Hello, my friend. Hello fellow man. Hello brother... Fellow man, for sure, you are my fellow man, and I am your fellow man... Why fellow man?... Fellow man comes from “next” and next are the people that is next to you. Your spouse, your children, your father, your mother, your brothers, your family, your friends, your work mates, the baker, the carpenter, the bus driver, all of the people that you find throughout your life are your fellow men because they are next to you.

A man cannot be an island; a man cannot be isolated, my friend, he cannot live alone... Can you live alone?... Very few people can live by themselves; we need the one next to us, we need our fellow men, and as I will assume that you still have many years yet to live then you will find along your life many fellow men .

  • How to live with our fellow man? How to treat our fellow man?.

This becomes one of the most important points for the well being of a person. A man that does not get along with his fellow man is an unfortunate man. A man who lives in Peace and Harmony among all the people that he knows, with whoever comes across, is a powerful man, a calm person, is a man that can act and is a Free Man.

The 9th and the 10th Principles are the two Principles... one masculine and the other feminine, one positive and the other negative. They have been provided by our superior masters, the Creator of the Cosmos, for you to arrive to that harmony with your fellow man. These are the ninth and tenth Principles for your liberation and they state as follows: “IF YOU HARM YOUR FELLOW MAN YOU WILL CHAIN YOURSELF”, “IF YOU HARM YOUR FELLOW MAN YOU WILL CHAIN YOURSELF”. That is the first part of this principle, the ninth... Well, you will say, but I do not want to harm anybody, of course you don’t, nobody wants to consciously harm anybody. Consciously, being awake and alert, we cannot harm anyone, we don’t harm anybody, but unconsciously we can harm many people.

  • “If you harm your fellow man you chain yourself”... Why it is like that?.

Because of a Sacred and Holy Law. One of the Laws that structure our universe and states that: “All causes have their effects, “All causes have their effects”, “Everything that you do to your fellow man, good or bad , will come back to you multiplied amply”. If you did it, well, this will return to you by the Law of Cause and Effect; if you did harm, if you did damage , it will come back to you multiplied... Isn't it truth that this happened to you in the past?... This is the Law of Cause and Effect, which brings to the light this Principle for the relationships between men.


You must be alert to that part inside you, that selfish part... That selfish part, which wants everything for itself; you must be alert to that part inside you . You have to discover it. There is a selfish entity within us that has needs, fears, and worries. It wants everything for itself, and when this part governs us, it brings us to harm others.

My friend: Life is One. Your life, what you are and what others are is the same thing. What you do to the fellow men, you are doing it to yourself. This is the secret key, We are All One. If we keep our attention on our physical senses, we may say that John is John and I am myself, but we rarely are conscious that the life in John is the same life that is in me, and that the only real thing of all of this are not the bodies, it is the Life. Make your conclusions.


There is a side of you that you do not control, in fact it controls you; your left side. That is a selfish side that only thinks about its evolution, only of its comfort and well-being. It is implacable and in order to achieve all its purposes, it acts selfishly and does not care if it harms others. It is a part of us that will do whatever it feels like doing, more than that, this part is so blind that it doesn’t see others... This part of us does not consider the existence of others... They do not exist. They do not exist...

Then, we will start working to realize how we can bring this part of us under control because is the one that makes us harm others, without our healthy part wanting it, without our healthy part wanting to harm anybody. You, others or me don’t want consciously to harm anybody.

  • Then, why that kind of relationship between men today?
  • Why do you have all those problems with others?... Why?

Let’s do it, let's get to work. Open a notebook and title it: “My strategy to accomplish harmony with my fellow man”... Write down the names of your father, your mother, your brothers, your spouse, your children, your family, your friends and your work mates... Write down the names of all the people that you see with some frequency. Each person on one page, then ask yourself this question:

  • Am I harming this person in any way?... Am I harming him in something?
  • Is it possible that consciously or unconsciously I am doing something to harm him?
  • Do I have good thoughts about this person?. Do I have good thoughts about my spouse?
  • Is my attitude towards them the right one?...

Once you have made an analysis from these questions, after being objective, impartial, and sincere with yourself, you will start to realize about the behavior of the selfish side... Of the side that does not respect the Law, of the part within you that harm others.

Then... the second step is: Go to each of these people, all the people who you treat with, and ask them sincerely and openly, if you are harming them in any way and ask them to be sincere with you. They will tell you many things about the side of you that you do not control.

Then... the third step of this plan is to sit and talk with each of these people and tell them about your sincere wish to live in peace and harmony with them, and see which are those differences... Be sure to tell them that you do not want to harm them in any way, and that you have understood there is a side in us, the humans, a selfish side that is accustomed to harm without our conscious side being able to do anything about it. We see this everywhere, my friend, everyday a side in us hurt, and the right side says: I apologize brother. Forgive me; I didn’t want to do that... How many times did it happen to you?.

This is permanently happening. We are permanently hurting the fellow man; we are hurting them because we don't have this force under our control. These exercises will allow you to discover how this part operates. You must observe yourself; you must always be awake and alert; you must realize how this selfish side operates.

Then, ask yourself the fourth question:

  • What is what I want to accomplish to harm somebody?
  • Are my goals, or what I am working for today, or what I want, going to harm somebody?.

Write down your goals, write down your goals, see if they harm anyone, see if they harm anyone , ask yourself these questions over and over, and don't forget, if you do something that could harm another, it will chain you... What is the meaning of it will chain you?... This means the harm you did will come back to you multiplied by hundred and the Law of Cause and Effect not always act immediately. Today I can harm you, but it is possible that the punishment, the same harm that I should get back by Law might not come back to me but for twenty years. And during those twenty years my friend, my relationship with you, consciously or unconsciously, will not be fine.

I will not be in peace, neither you will be in peace; our hearts will be filled with hate, vengeance, jealousy, and each time that our magnetic atmospheres, visually or internally, come into contact, we will feel a tremendous shock that brings pain and suffering until this matter is resolved.

Fifth point, after you have made your analysis, you will most probably realize how much you have been harming others... You will realize that you have hurt others in thousands of ways, as well as others have done the same to you. The only way to start to solve this situation is to apply the fifth point, which is: “Forgive others for all the harm that have done to you”... You have to forgive them because you have understood that they did not want to harm you, that they have a side, the selfish side within them, the involuting part that they do not have under control, and this is the one that caused all the harm; that’s why you must forgive all of them.

Then you must go to each one you included in your analysis and which you have harmed, and you must ask them to forgive you. You have to ask them to forgive you, yes, I know this is difficult, but you must learn to do it because when you ask for forgiveness, when you recognize you’re guilty, even if it was not conscious, it start to melt the chains that keep you tied up waiting for the punishment of your past mistakes.

Then, you must ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself, you must honestly and sincerely forgive yourself for the errors you made in the past. If you have decided to do all of these things and have decided to dominate the selfish side in you, the side that harms others, the violent part in you, the inconsiderate side, then you can forgive your own mistakes and the harm that you have done in the past, and erase them from your mind.

Then you have to ask the Cosmos for forgiveness, forgiveness from the Law; you must ask your Creator for forgiveness; to your Superior Masters and to your spirit for having put them in troubles because when you did not control your selfish side, you have put into involution the cosmic forces in yourself; you obscured the Light, and you are guilty of creating a world full of violence, a world full of hatred, and a world full of harms. You may have understood that you are guilty of the filth of our world and of the lack of good relationships between men.

These are the main points that if you achieve them, and I hope you do, will start to melt the chains that keep you tied up to darkness and don't allow you to reach your liberation as an individual, neither to reach the Light... Let’s analyze this. On one side we harm others without to realize, sometimes we do realize, but that very rarely happens.

The side in us that hurts others is a blind side , it is the part that does not love the fellow man because it doesn’t even see him, it is a side that only thinks of itself and is not under your Control. This side called selfishness has been the cause of all the harm you have caused to society, to the world, to the fellow man and yourself in the past... It is a part that keeps you apart from others; it is a part that consumes your vital forces, that consumes the energetic capital that your Creator has provided you with for the realization of your Plan of Life.

The strategy is the 5 points mentioned above... The part within us that we don’t control, the involuting force that harm the fellow man... But all of this work is difficult; we know it is difficult my friend. We went through it... In the past we were slaves of our selfishness; we caused harm to others; we hurt and disturbed others for our own benefit.

One day, the Light was brought to us through other people who have achieved to dominate the selfishness in them, and we started to work. We came across difficulties, and you most probably will find them too, that is why the advices we are giving you will help you a lot towards your liberation and the application of t he 9th Principle: Of not harming others because we chain ourselves.

Now then, I repeat, I know it is difficult to carry through with what we are advising you; even so, think for a moment… Do you imagine a man who does not have any type of problems with anybody, that doesn’t harm absolutely to anyone and is a guy loved by everybody, a harmonized and balanced man?... This does not mean that he has to sacrifice his life to the benefit of others, oh no!... This would be asking you too much, right?.

It simply means being in the correct relationship with others, being in balance, and you must be patient with yourself because this is reached step by step. Don't think that you will accomplish this overnight, don't think you'll become the champion of altruism, jumping from one extreme to the other. Start with one person at a time... Yes, very well.

Now lets go at the most important part of the selfishness... To harm others will chain you, but when you harm yourself, it will chain you even greater, between others is your body. That part, that selfish part, when it is identified with the body, will do many things in its favor but harming the emotions, the mind and the spirit... Sometimes this selfish force identifies itself with our emotions, with our desires, hurting the body, the mind, and spirit. At other times, this selfish part operates in our mind against our emotions and our body. It is an energy, a tremendous force with the goal of keeping us in the mud.

And you must analyze this: Analyze yourself! Analyze yourself!

  • How does the selfishness of the body harm my emotions and my mind?
  • How does the selfishness of the mind harm my emotions and my body?
  • And how do the exaggerated desire of my emotions harm my mind and my body?.

My friend: Selfishness, which is the principal cause of your antagonism with your fellow man and the clashes within yourself, causes involution to your spirit. Your spirit, after much suffering in the superior realms, has finally been able to incarnate. Don’t allow the selfishness, the involution, to carry your spirit to even lower realms, to even darker darkness... WAKE UP! WAKE UP!... My friend, here is your Liberation, the Liberation from pain and suffering; the Liberation of any opposing condition.

You will be master of yourself; you'll be master of your world. You will be an appreciated and recognized person because of good judgment, for your balance and good relations with others. You will see that your life will be a great deal easier because a person that is dominated by selfishness smells bad; nobody wants to be near him, while a person free of selfishness is the Light of his world.

You might say, well, everybody is selfish. Yes, of course, that is one of the biggest lessons that we learn in our incarnation in the school called Planet Earth. Perhaps it is the most important lesson, the desire of keeping ourselves as separate entities, being different from others, distinguishing one over others, instead of merging with others, instead of being one with others.

But you will not be able to be one with your spirit, with your Creator, with your mind, with your emotions, with your fellow man and with the world, unless you have fully dominated the beast within you… called SELFISHNESS, THE ONE THAT HAS YOU EATING POISON EVERY DAY, AND WHAT IS WORSE, POISONING OTHER PEOPLE, WORK MATES, SPOUSES; WE WILL BE JOINED WITH THEM FOR CENTURIES AND CENTURIES YET TO COME. SOMETIMES THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT OPERATES FROM ONE LIFETIME TO THE NEXT ONE.

  • Do you imagine this?. Do you imagine not being able to liberate oneself because I still owe something to someone?
  • For a harm I did 500 years earlier?.

This is popularly called Karma. In your hands is to put in practice the instructions and balance your selfishness, so you don’t harm anyone anymore. Be patient, and act.

May God Bless You!.