Difficulties, inconveniences, obstacles, problems, conflicts, contradictions, this is the bread of every day... This is our bread of every day... The bread for everyone who is thinking and working at doing something worthwhile with his life... For the person who doesn’t think to do anything, or is not doing anything, this is simply boring and weary...

My friend, I hope you are trying to make something of value out of your life; and if this is the case, then your daily walk is full of the inconveniences, of difficulties, obstacles, problems, conflicts and contradictions... And if it is this way, then it is extremely important for the fulfillment of your Plan of Life that you can learn to differentiate between one thing and the other.

Let's think for a moment,

  • What is an Inconvenience?... I’m doing something and it has emerged an Inconvenience.
  • What is a Difficulty?
  • What is an Obstacle?
  • What is a Problem?
  • What is a Conflict?
  • What is a Contradiction?.

The Inconveniences are small annoyances that come up along one's way. I’m traveling from one city to another, and I get a flat tire. This is not a problem or a difficulty, it is not an obstacle or a conflict, or a contradiction, not even a problem, it is just an inconvenience... Now, if I do not have a spare tire, it turns into an Obstacle... If I do not have the money to buy a spare tire, then it turns into a Problem, but never a contradiction or a conflict.

A Difficulty is when I'm doing something, and it becomes difficult to do it, or I don't know how to do it... An Obstacle is something that crosses on our way. That is an obstacle... A Problem is something to be solved; it is a situation.

You should start to consider the Difficulty, the Obstacle, the Inconvenience and the Problem as CHALLENGES TO YOUR CAPABILITIES. You must face them and consider them Challenges. They motivate you to act... If you are one of those people that are afraid of Problems, Difficulties, Inconveniences and/or Obstacles, then you must start to change your mental attitude towards them.

The Inconvenience, the Problem, the Obstacle, the Difficulty are Veiled Opportunities, hidden opportunities for you to develop more of the potential you have within you, and you must start to change your mental attitude towards them. You must eliminate your worries and fears, and you must understand that all of us, during our lives, consider annoying the Problems, the Obstacles, the Difficulties and Inconveniences, but in each of these situations there are a great possibility to develop more of the potential within us.

One of the best ways for you to achieve this is preparing 4 large drawing sheets.

  • On the first one label it: The Problem is a challenge to my capacity . The problems are a challenge to my capacity.
  • On the second one: The Difficulties are veiled opportunities to develop my potential.
  • On the third: The Inconvenience is a possibility to develop my capability to improvise, to be spontaneous.
  • On the forth: The Obstacle is a possibility to develop my capability of discernment, my capability to discern and act in a prompt manner.

Then, for 49 days, try as hard as you can of not running away from those situations but face them instead.

Now then, the Contradiction is something entirely different; we saw it in the fifth Principle. What we need to see now is: The Conflict, but first you have to learn to distinguish between what is an Inconvenience, an Obstacle, a Problem, a Difficulty, a Contradiction and a Conflict.

We normally are confusing them and treating them all in the same manner, reacting towards all of them in a similar way. This is a big mistake... To learn how to distinguish between them, let’s do the following exercise: Open up a notebook and ask yourself the following questions, write it down:

  • What are the Inconveniences I have now?... What are the ones I have had in the past?... Write them all down! Make an effort to gather them from your memory and your actual situation... Second:
  • What are the Difficulties I have now?. Write them all down... What are the ones I have had in the past? And so on,
  • What are the Obstacles?,
  • What are the Problems?... And when you have all the answers, you analyze and meditate about the differences between the one and the other.

The Conflict is entirely a different matter. Yes... The Difficulty, the Obstacle, the Inconvenience and the Problem can be considered as Challenges that encourage you and move you to act...

If you are a person of Action... The Contradiction and the Conflict immobilize you in a closed circle , they not allow you to move forward. To be able to understand and know what to do when we are in a Conflict, we have to look closely at the 8th Sacred Principle for the Liberation of Man.

Our Common Father has provided for his creatures, who are on their way of Returning Home, the 12 Principles of Light, twelve Principles of Order and Harmony for the realization of their Life Plan, and all who carry out these Principles during their lives will have the open doors towards their Liberation.

The 8th Principle states the following:


I repeat: “You will make your conflicts disappear when you understand them to their last root and not when you want to solve them”... If you meditate on this Principle, you will immediately realize that throughout your life you have been trying to resolve your Conflicts, and this is one of the reasons that has enslaved you again and again, taking you to make endless mistakes. Let's analyze this Principle.

  • What do we mean about making disappear the Conflicts ?
  • What do we mean about not having to solve them?

A Conflict, my travel companion, has one cause, and unless you can arrive at the bottom of its cause, at the root of it, to the key point where it arose, this Conflict will remain, but if you are able to identify the root cause, it will simply disappear. A Conflict is a mental matter; it is an absolute mental situation. Let’s see... What a Conflict is?...

What is a Conflict to you?... Can you write down all the conflicts that you have at this time... Write them all down disregarding if you find it difficult to describe them fully... A Conflict is when you think one way about something, as much internal as external inside you, and the reality of what you think is different then there is a clash. Then there is a clash... For example, you can think that your wife must look after the children, prepare the meals, take care of the house, and be a sexual mate, let’s suppose it... But her behavior is different, for some reason she doesn’t accept to do this to it fullness or is not satisfied by doing it, and then there is a conflict.

  • What can be done in this case?... What to do in this case?

First, you must analyze it:

  • Why do I think my wife must do this or that?
  • Where do I get this way of thinking about this situation?
  • Is correct what I think about the behavior that my wife should have?
  • Is she right when she protests doing what I think she should be doing?
  • What is the truth about this?
  • What is the truth about the behavior of a spouse at home?.

Here we are arriving at a key point... The Conflicts cannot be solved unless we find the truth behind them. The Truth, the discerning what the Cosmos has provided for us in each situation, will carry us to the last root of the Conflict and it will disappear.

My friend, we live in a Cosmos of Order where there are: Laws, principles, standards of conduct, and guidelines for all situations in life. Exist a global truth, and this truth carries small truths for all occasions. He who does not investigate the truth for each conflict will simply continue going in circles over and over... You will tell your spouse that she has to do this and she says no, so you both clash , there is a conflict... One day you may accede, or maybe you don’t accede, you might react violently. Perhaps she accedes today but remains unhappy inside her , she feels hurt. She doesn’t like to do what you think she should be doing.

  • What can save me?...

If I can arrive at the Truth and to know what is the role of the woman in a home; the true function provided by the Cosmos and not by habits, not by what I have seen from my parents or for what society says... If my wife can adapt to this Truth and she may adapt when she recognizes that this is the way it is... And if I also change my way of thinking about the role of a wife in the home by adapting myself to the Cosmic Principle, then the Conflict will vanish.

You will see that normally we do other thing... We normally force and clash, we normally tray to solve it by imposing our opinion or our criteria on the other person. This is to try to solve it, but this way it is not solved... But if I see I have a conflict, and I can have conflicts at work, in my relationship with others, with my wife, with the world, with life... I could also have a conflict with myself, a side of me thinks in one way, sees things in one way, and the other side sees things in a completely different way; then, I have a conflict, a serious conflict within me that doesn’t involve anybody else.

If I try to impose the criteria of one side over the other, I would only make the Conflict worse, I would not be able to go forward because my right foot wants to step forward, but my left one does not. I am immobilized. I am in a tremendous conflict.

  • How do I solve the situation?... It is very simple: Start investigating the root of the Conflict...
  • How did this conflict arise?... Then, by looking for the Cosmic Truth about this type of situation...

This is clear, right my friend?... Very well! Let's continue writing down all the conflicts you may have at the present, and you probably have quite a few. All of your conflicts are based on what you have been taught in the past, and you by your own experience have come to the point of seeing things, situations, the world, life, the fellow man, your job, your wife, your children, by yourself. You have ideas about all of those things and other people or the world, life and work that do not adjust to your way of thinking... This way, there is Conflict.

  • What do you think about work?
  • What is a job?
  • What are your ideas about a job?
  • What are your ideas about your boss?
  • What are your ideas regarding your spouse?
  • What do you think about life?
  • What do you think about your fellow human beings?
  • About society?
  • About humanity?.

To each of these points you must start a page, write down all that you think about each one of them... Then ask yourself other question:

  • Is what I think about the fellow men in accordance with what I see?... Here you'll find evident conflicts... What to do?... Simply put, start to search, to investigate for the Truth.
  • According to the Cosmos, what is Life?... Write down these questions: Why do we live?, "What do we live for?
  • According to the Creator, according to The Law... What is the world?... Why and for what does it exist?.
  • According to The Law and the Truth... What should my behavior be toward my spouse?, My attitude towards my spouse?.
  • If I am bringing up the word “my attitude... What should it be my attitude about my children?... About my work?.
  • According to the Cosmos... How should I live with myself?...

As you can see, my friend, one must investigate and search for the TRUTH. The Truth is the Light that can vanquish all your conflicts, and a man without conflicts is a powerful man, a man of great strength because the essence of a conflict uses up all the energy within us; it saps all our capacity for action.

And our world is full of people who are involved in permanent conflicts and who cannot do a thing about it. You must realize this fact. A person in conflict is immobilized because a part of him wants to do something and the other wants to hold back . And since the forces are usually equal, he stays immobilized, or he goes to do something in the external world and is confronted by a tremendous force because he thinks about doing things in a certain way while the truth is different; he forces, fight and lose his strength, or he tries to solve the conflict and doesn’t find any results… As you can see, my friend, it is a hard and difficult work to investigate the truth about our way of thinking. That is the general rule of the 8th Principle.

  • How do I think about this or that thing?
  • What is my way of thinking about life?
  • What do I want out of life?.

Let us suppose that you want happiness, pleasure, well-being and riches from Life.

  • Is this what our Creator has provided for man?
  • Is this what makes sense out of this Life?

To give you another example, every person that thinks that life is to be happy, to earn money, and to have pleasure and enjoyment of it , is wrong and will face tremendous Conflicts.

I can tell you this right now, we live to experience Evolution. The Life in us must evolve, and he who starts to think about life as a possibility to evolve, will start to eliminate the conflicts between himself and life. Now, that Evolution includes being well, being happy, yes, it can include it, but it is not the sense of life. The Sense out of Life is not that.

Also the one who thinks that life is to be married, to have children, to have an occupation, or go to the movies, he also will have great problems. Conflict will be permanently in his life... While he who thinks of life in terms of Evolution and in terms of starting to be more perfect each day, just as our Creator has conceived and sees us, for this man, his conflicts about Life will vanish... This is the word, mental attitude indicates relationship and a correct relationship with every department of Life eliminates all Conflicts, and in order to have a correct relationship we need to know the Truth about every point in Life.

Read (or listen) this part of the message and do the exercises for 49 days. Struggle companion, I must give you a warning since now: Unless you ask our Common Creator to do the Light on your mind and heart, all of your efforts will be futile and in vain. Ask your Creator, to the Spark of Light, to the spark of understanding within you to do the Light on the darkness of your mind, your body and your heart... Ask this everyday for 49 days and work at it... Do it...

In the second part we will look at more details about the 8th Principle. Remember this: You will make your conflicts disappear when you understand them to their last root and not when you want to solve them... I repeat: You will make your conflicts disappear when you can understand them to their last root and not when you want to solve them. [Top]

Take action!.




Mental attitude. Relationship... The Mental Attitude is our way of thinking about something, and this way of thinking brings us to a relationship with this something. Open up a notebook and divide it into 7 principal parts.

- Write down in the first:

  • What is my Mental Attitude?... What is my way of thinking about life?... Then,
  • What is the Truth about life?.

- In the next part:

  • What is my way of thinking about the World?
  • What is the Truth about the World?.

- In the third:

  • What is my way of thinking about the Fellow Man?... Here you will write the names of the people with whom you are more related.
  • What is the Truth about this person, the next and the other?.

- Fourth:

  • What is my way of thinking about my spouse?
  • Deep inside, what is the Truth about her?... And don't forget that the Truth is what the Cosmos has provided.

- Fifth:

  • What is the Truth about my children, and about children in general?
  • What is my way of thinking about children?
  • Is the Truth about children the same as my thinking about them?... If it is not, here you may have a great conflict.

- Sixth part:

  • What is my way of thinking about society? y
  • What is the Truth paper about society?.

- Last part:

  • What is my way of thinking about myself and my activities?
  • What is the Truth about myself and about what I have to do?.

The analysis on these 7 points will bring you to know a lot about yourself and possibly, after many investigations, it will bring you to know the Cosmic Truth about each of these parts; and then, while you are discovering the Truth, you will have to change your relationship regarding all those things.

What is a Relationship?... A relationship is the way in which we get close to something. A person that is afraid of life, how can he relate to it?... If a person underestimates the fellow men, how can he relate to them?, Right?...

Very well, write down the word Relationship and ask yourself the following question in each of the parts of your notebook:

  • What is my relationship with life?... Is it correct?... How it should be?
  • What is my relationship with the fellow men?
  • What is my relationship with my spouse?
  • What is my relationship with my children?... How do I relate to them?... How do I get close to them?, and How should it be?...

Yes, my friend, we need the Truth, the absolute Truth... Remember it... All our Conflicts come from the fact that during our childhood, during our growing years, our mind were filled with information about all and everything, and unfortunately, that information is not related to the Cosmic Truth... We must compare them; we must analyze the difference between our way of thinking and the Cosmic Truth. Here lies the root to all of our conflicts.

Don’t try to solve them, they will disappear the moment you understand them, but as you may see it is necessary Light. You need the Light from your Creator. You need the Light of the Law. You need the Light of Truth, and it lies within the deepest part of yourself... If you are prudent, and you can be impartial, if you feel you can do this work as if you were someone else, and if you are able to go deeply within with your meditations and reflections about each point, and if you are humble enough to ask for the Light, in all probability the Truth will come to your mind, and you will be able to vanquish your Conflicts as you understand them and comprehend them... To understand and comprehend something is to see its Light; it is to see it in its last Truth.

In principle, I count on you doing all that we are recommending you to do, those are things that we have done ourselves in the past, and they came to us from others who themselves did them in the past, and others, and others, and others... Since the man is man, these Principles have brought to all men who are enslaved by their conflicts towards the Liberation of themselves, of the circumstances and the world, and they brought them to their plenitude .

In principle, I count on you doing all what have been advised , I consider that you are a man of good will, intelligent, and for this reason I am going to give you the key to Conscious Thinking, that is, how to penetrate to the deepest about something... How to deepen to the maximum about something.

Open up your notebook and take a careful note of the following. During a period of 3 months, I repeat 3 months, yes, 120 days maximum and 90 days minimum , once a day... Take each day something different: It could be an object, other day a problem, the next a person, then a situation, the next an inconvenience, and then a conflict, and think about them thoroughly in the following manner:

  • Point 1: Its origin.
  • Point 2: The cause of its origin.
  • Point 3: Its history.
  • Point 4: Its qualities and attributes.
  • Point 5: Objects, situations, conditions, and people related or connected.
  • Point 6: Its use and application.
  • Point 7: Effects and results.
  • Point 8: What it explains and proves.
  • Point 9: Its possible future.
  • Point 10: Your opinion regarding its possible future, the cause and motives for this opinion.

My friend: These are the 10 points of reflection that you will apply once per day. Once do an object, other day a conflict, the next a situation, then a problem, and then consider a person... The 10 points will bring you to a deep penetration into your mind and connect you with the Light about this object, conflict, situation and problem...

Let's take an example: Let’s take any object, a table lamp. We start with our conscious thinking: Point 1:

  • What is the origin of the lamp?, Then,
  • What is the cause for the origin of the lamp?
  • What is the history of the lamp?
  • What are the qualities and attributes of the lamp?
  • What are the objects connected or related to the lamp?
  • What is its use and application?
  • What are the effects and results from the use of the lamp?
  • What does the use of the lamp prove and explain?
  • What is the possible future of the lamp?
  • And what is your opinion and the cause of your opinion about the future of the lamp?.

As you can see my friend, if you can do this exercise on a daily manner… once about a lamp, the other about a problem, then an inconvenience, a conflict, and a situation... Another example: A war...

  • What is the origin of war?
  • What is the cause of its origin?... And so forth.

First, when you complete your analysis, you will have practiced attention, concentration and meditation, and you will be strengthening your mind.

Second, You will arrive to a profundity of such magnitude that thousands and thousands of data in your mind, and even further from your mind, will come to answer to your question .

Fifth point, you will get to know so much about a situation or an object, and you will enter into the creative field. The most important of all is that you will have the Light in your mind and heart. You will understand, comprehend, and see the root of all things, the reason for all things without possibility of error.

As you can see, my friend, we are placing in your hands a key, an arm, which on purpose is made to be difficult... This work is not made for failures... This work is not made for indolent people... This work is not for people who don’t want to do things and prefer a magic wand... This is for all of those people who are already tired of being slaves. This is for people who have been doing efforts day and night, again and again, but in the wrong direction and now because of their efforts and because of the efforts they will have to continue doing, they will be granted with the pass from slavery to Liberation.

Then... between 90 and 120 days, once you will think consciously, following the 10 points about a tangible object and other times about something intangible, you can think consciously about an illness, an economic problem, a relationship with your children, with the world, about all objects and things.

It is difficult, but the key lies there!... For if it were easy, the answer would come forth to your mind instantly, and your mind would not develop all of its potential and faculties. A mind that is not developed is blind and will yield wrong conclusions; this way, it will have more conflicts.

Let’s enlarge the 8 th Principle:

“You will make disappear your conflicts if you consciously think about them, according to the 10 point table, until you understand them to their last root and not when you want to solve them”

Let's repeat the new way of this Principle, which is a way that has evolved: “You will make your conflicts disappear if you think consciously about them, according to the 10 step table, until you understand them to their last root and not when you want to solve them”... This is the 5th step.

The 6th step my friend is as follows: In the Cosmos where we live, everything has a price, and I am not referring to the cost of this message, I refer to the effort you must make to arrive at the last Truth and the Light, which will be the cause for your Liberation from slavery... In addition to all the work that needs to be done to vanquish your conflicts...

The last point, the one that will give you the Total Liberation is: When you understand and decide to help other people to solve their conflicts. This only means that you have awakened to the fact that life is worthless, even as a free man without conflicts, if around you continue to be many people, especially those closest to you, who are engulfed in their conflicts, and you have the Key for their Liberation... It is illogical, right?... I know that your common sense will bring you to the conclusion that if you have benefited from something, if you have received the Light, then you have to pass it on to other people.

So pick 7 men or women - those closest to you, those who live in your small world and search for ways to transmit to them the 8th Principle so they can meditate and reflect about it... Give them the exercises that you have done yourself and help them to complete them, until they can, as well, arrive at the Light... You will then be the sun of your world, of your small world. They, as well, will do it with others, and the small worlds will begin to shine, one after the other, like rooms that were in the dark will seem to light up. And the chain will extend from one place to another, and we will be able to aspire to a better world someday.

This, my friend, is the Legacy of Conscious and Awakened Men through all ages and all epochs... Today it is arriving at your hands; it depends on you what you do with it... You must be on guard... You must be alert... What to?... You might say... Well, to the part within us, the lazy part, the inert part, the lazy part, especially the part that lives in our mind and runs away from any type of mental effort.

I will give you a hint. Remember when you were in high school?... Remember when you had to solve those algebra problems and had to make an effort, then something came up and made you close the book to do something else?... How many times in the past have you been in front of situations, and this something came up in your mind each time you had a little difficulty and has made you to abandon your work and your effort?.

My friend, we have gone through this, and we know the dangers in what a man can fail and when he can get liberated... What would it be your attitude regarding that side of your mind, that involutive side, that lazy and negligent side that does not want to make any effort and wants to keep you in slavery and in the mud?... You know very well that it will come up; perhaps it has already shown itself while you were reading (or listening) this message...

  • What is your attitude towards this part of your mind?
  • What will be your behavior from now on?
  • Will you let it mine your life?
  • Will you let it fill your life with remorse, frustrations and deceptions?...

You will not, right?... Make up your mind now!... Arm yourself with courage! Arm yourself with courage! Arm yourself with our conscience... We traveled this road before you and decide!... Because at the moment of the effort, at the moment of the mental determination is when it will come up, and be careful, because it will come up in thousand ways. You have to learn to look under thousands aspects; it could come out. You can start to do your meditation and suddenly… You are going to think consciously and suddenly you feel that your body is tired. This is the behavior of this involutive side. Maybe it will make you feel hungry, maybe it will prompt you to take care of any other thing... It will weaken you in any way. You must see how the involutive force acts in your case , that side that is in our mind.

Then arm yourself with courage, decide, be alert and awake. Prepare little notes, put them on your desk, close to the place where you will be thinking consciously about your conflicts and be alert. You must recognize by observing yourself until you know how this force works on you, this force that will do everything possible so you will not get to the Light, so that you will not go deep until arrive to the Truth, to the Light and to your Creator Essence.

This is why we alert you... Our enemy is not the world, it is not the Cosmos, it is not the fellow men, it is not society, it is not the woman, or the children, or partners, or the traffic, it is not the high cost of living, none of these is our enemy... Our greatest enemy is inside of us. It is that part that tends to involution... That tends to push us backwards like the crabs, that has the habit of putting us into problems... That has the habit of making us spend more than necessary, that has the habit of blanking out our memory, of confusing our goals, of misleading our purposes, of wasting our more beautiful objectives. It acts inside and outside of us.

Most of the time, it controls us and we are slaves in its hands... It is our own self, this part in us says: “I” ...when it has the command, when it has the dominion … And makes us put our attention in all the problems of the external world; meanwhile, it eats, sleeps, does with us whatever it wants and is the root of the conflict.

The involutive part is the creator of the conflicts in our minds; it is the one that pulls us apart from the others, is the part that makes us be selfish, liars, lazy and hypocritical, makes us be vain, afraid and anguish... You must discover and recognize this part within you. You cannot destroy it, because it is also the strength that permits you to act... It is the strength that will carry you to your Liberation, but it will not be at your service unless you learn to live with it, to live together with it, keeping it under your control and being in agreement with it.

You are both!... The part that wants to evolve and the part that wants involution. One part is in the Light and the other in Darkness, and both have to get together, get married and give birth, not a child, but YOUR PLAN OF LIFE... The Plan that waits for you in the deepest part of your spirit... The “Plan” The Creator has for you... Your Plan of Life, something that nobody else but you can achieve, but you will not reach it unless you have harmony between your involutive and evolutive parts, unless you are your own master.

We suggest that you read (or listen) the other 11 messages ; they are closely related to this message.

We ask our Common Creator to give you the valor and courage to initiate this activity, that he give you Light, protect you and bless you always if your heart is pure and open.

Thank you!.