When two or more Meet on My Behalf, there I will Be!...
When two or more Discern on My Behalf, there I will Be!...


As fundamental quality, the main reason for which we are here and now in the planet Earth, is the DISCERNMENT!; of course!, this beautiful Planet is a great School, the Planet Earth is a True School between the ascending scales of the UNIVERSAL SCHOOL OF LIFE!.

All those that come to it, have the work of DISCERNING AMONG THE GOOD AND THE BAD!; that is to say between the positive and the negative, between the summer and winter, between light and darkness, between day and night and among all the Couples of Opposites!... And while you don't know how to distinguish between good and bad you will continue in the planet Earth; I repeat, while we don't know how to distinguish between the useful and the useless, between the true and the false, between the correct and the incorrect, between the important and the not important, we will continue here in this PLANET-SCHOOL; and this is the reason why we continue here in the planet Earth.

All the other reasons, absolutely all, are subordinated to this fundamental reason; as good as an individual that goes to the university to learn a career called medicine, but he also begins to see other matters, right? What matters are seeing in medicine?, Well, they are anatomy, chemistry, physics, etc., that are related with the medicine.

This way, the Universal Career of Life here in our planet earth is called DISCERNMENT, Yes!, it is the discernment. We come just to discern, we come here to learn basically which is “good” and which is “bad” in all that we see and experience in life; and that is the first part of our lesson.

The second part of our lesson is NOT TO TAKE PARTY after knowing them, not for the “good” or for the “bad”. And the one who has learned his discernment lesson DOESN’T FIGHT IN FAVOR OF THE “GOOD” NEITHER IN FAVOR OF THE “BAD”!. Does it seem strange to you?, of course, you are habituated only with the “good”, Uff!. But, the one that has learned its discernment lesson doesn’t fight in favor of any of the two poles, instead he Conciliates them, Unites them, Marriages them. Here it is vital to notice that the Neuter Point is between the point of the “good” and the point of the “bad”!, this point is conciliator and is not good or bad, it is PERFECT!. The good is not perfect, the bad is not perfect, but the union of the good and the bad makes the perfection. Maybe this that I affirm might be a revolution in your mind, but it is the Key to achieve the PEACE.

The Cosmos has foreseen for our learning the 11th. PRINCIPLE OF PLANETARY LIBERATION OF THE DETACHMENT that says: “It doesn't matter what side the events of life has put you in, what matters is that you understand that you have not choiced either one”; this will help us to understand our lesson of the discernment, it will give us light.

Then you ask: How is that the “good” can finally come closer to the “bad”?...

Well, here it is necessary to know the Law called the LAW OF PENDULUM! Of course!, there is a universal law that is the Law of the Pendulum. Visualize an old clock of pendulum and see that the pendulum goes from one side to the other side and from this side to the other one, and so forth. Now, imagine that one side is “good” and the other side is “bad”, noticing that the pendulum travels until arriving to the “maximum good” and where since is no more where to advance, the “pendulum” takes its impulse to go to the other end of the “maximum bad”, and this way eternally.

While a person looks for the “good”, surely he will meet with the “bad”, and while a person is passing through the “bad” he will meet the “good”. Then there is a mobile point that is the “pendulum”, we also have the “maximum good” to one side and the “maximum bad” at the other side; this wat, the pendulum travels around the whole area of the good and bad and rotates again, this way eternally. But there is a “Neuter Point” that sustains the pendulum and you can see it in the superior part [axis], and this at the same time contains and sustains the “good” and the “bad” that are projected for separate downwards; visualize it!, I repeat, this Neuter Point sustains the pendulum and from there are projected downwards the lines of the good and bad, that is to say the “pendulum” travels among them and it rotates again and that is eternal, there is no way to stop it!.

Friend, our business in this planet is to DISCERN BETWEEN THE GOOD AND THE BAD!, and this happens to us since the morning until the next 24 hours and it goes this way until we have the possibility of continue being embodied in this physical body.


The vice, the terrible vice that there is in this planet and that it doesn't allow an evolutive person to DISCERN is called “INERTIA”. Keep this in mind my brother because the inertia is the biggest illness that puts in danger the human race; I explain it to you:

Our FATHER OF ALL FATHERS, Who you call “God” is the MAXIMUM MOVEMENT!!!, is the FATHER IN ACTION!, and the opposite to IT is the “INERTIA”, it is the “ZERO MOVEMENT”... OUR FATHER IS THE ACTION FOR EXCELLENCY, The MAKER!. When you are sat down in your house and suddenly you say: “I don't feel like anything”, “I am not interested ”, “I don't want to”, “Don't bother me”, “Leave me alone”, “I don't feel well”, etc, it is because there you are inert, and it is the point where you are further from the FATHER.

It would be useful that you begin now to make a revision and know your interior world; this is a task for an internal revision, so that each one sees his different behaviors and reactions, it is like being filmed yourself... When you are at home or in any place and you avoid the “activity”, it is because you are inert and you don't want to do anything, and that is the opposite pole to the FATHER, it is the further point from Life in a person, it is when we are not making anything of anything for the Ascending Life.

Ah!, and you will wonder, What type of inertia does it affect the human being more?,

Very simple, it is the inertia that makes a person to avoid and avoid the “action” and that organizes his life only to have the “smallest activity possible”. And now you will wonder: In what daily activities we can find the “inactivity”?... I will tell you that in any activity of the daily life... Don't forget that you live in a Planet-School and that all the activities are to DISCERN; this way, we all eat to discern, we work to discern, we go out to the street to discern, we try with the fellow man to discern, do you understand me?.

All that we do in our life is to learn how to DISCERN between the correct and the incorrect, between the useful and the useless, between the important and the less important... And the Laws of life are in charge every day of presenting to each one of us a series of experiences to put to the test our capacities. Each one has a series of possibilities, and in those possibilities you should be very Attentive to discern between the correct and the incorrect, among the good and bad... So that our business is to DISCERN: Where is the truth of the lie?, Where is the correct of the incorrect?.

If I go out every day to work, but I am not alert, I am not awake, and if I believe that the important thing is to achieve so and so project, there I am confusing the “means” with the “purpose”, and this way, I am wasting the opportunities to discern. Then, it doesn't matter what we have done during the day, but at the end of it at least we will begin with our task...

At the end of the day, we will make a small time and free space to Discern; we will make a kind of analysis of what happened during the day, we analyze what it has been the correct and the incorrect, the useful and the useless, the positive and the negative, the important and the not important... This way friend, we will discern even if it is at the end of the day, to defeat the force of inertia. So that we get in 49 days to the possibility of beginning to live in full discernment state, so that at the precise moment that the experience-lesson is happening, we know how to distinguish between the positive and the negative, between the correct and the incorrect thing, in an instantaneous way, achieving a “maximum movement” that allows us to defeat the inertia...

When a person dominates this Action Plan, when he learns how to discern, is when he begins to dominate his inertia. When you see yourself in a mirror, analyzes there the big lagoons that there are in your life, the lagoons that happened during the day, during the week, during the moments where you disappeared from your life, where you didn't make anything to evolve, where you forgot to live.

The life is ACTIVITY, it is ACTION; I can be seated during hours and at the same time be fully ACTIVE; you will find this strange, right?. When I say Inertia, I am not talking about a seated person, or a lie-down person, or without doing anything, without working, no, no, no; I am talking about a “TOTAL INACTIVE” person and this is different. See it this other way: While you can see a person very concerned, going permanently from one place to other doing diligences and a lot of things, I will tell you that this person is completely Inert and is not doing anything.

The word INERTIA means: “To be stagnant in a same point”, “It is Zero internal movement”, “It is not moveing an interior point toward another”. In our Planet-School what is important is the “Activity of the Being”, the “Spark of Life”... There are many people that do a lot of things during the day, but at night they end up exactly at the same precise point where they were yesterday and the worst thing is that they still continue where they were last month or where they were last year, etc., Do you understand me?. In them their situation of life has “not changed”, they are still in that same internal point, they are stagnated in the space and time, that is to say that they think, feel and suffer always the same situations; the only thing that they notice is that their life is going away... Here in our Planet-School, our life is an Internal Movement, ascending and constant along the day; then:

The experiences of the day are to distinguish between the Good and Bad and not to get attach to either of them...

Each day we should apply the NEUTER that results of unifying two opposed poles that are presented in each situation, but first it is necessary to distinguish between the good and bad... Now, if I have a situation, if I have an experience that I will live, I should be alert, I should be attentive to take “registies”; besides, at night I engrave in my mind that MY LIFE CONSISTS IN DISCERNING!, of course!, because my life consists on knowing how to discern between the “good” and “bad”, this will help me in the process of Discernment.

I engrave this in conscience, and tomorrow when it is presented a situation in an instant I can see the good and bad of that situation and it there is when I decide to make the NEUTER. Before me, since the moment that I decide to make the neuter, I begin to elevate myself in a new state of upward conscience. The important thing is not to take a side for the for the good or bad of that situation.

Let us see if it is clear up to here and let us put an example: I am having a tremendous headache[–] in this moment and if in this same instant, I “remember” my pleasant state of being without a headache[+], free of pain, with clear mind; then, automatically I get out of the headache in this moment, this happens because I am locating myself in the NEUTER point.

If in this headache I forget my lesson of discernment and I say: “Oh my head hurts”, “Oh I don't resist this pain”, etc., this way I would be strengthening the headache, I would be strengthening the uneasiness and I would be decreeing the increase of the volume of the pain. But if in this precise instant I am alert and remember my lesson, remembering the situation of my head in a “good state” and “fullness”; then automatically I am doing a pendulous trip to the Neuter Point! I am conquering this way the inertia.

If a person has a headache and is depressed, and he goes saying: “I feel bad, very bad”, and he leans back saying: “I feel very bad”, or he goes somewhere and take pills, taking the organism to the inertia, annulling his immunology capacity, there in fact, has not solved anything. The headache will return to him thousands of times more, until he learns this lesson.

Each situation that comes in life is repeated until we learn our lesson; I repeat, all the problems that we have in life will be repeated to us until the tiredness, until we learn the lesson that it is being presenting to us in a situation and that we still have not been able to learn.

At less, we reconcile the “good” with “bad” in a middle term, and to achieve it I need to remember this lesson, I need to fix and write “notes” that help me to remember, placing them on my notebooks, in many parts of my house, in the bathroom, on the bed, in the desk, in windows, in the car, in the office and wherever I can. It is about my life and I should begin to think that “THE LIFE IS DISCERNMENT!”, of course! if some day I want to fulfill the purpose of being ONE WITH THE FATHER!.

This way, I should have it written down in the carries document, something like the identification of identity; then, I place the “note” everywhere as a reminder, until I assimilate it, until it is registered in my mind, until it is recorded in my mind.

Our business here in the planet is to DISCERN between “good” and “bad”, between positive and the negative, between the correct and incorrect, between the important and the not important... And when we live a situation, we should begin to see the life in a different way. Because until today we saw it as good-being, we saw it as comfort, we saw it as an opportunity of lucre, as work, as winning prestige, we saw it as a necessity of affection, like personal benefit, and this way everyone see it in his own way.

Let us begin now to see the life in a different way, let us begin to see it like every morning when opening the eyes, the life begins to present us a series of EVENTS!, and always remember this name “Events” since we will be presented a series of situations and there is not way to escape, they will come whether we want them or not, time after time, because we are in a Planet-School.

There are not two days of the same; I know that every day I enter to the bathroom, every day I get dressed, every day I go to work, but all are EVENTS that are presented DIFFERENTLY!. And every day I should separate the wheat of the weed: That is correct and that is not correct... But I should not take a side, I should not choose neither one but to place myself in the middle to conciliate them.

When I am able to make the “Conciliation”, I am advancing and conquering a new state of Conscience, here I am conquering a thing that is called INDEPENDENCE! Free of the opposite ones!

Here I am conquering the influence of the “moon”, I am conquering the sub-conscious; then, my subconscious is illuminating, and the power of the false imagination will be melting, the illusory power of the “senseless life” would have fallen; then, I would have taken a tremendous step here.

Let us see if we have learned, let us test ourselves and set up another example... It can be this situation that comes to the mind, the one of “requesting alms”: Is it “good” to give alms or it is “bad” to give alms?.

Please, we will put to work the Power of the Discernment and be attentive because this is a key lesson; well. We will see the situation of “requesting alms ”: If suddenly is presented before me, a person that requests me for “alms”, I will remember immediately that I should discern between good and bad, right?. The first thing I will remember is the following:


This is the first thing that I have to think and this means that I have before me a POSSIBILITY!, a lesson that I will learn from. Here It is not important if I give alms to the person or don't do you understand?. The first thing to think is that this is a Lesson and I should begin to live consciously that each thing that I am presented in life is a possibility of learning something.

If I learn it, that situation never won’t be presented again, and if I don't learn, it will be presented to me over and over again... Now, Is it “good” giving alms to an individual?, it can be and not give it be “bad”!, but this is very relative. Most people in the planet think that give alms is “good” and not give it is “bad”... What makes it to think this way?, Why there are two sides?...

But the reality in this case, is that if I give alms to the individual or maybe I don't give him anything, in both cases the situation is EXACTLY THE SAME!... The important thing here is that I learn my lesson that is the end in itself and not the mean. I should learn that when that person is in front of me, I see me in my interior world, I see me myself, that is to say, I film myself in the situation where:

Giving is “good” and not giving is “bad”, right?, then I do reverse the process and I see myself where: giving is “bad” and not giving is “good”. And then I conciliate both in my internal. Here is the Key!.

Let us see if this is clear now, and it would be very useful that you understand it; let us see a little more with this question that arises by itself: What is what I have to conciliate in my interior world?, and if there is any, which is the best way to do it?.

That's it! This is a very good question and very useful... Because we know that a person develops in life with an “external mind”, with an “external conscience”. Now well, there is another part of this same external conscience that is in the darkness of itself and it is called “sub-conscious”. Then it happens that when I want something as “external conscience”, immediately the other “sub-conscious” side doesn't want that something. And when this "sub-conscious" wants something, Me here in my "external conscience" don't want that something. So now you can notice that there is:


One is good and the other one is bad. Now returning to our example: If I give the boy an alms, some cents because I consider that it is “good”, immediately comes out a voice from inside here, and the most probable is that if I still have not gotten to conciliate this situation, if I haven't learn this lesson, that voice will say: “Ah!, That won’t do any good for that poor boy?, It doesn't help him for anything!”, or “He should work!, Why should I give him alms?, He seems very strong!, He looks like he can work!”, or “Yes he is lying me?”, etc.

Or to the contrary: I put my hand to my pocket to give, some cents to the boy and suddenly something inside of me stops the action because I find big currencies, and that part of me don’t want to give him big currencies, I only want to give him some cents, right?... Then, it results that here there are an “internal force” and an “external force” happening in the 5th. Dimension of Myself, Of course!, and they are in permanent crashes, in frictions, in conflicts in each situation of our life... And these two forces, [+] and [], these two parts of myself, they have to be CONCILIATED! by yourself . This is our business!...


Let’s see if it is clear. It is important to understand that “give charity to the boy or not is NEUTER”, because if I give him I don't lose anything and if I don't give him is exactly the same. Some cents won't change that boy's life, absolutely nothing will change, no matter what you do, it won't change anything; the important thing is in Oneself, the important thing is what there is inside of Oneself.

The important thing is the EQUILIBRIUM. It is to be free of opposites and frictions among the "good" [+] and the "bad" [–]!.

If it is still not very clear, let us work again... Remembers that each action that we are presented is for us to CONCILIATE! our contradictions, because we are contradictory, a part of us “wants” and the other one “doesn't want” and that is permanent. There is a part in me that doesn't want to move, that doesn't want to do anything and there is another part of me that calls to the duty, is that clear?; now, If I do the “duty”, the other part of me will oppose!, and if I am seated and don't do anything of the part of the duty, Uff!, I Have another problem!, because the part of the duty will be frustrated, What a dilemma, right?.

Now, it can come a question: What does it happen when one gives or doesn't give alms and no longer feels conflicts?, this is very simple, over there there is a LEARNED lesson, a learned lesson that will no longer affect you ever.

You took out currencies to gave to the boy, or you did not give him anything and there was not any internal conflict in this respect, and you continued in peace; and if this is this way, it is a lesson that you already have “Learned”... But my friend, remember that we have millions of LESSONS without to learn where we have real conflicts: What I should do and what I should not do, what is allowed and what is forbidden.

Ah!, you will wonder, What does it happen if I have not still completed my lesson, but I assume that I have?.

There it is, that is the SECOND PART OF OUR BUSINESS... When I have an event and I make my action, I make something and if that something that I am making produces in me Peace and Harmony, it is because I have achieved a NEUTER POINT. But in other events, I have left something inside, something incomplete that gives uncertainty, being on the side of the good or bad; there I should recognize that my lesson is incomplete and act for the lived experience during the day be sealed, it should be sealed because if not after 5 years of experiences I will have a heap of picks that I would have left on the road, a lot of things without solutions, it will be a weight that will drag me.

The task is to OBSERVE and to CONCILIATE the DUALITY!. The OBSERVATION is the one that allows to get to the CONCILIATION!.

As you see friend, we are walking on the first part of the trip that is to OBSERVE our DUALITY to CONCILIATE IT. It is necessary to know the DUALITY in oneself!...

or Do you believe that you are not dual?, Do you Want to understand what the duality is?.

I in this moment don’t consider myself dual; otherwise, I would be in conflict with you... But most of people in the planet are in the “DUALITY”. Let us put an example: You would surprise yourself if suddenly a person that you know says that he has resolved to take the path towards “God”, saying: “I will take the evolutive way ”; Ah! and he is very happy, is very glad in that moment and many of us can be very happy also, very fantastic for that resolution. Of course, that person said, “I will go toward God”, and there he goes and attends meeting, looking for the best way to make his investigations, search for, etc...

But you will surprise yourself, if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow that person comes back with a face; Uff!. Ah! And everybody will say: “What happened with that person? What can we do?, What happen?, Where are his meetings, his investigations and his God”!, Ah!, and that person will say: “I am in a tremendous confusion!, Everything continues equally, nothing changes in me life!, Help me!”, and before that unexpected change you would surprise yourself, right?, and why would you be surprise? because simply and flatly you still are not conscious of that this person is DUAL...

If you, searching friend, were conscious of that this person is “dual”, if you were conscious that inside each person there is duality and that there is a thing called “Pendulum”, you would not be surprise, instead you would discover the mechanism of the internal life also and the way of making peace in your small world. Otherwise and the most probable is that today you are here very happy, very optimistic with this dispensation, and the most probable is that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you “don't want” to know anything about this Business. This way the most probable is that I am fine with my partner tonight and tomorrow I’ll be very bad with her... Why this happens?...

Because we live in an illusion and we believe to be “one” and not “dual”!. Now well, there is a road that is the MIDDLE PATH! where I can join that problem of duality definitively, besides achieving the best way of not leaveing picks, of not leaving anything in the past and live each experience attentively to reconcile it, and if I didn't reconcile something during the day, then I do it in my analysis at the end of the day, I take noteof what is pending and I solve it by Discerning. Gentlemen, we will be lighter! and we achieve a thing called INDEPENDENCE!, yes, the true INDEPENDENCE no more, no less.

And if you, my friend, already realize in the afternoon or at night that you made an error during the day, but you are able to conciliate that opposite just at night, I will tell you that there, in that moment, you would be “realizing the experience”, it will be exactly equal as if you would have done it at the instant in that the event occurred during the day, this is a great advantage for the Conciliation. Here I give you a Key:


This facilitates the process of the DISCERNMENT marvelously. Now that you know this truth you can carry out your task, being in the time and space that it is... The Divine Hierarchies, the World, the Cosmos, everything is organized, it is built in such a way that what they want is that we learn and evolve, and for it every day are presented before us situations that are needed.

Every situation that comes to each one of us is for Evolving... To you friend, Do you have headache every day?; Our FATHER is sending you the situations so that you learn and you get to say in a moment: I am in the absurd thing!, I am fed up, I don't accept this condition any more!, I will solve it!.

Watch your life every day... Friend, revise your life and you will see that all that is happening are lessons that you have to learn... As good as a boy that has to do his homework, we also have tasks. The boy does his homework and solves it in the school and when he achieves a lesson, that task never presents again... In the life of theman, this is the same.

Inside of us exist a Power of Conscience! and it appears when I am independent of the opposites, then, it is when I begin to live really the life with the Subconscious Illuminated... Gentlemen!, Friends!, I hope and I wish you from the deepest of my Being that to each one of you, as volunteers of the planet, don’t leave behind any “particle or residual of darkness” in the subconscious.

THAT THE SUBCONSCIOUS GET ILLUMINATED OF THE LIGHT FROM THE FATHER OF FATHERS! that it be illuminated and open up because the contradiction is there in the subconscious and not in the external life, it is inside of me, inside of you, we are contradictory, and the pendulum operates in us in all the fields, in all the situations. If I want to smoke, another part of me says: “no, you don’t have to smoke”, right?, and that is called Duality... A part of me wants to watch television tonight, and another part of me wants to read this legacy, and this way in a lot of things... I cannot continue living in the duality; I cannot live in an eternal war with myself because it is no longer just to continue living this way. Instead lets us prepare ourselves emotionally, physically and mentally because we are closing a Cosmic Cycle and opening a New Cosmic Dawn.

Friend, did you already make your decision?, Which is the movement?, Which is your following movement of Life?.

Starting from now, which is your movement? I tell you this for your intern, this decision is very private, It becomes very intimate between You and the ALIVE PRESENCE OF THE FATHER. Each one should realize that it is necessary to do a movement up toward THE FATHER!.

It is necessary to do it!, it is necessary to do it!; well, it is necessary to start CLEANING from this moment!.

This doesn't begin tomorrow, this doesn't begin when I finish an activity or when I say: “First I will finish the 2nd floor of my house and then I will be dedicated to evolve”. That wouldn’t help at all and the most probable thing is that when I finish the 2nd floor, I will be in the same state of sleeping conscience, inclusive more sleeping and willing to continue deferring my opportunity because my state has not changed at all; even a simple fly will continue perturbing me, still with ten floors on top of my house, that fly won't allow me to enjoy the tremendous mansion, because the fly will still continue irritating me. This way, any other excuse only will keep me “sleeping”.

We are speaking of the internal development and not of the external development, we are not speaking of a better kitchen, a better bathroom, a better job, we are not speaking of a property, Not!, we are speaking of the INTERNAL!, of doing an INTERNAL ASCENDING MOVEMENT!.

The time of big decisions is today!, We should get ready, beginning to work with the PAST!... To whom does the past tortures?, Does the past torture you friend?, Haven’t you accepted yourself yet?, Do you Still have fights with yourself?, Aren’t you Still not in peace with yourself?, Is the past Still tormenting you?, How many times have you watched the movie of your life?, How many times have you watched the movie and in the painful places you have cried again?, How many times you have suffered again just for remembering it?.

Friend, we have to learn how to close with the PAST for ever. Close with the past!. Friend you should learn how to close the chapter of the past, and the truth is that there is NOT PAST!, it already died, it doesn’t exist, it is only a file, it is only a memory and is not real...

Let us start accepting ourselves just the way we are, and from the inside of ourselves let us start a movement to ERASE, TRANSFORM the yesterday, the past that is only a filed movie in the Subconscious. Friend, do not bring up this file anymore, do not revive it worthlessly as a video movie, instead stay alert and when the past come back to you all by itself, you can tell it: I’m not interested anymore!, Not anymore!, I have enough of that game!.

Whatever is the image that comes to you even if it is the most pleasant image-memory, you should say: “I’m not interested! or if it is the most painful you also tell it: I’m not interested! I am not interested!... Are you worry for the future?, but you can do it here and now... The past is only a file, from the future I still accept some consideration, but even do, from the future nothing and the past nothing; I know that for the future if I do here and now something useful, something valid, then the tomorrow will be better!.

Therefore, what I have to do, I do it “Here and Now”, here in the PRESENT TIME. I take care of the present. Right Now I’m with you discerning vital matters, my hope is not for the tomorrow and I have not hope, I’m not interested in the hope, I’m not interested in waiting a decision for the tomorron that it doesn’t exist. Do you understand?.

My business is Now! and right now I am with you living this moment, I live this moment here in this precise ETERNAL INSTANT... My life palpitates and flashes in this Eternal Present and not in the past or the future... and Right Now I take the step that I should do and this guarantees me all the better for tomorrow, if it is that it comes but it guarantees me in a complete way.

My evolution won't depend on certain acts that I do tomorrow, it won't depend on the food of the tomorrow or later, my evolution is in the PRESENT!. Outside of the present, we find that the PAST is very bound with the FUTURE, they Are One!.

The Past and the Future are One; the one projects to the other one and vice versa!. Then I should understand what is the important thing and it is: To accept myself the way I am right now!, Yes!, Accept myself!. Who is not accepted himself with his defects and virtues won't be able to reconcile anything, and he will live in perpetual conflict!.

Brother, don'talter yourself if you for example cannot stop smoking, don't worry, Accept yourself!, Accept yourself this way!; then, you will have a chance to stop smoking, but you have to accept yourself now. If you smoke!, observe yourself, look at yourself smoking, know yourself smoking; it will be the first time that you see yourself as a smoker and be sincere because if you attack it and reject it, Uff!, you will generate conflicts and illnesses.

Accept yourself right now with all your defects and with all your virtues. Accept yourself as you are!. We can not and we should not rebel ourselves against what we are in this precise instant. The past has mechanized and projected us toward the future, and how to stop this?.

Accepting me the way I am!, and when I accept myself, I begin to accept the others also!; not accepting me makes me no accept anybody! and this is it. Now, we will begin to accept ourselves to take a valious step toward the DISCERNMENT!, and it is a basic step to cancel definitively with the PAST, OF COURSE! WHEN ACCEPTING ME I CANCEL IT!.

It doesn't matter which ones have been the conditions of my birth, if I was born in Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Europe, Middle East or in any other place, that is not important; if I am thin, fat, short, half-breed, white, black, Arabic, Hebrew, whatever; I accept myself!.

And you friend?... Accept yourself!, Accept yourself!; Do you accept Yourself friend?... Yes?.

A person that right now starts to do considerations about “tomorrow”, it is not accepting himself because he loves to dream and dream... And a person that accepts himself and lives this instant, enjoys it and rejoice it fullness and IN THAT INSTANT HE IS WITH THE FATHER OF FATHERS!.

This is the only guarantee that we have. And the one that doesn’t accept the way he is, is only looking for the “strategy of tomorrow”; is only looking for how to avoid such a pain or how to get such a pleasure, easy money, to work less and get more... But if I accept myself the way I am right now in this instant, then right now I am in peace, right now I have the chance of take communion with THE LORD!, otherwise don't forget it!. Only Here and Now I can do, I can move upwardly, I can break up with the inertia, I can go inside and up, is that clear?

Friend, Did you Make your decision?.... Make your decision! THE TRAP IS IN THE INDECISION!. The indecision maintains us super conditioned to the “past” and the “future”. See it yourself, you will be surprised when realizing that people in the street are worrying in matters of the future and the past.

Now we pass to the second sphere of our work: The INDEPENDENCE, The LIBERTY... Ask yourself the following question:

What does it have me enslaved physically, emotionally and mentally?, remember that we are studying matters of our intern; therefore, let us leave alone the “External”; about the External we have learned that we cannot change it or modify from outside, Isn’t that right friend?; the External change through the Cosmic Laws... Were speaking of the “Internal” that it is within our reach... Tell me, What does it enslave you?, What does it enslave you in the internal?, What does it enslave me?, Write them down!.. The contradictions?, Take a note!, What does it enslave you?, Write it down!, do it now, tomorrow you can’t!, it is necessary to make a movement now. I wonder what it enslaves me mental, emotional and physically?... Perhaps Doubts?, Annoyances?, Restlessness?, Conflicts?. Friend take a note! because all this come from the moon, you are surprised right?, and we will transform it with the help of the LORD OF LORDS!.

What it enslaves you!, analyze yourself?, Tomorrow one cannot do this, tomorrow one cannot exist and cannot make anything because tomorrow doesn't exist!, it only exists HERE AND NOW!, not more! Wonder yourself: What does it enslave me? friend, do you want to see It?...

See a triangle, perceive the triangle that receives two forces below, one of them that is in one of the inferior ends is called the “LIE” and the other one is called “EGOISM”. These two forces are the biggest enslavers of the man in the planet. The LIE and the EGOISM are for the lack of knowledge of the TRUTH! and for the lack of the ALTRUISM!. Friend, take note!...

These two inferior forces enslave in that triangle. Those two inferior and dense forces don't give me the possibility to do and act about my force of DISCERNMENT!. The LIE doesn't allow me to Discern, it doesn't allow me to know the Truth, and I don't refer to the “external lie”, no, no, no; I don't refer to that lie of saying “I have such an age”, knowing that it is another one, I don't refer to that lie. I refer to the tremendous “internal story” that I eat up every day, to that interior story that happens inside of me and that is called to “JUSTIFY MYSELF ”. Justify my mistaken behavior is the lie, the “internal lie,” and that enslaves me.

On the other hand it is the tremendous EGOISM... Friend, revise yourself in this moment in what you are egoistic and take a note, be sincere and defeat the inertia. Has anybody ever told you that you are egoistic?, Lately they have told you that you are egoistic?, Where does it sound you and where does it feel that it hurts you that word egoism? Can it be wanting exclusively for me! Where does it sound that word?.

The Egoism is the scum of the world... Friend, That enslaves!, no matter how much a person runs to do things for himself, he only able to move away from himself. No matter how much you want things for yourself, you will produce the opposite, that is to say, you will increase the “Lie” and the “Egoism”... The Egoist only requests for himself... You be different!, and every time that you request something for you, also request it for the fellow man, perhaps he needs it before you; this way, what you request will come to you in effect and quicker. Do for the fellow man then it will come to you; this is LAW.

Understand friend that the “lie” and the “egoism”, that is to say the lack of truthfulness and the lack of altruism, take away from us all the Freedom through the tremendous “laziness”; observe the laziness and you will realize that a “lazy being” comes from the “lie”, comes from the “egoism” and that enslaves us internally in all the departments of the life.

Are you egoistic?, Ah, a little bit!, but that same little bit is still egoism!, right?. What are you egoistic in?, Write it down , Write it down, for then to apply the COSMIC LAW that Liberates. Look my brother, here there is an extraordinary way to make the correct thing to leave the egoism:


This way we will have Equilibrium!... We are talking about an internal world where on one hand the egoism is and on the other hand the lie is, and we have to begin to be ALTRUISTIC with ourselves to forge the base. Let’s see if you understand this idea, I have to be truthful with myself, I have to accept the reality of myself, I have to accept that I am not a “jewel”, isn’t that right?.

I accept that I am dual!, right?. I accept this reality although it hurts me, although it is heartbroken, I accept this reality and doing it, I am making to enter into my life a thing that is called TRUTH!, that will liberate me from the slavery, and the yoke of the inertia. The TRUTH in our life will liberate us from the “lie”, from the “supposed truths”, and the TRUTH will reveal us:

That we cannot make anything for the fellow man!; THAT IS THE TRUE!. Now, if you “request” something for the fellow man, it become a LAW for you. Don't confuse to “request” with to go to “do” it .

Remember that we are working in our internal world. You “request” in your intern to the Orderly Cosmos, but you “don't do anything” externally; this way, I don’t do anything for a person, because when doing something for that person, I would be an “egoist” because I would be annulling his potentialities.

You will tell me: And only requesting and not doing the good externally? Yes, that's it, only request to the LAW!.

I request to the Cosmos, I request to the Universal Laws for the fellow man, I request for the fellow man... But from the moment in that I become an external action to “make something” for a person, automatically here there is a thing called “Egoism”. Now, for Me to learn how to act with “Altruism”, for Me to learn how to cooperate with that person and not going to “do something” externally, I should consider the TRUTH!!!.

Then, What should I do for my fellow man?... What I will respond to you will produce a revolution in your mind:

For my fellow man I do “not” do anything externally... First, I realize the extremes of the good and bad, [+] and [–], and then I move into the direction of the middle point, of the neuter point, I don't take sides for the good or bad and I’m getting the EQUILIBRIUM!; and from that state of fullness, I provide to my fellow man the TRUTH!!! that it is so valuable for the fellow man in his evolution; I carry out this instead of going to make something externally... And from the moment that I give him the TRUTH, there I have gotten to the MAXIMUM POINT OF WHAT I CAN DO ALTRUISTICALLY! and it is Neuter, not good or bad.

Here, I am not doing anything for so-and-so, I am not avoiding the “bad”, or doing the “good” simultaneously, it is surprising, Right?... Friend, you have to figure out this truth, in other words this means that:


Going as automaton to do something externally, I take the risk of being deceived by the forces of the “good” or the “bad”, and this would take me to the fight of the opposites and the waste of energy; this way, the more we fight against the illnesses, more illnesses sprout; the more pressure against the poverty, more poverty appears; the more theories, more ignorance; the more fear, more weapons, etc., strange right?.

But when knowing the TRUTH, we will be free of opposites. If a person is in a X situation and you provide him with the TRUTH, that means with the LAW ABOUT THAT SITUATION, then you would be instantly completing the MAXIMUM!. And this Maximum Action! will take you for sure to the encounter with THE FATHER IN ACTION! Who is the Maximum Conscience, the Maximum Light that will illuminate you in your DISCERNMENT!. Remember that the opposed point and the farthest from the FATHER OF ALL ACTION is the “ignorance”; Discover it yourself!.

Ah!, Now the question will come: And what truth I will give to my fellow man, if I am not still prepared?...

If you think this way, you would be seeing only the personality of the fellow man; it is necessary to be deeper in the perception; know that from the moment that you provide the Truth from your intern toward out, you are making possible in it to the FATHER OF ACTION!.

I explain to you: If you think that you are not capable and that the fellow man is not qualified either to deserve the Truth, there you would be judging mistakenly, is not it that the Presence of the Father of Fathers is in the intern of that fellow man? Thinking that the Father is not in him, is to be influenced by the ignorance, the laziness, the inertia that says: “I can't!”, “I am not worthy!”, “I am not prepared!” etc.

It is necessary to know more deeply the concept of “ignorance”, of “darkness”... Because it results that the darkness can be total; this way, a person can be very, but very, very scientific and can be in the “total ignorance”, in the “total darkness”. The ignorance is not a person that “doesn't” know how to write or read, no, no, it is not this way. The TRUTH any human being can receive it, since the SPIRIT OF THE TRUTH lives in all, as the fire that is at the service everywhere and can be precipitated to the physical plane; likewise, the Truth can descend to the human being small world when one knows how to discern among the “good” and the “bad”.

Here there is a work to conquer step by step and is called IMPERSONALITY!; it is the grand work, it is the maximum that a man can live here in the planet earth, and only can get to this evolutive scale, the human being that has known how to combine the TRUTHFULNESS! with the ALTRUISM!, being able to transform absolutely the tremendous “lie” and “egoism”.

Then before a situation, instead of doing the good or bad, we go toward the TRUTH, to the Equilibrium point among the good and bad. Seemingly you are not doing anything for the fellow man, but you are giving the possibility that They be provided with the TRUTH, Of course!, why to go running as automatons to do things that already everybody has done thousands and thousands of times, and also everything has been in the wrong way!; Do you think is correct to be defeated beside your fellow man once more?, Meditate it!.

Undoubtedly there is a middle point and from here I can work altruistically for you, providing you with the Truth, and this Truth will take you out of the yoke of the “lie”, this Truth will allow you to evolve... It is necessary to understand that our serious problem in the world is not money, is not hunger, is not of illness, is not poverty, is not culture, is not shortage of resources, etc... Our real world problem is IGNORANCE, it is DARKNESS, this is the new challenge for the World Community.

We need the receptive law, we need the TRUTH! and this is our MERCHANDISE!. And undoubtedly it is within our reach!, Know the Truth and It will set You Free!, a beautiful motto that is sustained by its own LIGHT; Light that should penetrate without resistance to each cell, to each atom of oneself forging the new man in his New Cosmic Dawn, transforming all the false masks of the rebellious personality that full of lies and egoism deform the Being. This way, the Presence of the TRUTH will illuminate this way the man clearing his ignorance that maintains him in wars, ambitions, contests, illnesses, miseries, pain and sufferings.

The receptive Law is here and now, in the eternal present. Now it could come to you the question: If the Law is, why it is not given?. Because, our serious problem is the “memory”, it is saturated of lies. It results that our Attention is being hypnotized and we are being hypnotized by the external world the whole day, we are being hypnotized by our own auto-image, we are hypnotized by our own thoughts, even our face hypnotizes us, etc. All this attracts too much the “attention”.

Then our problem is the “memory”, that it is basically our problem; however, the Law that Liberates is inside of the man, it is inside me, it is inside of all human being and it is not necessary that we go to a school to know it or something like that.

When you altruistically present the Truth externally to somebody, you really are bringing it from his inside and something important happens. When you mention to somebody of the ALIVE FATHER, you are making to Action something important in the deep interior of the fellow man...

In the present moment of doing an altruistic action we do need “memory” to maintain the Ideal Lit, Right?, as the wax and the candlewick that is used to maintain the lit fire, do you understand me?. Now, in the memory exist elements that waste it and because the memory is energy that is produced in the body, it is wasted through the “egoism” and the “Lie”; and as a consequence, it brings us “laziness”, yes, the “internal laziness” that is the maximum energy wasted.

A lazy person wears out totaly and absolutely all he energy deposited in his memory that should be used for his evolutive escalade, yes sir!, that is right!. Now the Laziness has direct actions in the sexual sphere; write it down:

Laziness => has actions simultaneously in the Sexual Center and the memory.
Altruism => has actions in the Center Motor.
Truth => has actions in the Instinctive Center.

These three make the perfect Equilibrium inside of the Being of the man, for his destruction or construction, and here I should achieve the EQUILIBRIUM!... And with this I answer you, searcher friendf of the truth, the part that it was pending in this lesson that is why if there is not EQUILIBRIUM there is not advance, and the why this is a product of three superior worlds... Friend, notice that the main reason of your presence here and now in the planet is to DISCERN among the good[+] and the bad[] until you achieve the EQUILIBRIUM of each situation and the precipitation of the LIGHT-TRUTH in your darkness, in your ignorance. Ah!, it is surely pending the question:

How do I love and help my fellow man?, if I was only taught to do the “good”. How is this?.

Analyze and investigate the great key formula that tells you: “Love your fellow man like Yourself”, and understand deeply that this is neither “good” or “bad”. If you consider it “good”, you are mistaken; and if you consider it “bad”, you are also mistaken because you will understand that in accordance to the Universal Laws:


When I stop to love him[–], I have problems, Right?, and when I love him too much[+], I also have big problems, that is to say in both cases. To Love the fellow man is a neuter point, a middle and Equilibrium point... Among the good and the bad is the Middle Point, and if I move toward the good, I will appear by pendulous law in the bad and vice-versa; then, to be able to be altruistic I begin first with myself, for that reason I have been told: “Love your fellow man as Yourself”. This means: “Love the other part of Yourself”!, Of course!, the “Yourself ” is the Key; then, I understand that I should begin first With Myself!; I explain to you:

When one says: Love you fellow man as yourself!... There you will notice two entities to Love in you, you have to recognize yourself and you have to illuminate the other fall and dark part of yourself that is reflected in the fellow man. You have to join the two parts of yourself, and when these join, when they conciliate then you can turn toward your Fellow Man! And you already can understand him and give him the TRUTH!!!.

Our “Fellow Man” plays an important part in the great theater of the life, he always will be the one that will touch us... Yes!, he will move our small world to activate the earthly and celestial potentialities... Therefore, he deserves the best in me, and I should not forget that my fellow man is Perfectible!; then, I make a perfect image and immaculate concepts of him in my world, although he shows me the opposite, I will sustain the best of him. I will transform all bad qualified impression of him that arrives to my world, removing the “ego” masks that hides my BROTHER and be able to see as SON that he is of Our FATHER OF FATHERS.

Thank You.