***Organization of United and Integrated Nations***
In Order, Light and Love



Today's man feels and sees to precipitate over him the result of all his “errors” accumulated for millenniums, from generation to generation; these are mental energies “not well qualified”, that are coded and saturated within each human being, and when not having auto-control, inevitably they are unchained in multiple incoherent "reactions" reflected in his external world. It is evident that our world is in crisis and dangerously it dominates a "human misgovernment" all over the world, generating chaos everywhere, conflicts of all class, rebelliousness, tyranny, poverty, misery, prostitution, hunger, etc.; and also, this is aggravated before the terrible human tendency of waiting until the final moment to resolve these world-wide situations. For all this and much more the humanity needs IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! Now We can make an unconditional and opportune delivery of an urgent and important LEGACY to You: Planetary Governments, Leaders of International Organisms, Ministers, Parliamentarians, Diplomatic Missioners, Public and Private Agents, Communicators, Diffusers (Radio, Television, Presses, Satellite's Systems...), Businessmen, to all the Professionals and those who are not, and to the whole Humanity without distinction, as a solution and final synthesis in this 'CRUCIAL PLANETARY HOUR.'

One day this LEGACY was given to Us, so that in this fair Time-Space will be put with justice in your hands for the benefit of the whole Humanity. This was compiled initially in a Great Octave of internal and external work, lived and verified from instant to instant with effort, perseverance, disposition, bestowal and love from those few ‘Voluntary Servants' who prepared themselves to be covered by the DIVINE ORDER under the Present and Alive Regency of our FATHER OF ALL FATHERS . ‘They' gave the first step, and today the humanity begins to raise up out of the drowsy “Nonsensical” world. All the fundamental information is covered in the Web Page:


Now, every human being is free for his "free-will" to decide if he continues in the "error" or if he adds himself to the NEW WORLD ORDER that gestates with resolution the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY , but this time in Order, Light and Love according to what specifies the Cosmic Constitution. It is the PLANETARY GOVERNMENT so yearned by all the Human Souls and Beings of the Nature, that it constitutes a new and high evolutionary cycle that already corresponds to the Planet Earth and all that it contains. There is no time to waste! The Time has arrived to take this GREAT DECISION! Yes or No! To Be or Not To Be!... To be assimilated in the internal-external manifestation of the COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT OF LIBERATION IN THE PLANET EARTH.

We know that the PLANETARY BEING pulses in Light, and as an A LIVE BEING , He assumes to the man as a same part of Him, a Unit interacting cell to cell, but we should know that we must not obstruct nor delay his Process of Ascension. This bears to a more elevated phase of restitution of his electromagnetic circuits, elevating the re-polarization and energetic transference for his total Restoration in his New Orbital Position. Bases and structures are removed, and now many beings are assimilated by the energetic elevator vortex... We know that for many this is an Apocalypse; but in fact, it is the opportunity for the Planet to pass at a higher level of Conscience. This is the Seventh Planetary Event that cannot be retarded by more time! ...

Many times the humanity has been called to open the way to the LIGHT in their lives, and from then on, the obtained answer allows Us to act and interact together to open the way to the DIVINE ORDER and the definitive establishment of The GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY . Now each human being will be able to realize that he has not been alone and that he will never be. Since Internal Levels, the man always has been covered by Laws so that his brief stay on the earth be to evolve and to advance for the path of Light that his Being contains.

There are thousands of jobs to do... Every minute should be used with altruism and loving service to the Neighbor... We never tell our planeta ry siblings what is necessary to be done, because each one should consider from his own Discernment and in relation to what surrounds him or comes to him, which one is the most urgent work to do... But the certain thing is that when someone lovely begins an Action to Serve the world, immediately he is presented by affinity with the appropriate team, and together increasingly go improving their Service to the world; this way, we can make of this world a Better World, allowing the definitive Anchorage of the 'Supreme Good' among the men, transforming the planet into a beautiful housing for the new Conscious Beings that today are born in all the homes of the world... Let us begin to give signs of altruism in the Service of Liberation of the Man! Why to wait for producing a Better World? What to Wait for or to Whom? Allow that the Unification and Integration of all the Inhabitants of the Planet and Nations be a fact! Allow that the Forces of Light Command this Process and accept the Guide of the ALL-BEING!, UNIXITRON offers now this opportunity! …

DEAR PLANETARY CITIZEN! THE PLANETARY UNIFICATION AND INTEGRATION HAS STARTED! JOIN US IN THIS GLOBAL-WORK FOR THE NEW EARTH!... When you examine the included information you will recognize the basic steps to follow; however, it is very important to emphasize that the elements that powerfully gestate this Conscious Global Action are already a conceived great fact in all the Diamantine Hearts of men of Good Will, and they, for sure, will do the Will of the FATHER-MOTHER-LOVE .

On behalf of the Humanity and the Masters of Wisdom, sincerely with all my consideration, in Order, Light and Love, An unconditional Server of turn in the Planet that you reside.

Cc: To all the Inhabitants of the Planet.