Hello, my friend, hello whoever you are, it doesn’t matter what is your name, where you were born, how old you are, what is your race or color, your religion or philosophical believes , or who are you married to, if your wife is cute, beautiful or ugly, how many children you have, what kind of economic or social condition you have, or which is your profession, your occupation, or where do you live, none of these are important; it doesn’t matter how much intelligence you have, or your mental capacity, your abilities for doing things, the sports that you practice, or what political party you belong to or go to. I continue saying, none of these things are important. It does not matter if you are slim or overweight, if you are young or old, if your eyes are pretty or not. None of these things are important!.

By now maybe you must be asking: "Why are none of these important?" It’s very simple; none of these is important because it doesn’t belong to you, none of these are yours...

  • How is that? Simply, let’s see... Let’s suppose that you were born in Venezuela.
  • Did you decide to be born in Venezuela?... Let’s also assume you are a member of the Rodriguez family.
  • Did you decide to be born into the Rodriguez family?
  • Did you decide on being born rich or poor?
  • Did you choose to belong to this or that political party?... You might think you have.
  • Let’s assume that you are a medical doctor... What brought you to become a doctor?
  • Well, you will say, I decided it when I was in high school, and then I will answer:
  • What made you make that decision to be a doctor?
  • Did you create the causes that brought you to be a Doctor?
  • Did you make your attention to be attracted to medicine?
  • Or did something attract your attention towards medicine ?

Yes, my friend, it is difficult, one must meditate deeply to understand the meaning of what I am transmitting to you.

IT DOESN’T MATTER ON WHAT SIDE THE EVENTS HAVE PLACED YOU”. I repeat, It does NOT matter on what side the EVENTS have placed you, what is important is that you must understand that you have not chosen either side, you have not chosen anything in your life; causes totally apart from your will have brought you to whatever situation you are now in. It is not important what is your position, your attitude, your behavior, or what you are or what you have; you have not chosen any of these, absolutely nothing.

Causes incrusted in you from your childhood when you were not yet capable of reasoning; behaviors learned from your surroundings or family; information that you have received from your brain and your emotions, habits that you were taught, ways of being and of thinking, but you didn’t chose any of these; then, the important thing is for you to understand this, you have not selected a side, you have selected nothing, and it is not important where you have been placed by the situations. This is the 11th Principle, this is the Principle of Light that will illuminate your life to pull you out from slavery, away from pride, vanity, criticism, judging, accusing, defending what is yours, blaming others and the full understanding of why you are here where you are at this time.


Yes my friend, this is a great truth, a very difficult truth to grasp and understand and the worst is that it is a truth difficult to accept. Our pride cannot accept the fact that we have never decided a thing in our lives... Our pride normally proclaims everything belongs to it, absolutely everything. But a profound analysis of yourself will bring you to the truth of this Principle; it will carry you to the light and will free you from the phantom of multiple untruths and conflicts... You have not decided on anything in your life, everything has happened in your life without you having anything to do with it... This is the truth!... Let’s go back to your childhood...

  • Did you decide the kindergarten where your parents placed you?
  • Did you choose the friends you were going to have in school?
  • Did you choose your teacher?
  • Did you make your teacher act in this or that way?
  • Did you choose your brothers? Did you tell your parents to make a brother of this or that characteristics and to behave towards you in this or that way?...

When you were a child, you weren’t even capable of reasoning and the surroundings, the family, sent you impressions, millions of them every day; you were modeled as if play-Dough: “Son, do this”, “son do that”, “you have to do this or the other”; and as imitative beings that we are when we are children, you have imitated thousands and thousands of things from your parents, your father, your mother and your brothers.

Maybe you have watched movies, TV, read books; the heroes from these movies or books have impressed us, our little friends at play impressed us. For most years of our lives, my friend, we have been influenced; internal and external influences have created fears in us, and fears influence us.

We have had needs, and the needs also influence us. Our teachers in school influence us without our knowledge; we have read newspapers, we have gone out with dates; we had friends in college; all of them influence us without us realizing, and our brain, our mind and our emotions received information; this data is gathered with other data and form what we today know as our character, our temperament, and they have been the cause of our most or least conscious decisions that we could have made in the selection of the career, the selection of the spouse, the selection of the neighborhood where we live, the type of house, the kind of friends, the type of car we have, the sports club, the political party... Did you choose to be Christian?... Supposing you are Christian, however, you have been also impressed by this religion.

I believe that you are a thoughtful person, that you have common sense, and I also believe that you understand why you have not chosen any of the things you have or you are today. Causes completely apart from your will have influenced you from your early childhood and have carried you to do what you do today. This, my friend, is the way it happens to us all, this is the way it happens to all the human beings that inhabit this planet... You have not selected any side; understand it! And it is not important where you were placed by the situations or circumstances...

What are the conclusions, my friend, of this comprehension? They are as follows: Starting today as you study this Principle again and again, you will be able to understand that you do not have anything to defend because nothing is yours. Your ideas, your thoughts, your opinions, the way you see life, you do not have to defend any of these; in the same manner, you do not have to attack the ways of other people, for they as well have not selected the way they are today, the circumstances have placed them there just where they are at this time.

  • So, what is the sense of attacking them?
  • What is the sense of being proud of what you have?
  • Did you accomplish it yourself?...

I know this is going to shock you, but it is the truth. If you understood that forces a part from your conscious will have brought you to have what you have today and what you are today, then what is the sense of being proud? What is the sense of judging? Judging the behavior of other people, criticizing, it doesn’t have any reason at all; it does not make any sense, my friend. All the people you know are what they are by causes a part from their will, totally a part from their will. We are like machines, like a cassette where we were recorded and printed with a whole lot of data, emotional perceptions, ideas and thoughts. We have been told to behave in this or that way, to do this or that, and we are simply repeating. We are machines that repeat what it is within us in their different combinations.

So the condemnation of yourself or others, the judging, the criticizing, being proud, spoiled, presumptuous, believing that one is superior to the rest, or thinking that anyone is inferior to you, is a sovereign stupidity... If circumstances have placed you into a superior status, well, you are really not superior, no?... Because you did nothing to be superior, perhaps you were born in favorable surroundings for some or other reason, and another person was born in less favorable surroundings, is this a reason to condemn him, to believe you are the great thing and brag about it? Nothing of this my friend.

I repeat , right now I call upon your Common Sense ; you know that this is true. Then if each human being has not decided his own present situation, his ways of being and living, but received impulses from influences and causes a part from his own will, then society as well is in the same situation and the world is in the same situation. Powerful influences bring society to act in one way or another, bring a country to act in one way or another. This means the Venezuela is not better than Colombia, and that United Sates is not better than Russia, or that capitalism is better than communism, or the existentialism philosophy is better than anarchist, the militarism than socialism, Muslin than Christian, white than black... You must see, my friend, no one has selected this, this has happened to people, they are there because of influences more powerful than the influences themselves.

Wake up to this reality, reflect on it and meditate on it. The best way to understand it is for you to realize that you have not chosen any side, you must realize this, you must analyze yourself!.

If you are good, perhaps your parents inspired you to be good; you are not good because you wanted to be so. You were not asked to select, at the ages of 5, 6 or 7 years old, the type of life that you wanted to live, no way! When you were about to be born. Nobody asked you: Look, Would you prefer goodness or ignorance? Understanding or stupidity?, Simply put, if yo ur parents influenced you to be good, that is why you are good; then, you do not have to be proud of this fact, and your parents as well were influenced, and those who influenced them as well were influenced by others.

So realize this and understand that you have not chosen anything of your life, nor your height or skin color, or the amount of money that you have in your pocket, nor the type of work you do. Look at it about your own spouse:

  • What brought you towards your wife?
  • You chose her, right?.

Come on, my friend! Throughout many years you have been bombarded by influences, perceptions and images about women in general, and she simply adapted fairly well to those influences in some moment. She can be good looking or not, smart or dumb, be sterile or be able of having 10 children, but neither of you have decided a thing; it happened that you found her and she found you; it happened that you got your profession, it happened that you found a job in this place; all happened within the alternatives that you had within your reach.

I know, I see that you are thinking of the right path; yes, my friend we are nothing, we are a body with minds and emotions that at birth were apparently empty. At this moment, we find ourselves with thousands and thousands of thoughts, ideas, information, emotions, fears, needs, worries, problems, and conflicts. All of these are within us, but they are not us...

We have been like a cork carried by the waves in the middle of the ocean, and we still are... We are slaves of the influences, the influences that we receive every day through our five senses, and through our mind and our emotions... We are nothing; we are totally slaves. We are programmed by stellar influences of our surroundings, politics, our profession, and we try to find the clearest way, the most ideal, according to the way we are now; but we are slaves, we are nothing, we haven’t selected a thing, nothing... We haven’t chosen anything... anything...

  • Do you like artichokes?.... Why do you like artichokes?
  • Why do you dislike cassava?
  • Why do you like some things, and dislike others?... It’s not logical, is it?
  • What are the influences or causes that made you like some things and dislike others?
  • Why do you do some things and not others?
  • Why might you approve of capitalism instead of communism?
  • What are the deep causes that brought you to this thinking?
  • What were the influences that made your decide for one and not the other?...

Yes, my friend, we are slaves; we are slaves of circumstances. Everything has happened to us. We have been programmed; we have been carried; we have been taken through the ocean of life upwards and down again, backwards and forward.... Who knows in what position you find yourself today?... But, that is not important, the important thing now is for you to start thinking of:

  • How can you free yourself from this situation?
  • How can a person achieve to make decisions for his own life?

If you have understood the truth contained in the 11th Principle, that you haven’t chosen any side , that everything has happened to you, that it is not important in what side you find yourself today , or in which situation; then, you are a candidate for free will; you are a candidate in starting to see how you can free yourself from all that which is not yours, and start to make what it is yours... You will start to understand why this or that happened to you; you will arrive to the cause of your life.

But... It is an essential condition that you understand you haven’t chose any side, you must understand it and accept it, understand it and accept it; and to do so is a long and painful work... This work starts in the following way :

First, start to study this principle for 49 days, every day when you go to bed and again when you wake up in the morning, and we warn you: Don't allow the discouragement, dishearten and depression to take hold of you. You must be strong.... To suddenly understand that you haven’t chosen any side can make you loose your step and place you in a worse situation instead of a better one, so you must be strong...

Then, during those 49 days, every time you are going to do something, you must wake up at this fact... Let’s suppose you say: “Let’s go to the movies;” then, wake up and say: Who wants to go to the movies? What are the causes that are taking me to the movies?... And you will discover that you don’t have free will, that you are not the one who is saying to go to the cinema and that something within you is taking you to the cinema.

Do you get angry with somebody?... Wake up, stand up and say: Why did I get angry?, What made me loose the control over myself?... You will realize that it hasn’t been a free decision, the decision of a free man. You will realize that you didn’t want to get angry, and so on.

You are going to buy something, ask yourself the question: What is taking me to buy this?... What are the causes that impulse me to buy it?... You must be very objective, very impartial, and very honest with yourself. You must have the attitude of a person who desires to know the truth, a person that truly desires to verify the veracity of the eleventh Principle.

Look at others, see what they do, and ask yourself the question: My friend, what brought you to do that thing? Did you decide it yourself?... You know that the pride will say: Yes, I have decided it for this and this reason.... But it is senseless because the majority of people do things without any sense, so out of mind, that it is impossible that a conscious will decides making things to harm itself... It is not impossible!... You have common sense my friend; you know that it is not like that.

So during those 49 days, it is not enough to feel you understand the message now, you have to understand it every day... Remember that within you is the illusion of having decided your life, you have the illusion very deep within you; you have habits of condemning, of judging, of suing, of being proud, conceited, spoiled, of thinking that you are superior to the rest, of defending what is yours, attacking what belongs to others, and this does not go away overnight... So build up your courage!...

And start to work in this first part of the 11th Principle... You haven’t chosen any side; understand it! Everything happened to you just like the rain.




Very well, my friend, I know that the first part of this Principle has not been easy for you to read (or listen). If you understood its meaning, and you meditated on it, you must have arrived to the next conclusion:

  • “If I haven’t selected a thing, absolutely nothing about myself, then what or who have done it?”.
  • “What force or power brought me to be the way I am today?”...

It’s a very logical conclusion... My friend, the accumulation of data, of personality, character, temperament, fortune, economic condition, thoughts, ideas, all you consider you are today, we will call it your Personality, which is the role that you are now playing in life. You are playing a role of being a person in this or that manner, which lives like this, acts like that and do this; all of these are not you, because it is a role. Your Personality and all this have been attracted. YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE BY CAUSE OF YOUR ESSENCE.

The Essence is that part within us, within the Being, is that part of Divine Spark within us, our other “Self ”, our intimate “Self”. This is the causing part. It is like a magnet, for it attracts everything that it loves and everything that it fears. It has attracted for you your physical body, the mind you have today, the accumulation of your emotions, of your position, everything that you do in life. This is the true actor, what you consider you are today, which it is nothing but the Personality. It is the role being played by that spirit, by that actor in the concert of human life.

I cannot know to what point you are conscious of your intimate Self, of your other Self, but it has the archetype, it knows the why of everything . Today: If you are good or bad, intelligent or not, wealthy or poor, it doesn’t matter how you are, it knows why you are that way, It has decided it that way. It has made you. This is your intimate Self, the entity that incarnates from life to life, and plays roles through the personalities it makes itself.

This is the part that selects where to be born, in what country to be born, to which parents. It is the part that brings to you what to study and how to behave in front of others... Of course, the logical conclusion is that it is imperative for you, starting today, that you achieve to communicate with this other part of you.

That part that is the cause and knows what to do from now on, and it is the part that will make a hell out of your life unless you establish contact with it , unless you start to communicate with it, just like you communicate with your spouse. And unless both parts can get into an agreement, unless they can understand each other, unless they can work hand in hand , actor and personality, actor and role to realize the objective of life, you will be a failure.

  • Now then, how can this contact be accomplished?.

First point: In the past, have you felt this force, this entity inside of you?... Sometimes, when you were going to do something wrong, didn’t you hear, didn’t you feel something sharp in your heart that was telling you not to do it?... At other times, when you were doing something and you were about to stop, did you not feel this force in you that said: You have to continue, you have to go ahead, go, stand up and do it?...

Its popular name is our conscience, but it is our Real Essence, this is the indestructible part in us that has come down from higher realms, falling into the realm of the earth... Your job is to communicate with it so as to stop its involution, and with the strength that it has, to evolve again...

How can you communicate with this self, with the myself, with that ghost unknown to us that is always there? Unless you have already suffocated your conscience... Well, starting today, 7 times per day, and from today until it shows signs of life, until you have done it, yes, my friend, this work can last a lifetime, you have to remember 7 times per day, to isolate yourself from your daily chores, even for one minute my friend, relax, shut your eyes, and converse with Him as you would with a close friend.

  • How is this done?...

Let us suppose that I decide to do it... I will clear my mind of all my daily matters; I will withdraw from the role that I play in my daily life; I will shut my eyes, and I will tell “him”:

  • "I know that I am not. I know that I am nothing; I know that I am not my mind; I know that I am not my ideas, I know that I am not my body; I know that I am not my emotions; I know that I am not so and so; I know that I have not selected a thing. I know that you are there... I do not know who I am!...
  • Who am I?, Who am I? Who is it that talks?, Who is it that listen?...
  • Who am I?. I know that you are there. They say that I am you... But as I do not know who you are, or what you are, or how you are, so then I do not know who I am or how I am.
  • Sometimes I perceive you and feel you. Sometimes I feel your impulse bringing me to do something wrong. The majority of times I fail...
  • Some others, I can see you as something good because when I set my mind to do some task and I cannot continue, I feel your impulse, your backing, allowing me to continue. I am told that you are dual as well. I am told that I have to be in an agreement with you. Here I am, I will remain silent for a while, in complete silence, and when you are ready to communicate with me, I will know it.

Yes, my friend, this is one of the thousands of ways that this can be done. It is forgetting the entire world, forgetting all the tasks, seven times per day, especially at sunrise and before going to bed... Before going to bed, shut your eyes and establish communication...

  • I do not know who I am; I do not know were I am going now; in a few moments I will not be conscious, but I know that it is you that is in me and will continue controlling and bringing alleviation to my body, nourishing my organs and making them rest. I do not know where I will go in a few seconds, but I know that you will be there to care for me”.
  • “Sometimes I realize that you do not care for me enough, for you make me have dreams not very pleasant. I am eager to communicate with you; I am anxious to be one with you. I am anxious to be you.

In the morning as well, my friend, every day when you are awake, do not move out of bed immediately, wake up and shut your eyes and communicate again:

  • "My consciousness just arrive, I do not know who am I, I do not know how the consciousness came; I am arriving, but I do not know where from. You must know it, for you are the cause for my life; you are who attracts the circumstances and events, the happenings.
  • You know whom I will see today; you know what I have to do today; I think I know it, but it does not always happen what I want, most of the time happens what you want. Make me feel your presence during the day. You are at a level of more Light, and if I’m going to make a mistake, please let me know.

This way, my friend, 7 times per day, from now until the end of your lifetime, communicate, communicate and remember: YOUR OTHER SELF, YOUR REAL SELF IS DOWN. It is a spirit that has fallen from the levels of Light to the levels of darkness; it is dual and fluctuates between good and bad. Not all the impulses that you feel from him are the right ones. You must discern by yourself, you must know, you must discern step by step. You must be awake when he is pushing you to do something that involutes him more, and you must decide, using your free will and will that you have at this moment, to do things that you know will help his Evolution.

You must study the Law; you must study the Principles; you must see the Truth, discover the Truth and take him to Evolution... One day, he will realize that you realized, and you have decided to evolve. And other day, you will realize that he is the possessor of the force. You will know that all the desires that you feel are coming from him, good and bad, that without the force that he controls, all your thoughts, your mental desires, are worth nothing... You must start balancing his excesses and his instincts. He has extremely dangerous instincts, and he can get close to our Common Creator thousands of times faster than you, when you wake him up to it.

We're going to call your Personality your right hand, and your Essence”, your other self, your left hand. These two must be joined and must agree to experience evolution together. Your essence cannot evolve without you as a Personality by itself, and your Personality does not have a reason to be without your essence. The two have to join and procreate the Giorgia, what in all truth is what you both are...

This Real Self would have free will, will, power, capacity, and omnipotence. It would be in a level of Light much closer to the Creator, very much closer to the Creator than you and your essence. And this work, my friend, is commonly known as Re-Tie... They are untied of the Divine Spark within you, and must be re-tied again... Your Essence shows itself emotionally, it is what ordinarily you call your emotions, your wishes, while your Personality would be your mind... You must communicate with your essence; you must convince it to evolve, and you must learn to use the force it possesses so that you can Evolve...

You are in the world with your physical body and with your mind; you can discern; you can know the right way from the wrong way , but you don't have the strength to go forward, that strength is spent daily by your essence, driving you to desires, attitudes and behavior, where this strength is wore out, especially, with criticisms, anger, violence, when you talk too much, when your five senses experience too much, with deformed sexuality, boredom and abandonment; there is gone all the force received by your essence. So you must block all of this, wake up and learn to communicate first, then get into an agreement with that part in you that can take you and is taking you to the mud.

After you get into an agreement with it, when you learn to use the force of the desires, when you learn to control your mind, because if you control your mind, you will bring your essence to evolve, you will learn the methods and ways that will carry the essence to obey the Cosmic Law... But while you do not have control of your mind, then your essence is who controls your mind and your personality... It is the essence that triggers its desires and its low instincts, carrying them as thoughts, images in your mind and controls the personality.

Here you have the scheme, my friend: You have not chosen any side; you have not chosen on your situation, by the Law of your life, you were born by cause of your essence and it was He who decided everything... Your essence is a fallen entity... Your duty, your work is to investigate the truth, which are the Laws of Evolution and its Principles, to learn to control your mind so later you can communicate with your essence and together walk hand in hand.

Be alert!, Be awake!. Do all of these exercises without exceptions, doing it day after day... And the most important, my friend, search for those people that have awakened to this Reality before you. Search for those people who are doing all they can to accomplish their Liberation and get together with them. They will be able to help you. Then, look for the help of your Creator. Look for the help of your Creator, he is in you and you must know how to distinguish between your Creator and your essence, as they are both internal, you must know how to distinguish and discern.

Direct your call also to your Creator... He is Neutral... Your Creator is Neutral; He is a spirit that only observes. The struggle is between the personality and the essence. In some men, the personality, that is the role, tries to dominate the actor, the essence... In other people, the role is weaker and the essence with its low impulses carries the man to a disaster... The man who aspires to evolve is the man who has to balance the essence and the personality... He has to make the essence grow up to the level of the personality, then hand in hand, with the aid of the Creator and the superior masters, the evolving steps will start, little by little.

The twelve great doors that can take you to evolution and to the understanding of your whole reason for being are in the 12 Principles, with their respective messages and how to carry them to completion, which we have recorded in written form (and audio), read (or listen) to them. Do the exercises, understand them, and meditate on them. It is about your Liberation.

My friend, we too have done this work in the past... My friend, we too have done it and we are still doing it; each day that passes we advance more and more. Our will is more powerful each day. Our free will is greater daily. Every day we succumb less to the desires of the low instincts of our essence. Every day we inculcate “him” the Paths of Evolution... We succumb less to the circumstances; we loose less energy criticizing , condemning, judging, being proud, and thinking that we are a great something.

It is because we have understood, and we simply have realized that we simply have not decided anything of that, and suddenly we find ourselves with plenty of time; suddenly we are in a position of choosing. We have a small will, a small free will; we live in a higher harmony with the fellow man; we are doing something solid for our community, for our society, for our family. We are more humble people. We have realized how little we know about our true being , about our true life. We have realized that we need the true aid of those who have gone before us on this path.

We have realized that life is impossible without our Creator. We have realized that it is not worth it to choose between wrong paths, that the only thing that really matters is our own Plan of Life, our own Reason for being. We have realized that unless we carry through and practice that for which we were born, anything else we do is senseless, is futile, has no reason for existing and is in vain.

Yes, my friend, many people around you may be carrying through with this. In general, the people who are working on themselves, the people who have started to understand the true sense of life and are fighting and making efforts, do not shout it out. But you can tell who they are by their humility, by their luck of vanity, pride, great simplicity and kindness, by their efforts they are doing, by the absence of criticism, by their lack of exaltation for the family, the country, religion, belief, race, or profession.

Perhaps you find them in parks, alone up to a point, with a certain look in their faces somewhat sad. You will not see them as much in social gatherings... My friend, they say that when the student is ready, the master presents himself.

I know that there is great kindness in your heart; I know that you have common sense; I know that you are intelligent, judicious and prudent, but I know as well that you are all of these when you are awake and conscious. I also know that within you there is the worse , I know, we are the same. You must fight; you must fight, my friend. Set up alarms everywhere! Notes to remind you what you have to do, because when the essence realizes that you are committed, that you are decided to evolve, hell itself will start in your life, externally as well as internally. This is why this road and this liberation without the Creator and without the help and backing of those who have done it before you, is almost impossible.

Listen this message, reflect and meditate on it... You have it in your hands to continue being a machine carried by your essence to do all that you have done, and even worse because you have awaken today.

It is in your hands to be satisfied with just being a personality, or maybe you have the desire for an internal union, the desire of being a free man, a free man, a man with a will, a man who will discover his Plan of Life and will carry it through, in spite of all the obstacles. If this is your decision or… the other one, in both cases, my friend, may our Common Creator illuminate your face, your mind and your heart, may He bless you and care for you always when you ask Him to.

The great master said: Knock and it will open, request, ask and you will get your answer”... There is much wisdom in these words... Carry through with them!.

I feel your desire!.