• Why do we have problems?,
  • Why can't we do things right?
  • Why doesn't everything work out perfectly?
  • Why do we have struggles, anguishes, worries, obstacles and problems?
  • Why even with all the determination, struggle , effort and the good will we place in this life and our daily actions, we still don't have the peace and harmony, the tranquility and well-being that we so much long for?

You may have asked yourself this question more than once... The reasons are many and in each case they are different... Even so, the fundamental reason is that we live outside the Law.

In a world of order, in a perfect universe, the man has his place. You have your place, and your life is submitte d to L aws and Principles... Laws and Principles that you probably are not aware of. Peace, balance, harmony and well-being are the result of the application of the Laws of Life, and no human being, no matter how capable or intelligent, will ever be able to achieve harmony, unless he consciously and subconsciously applies these blessed Laws that our common Creator has given us for the accomplishment of our plan of life.

One of the Laws, and one of the most important Principles that can produce such peace, tranquility, harmony and well-being is the 4 th Principle of the twelve created by the Cosmos to lighten the path for all good natured human being.


I repeat, the Principle says: “YOUR THINGS WILL GO WELL WHEN THEY GO AND ADVANCE AS A WHOLE, HARMONIOUSLY”... Your goals will advance when y ou try to bring all of them through harmoniously... “Things go well when they proceed as a whole .” This is one of the hardest principles to carry to fruition during the modern times we are living in.

What can we do to put this Principle into practice, and at the same time to put harmony in our life, reaching the desired peace, happiness and balance for the fulfillment of our Cosmic Plan?

The first obstacle that comes to mind for the realization of this Principle is: The education we have received... In a material world such as ours, our parents and educators have placed their effort in making us see the importance of money in our lives. They have placed excessive emphasis on this part of the whole to the detriment of the other parts that are as fundamental for our well being as the material parts.

Second: The education we received does not have the necessary factors, the needed parts for the fulfillment of the success and well-being... Our parents insisted in providing us with an education as physical individuals and also insisted we prepare for a profession, they have insisted we achieve it . But if we observe our surroundings, we can see many people with high level of economic, social and professional positions who do not possess peace, harmony or a sense of well-being. This you can attest by yourself.

Your life, my life and the one of any citizen in the world is similar to the picture of a married person that has 12 children, but who during all his life spends his time taking care of only two or three of them, hardly paying any attention to the rest. Of course, these ones could die of starvation, could get sick or even die, and they would cause a terrible disgrace and imbalance for that unconscious parent.

How can this person advance if he only takes care of two or three out of his twelve children?, Is it true that this sound impossible?... He can have two or three children well taken care of, and perhaps they will progress in life, but think of the sadness and conflicts of these three successful children when they observe their brothers, dirty, hungry and forgotten... How could there be peace, happiness, tranquility and harmony in the life of this man and his three successful children?.

When we mentioned the education we have received from our parents , similarly they have insisted a lot in the education of those 2 or 3 children, and this way we are doing it. They practically ignored the existence of the other 9 children, so they couldn’t educate us or point the way in regards to their education... As per our educators, that parent only has those 3 children; however, the other 9 children exist.

The 4th Principle states that: “YOUR THINGS GO WELL WHEN THEY PROCEED AS A WHOLE”, referring specifically to the fact that you will do well if your twelve children advance together, if your 12 children are well taken care of, properly nourished, each according to their needs and this way everybody advances as a whole.

This is the 4rth Cosmic Principle in gathering of Light for the individual liberation of man... My friend, inside your small world, you also have twelve children, twelve focuses of interest. But regretfully you are conscious of only a few, while the rest do not exist in your daily struggles; the rest are not present in your consciousness for you to take care of them and give them part of your time. Here is one of the biggest reasons for the violation of this 4th Principle, and thus… of sorrow, of problems and of the lack of the peace, happiness and tranquility we mentioned earlier.

Let's see what these twelve children could be , these twelve focuses of interest.

Get hold of paper and pencil and draw a big circle on a sheet of paper, as big as the sheet of paper. This circle would represent your family and everything that you are. This circle would represent the whole of your interests. It would represent “Your Life”.

As the wheel of a carriage, divide this circle into 4 equal parts, two diameters crossing through the middle point.

  • Then in one of the 4 parts, is where 4 of your favorite children are living, and of which you are not very aware of. Take note in that part: “MYSELF”, “MYSELF”.
  • In the second part write down other 4 of the children, other very important focus of interest, and of which we also are not aware. Take note there: “MY FAMILY”.
  • In the third part we will have a very important focus of interest for your evolution, here write: “THE FELLOW MAN”.
  • In the forth part write down: “MY WORLD”. MY WORLD.

Now observe carefully the whole of your life, it is made of:

  • Yourself,
  • Your Family,
  • Your Fellow Man, and
  • Your World.

It is a perfect sphere, a perfect circle divided into 4 parts.

Now, from the center of the circle to the edge of the circumference, along each ray or line make a scale from 0 to 100. Write 100 where the line crosses the circumference and write 0 in the center... Do the same over the 4 lines, over the 4 rays . Each radius will be divided into 10 parts... 10, 20, 30 and so forth until 100, where it reaches the circumference. All right, now let's work it out.

How do you rate yourself?

Be impartial and objective; be reasonable and fair, for of these answers most of your life will depend... From 0 to 100, if 100 would be the full attention, harmonic and perfect, and 0 being the minimum, the least attention you can giv. So, from 0 to 100, what kind of attention are you giving to yourself?... 0, 10, 40, 70, or even 100?... Draw a line on the number that you consider to be right for you. Draw a line on the number that you consider to be right; this is your reference point.

Let's do the same regarding the attention that you place on your Family, from zero to 100. Zero is the least attention and 100 is the most perfect attention, 30, 40, 70 or 20, only you can tell... Write a line on the indicated number of the ray that belongs to “The Family”.

Let’s do the same in the part of the “Fellow Man": From 0 to 100. How many efforts, how much you try, how much attention and how much dedication to your fellow man. Write a line on the indicated number.

Now do the last part, the one you labeled “My World”, where are included: Y our Creator, your nature, your work, the society and so forth... Write a line on the indicated number.

Now then, connect the numbers between each other. Between number and number of the 4 rays, draw lines of connection . Let's see now what kind of drawing you come up with... Happiness, peace, harmony and well being should be represented by a perfect circle , by a perfect and harmonious wheel so it can roll with its own strength , and when it rolls everything proceeds well.

Now let's see, What you have obtained in your analysis, is it a perfect circle?... Not quite, right?... It could roll partially and then stop, right?... Very well! All right my friend... I think you understood.

I see you're clearly seeing the 4th Principle: “THINGS GO WELL WHEN THEY PROCEED AS A WHOLE, HARMONIOUSLY”. This does not mean that the focus of your interest has to be 100% in each of the parts of your life, it could be 20%.

For example: Draw a circle surrounding the four rays at the 20 level.

  1. 20 on attention to Yourself,
  2. 20 on attention to your Fellow Man,
  3. 20 on attention to your Family, and
  4. 20 on attention to your World.

Now, isn't this a perfect circle?... A wheel that can circulate, roll and produce harmony?... Very well... I think you understood. I think that you clearly see, at least in a graphic way, the reason why the 4th Principle is one of the most important ones that rule human happiness.


Very well... What can we do to accomplish this?, a nd Which are the obstacles that are in our way?... First, visualize in your mind this drawing you made for 49 days, when you wake up and when you go to bed. You must be relaxed for 5 minutes, then shut your eyes and project the “Circle of your life” onto your mental screen. Look at it in its 3 parts:

  • The small circle at the 20 level,
  • The other pseudo-circle, which is the representation of your life today and that doesn’t roll, and
  • The circle at 100%.
Visualize clearly:
  • Your World,
  • Your Family,
  • Your Fellow Man, and
  • Yourself... Rolling!

When you do this, breathe deeply and slowly, wish from the deepest part of your heart that the pseudo-circle will adjust to form a perfect circle, and this way to accomplish the first impressions to the fulfillment of this HARMONY.

The largest obstacle that you will find on your way to harmony and the fulfillment of the 4th Principle are the habits... The habits!... See, my life companion , we are used to do certain things, to dedicate time to the activities we prefer the most, and what we like is not always what is right... Therefore, we have to apply OUR DUTY on the one side and balance it with what we like , allowing us to change the habits that are leading us into a life lacking in balance and harmony.

The habits!... I have the habit to work, work, work. I have so many appointments, I have things to do, I have payments to do, right? All this asphyxiate me, all this put pressure in me, and I don't have any time left to dedicate to my fellow men or to the world, not even to my family and less to myself... From morning to night I work, I come home tired and the only thing I need is to clear my mind. I don't have time and I don't feel like anything else.

The material pressure is overwhelming for me!... This is one of the responses that one hears every day in relation to the Wheel of Harmony, the wheel of the 4th Principle... Even though, my friend, I know this is true, but I also know that if you are able to wake up to the desire of balance, peace, tranquility and harmony within your essence, you will be able to do it and will have all the necessary strength to start eliminating the habits that lead you to be careless towards those extremely important parts in your evolution and to the detriment of others.

Unless you are resigned to live with 9 of your children dying and only taking care of 3 during 90% of your time... I consider that you are a sensible man, that you are a man interested in your evolution, and a man willing to work and do the effort... If this is right, l et's see what we can we do to accomplish the “Wheel of Harmony”.

Let's see how can we change a habit. First: During 49 days and every day at the end of the working day, you have to do an analysis, an impartial and conscientious analysis... You must observe yourself!... Ask yourself these same questions everyday at the end of your day:

  • Where did I place my highest interest today?
  • Where did I place my biggest effort today and to what did I dedicate most of my time?

Write them down!...

  • Have I dedicated it to myself?
  • To my world?
  • To my family?
  • To my fellow men?

And at the end of each day, make for yourself a Wheel of Harmony... Make a wheel per day!... A circle divided into 4 parts, with a scale of zero to 100, evaluate yourself and see the results of your drawing... Observe yourself during 49 days and do the analysis at the end of each day. To what have I dedicated today my time and effort?... [Top]




Dear friend... If you follow completely the instructions given in this first part of this message, you will get to know yourself much better. You will be aware of where you spend your time, your effort, what you over attend and are careless of. Then you will start to discover greatly the factors that prevent you for fulfilling peace, success, harmony and tranquility, and therefore the execution of the 4 th Principle.


What is the meaning of this?... This means that if I spend the whole day working, and I don’t take care of my physical health, I could find myself in a hospital bed in a few days, and the whole effort I put into my work will go to pay doctors.

That if I don’t give attention to my wife, or my girlfriend, to my children or my parents, and I don’t develop my profession... That I don’t have a relationship with my fellowman because the human being is not an island, he cannot live along, that I am not taking care of the little world where I live... That I don’t have a relationship with my Creator, that I don’t know anything about how my mind, my emotions, my spirit and my physical body works.

How can we expect peace, harmony and tranquility when we disregard so many aspects that are so important to us?... My friend, we have all gone through this. You need your physical body and your balanced emotions are very important in life because they are the key of creativity. A harmonious mind, without conflicts and contradictions can be a marvelous instrument in the creation of everything you want. A strong will and spirit that can control your mind, emotions and body, and balance them, can give you command of your life.

A perfect relationship with your wife, a very harmonious relationship... Attention to your children, who are the seeds you have sowed and from whom you hope fruits... A more organized world, and a radiant and balanced economy. You need all of these!

You just cannot continue dedicating 90% of your efforts to such a limited part of yourself and your world... This is where the secret of harmony is, the secret of balance... By the means of the daily analysis over 49 days and through the visualization of the wheel of harmony, twice a day over 49 days, you will realize an d become conscious of yourself and of where are your efforts going.

  • Are you going to permit your habits to slowly destroy your life?
  • Will you continue disregarding the most important factors for your happiness and success?

I know you will not!... I well know that you are a sensible and prudent man . Even so, let me warn you, my friend, that this is not easy to fulfill, it is not easy at all... We went through this ourselves, so we can tell you, if you have the will to do it and accomplish it, how you can achieve it... But be prepared. Prepare yourself for quite a bit of effort, work and determination .

You have to do it as if you were to plant a garden that will give you fruit for quite some time. But we guarantee you that it is worth it... It is worth doing!... It is worth doing because there it is the key to your success... The key to your harmony, your happiness, of your well being and the well being of many other people who are a part of your world.

So I start from the beginning that you will do it, and... If not?... Well, it is your life... Well!... Go to a bookstore and get yourself a thick binder and place in it 120 sheets of paper... Divide this binder into the above-mentioned 4 parts of the Circle of the Harmony:

  • 30 pages will be for the chapter called: Myself.
  • The second thirty: My Family,
  • The third thirty: My Fellow Men, and
  • The last of the four: My World.

This binder will represent: Your point of reflections, your goal plans, and your action plans... Now, let's take the first part labeled “Myself” and let's divide it into 4 parts as well:

  • The 1st is: My Physical Body,
  • The 2nd is: My Strength to Do, my Emotions,
  • The 3rd part: The Ideas to Do, mi Mind, and
  • The 4th part: My Spirit, my Will to Do It.

As you can see, my friend, there you are. You are a physical body, an emotional body, a mental and a spiritual body... These 4 of your parts must be perfectly balanced and must require the maximum of your attention because if you are in harmony, if you are well, you can dedicate yourself to your family, your work, your fellow human beings and to your world. But if you're not well, what the rest is good for?.

Do the analysis of the physical, emotional, mental and will power “habits”... Ask yourself the following question: Are my habits of today tending towards Harmony?...

  • In the Physical part: Which are my "habits" that harm me?. Write them all down... What could I do to improve my physical health?.
  • Then I go to the Emotional part: What wears down my strength?, What wears down my emotions?... Anger, upsetting situations, jealousy? Etc, etc... Which are the emotional habits that wear down my strength and what can I do?... Which new habits could improve my emotions?.
  • Let's go now to the Mental part: Which are the thoughts that torture me?, Which are the habits of thoughts that damage me?, Which positive thoughts could I take into habits in order to accomplish the mental balance?.
  • Let’s go to the Will-S pirit chapter: What is my level of will?, What can I do to develop a bigger will?, Which are the habits that undermine the energy of the will?, What is that I do not have will for?.

My friend... I'm going to share with you a secret to accomplish the perfect equilibrium between: Your Wanting, Your knowing, Your strength and Your doing... I will give you a secret:


Yes, this is the way, surprising, right? I know... Renounce to everything that you like, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and do everything that you don’t like... This is the secret key to obtain a very strong will that will allow you to reach harmony between: Your Wanting - Your Knowing – Your Willing - and Your Doing. You will be a winner!.

The way we have worked the first part, we will work the second part. The second part that says: My family... Write down here all your responsibilities with your Parents, your Brothers, your Wife and your Children.

Record their names and ask yourself the same questions... Do my habits with each of these persons tend to harmony?... Which new habits could I start with the strength of my will in order to bring harmony into my relations and fulfill my duties towards my family ?

Then your Fellow Men. Write down the names of every person you have contact with every day, ask yourself the same questions as above, and take your decisions.

Now the chapter called The World, divides it into four parts:

  • My duty with Nature.
  • My duty with Humanity.
  • My duty with my own Activities.
  • My duty with my Creator.

Do yourself again the same questions: Do my habits tend to harmony?, Where do I have conflicts?, What do I do that damages the harmony in my relations? And, Am I fulfilling my duties?, What could I do?, What new habits could I begin in order to bring harmony in all departments of my life?

My friend, by asking yourself these questions, investigating, analyzing and putting yourself goals, purposes, you will have a plan of path, you will find out what is that you certainly have to do... Then distribute all the things you have to do by importance order, into a value scale: What is the most Important? What is Necessary? and What is Urgent?... Distribute it in 3 chapters, all the things that came out you to make in the Urgent, Important and Necessary...

Now your picture is more complete and clearer... But, my friend, allow me to warn you about this: Unless you do the first part of this message before you open your notebook , and unless you have the courage to be impartial and subjective with yourself, you will not be ready to take care of “Yourself,” you are the center of this circle . You must be honest and sincere in your answers, describing all the habits that are disturbing or taking away the harmony from your life, and work most of all in the relationship between: Your will, your desires, your knowing, your mind, your emotions, and your physical body.

You must accomplish control and self-discipline, self-correction of your body, your emotions, and your mind...

  • You are not your physical body.
  • You are not your emotions.
  • You are not your mind.
  • You are not your thoughts.


This is the great key for the harmonization of yourself ; try it.

Now, get yourself a drawing sheet with the following dimensions: 24 inches in length by 18 in width, those that you can get at any store... Draw in it at maximum size your Wheel of Harmony... First divide the circle into 4 parts... Draw 4 radius lines starting from the center... Then, on the part dedicated to yourself, draw 4 more radius lines:

  • One for your Mind,
  • One for your Will,
  • Another for your Mind,
  • And other for your Emotions.

And do the same with the rest of the distributions on the rest of the circle... The “0” point is the center. The circumference is the point 100... After you opened and structured your binder and have completed your analysis, after you have clarified clearly what are the habits that hold back your way towards the Light.

Once you have it quite clear about what is it that you have to do in each department of your life, and once you have it organized according to a scale of values from the most urgent to the most necessary... You will draw your own scale inside the circle then you will have a map, you will have a guide and a vision to meditate on every day, to visualize daily for many months of work.

My dear friend, this is not a work for lazy people... This work is not for losers... This work is for the people who are awake to their reality, that have realized that their lives can get away from their hands , that days go by, and in less time than we can blink an eye, one has a sick physical body with all the organs destroyed... That one doesn’t have the emotional strength or the courage to start new goals and carry through with them... That one doesn’t have mind to think because he realized that if he thinks, he can suffer a lot, then he tends to dwell his conscience... My friend, days go by, this I can guarantee you.

Your negative habits, the habits that make you receive blows, the habits that damage your life, your relation with your family, your work, your fellow men, everyday... They crystallize more. They consolidate more within your system, and every day that passes, it will be harder and harder to change them.


Remember: Your goals will be fulfilled if you dedicate attention to each of them and to each as a whole. It is not important if you do not reach the 100% of the circle... If you first harmonize them at 10, then at 20, then at 30, then at 40 and so on, but always in a CIRCLE THAT CAN ROLL, always in harmony, p eace and balance; it is a matter of starting.

First, chose the habits, the easiest habits to change, by doing this you will learn how to change a habit. Are you willing to do it? Yes?... Are you really going to go through with this 4th Principle?... I feel and believe that you will carry it through... So I am going to give to you one of the most important keys to use in changing your habit:

Relax, shut your eyes, and visualize yourself doing the habit that you detest the most on your mental screen... Let's suppose that you have the habit of being angry, being furious. Visualize yourself on your mental screen with somebody talking to you, and that you are starting to get angry, see yourself shouting, screaming and fighting... Feel nauseous of this person that you see in your mental screen, of this man that is angry, furious and violent. Feel nauseous of him!.

Then, begin to see him calming down little by little as a result of your will. Begin to visualize him on your mental screen for the “order that you are giving him” of staying calm, quiet, taking it easy and in peace. See him putting his hands down. See him relaxing his face muscles and starting to smile. See him apologizing and wish to be this man. Wish from the deepest part of your heart to be this man.

Repeat this exercise for 7 days with each of your habits... And don’t forget... F eel repulsed towards the man that have the old habits and put your best wish, the wish from your soul, to be that man that you’re projecting in your mental screen, that man in calm, serene, or the opposite of the noxious habit that you want to eradicate.

Do it. In relation to you physical, mental and emotional body, in relation to your will, your woman, your children and your work. You can, through this system, build a NEW ME, A NEW YOU, A MAN IN HARMONY THAT WILL BE BORN FROM THE RUBBLE OF THE MAN YOU NOW ARE.

My friend, we have traveled this road. We have been able to accomplish it. You also can do it!... We not only have done it but also are fulfilling our agreement with those who have preceded us in the path , by transmitting to you the keys to bring your life into harmony... You have all possibilities open to you; no obstacle can delay your evolution towards the acquisition of this Principle, towards peace and towards harmony.

Now then, what I have left to tell you, my friend, is the price... Yes, this has a price, it is not a price in currency, but a formal promise on your part; the promise of a man, of an adult and mature man that has respect for his word, to transmit and teach to the 7 people closest to you, the secrets of Harmony and how to achieve the 4 th Principle: “THINGS GO WELL WHEN THEY PROCEED AS A WHOLE”.

Among your goals, set the one of teaching THE WHEEL OF THE HARMONY to 7 people of your liking, so then they can as well transmit it to some other people in the future... This way we will be creating a better world, a world in harmony, a world in Light, the same way it was conceived by Our Common Creator.

Thank you!... Our vibration will be with you even though you do not know us... Each individual who makes the effort to carry through with the Laws, the Principles and the Cosmic Plan , is with us and is one of us. May o ur common Creator bless you, illuminate you, protect you and provide you with courage and strength to start this great change in your life.

Thank You...