGHT!!!. It is contemplated the Purity of each Divine Spark; therefore, for you that now you know of this Revelation and front your Luminous condition, and in spite of that you still drown and groan in the shade, Now you can Fight without pressures!, don't fall asleep!, don't allow them to destroy you!. That is why the DIVINE COMMANDERY OF LOVE offers you this opportunity; immolate to IT, BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE FREE AND TO PARTICIPATE OF THE DIVINE QUALITIES OF THE ALL-BEING... BECAUSE YOU ARE IN "CONSCIENCE LIGHT" TO ITS IMAGE AND LIKENESS!. YOU ARE LIGHT!. This is your opportunity TO BE FREE, Take advantage of It, Here and Now!!!.

In Action of Light, in Manifestation of Love, by the Liberation of the Being that lives in the Planet Earth, by the manifestation of the Divine Archetype of this Planet


Commander of the Forces of Liberation!