To live in a multidimensional universe is to be dead in part, to dream in another part, to be revealed in a 3rd. one and to realize of the 3 previous in a 4th. part. The CONSCIOUSNESS is conscious of being CONSCIOUS; it is conscious of being UNCONSCIOUS; it is conscious of the SUPRACONSCIOUS coming and conscious of being CONSCIOUSABLE by something inherent to Itself and UNCONSCIOUSABLE.

Only the LIGHT can see the LIGHT; Only the LIGHT can know the LIGHT and there is no one that can make words or forms of IT. Everything is no more than vibration and energy. The ATTENTION is thrown to all the confines of the universe and it returns again and again, without being able to decode or to define the Infinite, the Eternity.

The variable vibration of the sequential ones of the TIME is measured, frequency and ratified; trying to form and to understand an occurred history, befallen and eventuated in different times, in different temporary speeds and in multiple simultaneous places of the space; with an enormous multitude of characters, under all the possible costumes.

But, everything is RELATIVE: They are only parts and nothing else than parts. The observer's Relativity and even the more relative plots ascend and dissent, they enter and leave, they come and go at different speeds and rhythms, creating relative illusions of 2nd. and 3rd. Realities; in sounds, brightness, movement and color; verbs are repeated in different times, pronouns and names are conjugated; energy is qualified creating discontinuous, imperfect and incomplete states: Beautiful falsehoods, useless kindness and true lies.

Only the "UNITY OF VISION", the totality of the message at the end of the movie, explains and puts everything in place. Inside the UNITY vibrates swiftly the patience and the constancy of the UNDERSTANDING, coming from the alive vibration of the knowledge that at the end of the movie, everything will be in due course of time, in its fair place; such and as it was conceived by the GRAND UNITY!.

It is useless to try to know the end from half of the movie, simply because it loses the scenes of the present.

The HABITS of the past of low vibrations make that we want to guess, the Divine Indivisible!... The FEARS make that we identify ourselves with the characters of the 2nd. reality and that we forget our Real Identity Light!; Nothingness! with all the possibilities of Acting us up Real!, in some unknown point of the UNITY.

The FEAR, repetitive accumulation of the ignored, manipulates us precisely because it wants to ignore it; the FEAR makes that we escape from the SOLITUDE, unitive state of one with oneself that emerge to be recognized, accepted and transmuted. The FEAR makes us speak to break the silence that can reveal us another portion more of the UNITY, Not Revealed!. The FEAR always pushes us towards the outside of ourselves, to touch, to see, to hear, etc...

What would it happen if we accept the FEAR, if we allow it to emerge, if we look face to face and reach it; loving it with the little loving reserve of the high vibratory states?... If we do it this way, What could then intervene between the dead ME, the dreamer ME, the conscious ME, the unconscious ME and the silent ME?. When we were children we accepted the movie with all their characters, laughing and crying at the same time and we didn't understand anything of the exposed here, it was not needed. Now, this same vibration as kids is also in our conscience, and we can throw our attention and evoke it in fullness in the same way that we can throw the attention so that later, at the end of the movie, to laugh-cry to laughter of the TRAJI-COMIC-COSMIC-DRAMA-PLOT, SCHEMED and DRAMATIZED for the almost perfect performance of the Verbs, Pronouns and Names, Epithet and Adjectives; produced by the FEAR-LOVE of the UNCONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS of being CONSCIOUSABLE, and little by little patient, and constantly revealed and realized by the INDIVISIBLE UNITY that IS. Reflected-Projected as multitude diversifiable, in front of the LIGHT of ITSELF!

Without background music, without hidden lights... I laugh at the same laugh that turns ridiculous my seriousness in front of the momentary development of MYSELF!.