Good morning, friend. A life companion, a companion on the path, a struggling companion, greet you in the name of all the people that through eons, centuries and ages, have received this message; they have listened, reflected, meditated, decided and carry it through. In the name of all of these people, I greet you, it doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or what your occupation is. Greetings.

My friend, you can mentally review everything that has happened in your life during the past week, isn't it true that you have experienced pleasant and unpleasant times? Isn't it true that you have enjoyed certain happy occasions ? Isn’t it true that you have been under sadness or adverse situations?

That’s the way it is my friend, your life, my life and everybody else’s is like a kaleidoscope, a wheel that rolls and bring simply all with it, and it is the same for everybody. This life has everything a mind can imagine, happenings, events, occurrences.

We live in a dual planet under the Law of Polarity. Everything is made of two extremes : Good and bad, hot and cold, hunger and satisfaction, to be alone or to have company, to be sad or to be happy, to feel vigorous or tired, to be in good mood or bad mood, to tell the truth or lie, to discern between right or wrong, the real or the illusion, the wanting to do and the capability of doing and so forth. Our entire life is made of these polarities.

Now then, how do you respond to these experiences?... What happens to you when you come across an unfortunate situation?... How do you face it?... Are you afraid?.

We all are! Afraid of criticism, afraid of loneliness, fear of passing necessities, f ear of being rejected, of failure, sickness, old age, and death. Many fears are located in the deepest part of our hearts. We have our taste, our desires, desires of all kinds and needs. Everyday the wheel of life will put you before these situations and according to what you have recorded within yourself, according to your essence, according to your being, you are attracting that which you love and that which you fear. You try to run away from what you dislike, that which causes you pain, suffering, sadness, disappointment and you look instead to that which you find pleasant, right?.

Yes, my friend, we are this way. But this way, the only thing we will achieve if we continue this plan of selecting between situations, of looking for those things we like and run away from those situations we fear, those that are painful, we will give ourselves over to involution. This way, the only thing we will do is to go backwards, backwards and backwards, it seems paradoxical, right? But it is this way... Meditate it; reflex it... and you'll see that this way will take you backwards.

You must be asking yourself if there is a way to change this situation, that is, if it is possible for the wheel of life to bring us only whatever we like. No, my friend, this is not possible. The wheel carries everything; it has everything and all is dual. No, its not possible my friend.

Then you may ask, what would it be the solution? My friend, we live in a Cosmos of order, in a Cosmos created by an intelligent Creator; and this Cosmos is governed by Laws and Principles. These are perfect Laws and wise Principles that if a person gets to know, understand and practice them in his life, instead of falling backwards, he will simply move forward. He will experience liberation as an individual. He will free himself from the wheel of circumstances and events. This person will himself become the master of circumstances and will be capable of managing himself when facing any situation that life shows him.

The 5th of the twelve Principles for the Liberation of Man is the appropriate Principle to give a person the so desired liberation, plus the control over himself and towards all other circumstances in life... The Principle states the following:


I repeat, the 5th Principle states: “If for you the day and night, summer or winter, is the same, you will have overcome the contradictions”...

What is the precise meaning of this?, What is the meaning of the day and night, summer or winter being the same for you?... It simply means that if you can adjust , this the word, if you can adjust and keep content at night and day, in heat and cold, in summer or winter, with hunger or not, being alone or with company, with or without money, in any situation, and that if you can remain firm and controlling the situation, no matter what it is, you will have already overcome the contradictions of life .

And why do we have to overcome the contradictions?

I hear your question my friend, because a person full of contradictions without being overcame , without conciliate them, simply put is not moving and is going backwards, cannot advance forward. This person is trapped in a vicious circle.

What is a contradiction?

A contradiction is when your mind knows that something must be done, and your emotions don’t want to do it. This is a contradiction... A contradiction is when in your emotional center you feel like doing something but your mind knows that you should not do it. This struggle is known as a contradiction... It is like... Having in front of you a delicious dish, but in your mind you have made the decision to eat less. Here you have a contradiction between the mind and the body.

We are basically made of three centers, plus a will. We have a physical body; a body of desires (emotional body) where our power and strength is; a mental body where we have the thoughts, ideas, our goals; and the will, more or less strong according to the individual... The contradiction arises when the will, the man, the conscious being within you, knows that something must be done, and any of the other centers refuses to do it, this is a contradiction.

Your needs are in your mind. That which you love and fear is in your emotions. Your physical body is used to tastes, and it is ruled by five senses: taste, smell, touch, vision and hearing. And these five senses turn into sex, which is the sixth sense. These six senses connect you with the world and have likes and wants, have animadversion and dislikes.

Then your emotional center is somewhat impulsive, is the one that produces fear in you; and then is your mind, which carries all the ideas and thoughts you have received since you started learning. There are constant clashes between the mind, the emotions, the body, and the will. These are the contradictions .

This 5th Principle that reads: If for you day and night, summer or winter, is the same, etc., etc., that is to say, if all the extremes, if all the pola rities can show up in the wheel of life under different situations, events, and happenings, and you are capable to adjust to them, you are simply achieving the conciliation of those contradictions , you are getting to overcome them and are on your way to become a free man . As long as a person doesn’t overcome his contradictions, doesn’t maintain in harmony his mind, body, emotions and his will towards a common end, this person has not yet arrived at his liberation. You have to work!.

My friend: We all have contradictions, we are all full of them, but that is not the problem. The problem itself is not to be full of contradictions, the problem is to wake up to the contradictions because when one realizes about them, he can learn what to do about them.

Let's see what a contradiction is made of.

What is day and night?... Get a stick, any stick. Think in a stick, one end we will call it night and the other day. The whole stick is 24 hours. One end is cold, the other hot, and in the middle it is warm. One end could be the light, the other darkness, and in the middle, twilight. At one end it could be pleasure and in the other pain, and so on.

Now, this stick where all the things are and reflect all of them, each end is placed in one of the centers that exist within us . For example, the day could be your mind, while the night could be your emotions, and the body the middle point. Think about this, for it is extremely important for your understanding, and for you to later execute this 5th Principle that says: If for you this and that is the same, all of them made of polarities, you will have overcome the contradictions .

Our mind has part of our extremes, we think about comfort, wealth, love, success, kindness; all of these extremes are in our mind; however, our emotional center has other contradictions, other extremes; it thinks in fears: Fear of failure, sickness, being unable to pay the bills, of losing the spouse, children are not learning, of getting fired from work, and on, and on continuously with thousands of data.

There are thousands of data in your mind, and all of them are extremes; thousands of data in your emotions and all are extremes too. And then there are thousands of habits all mixed within your physical body (your tendencies) and from these data, one datum that exists in your Emotional center is a female datum, and one datum that exists in your Mind is a male datum... To Conciliate the Contradictions is to marry them, so they can give birth to a child who would be the harmony of both, and in this way you will have overcome a contradiction.

How do you do this?.

Let's assume that in a given moment, this moment, you are sad; if you remember and have worked in the 5 th Principle, instead of feelin g sad and say: “I’m sad”, you can think in the Wheel, and you know that on the opposite side of sadness is happiness; automatically happiness doesn’t come to you but sadness disappear, this way you will be conciliating one contradiction. If over and over, and for each time you have that tendency and you feel sad, you do this, you will be overcoming your contradictions. This is why the great secret of the 5th Principle and the Principle of Liberation is to begin to adjust oneself. You must adapt... my friend.

I repeat: Don't be worried by the fact that you are full of contradictions. On the contrary, for the more contradictions a person carries, the wealthier that person is. This is to say, the more data is within you and the more experiences you had in your mental, emotional and physical center in the past, the wealthier you are, and the less data and contradictions, the more poor a person is. Now, for a person to achieve liberation, the complete self control, the control of the external circumstances, of his (or her) little world, he must have all contradictions overcame.

This is a work of many years; this is not a work for one day to the next one. It is not a job for lazy or failures people, this is a job for people who don't want to continue the way they are now. It is for those who want to evolve , who want to become better men, better citizens, better parents, better husbands, better companions, and better friends, and it is within them the strong desire to learn, the strong desire to act and the strong desire to evolve .

It is for people who are tired of swinging with the pendulum of the joy to the sadness, of getting up every morning in one mood and go to bed with another one, of failure and success, of fighting and conciliation, of feeling well today and bad tomorrow. It is for people that have already understood the Law of Duality, the Law of Pendulum and The Law of Polarity.

My friend, get a paper and pencil... Write down:

What are the tendencies and the tastes of my Physical Body?.

  • What do I like to smell?
  • What do I like to taste?
  • What do I like to touch?
  • What do I like to smell?
  • What do I like to listen? And
  • What do I like to watch?... Then,
  • What do I dislike physically?
  • What is it that I do not like to hear?
  • What is it that I do not like to watch?
  • What is it that I don’t like to eat?
  • What is it that I don’t like to touch?

Then let’s do if for the Emotional Center:

  • What fears do I have?. What do I fear?. Write down all your fears.
  • What is it that I do not wish?
  • What is it that I do not love?. Write it down as well.
  • Then write down everything that you love; all that you want emotionally.

Then let's go to the mental part:

  • What are my favorite thoughts?
  • What are the thoughts that keep me positive?
  • What are my pessimist thoughts?
  • What do I criticize in others?.

Write down the names of seven people that you know well, and record what you frequently criticize about them; then write down everything that you like about those people... Then write down:

  • What do you most reproach to our society for?
  • What is it that you like the most about our society?
  • What do you most reproach to the world and the nature for?
  • What is that you like the most about the world and the nature?
  • What is it that you do not want to happen to you under any circumstances?
  • What do you most want to happen to you?.

All of these questions and answers you must give, you must do them for the next 49 days , everyday of the world . Every single day of the world, during 49 days you must ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly, just as if it was always the first time. This will show you what kind of information you have in your mind, in your emotions and your physical body. They will show you the extremes, the polarities within you , and will point you the way to the path that is the first step towards overcoming the contradictions.

You must be impartial and objective , this means you must ask yourself these questions and give the answers as if you would be making this analysis for some other person. You must start from the principle that your body is not yours, as if it was the body of John Perez , the tastes of John Perez, the emotions of Peter Martinez, and the ideas of Charlie Contreras ; that is, as if it was not you. This is fundamental, in fact it is the key; and remember that during the 49 days , you have to observe and do an analysis of yourself as well. At the end of each day, get paper and pencil, and ask yourself the following question:

  • Which events and circumstances have I come across today?
  • Which ones have I liked and disliked?
  • From which ones did I try to run away? And which ones have I looked for?
  • To which of my centers does this situation pertain?
  • If I have run away from a situation, was that mental, emotional or physical?
  • If I have looked for a situation, was this one emotional, mental or physical?.

And don't forget that the situations related to sexual activity are the joining of the three centers. Our Sexual Center is the result of the joining of the mind, emotions and physical body.

My friend: You must be patient with yourself . It doesn’t matter what you find in your body, in your mind and in your emotions, it is not important what your fears are, what your expectations and thoughts are, what you criticize and reproach the most. It doesn’t matter what you are made of or what data is within you. All these data was perceived through your 5 senses, from your life experiences. [Top]




Dear friend... The second part of this message where is transmitted the 5 th Principle, the fifth step to your liberation as an individual, so you can own and govern yourself and the circumstances of your life. This Principle states that: “IF FOR YOU IS THE SAME ANY MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL, YOU WILL HAVE OVERCOME THE CONTRADICTIONS”, and will be a man. A man with free will, with freedom of choice, and can have the obedience of his (or her) body, mind and emotions. A man that can take advantage of any circumstance that the Wheel of Life, the Kaleidoscope, can place before him. A man that doesn’t look any more for particular tastes, who has understood that behind the taste for something good there is the bad taste of it opposite. A man who has understood that behind the desire for something there is another side, the other end of the stick and it will come to him because of the laws of life.

Meditate this part; think about it... Visualize yourself as a free man, a man who eats whatever is presented to him, who does not ask anymore for special dishes but accepts anything that is offered; an open minded man that can defend himself in any situation; a man that can understand any fear or worry; a man that can quit to any desire; an individual that can think anything he wants to think about, and that knows what to do with the data that enter his mind from the external world; a man that feels well with anybody, not matter what his level is of culture , emotional, social, political or educational; a man that feels fine if he is under the rain, whether is hot or cold; a man that knows what to do if he has a coin or a million coins in his pocket.

A man whose way of feeling and whose internal state do not depend on situations, or circumstances, nor events, not anybody else but on himself and his own will. A man that can handle any activity; a man that can handle any other man; a man that can set his mind into doing something and is able to carry it through with the persistence, the tenacity and the necessary constancy until complete it as it should be; a man that wakes up in the morning with no fears towards life, without worries of what the day is going to bring him. A man that is looking into the creation of situations and circumstances, according to his needs, according to his plans and goals. An awake man. This is, my dear friend, an approximate small description of what a Free Man is like.

Would you like to be this Man?... Would you like to be this Man?.

Very well, one of the ways that you can estimulate your desire is after you have done the exercises in the first part, after the 49 days, after you have been that you are tied down by many tastes, that you are a slave of many worries, fears, situations, and in most cases you do not look for new experiences, but keep trying to repeat over and over like a machine, the situations that you already know are not going to hurt you.

My friend, this is called being dead, like a vegetable; this is called to keep watching the same movie every day... Do you like to watch the same movie every day?... You repeat over and over your favorite dishes, nothing is new; you repeat every day the same situations, look for the same circumstances, the same people... You are a slave of your tastes, your contradictions and your habits.

Now then, make a comparison from your image today, the type of man you are today with the prototype of the Free Man. Simply stated, the difference is only a little work, a little work from a serious man, from a man that can understand, from a man that is capable of deciding to make something better out of his life.

Open up a notebook; divide it into three parts:

A part for your Physical Body, the second part for your Mental Body, and the third for your Emotional Body and for all the analysis you did during the 49 days of internal and external observation on yourself, the analysis of your tastes and dislikes, etc. Write them all down on this notebook so that you can have an image, a very concrete idea of where you are standing and where you want to go.

Then, with the same 7 people that you previously selected, the people that you trust, people that you see often, set your mind into observing their tastes, fears and dislikes. Everything that you criticize in the world is in you, all faults that you find in the world are within you, all the faults of society you have also, all faults that your fellow human beings have, you have them too. Those are points on a stick.

An example: If you criticize a friend about being selfish, it is because you are selfish. This means that in your emotional center there is a tip of the stick called selfishness. This is an invitation for your will to decide to be altruist , which will then create the other extreme in your mind; this way, selfishness and altruism will conciliate to a middle point that will then stop being altruism until the end or selfishness until the end because it will have a middle point, and you will have conciliated the contradiction between your mind and your emotions of selfishness-altruism. So all faults or defects, everything that you dislike, you have them within you as an extreme, and as long as the wheel of life present you with different situations, you must search for the possibility and opportunity to pursue and attract the other extreme to your life. The same goes for everything that you like, all the things that you like in your mind, in your emotions and body, they are opposed to the opposite situations that the wheel of life can bring you.

What will you do in these situations?... Run away?

Very Simply, my friend, I will give you a key... Let's assume you dislike heat, and suddenly, the wheel of life places you in circumstances where there is a lot of heat. If at this moment you remember and have present your goal of carrying through with this message, you will simply ask yourself:

  • What is the good about this?
  • What is the good about all this heat now?
  • How can I take advantage of this situation?.

You see, you are not running away from it, you are not furious because it’s hot; on the contrary, you have awaken, and in every situation, no matter how horrible it may be, the seed of balance lies in it. Before every unpleasant situation, every occasion that places you in a difficult position, if you ask yourself the following question:

What is good about this?.

If you do it honestly and with sincerity, then it will immediately come to your mind many good things about that situatio n. This is the secret key to Adaptation, the secret key to Adaptationt... After a fair number of times that you can do this technique, you will start to go out anywhere an face the circumstances of life without fear, without any worry because you will know what to do in each moment, if you are awake.

How will you know what to do?.

Simply, what's the good of this situation? What will I learn from it? Knowing that is a situation that your mind doesn’t like, your spirit will start to bring out for you many things and ideas that will make you feel well even in the worst of situations.

My friend, the second part of executing this plan consists of the following:

For 49 days, every night and every morning, when you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning, you will have to relax, shut your eyes and meditate about everything that you love, about everything that you fear and about everything that you want... Example, shut your eyes, be calm and relaxed, and have your notebook handy...

  • Ask yourself, what do I want?... Let's suppose I want my salary raised. Start meditating about the opposite... What is going to happen if I do not get the raise?.
  • Let's suppose that you are afraid of criticism, then ask yourself: What happens if I am criticized?...

See it on your mind, in the eyes of your imagination, in your mental screen, a picture where you can see yourself being criticized, where you are being told that you are trash, that you are a horrible person and visualize this as if it is a movie but do not identify with yourself. You simply will be, that’s it, you will be attracting the opposite of what you have in your mind, good or bad, and you are putting the opposite into your emotions and vice verse. Imagine that you are eating something, something that you really dislike; see it in the eyes of your imagination, then during the day request this dish, yes, this is the way, my friend.

For 49 days do this for 5 minutes in the morning and for 5 minutes when you go to bed every night. Include all things that you wrote about in your analysis. Another example: Are you afraid of dying?... Well then, place this into mediation, visualize on your mental screen that you are dying in the middle of terrible suffering. This way you are facing the fear of death... The key to this system is that:


I am going to give a n example: Suppose you start to think at this time about a very beautiful woman that you like a lot, shut your eyes and visualize her in your mind. What happens?... Isn't it true that your body start to react?, Isn't it true that your emotions and sexuality start to react?... However, it is only an image in your mind, it is not a reality, but for your system it is as if it was a live and real experience...

Make a habit of this, every day when you wake up and when you go to bed at night, face everything that you fear, or dislike and to everything that do not love. Also confront the possibility of not getting what you like, what you love or desire. Then be alert during the day, look for those situations again and again, face these situations, and when you are in front of something adverse, you already know... Ask yourself:

What is good about this?... What can I get out of this which will benefit me?...

If for you is well the day and night, summer and winter, being tired or hungry, being clean or poor or loaded with money, being in the heat or cold, being with the person you like or dislike, being alone or with company and so forth, you will have conciliated the contradictions, you will be a man. A man that can. A Man that Do.

It all depends on what you do with the instructions found in this message and your reaction towards them... Are you a hard skinned person and are you used to receive blows ? Or, Are you the type of person that is hurt by the blows of life and is not satisfied with his current life?.

Friend, this 5th Principle is closely related to the previous four Principles and perhaps you already read (or listened to) them , but just in case you did not, please try to read (or listen) the previous 4 Principles, and then try to do the same with the next 7 so you can complete the set of 12.

The 12 Principles of the Liberation of Man are closely connected. They have an intimate connection, and all carry concrete action plans for your liberation or for any other human being of good will; for any human being who has understood that we live in a Cosmos of order, that things are not gotten only because they want or they feel like, but because everything that a man can obtain in his life has a price and it is based on precise Laws... If you accomplish these Laws and are ready to pay the price, you simply will get this and muc h more. You will get to be a free man over the circumstances, your mind, your body and your emotions.

Now comes the third part of the execution of this 5th Principle. It is very simple:

You will not succeed with the previous two parts, the first part of the message with the exercises and the second with its exercises, unless you are ready to pay the price, and the price is simple. The price is not monetary.

The same way we are transmitting this Principle to you and how to carry it trough, when you get the benefit from it and become liberated, bring the how to accomplish it to 7 of the closest people to you, people that like you now are swinging on their own pendulum between light and darkness, knowledge and ignorance, and all the polarities that the Wheel of Life presents .

Perhaps you were fortunate to arrive to this message... Will they arrive to it? And supposing that they do... Wouldn't you like it if your world were full of light?... Wouldn't you like to be a free man being among free men?... Do you want to be a free man surrounded by friends, acquaintances and relatives that are slaves of their circumstances, of their tastes, of their fears, and of their ideas?.

My friend, I will believe that you are judicious and understanding because you have continued up to this point. I will leave the rest up to your conscience. I will leave the rest to your kindness, to the innate kindness that our common Creator has planted in the spirit of each of his creatures.

Your Plan of Life is waiting for you behind this message . That part of the Plan of the Creation that our common Father is waiting for y ou to accomplish, this he expects from you, it will be yours, nothing but yours . Yours, individually yours, like a perfect suit for you. But this plan cannot start overcoming your mind, your emotions, unless you own yourself and the circumstances. It is senseless if it reaches you when you remain being a slave of your mind, your body, your emotions, and the circumstances of the wheel of life.

It is possible that you have spent years searching for what is yours, what is yours is, what is yours exist , it will be in harmony, productive and will contribute in making this world a perfect world, such as it was seen and conceived by our Common Creator... We also have doubted, then we meditated; we worked at it and have understood, and we have received our Plan of Life.

  • What to do?
  • How to do it?
  • Why to do it?

A plan that benefits you directly, benefits your small world, benefits your community, benefits humanity in general and also benefits nature.

Something that has been waiting for thousands and thousands of years, reincarnation after reincarnation, can be yours now; it only depends on you. In your hands are the Principles and how to achieve them. You can make your life into a heaven or hell, it is up to you, and remember: Within you beats t he Spark of your Creator. That Spark is all-powerful, almighty, and omniscient; it could guide you in the process of your necessary steps to the realization of the Laws of Life.

Success does not depend on a chance . Success, harmony, peace, balance, the elimination of problems and conflicts depend on paths, ways, Laws of Light… You have in your hands one of these Laws... Read (or listen to) this message day after day, morning and night. Do not permit anything in you to prejudge, criticize and b e especially alert to the side in you that thinks it knows everything.

We passed through where you are now, but you do not know how to arrive at the place where we are now, so be aware of the enemy within you, the side that always tries to keep you on the ground, in failure and ignorance. We know this is hard, so we ask you to be patient with yourself. If you do not achieve it at your first try, try it over and over again because you will not be able to evolve unless you walk through this door.

If you do not walk through it today, you will have to do it some other day, and the only way to get the ticket to it is by accomplishing the Laws and Principles. For a reason our Common Creator has provided for every creature to find his way back home, and for each creature that carry this message through to help other 7 people to get the ticket.

So, my friend, all is in your hands, may God bless you, care for you, keep you, and give you the light, the courage and strength... But he won’t give them to you unless you start to take the necessary steps.

Thank you.