Good morning colleague. Good morning integral part of humanity . Good morning, slave companion.

Maybe it surprises you that I am calling you this way, my slave companion. You should not be surprised at all, because you know well we are not free people, we are in chains. We are enslaved, and unless WE AWAKEN and realize what enslaves us, we will probably end our lives in heavy chains; or even worse, our children will be slaves as well, because they will have been raised by slave parents.

Now well... What is it that enslaves us?... What is it that enslaves us?.

Well, there are so many things that naming them would be unending; but everything that enslaves us has a cause, a root. One of the causes is the violation of the seventh Principle, the Mater Principle that governs human actions... The violation of this Principle maintains helplessly enslaved to any individual who has not awakened to his vitality.

Your life is governed by Laws; the sun is governed by Laws, the stars are governed by Laws; everything in the Universe is governed by Laws of growth. We do not escape from that group, b ut these are Laws of Light, Laws of life that have only one result for the person who defends them, understands and cares for them: His Evolution and Final Liberation... The 7th Principle states the following: “IF YOU PURSUE A PURPOSE, YOU WILL BE CHAINED TO IT, BUT IF YOU WOULD DO EVERYTHING AS IF IT WERE A PURPOSE WITHING ITSELF, YOU WILL FREE YOURSELF”, I repeat... if you pursue a purpose, you will be chained to it, but if you would do everything as if it were a purpose in itself, you will be liberated.

My friend, let's analyze the first part of this Principle... Get yourself a paper and pencil and write down the first part of this Principle: “If you pursue a purpose, you will be chained”...I called you “companion of slavery” before for this same cause, because you are chasing purposes, a whole lot of purposes.

  • What are the purposes you are chasing?
  • What are the goals?
  • What are the objectives?
  • What are the purposes you are after?...

You must meditate and reflect profoundly, and you have to sincerely and impartially write down all of your pursued goals, all the ends that you are pursuing. These ends are your masters. It is not important in this moment if all of these ends seem justified or not to you, correct or not, true or not, that is not important... For 49 days, every day, you must answer the question:

  • Which are the ends that I am after?

Socially, economically, family wise, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and culturally.

  • What are the ends that I am pursuing?

After this exercise, when after 49 days you can get to know which are the ends that you are pursuing, we will go to the second part of the analysis. Unconsciously, without I realize about this fact,

  • What are the ends I am pursuing?...

Because there are conscious purposes, goals that we ourselves have established; and there are subconscious purposes which were planted in our essence by our parents, by our environment, by friends and our teachers; ends that are inlaid very deeply into our essence and are the motor, the dynamo that makes us give birth day after day, without knowing for sure why we are doing this or that... All these ends are your masters; they do not leave you alone. They are the ideas in your mind, they are the desires in your emotions, and are the ones who make you to run and run and that in 99% of the cases are never accomplished.

Well, they cannot be accomplished because it was not really you who consciously defined them, based on your serious reasoning and meditation. They are not your goals or your ends. This is why you are enslaved this very instant, and since we are trying your Liberation, you will be able to see by yourself how important it is for you to do the two first parts of this analysis.

The third part of the analysis is the following question:

  • What are the causes?
  • What are the real reasons behind all those goals that you have written?

For each goal that you have seen you are pursuing, for each end that you are following, you have to ask yourself the question:

  • Why am I pursuing it?
  • What is the real reason that impulses me to go after this or that?...

You'll see there are many reasons, which in most cases are trivial and senseless... We can pursue an end because of vanity, we can do it for pride; we can do this or that for fear of criticism, for fear of failure, for fear of being hungry. There are thousands of reasons why we pursue an end.

So let's look at this first part, “If you pursue a purpose, you chain yourself”. You are chained, and I will not say to what because the purpose itself is your master and your boss. From the moment when any human being is consciously affixed to a goal, this goal takes possession of him; it starts to set aside everything in its way until its possible fulfillment... Because initially we start to work and our way towards reaching that which we aim for, but we find along the way many detours, many, many detours that take us to other goals, and after years have passed, we realize we are moving in a vicious circle.

If you pursue an end, you will be chained to it”. At this moment, my companion of slavery, you are pursuing many ends, and you have to uncover them, you have to find which are they... The conscious ends that supposedly you have set for yourself, and those that were planted in you since your tender infancy, since your earliest childhood, in your youthfulness, in your adolescence, in your maturity, through the means of communication and your life environment...

Then you must know the causes, the true reasons behind these ends... Unless you arrive at the real reasons, at the real cause behind this end, you will not be able to be liberated of what you already have in your mind... You will see that there are generic ends. Everybody works, looks for a house, marries, have children... Have you not been ever surprised on the fact that being us people so different from each other. Look, our common Creator made us with different combinations, there are no two people exactly the same over the face of the Earth... Has it ever called to your attention the fact that all of us pursue basically the same ends?.

We all want to succeed at work; we all want to be nice people; we all want to have money; we all want to be married to a wonderful girl or man; we all want to have children who are geniuses; we all want beautiful houses and cars... WE ARE MACHINES; WE ARE MACHINES. You must realize this fact. You must awaken to this reality.

You cannot tell my goals w hen you are after something that millions and millions of people are after... Whose goals would they be?... Is your goal the same that millions and millions of people pursue over the face of the earth?. No is not your goal, it is not your end. No, no, no, my friend. You are a unique creation by a Unique Creator, for a unique end that no other person can achieve but you.

But while you are submerged in lethargy, in a diffuse vitality, vegetating, believing that you are after your own evolution... You are being driven by ideas. Because are ideas who drive us... You are being driven like sheep, whose herder fattens again and again with the purpose to shear them, and when they do not produce enough, he simply sells them for meat... This is a reality, an “ugly reality”, but you must become aware of it.

In your small world there are other people, family, friends, acquaintances, workmates. Do the following analysis: Select 20 of them and start to ask every one what their goals are in their social, economic, family, educational and work areas, ask them. Be honest and sincere and you will see that they are all pursuing the same things... How is it possible that if each mind is a world, yet millions and millions of people are after the same ends?... And of course, they are slaves of these ends; they are slaves of these ends.

If you pursue an end you chain yourself”. Well, but you will tell me, but,

  • What are we then to do?
  • One cannot have goals, objectives, wishes?
  • Do we not have to try to get anything in life?
  • How is that one can live then?...

Yes, there are many ways, and our Common Creator has foreseen what there is to do , but first you must realize, you have to become aware of why you become a slave by pursuing an end.

Let's suppose that I set myself the purpose of building a house. I start to pursue that objective; t he house will turn into an image in my mind. That idea, the idea of the house, the idea of having my own home is an image in my mind and it takes possession of my mind, take possession of my strength and body. It will move everything inside my system. It will cause me to be blinded to multiple things around me and start to push, to push, to push.

Now well, in order to build the house, well, I need a lot, then I run and run and run for the lot, the lot, then the floor plan of the house ; and meanwhile, our life is passing us by. It is passing us by, my friend, we are not free people anymore; we are not living in the present anymore. The idea of building the house took possession of us and will blind us for many years to come, to everything that life and our spirit could bring to us...

We shut our eyes and ears to any other idea or anything else. The only important thing is to build the house. I must build my house and pursue and pursue the steel rods, the cement, then the decoration of the house, then the furniture of the house; meanwhile, my life is going away... Meanwhile, my children become almost unknown. Meanwhile the tremendous pressure of this end has taken possession of me. My organs are being destroyed because of the pressure of this end, my emotions turn into an Armageddon of conflicts and contradictions. My work only obeys to the economical end. All creativity is lost. It doesn't matter if the end is the house, a girl, a job, a career, anything. The important thing is that you can see, feel and realize by yourself why a pursued purpose becomes its master into a slave. You won’t be able to be liberated.

Then, there are the ends that are not as conscious as the construction of a house, the promotion in a job, no, no, no. There are ends subtler, more hidden... Like being accepted by others. This is something that is very deep in the emotions and mind of a man. A man will do thousands and thousands of things just with the purpose of being accepted by others, just so that the others will say that he is 'cool'.

There are ends that are still even subtler than that… We fear loneliness, maybe in the deepest of our heart, and we start to pursue many ends without to realize.

I will give you the guidelines of the general causes that move the slave, the machine... Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of old age, fear of death, fear of loosing health, fear of loosing freedom, fear of loosing love and fear of criticism... The great majority of these fears lie in the deepest part of your essence and they move you. You must definitely know what the fears are, and what they have obliged you to pursue.

  • Then, there are also many apparent needs that move the human machine.
  • The need to survive,
  • The physiological needs of eating, sleeping and making love.
  • The needs of security,
  • The needs of social acceptance, and
  • The needs of the ego...

Fears and our needs are in the deepest part of the mind and emotions, and today they are moving 95% of the people towards totally wrong ends... In other words... Let's suppose, an individual who is not afraid of criticism should pursue all the ends that will take a regular man that is afraid of criticism, right?... To do many things that he doesn’t want to do... You see, you must uncover all the goals that you are after of right now. In a conscious or sub-conscious way, you must know which are the real motives behind those ends. I already gave you the guideline of the fears and needs.

You must do this every day for 49 days... Until you fully know what moves you to do this or that... AND THAT WHAT MOVES YOU IS YOUR MASTER... The same way a driver moves a vehicle from one place to another, the vehicle is not aware of who is the one moving it . The vehicle is a server; it is a slave of its master... You as well, like me in the past, are being moved by the owners...


If you are a candidate for Liberation, if you are a candidate to stop being a machine, a slave, you have to start to work and work seriously... My friend of slavery, get to work seriously... You must establish the purpose to dedicate daily one hour, a full hour of meditation and of thinking and reflecting with all of your essence, with all your spirit, finding the causes and the masters. What are the fears and the needs behind your ends? Why they are your owners, your masters? And y ou have to unveil them so you see their faces to be able to aspire to this Liberation.

They would not give you your passport towards Liberation. They will not give you your license of free man unless you reach them... As long as you are not conscious of them, and until you come face to face with them, you will continue to follow ends, but... they’re not your ends, right?. They are their ends and you will remain being their slave.

Look around you, select 20, 30, 40, 50 people... All the ends you are pursuing today, supposedly other people have accomplish them. But they do not have the peace, the tranquility, the joy, the enjoyment, the plenitude, the satisfaction; they simply have completed, as good and magnificent laborers, the ends of those implacable masters that have pushed them without they realize throughout their entire lives.

Yes, my friend, start by accepting the idea and realize that you are a machine... For the next 49 days, you have to observe yourself inside and out, and you have to observe other people too. Investigate, question, and reflect until you realize and see with the most absolute clarity, until what point we are machines, until what point we are after ends that we have never had the purpose to follow and until what point we are slaves.

If you read this message over and over, following its instructions, it is probably that you will arrive. If you are determined to it, it is probable that you will arrive to where your masters are at this moment. They will start to respect you; they will start to realize that you are already a man that has awakened to Reality and to the Law of Life. The Laws of the Creator states that they are obliged to give you your passport, they are obliged to give you your passport for your Liberation. This is the way it is. We have lived through this before you, so put your hands to it! Work at it!. [Top]




Very well, my slave companion, I hope that you will work with the first part of the program; and if you arrive at the completion of the exercises included, you will find a tremendous situation.

First, you will realize the condition of your slavery, you will realize that you are a machine; you will realize that you do not have free will; you will notice that you have been manipulated throughout your life; you will become aware of the futility of all your pursuits and you will realize of the futility of all your goals and ends you had set yourself to follow... However, my friend, don't be disappointed, you will experience emptiness because all those things that occupied your mind will get out. All the ideas that caused you to run and run and run will loose their value and effect on you.

But dare to do it, do not be discouraged; you will experience a psychological death because this is the death that implies to renounce to all the false ideals, the false goals, and you need a teaching, the teaching of a Free Man... Very well, starting by the fact that you are going to do it, that you are a judicious and prudent man, we will continue with our plan.

There is only one goal, all the rest are false, I will emphasize this. The goal states the following: Everything that leads you to your Evolution, towards your Plan of Life, is Real. This goal is not apart from you. Nobody is going to inform you of it because nobody else knows it , only you starting to work seriously and making contact with your own spiri t, with the Creative Spark that our common Father planted in you, when you arrive at this point, you will know what your purpose is in this Life.

  • Who are you?
  • Why and for what reason are you here?
  • Why are you the way you are?
  • What is it that you have to do?
  • How do you have to do it?
  • And what means do you need to do it?...

Until this point arrives, you will remain in the dark. You will not be able to use the help of the majority of the slave men , but you will not yet have your own Plan of Life, so we are warning you... However, those of us that have preceded you along this way, guarantee that if you follow the Cosmic Laws, if you carry through with the 12 Principles of the Evolution and the Liberation, and if you are willing to pay the price for your liberation, you will arrive to this goal!.

The decision is in your hands or you follow the example of the man, who after being in jail for many years, was freed, but he kept standing at the jail’s door because he didn't know what to do or where to go. It was easier for him to continue living the slave life than to choose the life of a free man, because he didn’t know what to do with his Freedom... You can follow this example and go back to continue living in your own jail, pursuing useless ends. Or you can decide to try to break out and then come out fully equipped to make use of your liberation and your freedom towards the ends for which you were created.


If you would do everything as a purpose in itself, you would be free.

What is the meaning of this?... Let’s use again the example of the house. Let's assume that it is a real goal, that it is a goal of your spirit and something you must do, all right! A man who is on his way to liberation will not permit the total and general idea of the house taking entire possession of him until he’s blind, no, absolutely not. Fine, he has made the decision to build a house, he has this image but he is Awake. He is Awake and knows that the house is for his service, not for him to serve the house... Meditate on this, that the house is going to serve him, that the house is to serve his life purpose and not for him to become a slave of its construction...

This is clear, right?... Then, if he has to start first by buying the lot, he will turn the lot into an end in itself. He forgets the house and thinks about the lot, as if getting the best lot is the most important thing he can do, an individual action, then the rest of the phases . He will put his effort in each step. He will be alert to do his best, the best way, at every step.

Let's use another example that is all around: Let’s suppose I am a farmer who has decided to plant 500 mango trees, it doesn’t matter what the purpose is for, OK. If I am an awaken man, if I am a conscious man, the first thing I would keep reminding myself is that the 500 trees are to serve my Life Purpose. Ah, then I place the whole of my attention on plowing the land. The most important thing is the action itself. I will live today, getting the maximum enjoyment and satisfaction of this day by placing all of my effort to plow the land the best possible way ; this is my Evolution.

My Evolution is not based on getting the fruit out of the 500 trees. My Evolution is that today I am alive; I am awake. Today I go to the land, and today I will put all of my effort to do my work the best that I can. If I plow the land the best possible way, this is where my evolution today was centered.

Then, I ask myself the following question: What is the best way to plow the land?, I come out with 1, 2 or 3, 4 or 5 ways... I ask myself a second question: Is this the best way to plow the land?, Is there any other better way or more perfect way to do it?, And so forth.

As you can see, candidate for Liberation, the mango trees are very far away, and the fruit of the mango trees are very, very far away... The most important thing is that I can plow the land in the best way I can, the most perfect way. The more perfectly I do this, the more I contribute to my “Life Plan and my Total Evolution”. So, the 500 trees and the fruit they can provide are only the instrument; they are the play dough that I use to Evolve myself and fulfill my Plan of Goal. Let's see if it is clear now...

If you would do everything as if it was an end in itself and not a mean to obtain an end, you will free yourself!

Now, what happen if in the same example, the individual only cares for the fruit of the 500 mango trees, well, his whole satisfaction, all is based in harvesting so many pounds of mango by such and such time... To plow the land is only a means. To water it is only a means. H e is only after an end; he only wants the fruit of the 500 mango trees. While you, candidate for Liberation, you must start to think differently. You know well that if you plow the land perfectly and you experience all the satisfaction and evolution of doing it, if you later try to water the soil in the most perfect way and so forth, the 500 plants will grow and give the fruit, but this will come by addition.

This will come as a natural and logical result of the perfection that you placed into every step along the way, each step being simply the instrument by which you experience evolution day after day, and your satisfaction. This way, your evolution will not depend on a future fact, on someday that the trees can give their fruit but today, right now. It is with each step.

Let’s look at another example: In this moment I am transmitting to you a message. In this moment I’m not thinking at all of the purpose of the transmittal of that message. I do not think that you can receive it, and carry it through in the future, my evolution does not depend on your carrying it through, my evolution is based on that in this moment I am using this means to apply the best of myself, to do the effort to evolve, trying to do it the best way I can, the best possible way. And if at the end of my message I achieved it, then each little step of the big end, which is that you carry through with this message, became an end in itself. When I finish this message, I simply will turn off the computer and will have accomplished the end. The end has been that in the best way possible, the most perfect way, I could transmit this message to you.

In the same manner, if you don't listen to this message with the purpose of being liberated, if you don’t put all your effort in understanding to the utmost and perfection everything in it, you will benefit today! You will have taken a step, a very important and fundamental step, which is the understanding of the message.

Then, if you do the first exercise and turn it into an end in itself, that is to uncover the ends that you are after and the cause and motives for these ends. If you place all of your effort in doing this work in the most perfect manner, you will be evolving step by step and you will not be a slave of an end based in a future, but one that exist right now while you open a notebook and ask yourself:

  • What are the ends that I am after?.

There it is. If you try to do the task in the best and perfect way, if you place all your attention in the present on this same fact, when you finish the analysis… You will have your results and this step would be an end in itself, which will logically take you, because you did it good, to the next step that is also another end in itself and this way you'll never get lost... And the general, global end that is your liberation will come by addition, because WHILE A PERSON IS EXPERCTANT AND DEPENDS ON A RESULT TO BE GOTTEN IN THE FUTURE, HE OPENS THE DOOR TO ALL KIND OF DEMONS, THE DEMONS OF DOUBT.

  • Will it come out?
  • Will it not come out?
  • Will I get it?
  • Will I not get it?
  • And if I don’t get it?
  • And if I don’t get it?...

Then start the doubt, fear and insecurity to take possession of you and will keep you on the floor. You know this is how it is! We know this is how it is!.

Let’s see another example: Let’s suppose I register at the university to be a physician. A slave man would do it because his parents made this decision for him, maybe because it is fashionable to be a doctor, a good profession to earn money, or any other reason, yes. The only thing this individual is dependant on is in getting his degree. He goes to the university for 7 years and, during those 7 years, doesn’t even see one good day because his fear, doubts, and insecurity:

  • Will he make it or not?
  • Will he pass or not?
  • Is he going to be a successful doctor or not?...

He will live in hell every day until he gets his degree. The most probable is that he arrives dead with his diploma because the effort will have been gigantic , because accomplishing something with all the struggle, disturbances and pressures is terrible... While if he were a candidate for liberation, an individual like you, he would simply get into the university OK., very well... Today he attends his classes, and in the moment the professor is talking, in that moment he focus all his attention. The only thing important to him is the lesson of right now and then the task of today. Each task is an end in itself! In each one he experiences his evolution, and if he reaches the 4th year, let's assume he does, a thing that is impossible, right?. But let’s suppose he doesn’t get there, and he only reached the 4 th year. He has evolved enormously in these 4 years because he placed all his serious effort in it, he made of each step an end in itself; and with t his, I think it is clear, right?.

Very well, with this tool in your hands, with this knowledge that I just passed on to you and I received from others and so forth, the masters of humanity, throughout thousands of years, have been passing on this message to each slave, candidate for Liberation.

I think that if you read (or listen) to it, and to read (or listen) at it becomes an end in itself for you, you will perfectly understand the essence of this message, and you will be able to use the explanation I gave you of this Principle to the service of certain goals that you have going on today... What does that mean?... Let’s suppose that in your analysis you can eliminate a whole lot of ends that you have been pursuing, all fictitious, right? But there are others that you cannot eliminate because you are in the middle of their execution; you are involved in them. Take note of these and organize them in steps. Distribute each goal in their logical steps and convert that big goal into many smaller steps for each hour and each action. Then convert the step of each hour and action into an end in itself.

This is clear, right? Very well... If you follow an end, you chain yourself to what?, Well, if you pursue an end, you will chain yourself; but if you do everything as if it was an end in itself, you will be freed.

Get yourself 100 sheets of paper. Write down this Principle, the two parts of it, on them and place these sheets everywhere: in your car, in your clothing, in your bed, in the bathroom, everywhere. Look at them for 49 days... Then apply it to each and every one of the ends that you are pursuing. If you can cancel some of them, cancel them . You have to apply this Principle to the others you can’t cancel and convert each little step into an end in itself.

But this and the other parts of the exercises that we gave you will not be of any use to you unless you are ready to pay the price. The price, candidate for Liberation, is as follows: It is not money, it is not the cost of this message, it is something else. Select 7 people that you like and who like you too, people who live in your small world. You have to give yourself the task of teaching these people how to carry through this Principle.

But they must be people who are candidates for Liberation, that is, people who are not opposed to everything, or people who think that they know everything. Yes, they cannot be people that are proud, full of vanity, blind and deaf, no, no. They must be people who have already received, as well as you did, very hard blows, people who have realized that they are going around in circles, who've realized that they are being driven.

Transmit this message to them and then start to work... Remember, don't make of this an end, don’t pursue an end. If you like your neighbor, John Perez, don’t set yourself the purpose of taking him towards his liberation, no, no, absolutely no. If you go to talk with him today, simply set yourself the purpose of today, in this same moment, to get an open communication with him, that he listens to you, and you both converse . This is to convert every little step into an end in itself. If you achieve that he listens to you and both of you communicate, then you will have reached your purpose .

Your purpose has been in the present, you decided it yourself, it’s not an illusion, it’s not an imagination; it’s a concrete thing... Then, at another time, you will set up other little step of actually giving him the message, and don't forget to ask yourself the basic questions:

  • What is the perfect way to transmit this message to John Perez?

Let's suppose that you get the best way. That is the best way to transmit this:

  • How can I do?... What can I do to communicate the message to John Perez?

Think about it over time, then go and do it. This is an end in itself, and it is in the present moment... If you are able to communicate it, you will have evolved; you will have learned to really communicate with somebody else. Someday, the liberation of John Perez will be a fact, it will come by addition, step by step, and since we are not separated entities....

Candidate to liberation, if you are married, if you have children, if you live with your parents, you are chained to them and their goals. They have expectations of you; they expect from you something very concrete... Yes, it is like that. Unless that with your example and indirectly through your teaching, they start their liberation too, you will be a slave for life!.. There are situations that we cannot change, you will not be able to get the divorce, eliminate your last name, change of father or mother, nor brothers or children, you might be able to quit your job, but in all these you are already engaged. The only alternative left is that you enlighten them little by little with Principles of Life. One day their Liberation will become a fact and each one will be able to carry through their Plan of Life.

Yes, my friend, it is difficult, but it is sensational... To be free, to wake up every day with purposes for today, that all of them are ends within themselves, and all are small steps and the rest come by addition, will bring you evolution and great satisfaction every day. You will be radiant!... In your hands are the keys to your liberation. Get the other 11 Principles that are intimately connected to this one, and then start hands on.

May our Common Creator provide you with courage, valor, and illumination. May He give you the ability to discern the difference between what is real and what is illusion... May our Creator bless you, care and keep you; but he will not do so unless you take the first steps.

Go ahead and thank you.