Hello, my friend!... Hello to the integral cell of the archetype of man... Hello to that part of the Whole that is incarnated into your physical body and that you name it MYSELF”... Another cell, another part of the Whole salutes you... A cell, a particle, in essence similar to you and One with you.

My friend!... The 12th Principle, the last of the Principles that the Whole, our Common Father, has provided for its application by all those cells that consider themselves separated from Him and that wish to be free again and become a part of the Whole, is the following:

  • It is a Principle of Light.
  • It is a Principle of Liberation.
  • It is a Principle of Harmony.
  • It is a Principle of Love.
  • It is a Principle of Understanding, and an active summary of the other 11 Principles.

...THE CONTRADICTORY OR UNITIVE ACTS ACCUMULATE IN YOU”... If you repeat your acts of internal unity, nothing will be able to detain you in your Liberation and return Home... You will be as a nature force that doesn’t find anything on its path, that nothing will be able to resist you for your liberation... I repeat!...

“THE UNITIVE AND CONTRADICTORY ACTS ACCUMULATE IN YOUR INTERN”... If you repeat your contradictory acts, you will continue to be separated and distant from the Whole, remaining in your own hell... If you repeat your unitive acts, nothing will be able to detain you; you will be a man. Your liberation will be present; you will be as a nature force that does not find any resistance on its path... Yes, my friend, Contradictory Acts. Unitive Acts. The Contradictory and Unitive acts accumulate in you.

  • What is that?
  • What is the meaning of this 12th Principle?
  • What is a contradictory act?.

A Contradictory Act is when you feel the impulse to do something, and you do not want to do it, or you should not do it, and the impulse wins the battle, and you end up doing it anyway. This is a Aontradictory Act... When you do it, this act and its results accumula te in your intern and cause your involution; it carries you backwards instead of helping you to go back to the Whole, to our common Father, to our Creator. It takes away towards the darker dimensions of the universe and the conscience.

Let’s assume that you have to do something because you know you have to do it, and your emotions and your physical body don’t back you up about it, and you finally give up to this act. This means that your lower part has won the battle… That is Contradiction, and it also accumulates within you, it accumulates in your internal and carries you to the darker dimensions of the conscience... You, as well as every enslaved human being, must have a big account.

Let’s suppose that inside one exists a deposit of force, each Contradictory Act is a force that weighs like lead and that pulls you down into involution, separating you more and more from your Divine Essence, further distant still from harmony, balance and liberation... Meanwhile, all unitive acts would be a force that enters to other deposit... This deposit of the Unitive Acts gets you closer and gives you the power, capability and will to advance every day more towards your re-encounter with your own essence and with your own Creator.

Yes, my friend, just like all of us, you must have these two deposits... Some have more in the deposit of the positive force. Some, their deposits of negative force are visible, they are pessimistic, gray, sad, don’t believe in anything, not even in themselves or the fellow men, or the world, or evolution. All their lives are dark and somber. These are people that obey to their low instincts, their impulses, to gluttony, to sexual recklessness, to lack of activity, to laziness, to inertia, to imagination, to lack of hygiene, pride, anger, violence, vanity and thoughts of surrender. They see all the reasons why it is not possible to experience evolution.

Each activity they engage in turns out being wrong... Every attempt at something turns into a failure... Their lower part dominates... Their history is full of contradictory actions until today... They do not like their current situation in life; they always act with displeasure... What they want to do they cannot do because their deposit of unitive acts is empty; they do not have any type of will, they do not have any type of free will. They are slaves of their world, of society, and of their own weakness.

Those whose deposits of Unitive Acts are loaded with force are completely the opposite: They smile, are optimistic, are joyful, even though they have a certain sadness in their look and the strength, the struggles of the fight can show in their faces. They are trying to balance and lead their instincts to the Light. They are trying to return home, they are not always joyful but feel the trust they have in themselves. They are courageous, brave, valiant, fighters; they have very solid ideas; they know exactly what they must do and why they must do it, which is the way, the most perfect way to do it and so forth... They have faith in life... They have faith in their fellow man... They have faith in God and in humanity. They enjoy whatever act they realize. They help others, suffer for others, advise others, stimulate and motivate others to evolve. They always see the balanced side of things; they never work with reckless imagination; they know what and why they do things... All of us, my friend, have something from one or the other side... The fight is great. The fight is great!.

  • What can we do now that we have defined the Contradictory Act?
  • What can we do to define the Unitive Act?.

A Unitive Act is when a man is conscious of his duties, knows what has to be done and even if his body and emotions refuse to obey, he searches for ways to balance them. He searches for ways to obtain a consensus between his mind, his emotions and his body in his service to the Light and Duty. He will find the ways to carry through whatever he has to do, and when he does, it will be a Unitive Action.

A Unitive Act is when a person perceives from his spirit, he sees the Light of something, and he feels impulses to do it because he knows that it is an evolving act; however, his mind will refuse because it is not very agree with his ways of being and thinking... Nevertheless, this type of individual starts to look for ways to conciliate the mind and emotions... For the something he perceived, even if it takes him 20 years to find the way to carry through with this, he will persist again and again until a consensus between his mind, emotions, and physical body is reached, and he carries through with what he must do . This will be a Unitive Act.

A Unitive Act is when a person has an idea, has the power, the desire and strength to carry it through, and he starts to work to achieve it, no matter what comes up, rain or shine, he gets it done.

A Unitive Act is when one has an idea, the desire of achieve it, when that idea doesn’t stand between him and his fellow man, when that idea does not harm anybody; on the contrary, it is based on justice and truth, benefits nature, society, the world, the fellow men and the family; it is when one sets this purpose, gathering up one’s courage and searches which is the best way to do it and carries through with it... That is a Unitive Act and as each cause has its effects, if you do today a Unitive Act, this will be the cause of other uniting actions later, and so forth.

The person, who becomes used to it and starts to enjoy the harmony of a Unitive Act, does not abandon it anymore, never again. This is the most valuable thing that a man can do... In the same way, he who is used to doing Contradictory Acts. They will acquire a heavy weight and by the Law of Cause and Effect, he will repeat them day after day until they become habits.

A Unitive Act can become a habit as well as the Contradictory Act. At the end we are full of habits... Contradictory and Unitive Habits... Let's do a small inventory of what has accumulated in our two deposits... Get paper and pencil for this. Ask yourself the following question:

  • What things have I been doing against the Law?... Against what is right on the physical, mental, emotional levels, with the fellow man, with the family, at work?... What have I been doing against the Law?

You must prepare a great inventory; you must bring out all the answers from yourself , you must be impartial and objective... As a second step:

  • What things am I doing against my will?
  • Which contradictory actions are in me?
  • Which contradictory habits am I carrying through?... My work, my spouse, my family, my children, my fellow man.

The results of this inventory, my friend, are many habits that you must start to get rid of, and you must start to eliminate them from your system. These are the habits that take you, and are taking you day after day, more distant from the Cosmic Essence that gave us our reason for being. The further away we are from the Whole, or we believe that we are, the more in the dark we are, the more ignorant we are, and more blows we receive from life... You must also make an inventory of your Unitive Actions.

  • What are the habits and what are the things that I enjoy doing, in the physical, mental, emotional levels; at work, with the family, your spouse and so forth?”... Now then, this taste, these tastes that I have, are they according to the Law?... Do they agree with what must be done?.

Then we are going to do the inventory of your duties. You have duties with society, with humanity, with your Creator, with your body, with your mind and your emotions, with your spouse and your children...

  • Write them down: My duties with...And do the inventory of your duties according to your opinion... Now then, Do you agree with those duties?...

If you do not agree with your duties, this will simply produce you big conflicts, and will produce Contradictory Actions... Let us assume you are the type of person that thinks that is in the school where your children should get their education, that you do not have the duty of educating them. There you have a problem! Perhaps, you must support your family, your parents; this is a duty, but you might consider yourself sick of doing it; then, there you have a problem, it is a big conflict.

  • Maybe you are doing some activity that does not stimulate you, which you do not like. This produces in you contradictory acts.
  • Maybe you are married and your instincts take you to look at another person. This will lead you to contradictory acts.
  • Maybe, you do not earn enough money, or you wish to spend more than what you earn... These are Contradictory Acts, and like these ones, my friend, there are thousands and thousands more... You have to uncover all your actions against nature; you must bring them out into the open and start to work on their elimination.

Then, you must start to create Unitive Acts... This means that you have to start organizing and giving structure to concrete actions that bring your mind, emotions and body to join behind a goal, that bring you into being one with your fellow men, with your wife, in harmony with your children, and the fulfillment of your duties as a human being... These would be Unitive Acts... A Unitive Act could be a Prayer, placing your mind, emotions and body into the understanding that Prayer can re-connect you with your Creator, it can help you to evolve, and set in you this habit, besides the fact of learning how to pray. This is a Unitive Act.

A Unitive Act is when your three parts are in harmony and work in harmony with the fellow men for the fulfillment of a goal or objective. This is an evolving act, as well as a Unitive Act... As you can see my friend, work must be done!. The same as you normally take your physical bath every day, you wash with soap and shampoo, you dress up well and go out on street; the time has arrived for your analysis and your emotional clean up too.

The emotional clean up is the elimination of your instinctive habits that are mistaken, contradictory and erroneous, of the involuting desires that are in your heart... Then the shampoo, but internally, a mental clean up. The elimination of conflicts!... This must be started to do periodically, especially during the first 49 days... A total clean up, physical, mental and emotional.

Open up a notebook and write down all your Contradictory Habits, all your habits that hurt your physical, mind and emotional body and induce in you conflict and contradiction... Then start to seriously think about building Unitive Habits... Habits that will take you to Evolution.

My friend... throughout the millennia, thousands of cells that integrate humanity have returned to the Whole. All of them, without exceptions, have had to go through this and have left for us these Principles so that we in turn can accomplish the steps of our integration with the Whole, with our Common Creator... There is not alternative, there is not improvisation, it’s not necessary to search for other answers. The Law is in front of us; what it needs to be done is in front of us... Read (or listen) this part of the message, reflect on it, think of it, meditate on it, analyze yourself and then decide... You must decide to go forward because, unless you go towards your liberation, you'll fall deep into the arms of the slavery of this dimension.

Contradictory Acts are accumulating and will accumulate; each weighs a ton. Each one, my friend, weighs a ton, while the Unitive Acts are made of subtle energy; they purify the density of the contradictory energy. They are Light that illuminates the darkness within yourself and alleviates you, until the day will come when your body will fly to join that cell, the Whole, from were it once came.

Yes my friend, don’t try to do this work at once, overnight; there are no magic touches; there are no sensational tricks. The magic is to work, the magic is to do, so be judicious; use your Common Sense and start to prepare your inventory of your Contradictory Acts, of your negative habits, of your surrendering and pessimistic ideas, to eradicate them... Then you must start to prepare a complete list of Unitive Acts, inside you and outside you, acts that benefit society, the fellow man and the world where you live... Acts that will give you the power and strength to face the deposit of the Contradictory Acts.

The 12th Principle says: “THE CONTRADICTORY OR UNITIVE ACTS ACCUMULATE IN YOU”... If you repeat your contradictory actions, this will bring you to total darkness... If you repeat your Unitive Acts, you will be as a force of nature that will not find any opposition to your passing. You will go into the Light; you will go towards the integration and the connection, returning to your Common Creator.

Load yourself up with courage! Meditate about this passage and carry it through!. [Top]




Companion of jail cell... Companion of slavery, you already know why I am saying this, right?... But at least you have an advantage; you already know the secret of how to escape from jail... Many people, the majority, are on our beloved planet in jail and enslaved, but they don't know it, they are without the knowledge of why they are slaves, and they don’t even know the secret for Liberation.

If you have paid close attention to the first part of this message, if the word LIBERATOR from the 12 th Principle has touched your heart, if you have understood the reason why a Unitive Act can carry you to your Liberation, and why a Contradictory act can sink you into the dark profundity of the conscience... Then you are very close... You are very close, my friend! And already as a prize for this understanding, as the prize for having carried out the “Inventory of Contradictions” and of the habits that must be eliminated, I will pass on to you the “secret” of the Unitive Act.

Take a notebook and write: Plan of the Conscious Action... Starting today and until the day of your liberation, it does not matter when it will happen my friend, in a day, a minute, an hour or a century; every day you must set your mind to do a Uniting Act in a Conscious manner... How is this done?:

  • 1 st Point: First you must be preceded by an idea. A uniting act must be preceded by an idea. These ideas can be Altruistic, of Truth, of Justice, of Harmony, Beauty, Charity, Wisdom, Understanding, an act of Good Will, an idea of Mercy, any of these Ideas, it could be an act of kindness. You will select one of these Ideas each day. Then, go on to the:
  • 2 nd Point: You must Consciously Think... Why and for what purpose you are going to carry through this idea, this act?... Let us assume you select an idea of Altruism, an idea of doing something for somebody; you must consciously think why you are going to do it and what for.
  • 3 rd Point: You must complete this action without any expectation of results, any results... I repeat, you must carry through the altruistic action without expect anything in return. It must be done for the simple fact of you carrying through with this Unitive Action, just for love of the Action in Itself.
  • 4 th Point: You must think of what is the best way to carry this Idea through.
  • 5 th Point: Through your creative vision, you must wish to carry this Idea through.
  • 6 th Poin: After you thought about the way to carry this Idea through, you must search for an even more perfect way to do it. And,
  • 7 th Point: Do whatever it takes to carry through with the Altruistic idea... These would be a Unitive Act, carrying it through would be a Unitive Act.

Those are the 7 points for the Conscious Action... The secret of how to carry through Unitive Acts... So, my friend, from now on and as long as you live, you need to place all idea that can provide you with evolution into your Plan of Unitive and Conscious Action . Including ideas that can cause evolution of your mind, your emotions and physical body; all the ideas that can bring you closer to your Creator, your fellow man, your wife, your children; all idea that can help your development at work, not economically but making of you a more efficient person; all the ideas that can bring perfection; all the ideas that can carry benefit for humanity and society, all the ideas that can benefit your neighborhood where you live, and all idea that can carry harmony to your family.

Decide it and do it!. Every day for a minimum of once per day. Make of this the most important thing of your life... The most important thing in your life!... Then, every day choose a habit, a contradictory habit. A habit that tends to involute you, something that you used to do and that it goes against the Law, that goes against your world, against your fellow man and apply to it the Conscious and Unitive Action for seven days. You will try to eradicate each habit for 7 days.

First you must observe how this habit works on you, which part within you causes the impulse to do it. After a few days of observation, you must take an Action Plan and apply it the opposite habit... That is if you are selfish, be altruist... If you lie about something, say the truth and so on... If you eat quite a bit, do the opposite, but not the contradictory opposite but the Unitive Opposite. You have to think of the why and for what you are going to do it. If I eat too much and this harms me, then I must think about this; I must think why and for what reason I will eat less, I must feel the goodness of the fact of eating less. I must look for the best way of doing it, the most intelligent way and if there is a perfect way of eating less without doing something wrong... Then, don't forget that for all Unitive Action you perform with other people, you cannot expect anything in return. You must do it only to complete your Unitive Act...

The other secret for the Unitive Act is simple: Choose 7 people that live in your world, transmit this message to them and help them to understand it, to see its truth and teach them to carry through their Unitive Act... This is the second great secret...

  • The 1st is: The Conscious Action.
  • The 2nd is: The Unattached Action helping the fellow man to carry through Unitive Acts.
  • The 3rd secret is: Prayer... But not of going to church on Sundays to recite: Our Father”, not at all my friend. It is about to understand why and for what you will pray. You must feel the desire to address your Creator. Search for the best way of doing it... You must prepare your own Prayer, searching for the most perfect way of doing it, and pray without the expectancy of any type of answer... Not any type of results and teach other people to do it... It is not important if it takes you months to learn to pray. This is the greatest Unitive Act that can be performed by a candidate for Liberation, to communicate correctly with his Creator, the secret of Pray.
  • The 4 th Point: The 4th secret of the Unitive Act: Each time you do a Unitive Act, each time you have felt the power of the Will of your Creator in you, give thanks in your inside, give thanks internally for being able to carry through a Unitive Act... Give thanks internally, you will be accumulating forces in the deposit of the Unitive Action each time that you are grateful for the kindness, the love, the will and the understanding that you have felt when performing a Uniting Act.
  • The 5th Secret is: When you find yourself in difficulties and you feel your impulsive side wants to carry you into a Contradictory Action, it wants to carry you into the violation of a Principle, of a Law... Ask your Creator with faith and that force you gathered through your unitive acts will come to help you, and in this moment you will be able to balance the scale so as to not again do the wrong that you did so many times in the past.

Those are the great 5 secrets that can help you in the realization of the Unitive Action... As you can see, you must work. You must make this the most important thing in your life, the most important thing in your life! It is about your Liberation. It is about your life. It is about of transforming you into a Free Human Being!... But you must also be patient with yourself; you must go slowly.

You are a neophyte of the practice and execution of the Cosmic Principles and you must know it, you must realize that at this time you can not do it, and you must learn every day to be a professional, a professional of Liberty... A professional of your union with the fellow man and with your Creator. You must be conscious of the weight of your habits from the past, that your body weighs, that your contradictory actions weigh. You must consider all this... You must reject discouragement, depression, anguish, and the lack of interest. You must be astute and awake. You must not allow them to return you down to the mud. All these weigh and will weigh.

If after studying the 12 Principles, and despite you have meditated on them and reflecting on them, you still find they are dark for you. If even when you have placed your good will to carry through with them, you still find great obstacles along your way, you must search for those people that have walked the same path before you; they will help you. The same way you would do it for other people that have started to do the Principles of Liberation after you and will require your help... These people who have gone ahead with this work and are already free or on their way to be free, and have experienced more evolution than you, would open their heart to you, they would understand you if you have good will and sincere intentions. They are everywhere; they are around you, they work quietly and silently... Only the people in search of their Liberation can recognize them and look for their company.

So prepare yourself my friend... All of us have crossed where you are going to cross; all of us had our doubts and fears too. All of us felt at a certain time… the depression, the conflicts, the anguish and the problems with the external world… All of us were warehouses full of contradictory actions. None of us had any knowledge of what it was a unitive act, or what was the meaning of the word Union... We cried, we kicked, and then, we finally arrived to the only possible conclusion - the same one you would arrive yourself:


Companion of Life, son of my Father, Brother, consider yourself fortunate in being able to receive this message; consider yourself fortunate for finding out about the Principles of Light, place a value on what your Being has attracted, give value to the fact that you are already a candidate for Liberation... Millions of other cells of our common Father are sunk today in complete darkness, in ignorance and in unawareness... They are being led by their impulses again and again to violate the Principles and the Laws of the Cosmos.

Consider yourself fortunate and realize the value of belonging to the Circle of Candidates to Return Home, to return to our Father, and remember: You must be quiet, for when you talk you waste your strength. No one should find out that you are planning to escape from jail and be free. Especially don't inform those that are extremely happy and don’t realize they are in jail. Bite your tongue a thousand times before you talk.

The axiom of the great Masters Liberators of all epochs, you already know it very well:

  • TO KNOW... You already know it.
  • TO WANT... It depends on the work you do. If you carry through all the work of the 12 Principles, you will WANT.
  • TO DARE - BE DOLD!... Also, if you do what the 12 Principles contain, you will have the strength to DO and you will do, and if you are...
  • QUIET, you will have double strength. Remember this!, Record this in your mind!...
Those who are happy on our planet-prison, those who are not conscious of the existence of Our Creator, of the existence of a world of Light, of the existence of Freedom... Let them be as they are, and they should not find out at all of your plans to escape... Be careful, you could close again the door of jail for many millenniums. You must wait until they realize it and wake up and only those who are awake, those who are already preparing an escape plan, with them and those who are on the other side are the ones you can talk to in your internal. They are in you; you can talk to them, ask them for advice, and ask them for assistance, strength, and courage.

We are with you; we are yourself; we feel what you feel now. Do not permit the doubts to dominate you, it is preferable your liberation from the circumstances and influences of the world, even a dangerous liberation than a comfortable slavery... Be judicious!... Our Father calls you back home through this message... The Elder Brothers need you... The World needs you... The Humanity needs you... The Society needs you... Your Family needs you... But not the way you are today.

We all need you with Free-Will, with a powerful will, with a clear and peaceful mind, with an awakened conscience, with balanced emotions, with power and strength to do, with a healthy body that can bring you into the realization of all what we need and what you need.

My brother, the Cosmos is clamoring for us. The hour has arrived... The Freedom bells are ringing for the next 2,000 years... This is your opportunity. You have Free Will... You will see whom are you going to obey, either to your Free conscience or to your lower instincts... It is your life ! We fulfilled our duty passing you the message of the 12 Principles for your Liberation.

If you do not do it today, you will have to do it some other day!... May the Whole, Our Absolute Creator, bless you, care and keep you, give you strength, firmness and courage, and Light to shine on your path.

Thank you for your time. Thank you Brother!