My friend: TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED”... Treat others the same way that you want to be treated, this is the 10th Principle for you Liberation, the tenth door that you would have to open to accomplish your final liberation over the circumstances of life and all the other situations.

Treat others the way you want to be treated”... What does it really mean to treat others the way you want to be treated?... It is simple... How would you like to be treated by others?... An example: Take a paper and pencil and start to reflect.

  • How would you like to be treated by your spouse?... Write it down.
  • Do you want her to be loving, caring, understanding, kind and willful?
  • How do want her to treat you?... Write your answers in as much detail as you can.

Then, do the same with your children.

  • How do you want them to treat you?
  • What do you expect from them?
  • What kind of treat do you want from them?... Write it down.
  • How do you want your friend John Perez to treat you?... The other friend, and the other?
  • How do you want your boss to treat you?... Your partner?
  • Your work mates?... What do you expect of them?
  • What kind of treatment do you want them to have towards you?
  • How do you want life to treat you?
  • How do you want your parents to treat you?...

And so on. You must do this analysis for 14 days. Dedicate a time each day for this and also ask yourself the following question: How do I want to be treated by this or that person?... You must write these answers down.

This Principle states that you treat others the way you want to be treated... After you have written down about the treatment you want to receive from others, set yourself the purpose of acting and doing with them exactly what you want from them... If you want patience towards you from your spouse... Then start to treat her with patience. You start to treat her with patience... Because of the Law of Cause and Effect, she will have to treat you in the same manner.

What you give as treatment to your fellow man, to others, they will give back to you multiplied amply... That is to say y ou now have in your hands the possibility of creating yourself a new world, of creating the future that you want... This is in your hands. You give the first step. Be smart, don't expect your wife to be understanding by herself; you induce her to the Comprehension. You must induce her to Patience... Each human being, my travel companion, has in him all the attributes of his Creator... Each human being has within love, affection, kindness, caring, harmony, intelligence, comprehension, will... We have all of them within ourselves.

We also have selfishness, violence, and bad temper within us... Within us is all the good and all the bad there is in the world, record this in your mind, understand it! Be conscious about this fact... Then decide to get the best out of others, decide to get the best out of others... You can make your wife to be violent, you know very well.

  • How could you make your wife to be kind?... Treat her the way you want her to treat you.

Let’s see if this is clear, my friend... The formula is very simple: Each human being has within him all of the virtues, all of the kindness of his Creator and have all of the garbage we have inherited from this world: The selfishness, vanity, pride, arrogance, inconsiderateness. According to your behavior, they will react... That is the Law!... The Law of Action and Reaction.

Your behavior towards others is: The Action... They will react in the same way. It cannot be another way . That is the Law of Life.

  • What do I want from John Perez?
  • How do I want him to treat me?.

I don't want anybody to lie to me; therefore, I make the purpose of telling the truth to others and being truthful with my word and my actions... If I want people to act in good faith, then I act in good faith... If I want people to have good will, then I act with good will... But this cannot be at random. These are not words.

This obeys to a “Concrete Plan.” You must make a note of all the people that you see often, and you must try to get out of them the best, the best virtues and best qualities that lie inside them... If you have done the analysis that was explained in this part of the message... If you have clearly and consciously written the kind of treatment you expect to receive from each of the people that you encounter, and you make yourself the purpose to it and start to work consciously... For example, today you say:

  • “I will take the kindness out of my wife”
  • Today I will act in a considerate manner towards my partner
  • Today I will listen to John Perez, and so on and so forth... It is a matter of setting for yourself daily goals for your relations with each one of them and wait, wait...
  • Now... What are the obstacles in doing this?.

Let’s see, what are the problems that you might encounter in your way to accomplish this plan and to harmonize your relationship with others?... Simply put, one thing, it is called Good Will. You must develop good will... The Good Will!... This means: To have good intention, to wish the best for your relations with others... And the Good Will is going to be born in you, always that you erase from your mind, erase from your memory and your remembrances all the conflicts with those people in the past.

  • How can you do this?...

Once a day close your eyes, be relaxed and dedicate to this just 5 minutes... Project onto your creator vision, your mental screen, the image of the person with which you want to treat, and see with the eyes of your imagination the harmony in the treatment. See in your mind that now all of the problems of the past have been eliminated... Shake hands with him, embrace this person and see in your mind that he is behaving and treating you with Harmony, Peace and Balance, and that you are also doing the same.

All of this, of course, is on your mental screen... Then, do another exercise: Once per day, stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself in the mirror and smile, smile; you have to relax all of the muscles of your face, and you must learn to smile... You must practice how to smile with kindness, with good will, with amiability and showing harmony. Observe the muscles of your face and its features; observe the look in your eyes while you are doing this.

  • What does it reflect?.

It might be that you have a smile, but maybe your eyes are full of anger. This can happen! Normally, in our relations with others, we do not realize this fact because inside of us there is this part that spoils all our relations...

  • How many times, my friend, has it happened when you see a person?.
  • How many times have you approached your wife to tell her that you have affection for her, that you need her and love her, and the only thing you came out with was a gesture of inconsiderateness, of impatience or criticism?.
  • How did this happen?.

Simply, the other part of us that controls us shows itself through our eyes. Others do not know that we have the best of intentions in reaching out to them; the only thing they perceive and see is from the eyes, from our look and the features on our face... First, you do the exercise of the mental projection. Visualize your new treatment with others; visualize it daily on your mental screen.

The second step is to practice the kind smile, an amiable and affectionate smile in front of a mirror, making your face muscles accustomed to be relaxed, and seeing yourself with your eyes full of Good Vibration, of Light and Good Will.

The third point is meditation. For many months, whenever you have a chance, set yourself the purpose to meditate about the behavior of others... Ask yourself:

  • Why does this person treat me in this manner?
  • Why is my spouse like this?.

You will see, my friend, we are human beings and unfortunately our comprehension and intelligence does not reach very far... We rarely put ourselves in the shoes of the other person; we seldom place ourselves in his position... We rarely know what truly hurts his heart. He might have physical ailments, conflicts, problems, obstacles, economic problem, you know very well.

Take your own example. How many things do not disturb us? What happens is that we are not conscious of this fact. When we relate to others, the only thing we expect from them is to be carried above their shoulders, to be spoiled, to be took care of, to be loved by them; and most of the time, it does not happen this way, then we blame them . This is not the way it should be, my friend!.

All hearts are compressed and anguished. People have depressions; there are problems that on the surface seem to have no solution and our duty is to understand this fact... When somebody approaches you and you see that this person is in a bad mood, do not demand a marvelous behavior from him, the behavior of a free man, do the contrary, placing yourself in his shoes. You must reach him, you must understand that there is something disturbing him, and that’s why he is like this. Then, smile at him with the same smile that you practiced every day; show him your good will. Listen to him!... When you are bothered, my friend, when you have problems, and you try to reach somebody.

  • What kind of treatment do you require?.

Wouldn't you like the other to smile at you ? Wouldn’t you like the other person to understand you? Wouldn’t you like the other person to listen to you with attention, that he forgets about himself and in that moment be there for you? Well, do the same with others... Be Conscious!... Our world, our life, is anguished enough. We have serious problems and very few people have accomplished their liberation and the solution to their problems... We must understand this fact and not be demanding.

You, who are on your way to understand, demand of yourself the most wonderful behavior towards others. They will answer back to you and will learn from your example. You will be giving them the guidelines of:

  • How?...

It is senseless to tell your spouse that she has to be kind or understanding. But if she can see your kindness day after day, your understanding, your consideration, your patience, then you will be giving her the example, and she will end up behaving in the same manner... This is the Law. This is the Law my friend!... And don't forget, we cannot be islands; we must learn to treat others, to live with others. This is the greatest richness that a human being can have... Your harmony with others, your good relations with others, will bring you to have time, strength, power and will to carry through very important goals.

Then, there are the children... Imagine the situation of those poor little ones who do not know a thing about anything. They perceive our anger, and it gets inside them, our violence, our bad moods, our bad temper, and all records in them, all records in them... As well as the discordant and unharmonious things record in them, your understanding and reflective behavior, your kindness, your attention, your love, also record in them, and they will return them to you the same way.

Your coworkers, those people with whom you spend daily 6, 8 and sometimes 10 hours... What sense does it have to have bad attitudes with them?. Carry through with these exercises my friend!... Correct your relations with others, harmonize your relations with others, do not harm them because you will chain yourself... Treat them the way you want to be treated, invest your time into that work. The same way a person invests money and struggle day after day to be able to purchase a house or to start a productive business... What is the sense of a beautiful house when you are alone in it?... Believe me, my friend, it is preferable to have a shack full of friends, full of people, people with whom one gets along well, people that appreciate us and that we appreciate as well.

  • Is it possible to carry out any activity in your life, any work or really important and useful activity to humanity, by yourself?
  • Do we not need the assistance of other people?. Isn’t it true that we do?...

But if we do not know the Laws and Principles, if we do not practice those Principles of harmony with others, those Principles that will take us to the Light:

  • How can we aspire for Great Activities?.

Do not pay attention to the side in you that will tell you that it is difficult, that others will not understand, that you do not have the time to do it, that people are worthless, that the world is rotten. All of these excuses and justifications are worthless, my friend, for they do not solve any problem for us; on the contrary, we must recognize them as temptations that strive to keep us down in the mud, and we must establish within us that purpose, to understand it.

  • What would you do if you suddenly found yourself without friends?
  • What would you do if your children go away?
  • If your spouse doesn’t want to speak to you?
  • If your parents would not want to see you?... You would be alone, alone!.

Between the human sicknesses, I guarantee you my friend, this is the worst one, to be totally alone. Do not believe that this cannot happen to you my friend. This is happening to millions of people who violate these two Principles daily. One day they loose a friend, the next another; then another, every time that they make a new friend, a new relationship, their bad temper, their lack of understanding causes the rejection of the rest... There are endless struggles with the spouse, no relationship with the children.

  • You are not this type of person, are you?...

Let’s suppose your life is very discordant. Right now you are receiving in your essence the 2 Principles: The one that states:


The Creator, our Common Father in His Great Kindness is giving us the 9th and 10th Principles so that we can go to our Liberation, get out of slavery, of our agitated emotions, the bad mood and bad treatment to others... And don’t forget that the Law of Cause and Effect is just and infallible... All the good and bad that you do to yourself and others will come back to you multiplied amply, sooner or later, sooner or later.

The good or bad treatment you inflict to others and yourself will also come back to you amply, sooner or later... So be judicious, be prudent!... Prepare yourself!... Be patient with yourself and set up a part of your day to build harmonious relations with others... To correct your defective relations, to ask forgiveness for all offenses and harm inflicted on others in the past... Forgive yourself for your ignorance and your lack of will in dominating the selfish beast that separates you from others. Put your Good Will up.

Your Good Will!... Practice the exercises; you will be a man, a worthy man of your Creator... You will be able to free yourself from the slavery and the phantom of selfishness... So one day, not far away, you will “Anchor” into your Life Plan that which God has prepared for you, that which only you can do and that life and the universe need in an imperative way to be able to fulfill the Great Plan of Creation... Load yourself up with strength and courage!... Decide to do it!... Decide!... And remember that we have walked this path ourselves... You can!... You are a man!... You can. You will be the Light of your world... The Light in your society... The Light among your friends... The Harmony in your family and the Blessing for all those who are with you.

May God Bless You, Keep you and Illuminate you.

And Thank You!.