Greetings... Greetings, my friend, whoever you are... Greetings... A man, a man with a mind, emotions, a physical body and spirit; a man who loves, works, struggles, and suffers...

  • Why do we suffer, my friend?
  • What is the root of suffering?
  • Why must we suffer?
  • Why shouldn't we suffer?
  • Why do we consider suffering so horrendous?
  • Why do we run away from suffering?
  • Where does suffering come from?
  • How does it reach our lives?
  • What can we do to stop suffering,

These and many more questions and unknown facts about suffering touch the deepest parts of the human being. You most certainly have suffered, still suffer and most probably will continue suffering, the same as every other human being... This statement seems pessimistic, but it is not, because it is based on Laws and Principles... I can already hear your protest, my friend. You're probably asking:

  • Does the Law say that one must suffer?... Most certainly not!
  • What does the Law state?
  • Do you know which Law relates to suffering?
  • Do you practice it in your life?
  • What are you doing concretely in order to not suffer?...

This 6th Principle for the Liberation of Man, The Principle of Light, The Principle of Clarity... The Principle that converts a man, who is a slave to his pain, into a Free Man, is the answer to the previously asked questions:


This is the sacred sixth Principle... The Principle that if you reach its full comprehension, if you are conscious of it, reflect on it, meditate on it, practice it in your life, and teach it to your fellow human beings , will make you a man free from pain and suffering... If you pursue pleasure , you will be chained to pain and suffering; but as long as you do not harm your physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual health , and you do not harm your fellow men, you can freely do anything you want.

Yes, my friend, this is the Principle with which we will work in this message... Let's see, What is the real meaning of:

If you pursue pleasure you will be chained to pain and suffering

Let's analyze this first part of the Principle: “If you pursue pleasure”... That does not mean that you cannot enjoy life... You can do it under certain conditions... The importance lies in that you Do Not pursue it... The importance lies in that you should not have it permanently on your mind... That your life NOT be based on just the pursuit of pleasure... That your mind, emotions and body are Not permanently aware of pleasure... That you do not make a God out of it.

This is what pursuit means... That you do not think permanently of pleasure... That you do not get drawn with its search... That you do not sacrifice other things on its behalf... That you do not harm anybody on its behalf... That you do not turn into plain human flesh, that you do not loose your dignity... That you do not sell your soul to the devil for it... That you do not sell your family for a dish of lentils... That you do not forget your engagements, duties, commitments or obligations.

This is the meaning if you pursue pleasure... To pursue pleasure is all these things... It is to fall into the arms of pleasure and become a slave to it... That your God be pleasure. The pleasure in all the aspects of your life, like the pleasure of food, pleasure of comfort, pleasure of sexual behavior, pleasure of laziness and abandonment.


Pleasure is a merciless god, and when a weak person surrenders to it, it pays him back with its opposite side; it pays with suffering and pain.

Yes, my friend... If you would know... The pleasure and pain. The pleasure and suffering, are two faces of the same coin, two ends of the same stick... You cannot want one without it presenting to you the other one... You enjoy today, you pursued pleasure very well. You will reach a point where it shuts off, and then “the god of pleasure” will present his invoice... The more you enjoyed your pleasure, the more you became a slave of it, the larger the invoice will be, the bigger your pain and the bigger your suffering... The weaker you are and the more you search for this pleasure, the more pain you will come across.

Pleasure and suffering, two faces of the same coin... My friend!... Have you experienced a situation of pleasure in the past?... Lets see!... Get yourself a paper and pencil and start to reflect and recall with me... Let's ask the following question:

  • After what kind of pleasure I am?
  • What pleasures am I pursuing?

Come on! Let's release the ties of the memory and not allow “the god of pleasure” to affect your memory.

  • What kind of pleasure am I looking for and have I been pursuing today?
  • On what kind of pleasures is my mind fixed on?

I will give you a hint... Everything that delight you and turns into a habit under the cost of other things, it becomes a pleasure... Music can turn into a pleasure, and we can pursue it, spending half of our income on it and avoiding other engagements to collect more records... Cars, the house, furniture, clothing and food that we cannot afford, the luxury. Physical, emotional, sexual, and mental pleasures.

Morbid pleasures, annoying others, making suffer your fellow men, making others to lose their patient, not working, ignoring duties and responsibilities, doing nothing for your fellow citizens, the society and the humanity. Not paying to our Creator... All these are pleasures, types of pleasures.

Doing whatever one wants, not following any Law, Justify your behavior... Living based on excuses. All of these are small and large pleasures... Yes, my friend, and the list is very long.

If you are one of those people that really have the desire to evolve... One of those people who has already experienced the bitter taste... of “the god of pleasure”... Do you know what is the taste of “the god of pleasure”?... Well, suffering, what other thing can it be?... What other thing can it be?... No other thing it can be. I am sure you have tasted it.

And if “the god of pleasure” along with its inseparable friend “the god of suffering” are playing with you, as they do with 95% of humanity... If you are already a slave of “the god of pleasure and suffering”... If you are already aware of their tremendous power and of your great weakness, of your lack of resistance to the bitter-sweet tastes of this god.

Of this implacable god that can afford the luxury of giving you a pill, a chocolate that is sweet at first, for a few seconds only, and then bitter for a long time... If you have already realized and if you have awaken to this fact... Then you will follow the advise of performing a detailed analysis of all the pleasures you have pursued in the past, and of those you continue pursuing today, even those you have the goal to pursue.

And remember: Pleasure infiltrates all aspects of life... From sleeping an extra 5 minutes in the morning to simply not attending to your children when they need your help... There are thousands and thousands of forms... You must come to know to what degree we are dominated by “the god of pleasure-pain”... You have to realize that all of the advertising that exists in our world is to impel us into some pleasure, but it never shows the other face of the coin to us.

We simply see advertising in a newspaper, in the yellow and black pages, on wars, on illnesses... They show us a beautiful girl and a beautiful man with a wonderful house, with a wonderful car, with a tremendous product and they impel us into this... But never any publishing, never any mean of communication shows us the price we pay aside from the monetary one, of course; price in money that is extremely expensive because what we most spend our salary or income on is on pleasure.

Yes, behind the owning of a house, we have certain house because there is pleasure in it... Owning certain set of silverware, certain outfit, being married to a particular woman... All, absolutely all in our lives involve pleasure. But some people have achieved to get free from it; they have made peace with it and are already loved and revered by “the god of pleasure-suffering”. To these people living costs a lot less economically talking , and they already have plenty of free time to take care of very important matters, of more important things for the service of the fellow men, of themselves and of humanity. They are already free from slavery.

If aside the list of the pleasures you pursue, you make another list... The list of the suffering you encountered in the past and the ones you are living with now... Ask yourself:

“What suffering, pain and problems are repeated over and over in my life?”

Search it; investigate it; make a list of all of them and then ask yourself in front of each one:

  • Why?
  • What pleasure was I pursuing?
  • What is the cause of this suffering?
  • What is the name of the pleasure that I pursued?,

Yes, my friend, that is a bitter true, bitter!... Then analyze your vices.

  • Which are my vices?

All your vices, one by one, start physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually... Vices are, simply put, part of the same “god of pleasure”, who once through a little opportunity infiltrated itself into us, we liked it, and now it has simply become our owner...

What are your vices?... Write them all down... Then, make a list of your psychological, physical, emotional and mental sicknesses... Let's make a register list of the harm that pleasure has caused in your life, and of course, of the suffering and economical consequences... What physical sicknesses do you have my friend?... What emotional ailments? What fury, anger, rage and more, and more and more?...

Mentally... How is your character? Analyze it. Behind each suffering, behind your bad mood, behind each obstacle, it has always been there the search for pleasure... Yes, my friend, we are governed by “the god of pleasure-suffering. If you pursue pleasure, you are going to chain yourself to pain and suffering... You will chain yourself; do you realize it? T he word is very clear, y ou will be handcuffed to pain and suffering for a long time... For everything that you have pursued as pleasure, multiply it by 100, and the result will be, as a minimum, the invoice in suffering.

  • Have you not suffered yet?... Have you enjoyed a lot?.

My brother! If this is your case, you have to read (or listen) this message, over and over, at least for 49 days, in the morning and at night, until the last cell of your body, of all your bodies, accepts the idea and has understood it, and become conscious of the disgrace of the human being that has not awakened to the fact that: “Pleasure and suffering are two faces of the same coin and that we always see first the pleasure side , the sweet side. However, there cannot be sweetness without bitterness, it is impossible because it would violate the Law of Duality, the Law of Polarity. “Everything is dual in the Cosmos”, that is the Law.

Black and white, day and night, hot and cold, failure and success, love and hate and I can follow with the list until eternity of eternities... You know it well… Everything is dual, and the opposite of pleasure is suffering, pain... Record this in your mind!. You must be very strong.You must be honest and impartial with yourself!.

Prepare your list. The most important is the list of those pleasures that you pursue most frequently. You must be aware of them so you can do something about it... Of course, if you want to liberate yourself from it... It could be that you are one of those people that like involution, those that enjoy going backwards like the crabs.

Those people who enjoy things for 25 or 30 years, the first years of their lives, and then for the remaining 40 years or so live eating pain and suffering, deceptions and frustrations, resentments and degeneration... If you belong to this kind of people, this message simply came into your hands by mistake.

Well, not really by mistake... Each cause has its effects. It is impossible for this message to arrive to your hands by mistake. Your Being is attracting it, if it arrived to your hands, if your are reading (or listening) it, is because you are in need of this remedy, it is because you are ill, the same way I was, my friend. The same way all the people throughout thousands and thousands of years have fallen into the arms of the god of pleasure-suffering.

I was one of them and one of the biggest searchers for pleasure, this friend in common of us poisoned me with so much suffering that I had to touch the bottom, but it gave me its secret, and now I'm passing it to you.

How can we balance the polarity of pleasure-suffering?

What?... You would probably ask me, what would it be worth if there were no pleasure?... Is life worth anything without pleasure?... Is life worth anything without pleasures?... Wouldn't it be dull?... What do you think, my friend?... Well, I am already listening to you… To resign yourself to live a whole life without pleasures, it sounds too dull, right?.

Well, let's do the following: Shut your eyes, relax, and think. Bring to your mind, through your memory, the moment of the biggest pleasure you have had in your life, the pleasure you have pursued the most... Wasn't it something very ephemeral?... Be honest, isn't it true that in 90% of the times that you went in search of pleasure, you returned with one hand in front and one behind?. Isn't it true that 90% of the time you pursued pleasure, it turned out to be just an illusion?.

Be honest, be honest... I'm sure you can recall many of the times you looked for pleasure, when you pursued it, when you made a great amount of plans: “I will do this and that; I will travel here and do these, and I will buy that car; and I will finally get to do this or that”... Isn't it true that for the majority of occasions everything was just pure hope?. And you were fooled by this magnificent god! And then... what a disappointment, right?.

Record in your mind the word deception, it has a bitter taste in the mouth; look, I know it very well , my friend... How many times have we gone in search for pleasure, each in our own way, and the only thing left was this bitter taste, this frustration, this deception in the mouth and then again like fools, after two or three days, we become attracted again. [Top]




Yes, my friend, everything conspires to attract our attention, our five senses, our sex, eroticism, all work over our imagination, more than anything, our imagination. When we are at rest and suddenly get an image of some enjoyment, some pleasure, and we leave something important behind, we don't even remember it and we go running towards it. It can arrive through friends, newspapers; everywhere is the great conspiracy of pleasure and pain.

Hospitals are full of sick people, psychiatrists, psychologists, sick organs, caused by vices which are, at the beginning of course, a stupid pleasure that we have followed and turned into a habit within us...

Well, I hope that by now we are starting to understand each other... If you pursue pleasure in life, you will be chained to suffering, but as long as you do not harm your mental, emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual health, and don’t harm your fellow men to obtain pleasure, you are free to enjoy it as you wish”. This Principle, the 6th of the twelve for your liberation and for all human beings of good will, is telling us things clearly: “You can enjoy anything as much as you want and with full freedom when the opportunity arises”. Here is where the secret lies.

My friend, we live in a Cosmos of order; we live in a perfect world, conceived and created by a perfect Creator. Can you imagine our common Creator, who created all this Universe, it doesn't matter how you understand it, as an energy, as a force, as an intelligence, it doesn’t matter...

Can you imagine Him chaining man to this principle?, Can you imagine a perfect Creator giving his creatures a gray world without joy?... This is not possible, right?... The Creator could not be that intelligent or could not have created a perfect Universe... Then, could he be a cruel Creator that attracts man towards pleasure for later to beat him with suffering?.

Well, let's go to the truth. Truly , it is not one or the other. Let's get into something more profound, my dear struggling companion. I hope you are a struggling companion... Simply put, pleasure is the first cover of the earth, it is what is on the surface, it is something our 5 senses can see... It is what our Physical Body enjoys... It is ephemeral and goes away!.

Our second body is the one that receives the invoice , is called the Emotional Body, our emotional body, and is the one that suffers the consequences of the pleasures of the Physical Body. This is quite simple, but if one goes deeper, it leads to the Mental Body. It is with the mental body that man can find a balance between pleasure and pain, where he can balance the eternal conflict between the physical and emotional attraction to pleasure and the corresponding invoice of suffering.

Let's look at this in the following manner: Our mind has to discern. It has to have the purpose of not pursuing any more pleasures of any kind because has understood that is not worth it. Because your mind has understood that pleasure is ephemeral; it goes away quickly; it is pure illusion and that an instant later the suffering will show. If it does not show up on the first day, it will the second or third day, by Law of Cause and Effect. The Law is unfailing, just and perfect, remember it friend, and then we will suffer. If this idea becomes fixed enough in your mind, then you will be alert and will make the commitment, especially with those pleasures that you pursued before until now . You will be prepared; you will be alert and will run away from them as if they were the pest.

This is the first part. This will give you will and power; the idea will germinate in your mind, and your mind will alert you to not getting close to those places within yourself and the external world, where you used to poison yourself having from the glass of pleasure and suffering.

Then you will have to go through the tests... After some time, when you start feeling strong enough, you will have to go out again in search of the god of pleasure; you must retrace your steps and start with your old pleasures, the most harmless ones... You have to get close to them, allow yourself to be tempted, then apply your will and say: “No, thank you very much, I have already tried this in the past”.

To renounce to pleasure, look for it and then renounce to it, would be the most important step you can take as the point number 2.

This is to say, first the analysis of the pleasures you use to pursue, then the list of your sufferings, then the cause of your suffering so you realize of the truth of this Principle.

Then getting away from pleasures for a while until your mind is totally involved with the truth and you can alert yourself, until you can develop a strong will. Then, you will go again and face your pleasures, but with the only purpose of being tempted and renounce to it, of laughing at it, of saying no thanks, of seeing and not touching... Then, you will start to be respected by the god of pleasure – suffering, and this god will simply give you a diploma, a graduation diploma, because this is one of the lessons that are being given on Planet Earth. Then he will go to look for other candidates, people like you are today , still soft, still falling on their knees and who spend their lives pursuing pleasure, and of course, suffering the pain and spending their money on purpose, because it is not for free, is very costly I repeat.

Are you willing to do this, my friend?... Well, you can decide; you have free will, or at least a little free will, judge it yourself; your Creator has given you a Spark of reasoning. You can feel the veracity of this Principle. Just look around you, people pretend to enjoy their pleasures. They only brag about them, deep inside what a frustration! My God, but they can't talk about it with anybody, no.

If you're willing to take this steps, then it means that you are now a person who doesn’t want anymore to do whatever he feels like . That you don’t allow yourself anymore to be taken in, that you already aim towards your liberation, and you already know you have to pay a price because everything in life has a price... If you are able to come out of the palace of the god of pleasure-suffering with a diploma and the honor medal on your chest, the sun of enjoyment will shine for you. You will start to discover a different type of pleasure, the type we call enjoyment but is permanent, unitive and it doesn’t have polarity b ecause it makes a perfect triangle with pleasure and suffering, balancing and rising them to the level of enjoyment.

Have you enjoyed a sundown?... Have you enjoyed a sunrise?... They don’t have any cost, you see... We do not usually look for them, but there they are... always. Have you ever enjoyed the smile of a child?... Nobody writes this down in his agenda, but maybe we write it down in our agenda if we go to a club... I'm giving you a clue... You know to which kind of pleasure I am referring to; it is an Enjoyment. The nature, God's creation, is at your feet.

If your mind is not busy pursuing common pleasures, and if your emotions are not with the agony of suffering and pain, then all of your being is harmonious and can perceive the wonders of creation, which is pure enjoyment, the animal world, the vegetable world . And the most important is that those who have already received a diploma and crossed this barrier into the dimension of joy will start to meet people of this same level, people who experience joy when opportunities arise, and the opportunity for this kind of people to enjoy any minimal thing is for free.


When the mind is not agitated searching for pleasure, it is at peace and calm, and it can understand. It can understand things that didn’t understand before; it can know the secrets of the universe and can start to communicate with other people... Fear and worry then disappear.

When one has a diploma for this, one start repairing damaged organs, balance one's emotions, and conciliate one’s contradictions and conflicts. Suddenly his (or her) work and activity will turn into a tremendous enjoyment, while the only thing a person in search of pleasure wants is to be able to finish work as promptly as possible so he can go out to look for it... Isn’t it like this, my friend?... We have all done this.

The new dimension of Joy!... Joy! You can even enjoy sitting down. You will be able to experience joy while walking, breathing, and enjoy because you feel yourself and realize that you are alive... that you are alive, that you have the Creator of the Cosmos within you, that you are free! This is JOY! And do you know something, my friend? He who crosses into this dimension and is admitted into the circle of the people that experience this joy, that have succeeded because of an iron will, that have renounced the smallest pleasure.

Because pleasure is an illusion. Joy is health. If you enter into this circle of people, joy will be in you and the most divine thing is that you will be able to transmit it. Joy is transmittable, you can transmit it to other people; you can help other people to obtain freedom; you can make other people enjoy it, others will only enjoy in your presence, will enjoy with you, yes! Yes, my friend!... While pleasure is only felt by you... and it is so ephemeral.

You can talk to others about your pleasures, more than that, the only thing they will get is anger because they believe you really have enjoyed this and they feel envious... Then, the pest, when you start to suffer, you go and seek help from your friends, your wife and children come to you... “What's wrong?”, poor thing, you suffer, and the only thing you do is to infest others... It is this way; you know it is the true, my friend.

Be judicious, be prudent, realize, wake up. Open your eyes, I would like to take the bandage out of them, I would like to know you personally. I can feel you, and I feel your suffering and self-deception when you went out the other day in search of pleasure, I could experience the bitter taste in my mouth... I cannot stop remembering because I have lived this situation over and over myself, my friend.

It is very simply, do the list, read (or listen) the message again and again, then prepare your list, yes... DO ALL THE EXERCISES THAT HAVE BEEN MENTIONED IN THIS MESSAGE AND REMEMBER: “IF YOU PURSUE PLEASURE, YOU WILL BE CHAINED TO PAIN AND SUFFERING, BUT AS LONG AS DON’T HARM YOU PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SEXUAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH, AS LONG AS DON’T HARM THE FELLOW MEN, YOU CAN ENJOY WHEN THE OPORTUNITY ARISES”... And the opportunity Arises and how it arises, my friend... For this, you require will. You require will. Start to renounce to all those things you like, and I’m firm on this, all of the things you like. Start to renounce to them, slowly, yes, slowly... You must also start to do and like all of the things that you dislike, doing it also slowly... Do it also slowly, investigate, inquire...

Look... make a selection of 10, 15, 20 people out of you small world, be sincere with them and ask them to be sincere with you. Ask them if they are really enjoying their pleasures. Analyze them and see how much they are paying for their illusion of pleasure because it is an illusion... It is only an illusion. Deep inside, the majority feels shame to say that they are not enjoying themselves... They feel shame to say that they went on a trip, and it was all a waste. They feel shame to tell that the car they bought for 100,000 is not a great thing or the mobile home or many other things, who knows, every one in its own world...

My friend! Struggle companion! Life companion!... My friend, be judicious, be prudent and write down the Principle, the Law of Polarity, the Law of Duality on 150 small sheets of paper. Place these papers everywhere, in your closet, in the pockets of your jacket, in your shoes, under your pillow, in front of the sink, on the mirror, on the steering wheel of your car, in your wallet, next to your license, in the glove compartment of the car, on your desk at work. Place them everywhere, until this Principle remind you thousand one times of... be careful!.

Be a dignified man of your Creator, not even the animals trip twice over the same problem, be a man! A man that is able to understand, that is able to discern, that is able to value through his own thoughts and judgments, and is able to realize what is and what is not. A man that is able to make decisions; a brave and courageous man who is not afraid to face illusions, and do not allow the side within you, the side that we love, yes, the part that loves to keep us in the mud, in failure, going backwards like the crabs to drive us . I know this side of you will show itself… because it did to me also. That is the part that will say: “Well, if there's no pleasure, what is life all about?”.

There will be Joy, an authentic and permanent Joy, even the kind of Joy you will be able to transmit to others... Talking about transmitting to others... Yes, yes, isn’t it true that if you are able to liberate yourself, going through the first stages called: Pleasure, pain and suffering, until you arrive at the joy, you would like to transmit this Principle to help other people to get freedom also?... I don’t believe you would be a man, yourself, illuminated, happy, liberated, ant then be satisfied with living in a world where people are slaves of pleasure and pain. Am I right?.

I personally had trouble resisting temptation and all the people who received this message were able to resist it. It is authentic, is something real because inside this joy is to see a happy fellow man, a happy society, a happy world. Don't believe that I combat the places that teach the first grade of pleasure and the first grade of suffering also. They must exist until all of humanity realize that as much one as the other one, as much pleasure as suffering are illusions.

He who is awakened from that illusion, he who comes out of this movie can easily understand that there are others who still have not arrived to this grade . However, one perceives and realizes when one finally awakens, who are the ones that are about to pass to other grade... I am hoping that you are a complete human being and that you bring all the help to the people who live in your world.

May our Common Creator bestow his blessing upon you, care for you, and help you to awaken. That tomorrow, when you go out, and day after day as you read (or listen) this message, may He show you the illusory sides of pleasure and suffering and show you more sings of what you have received called joy. But I am convinced He will not do one or the other unless, from the bottom of your heart, you decide and start to actively take the first steps putting into practice this 6th great Principle of Liberation.

If you pursue pleasure, you will be chained to pain and suffering; but as long as you do not harm your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual health, and not harm the fellowmen, you can enjoy as much as you want with full freedom when the opportunity arises”.

MY FRIEND, MAY JOY BECOME YOUR DAILY BREAD... For a better understanding of this message, I suggest you read the remaining 11 Principles of your Liberation... They are very closely related to this Principle.

Goodbye, my friend... Goodbye.