Hello, my friend, hello!... To go backwards or to go forward, to advance or to wait, to wait or to retreat, there it is the great dilemma.

During the course of our lives we face situations, happenings, occasions, problems, and most times we do not know how to face them. We do not really know when to confront something or retreat; we don’t know certainly when to wait or go forward.

I imagine how often in the past you have been in front of this dilemma, the same as the rest of us. I imagine h ow many times you went forward on something instead of going backwards, you waited instead of going forward, or you went backwards instead of waiting.

How do we certainly know what we should do?

My friend, to us human beings, for a long time our instinct and experience have taken us to decide for one or another behavior, and decide if we wait, go forward, or retreat. This is a very high risk and the chances of being wrong are quite high. You have a 90% probability of failing in your decisions between the choices of advancing, waiting or retreating and its alternatives .

Now well, we have two possibilities in front of us: To follow our instincts, intuition, experience, or follow Laws and Principles.

Our life, even if we're not aware of it, obeys Laws. Everything that happens to us comes out of just and perfect Laws. We live in a Cosmos with Order, in a Universe with Order, created intelligently by an Ordered Force, no matter what you may call it, the Cosmos, our Creator, has provided Laws, paths, ways for all situations. The third Principle, the third among twelve that are the Light towards the liberation of the man, has been provided by the Cosmos for your use.


As you can see, my companion on the path, that is a very wise Principle, it is a Pri nciple of Light. A Principle that if we understand it and become conscious of it, follow it and practice it, it will avoid 100% of the blows and also prevent us from hurting others 100% of the time.

Let's see, my friend, what the precise meaning of this Principle is.

The first part is: “Retreat in front of a stronger force”, this means we have to yield in front of a stronger force, and not only to yield but to retreat it; we have to yield and go backwards to soften the blow... Retreat in front of a stronger force. Retreat in front of a stronger force; that is to say that we don’t have to collide with a stronger force because it will knock us down.

What obstacle do we see that could prevent us from carrying through with the first part of this Principle?... Right!. You figured it out! The only obstacle is our ability to discern about the force that comes up against us.

When is a force stronger or weaker than our force?

Now then, if you are the type of person that overestimates yourself, then you must usually be the type of person that receives quite a few blows, because a person who believes he is on top of everything, one who overestimates himself, usually underestimates the forces, situations, other people and normally get into many problems.

If you are one of those who underestimates yourself , then you overestimate any problem, situation and person, and then you spend most of your life recluse without to even intent to do anything!.

As you can see, it is a serious problem. One must be very balanced, awake and conscious of himself and of his own force, capacity and power, to be able to evaluate the incoming opposing force and when must go backwards, when must wait and when must go forward.

To be able to carry through with the first part of the Principle, you simply need to be impartial, judgmental. You have to really wish from the bottom of your heart to solve this problem, for on this depends whether you are going to continue receiving blows or avoid them. If you make an analysis of yourself , an analysis of your behavior of the past, analyzing the blows you have received, or maybe an analysis of why you have not done a great thing in your life, then you will be able to find the secret that lies behind the image you have of yourself.

First, ask yourself:

  • Do I over or underestimate myself?
  • Do I consider myself a great thing, or do I consider myself not much of anything?
  • Have I made many mistakes in the past regarding my forces?

Second, make a list of seven people from your little world, seven people that like and appreciate you. Ask them:

  • What do they think about you?

Ask them:

  • Do you think that I over or under estimate myself?

Let them answer this, it will help you to analyze yourself a great deal... The root of the problem is that we are made up of three parts: A mental, an emotional and a physical part.

A part of us, the mental part always overestimates itself. It believes it is the king of the hill... While our emotional part is the most hurt because is the one that has received the blows of life; it is the part that has always listened to the You can't do this, you can't do that, so it is the part that always underestimates itself. And this is the eternal conflict between the part that overestimates itself, called the mind, the personality, and the part that underestimates itself, called the essence, or our emotional part. The fight between these two parts finally is paid by our body.

Unless, you can get to a real evaluation of yourself, a mental evaluation, because the mind wants many things, my travel companion, your mind wants a lot, my mind wants a lot . We have great imaginations. Our minds go into fantasy quite a bit, but finally you must remember that it is not the wanting of our mind, which does the things that we want in life.

Our mind always puts us into problems, into undesirable situations. On the other hand, our emotions, our impulses, the part within us that underestimates itself, the part that has registered all of the failures and blows we have had gets smaller each day. It tends to keep us in a corner, not letting us try situations for fear of failure.

And these two parts, my friend, must make peace (o se usa “conciliation”?) between themselves, and the only way to accomplish this is to objectively analyze yourself. Do an evaluation of your own reality, of what really can be expected by the mind and of what really can be done by the emotions. Then, the joining of the thought and idea with the desire to carry through that thought in a balanced way will harmonize you and will harmonize the external forces around you.

In any case, until you have done this analysis, until you have finished with your evaluation, until you know with certainty the ground you are standing on, until you can differentiate between the wanting of your mind and the desires of your emotions, and until you have learned to balance both, you will have to back away from this stronger force, you will have to yield and go backwards in front of a stronger force.

Well then, Where do these stronger force come from?... Where do these situations, circumstances, happenings, the problems at work or with the family, the neighbor, my wife or even with myself come from?... Where do this stronger force come from a nd why do I have to accept to yield and back away before it?...

Again, my friend let's ask for help from our common Creator, from the Cosmos, that with great kindness has provided us with Laws of Light to shine on our paths and to help us carry through with our life plans.

In this case what comes to aid us is the Law of Causality, the Law of Cause and Effect. This Law states the following: “Each cause has its effect, and each effect has its cause”. This means that all mayor situations and events, problems and conflicts with people, work and family that come against you, have been provoked by you in the past. The cause is in you ; you have triggered the stronger force, either consciously or subconsciously. This is why you have to yield and back away before this force.

Going back again to our key. Consciously or subconsciously one has been the cause for this force come against one.

The root of our problem is that there is a part of us, an impulsive part, the emotional part, the part that is afraid, the part that tends to failure, the part that does not follow the Law, the part that does whatever it wants. This part, when we are not conscious and awake, when we are not alert, when we couldn’t control it, has provoked and has been the cause for us to do this or that thing, and b y the Law of Cause and Effect, it is going to come back against us , but i n this case, it will be a strong er force.

This is why, at the instant when you find yourself in circumstances or situations of this kind, when a stronger force is coming to confront you, my friend, do not collide with it, do not face it, do not argue; be humble, yield and go backwards, waiting for that stronger force to weakens, wait in your corner until it weakens and while you wait, analyze the reason why this stronger force is coming to blow you. In the exact instant that you get the reason that catapulted that stronger force , the conscious or subconscious behavior from the past that caused this force to come to blow you, at that instant, the stronger force will weaken; this way, you wait until it weakens, and until you find the cause for it.

Then this force will weaken in the same instant that you acknowledge where it comes from, and when you take the conscious decision, the man decision of not repeating the same mistake under any circumstances, of not catapulting again the same cause, then you will be able to advance with resolution and light. The word “resolution” comes from the root word “sun”: solar action, solution. Resolution when one has taken the determination of not making the same mistake again.

So back away, wait, or advance. Depends on you, depends on your behavior of today, on the causes of your actions, on what you trigger today; it depends on your acts of today.

Your good or bad acts will unavoidable trigger stronger forces which will come back to you, which themselves would be good or bad according to your acts.

Retreat in front of a stronger force, wait until it weakens and then advance with resolution

This is the Principle that could illuminate you, but only if sincerely and deeply from the bottom of your heart, you decide to accomplish the analysis objectively and impartially about yourself , then start to work for the mental side, the one that overestimates your strength, and the emotional side, the one that underestimates it, get into balance and working hand on had in unison.

This depends on you!... Today, while you read (or listen ) this message, in past days, past months, past years, consciously or unconsciously, you have been the cause of situations. For some of them, you have received good actions if your actions have been for the good, you have received your deserved payment for them; if not yet, you will receive them in the future. This is an irrevocable Law, just and perfect. Your bad and wrong actions will come back to you as a stronger force.

Follow the Principle, my companion on the path, wake up to it and prepare yourself to acknowledge the stronger forces you encounter. Know the causes and recognize the mistake so you can keep on advancing, but never forget, it is not important who you are, what you do or how old you are. You k now that in your subconscious and before you were aware of this Principle and the Law of Cause and Effect, consciously or subconsciously you have done right and have harmt.

For the good you will be paid, and for the bad you have to prepare yourself to face them . This is the Law, a just and blessed Law, and without it our world would be much more chaos than it is today.

Thousands of people, my friend, of all ages and from all times, have received this message. Some were prudent, sensible and intelligent; they saw the Light of this message and decided to work at it by putting it into practice. It is because of their effort that it has arrived to us from past ages.

We able to do it, and we are carrying through with it, and we are accomplishing the Law by passing this message on to you.

  • What will you do with it?
  • Will it be a message read (or listened) once and then lost in time?
  • Will you underestimate or overestimate yourself anyway?
  • Will you permit your mental part, the one that overestimates itself, to judge this message badly or will you permit your emotional part to underestimate your strength to carry through with it?

As you can see, this is for people who want success. It is for people who want peace , balance and harmony, for people who do not want to harm anymore, neither consciously nor subconsciously, not to themselves or his neighbor. It is for people who want to be useful to their world and to their Creator. It is for people who want to wake up from their lethargy . It is for people who want to finish with the duality of good and bad. It is for people who can do it.

My friend, we know the difficulties that are encountered on the road to the Light, don't be disappointed!... Read (or listen) this message 7 times, once a day before going to bed, then come to your first conclusions. [Top]




Dear friend: If you followed the instructions to read (or listen) to the first part of this message for seven days. If you meditated and deeply reflected on the Principle and the Law of Cause and Effect, you must have arrived at one conclusion.

Isn't that right? And that conclusion cannot be other than the following: Each time that life puts you in circumstances where you are facing the danger of a stronger force that can strike you down, you must back away and stop short asking yourself the following question:

  • W hy is this happening to me?
  • W hy is this happening to me?
  • Why am I facing this situation and problem?

You must look within yourself for the cause or causes that have triggered this situation, and you must find it. Only when you find it and you recognize that you triggered it, and when you decide not to repeat it again, then the stronger force will weaken and you will never have to face that situation again.

The second question you should ask yourself is:

  • Has this happened to me in the past?
  • In the past, have I ever been in front of a stronger force like this one?
  • Why?

My friend, these two questions before a situation of a stronger force are two key questions; and if you are really looking for the solution with good intentions, something in you will show you the cause. The rest depends on your arrogance or your humbleness, on your desire to get what you want and denying guilt, or if you are humble, sensible and prudent enough to acknowledge and correct it.

Then you will be able to advance with resolution.

Each and every one of us, my friend, has tendencies. Inside of us, our impulsive part, our emotional part, have tendencies to make mistakes, the same mistakes over and over. The blows we receive for making these mistakes are the ones that one day will bring us to the understanding that behind these mistakes are the lessons that we have to learn, and this invites our strength of will to correct it and take the reins of our emotional horses, eliminating those tendencies that lead us to problems, conflicts, contradictions and blows.

Get a paper and pencil, and during seven days, once per day, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of problem is repeated over and over in my life?
  • Which are the situations, events or happenings that I am involved over and over?
  • Which are the blows that I am receiving over and over?.

Be impartial and objective with yourself. Give a true and honest answer to these questions. The Light will come from deep inside of you and you will see which are the problems that are repeated, and you will have your answers. You will know that ever since you had reason until this moment, these same tendencies have been the cause that catapulted many stronger forces that you already paid with your own blows and many others that are still to come. So, knowing the causes that you triggered in the past because of your emotional tendencies, you can now tell which are the effects like and also be prepared at the time that the stronger force shows up.

This analysis will turn on the light in your mind and heart. It will carry you to the discipline, auto-correction and t o be prepared to pay for that which you have done in the past. Now you won't be surprised by the stronger force when it shows up. You w ill be able to back away in humbleness before this force, and you will wait until it weakens… And remember: It will not weaken, but will return even stronger, over and over, until you acknowledge the causes and you decide not to make the same mistake again. Only then will you be able to advance with resolution.

The effects could show up in various ways, but the Law, which is just and perfect, is magnanimous with those who wait for it and with those who support and defend it. Also, when one is prevented, he already knows that has to pay, and the blow hurts less.

My friend, in order that this Principle and the Law of Cause and Effect be fixed in your essence and become the normal and daily way for you to face life, that is to make it a part of yourself, you must become that Law and this Principle, and you never again will create more wrong causes. For this to be able to happen, you must start to work in it . Everything has its fair price.

Now, open up a 50-page notebook, divide it into 4 sections.

  • In the first write down: My duty with myself.
  • In the second write: My duty with my neighbor.
  • In the third: My duty with humanity, and
  • In the fourth: My duty with the Law, with the Cosmos, with the Creator.

After you open it, y ou must initiate the following plan, which will last many years of your life, and it is as follows:

Start creating, in a conscious manner, causes for the good, causes for harmony, causes for well being, causes for unity, without conflicts or contradictions; causes for which the effects will be harmony, peace, love and well being.

Ask yourself the following question:

  • What can and what should I do to lead a harmonious life?
  • What can I start doing today, tomorrow and every day?
  • Which seed actions can I take so the effects are equal to the seed?.

If you sow causes of balance, there will be balanced effects... If you sow causes of love and understanding... You can sow a behavior of health, of caring for your physical body.

You can sow causes of care towards your emotional body; your emotions need harmony, beauty, art, balance, and you must withdraw from them the fear of failure, the fear and instincts... You can create causes of clearness, of understanding, of consideration in your mental body, causes of order and causes of equilibrium. Search, inquire, and investigate which those effects could be and wait... The Sacred Law of Increased Compensation will return to you a hundred fold for each seed you plant.

Then, do the same for your neighbor, inside your little world: Y our wife, your friends, your children, your parents, your relatives, and your work companions. Start to sow in them, start to induce in them harmonious actions; in a conscious way make it a goal for you to bring out the best part of them.

The same will be your duty with humanity.

  • Which causes can you sow?
  • What can you do for you neighbor, your area in town, for the small world that is humanity to you?. This will later compensate you a hundred times over.

And in relation to your duties with your Creator.

My friend, you were created for a very specific reason. An intelligent Creator cannot make a mistake; a perfect Creator cannot create a being without some purpose. There is a purpose to your life, there is a plan, your creator is expecting something from you, something very concrete, something that he does not expect from anybody else because you are unique. He has not created any two humans alike.

Nobody has the combination that you have . If you are conscious of this fact, if you search inside of yourself where your Creator resides, and if you do not slack off until you know the reason for your existence, for what and why are you here, w here are you going and what do you have to do?... This could be the great cause that you could sow, and its effects will show up when you are ready, at the moment when you have learned to obey the Laws of your Creator for yourself and for the rest of his creatures.

One of the causes you could sow, and it will guarantee you to have multiple fruits, fruits of peace, balance and harmony, which will give you a better world, an illuminated world, a world at peace with your neighbors, with your family, and a world with order, is: To try to get to sow this same message in 7 people; 7 people that like you are receiving blows today and would like consciously to follow the Light, live in peace and harmony. You can sow this cause. The effects will be light in your life; you would contribute to the illumination of this world, of this Mansion of our common Father.

Let's think together!... How much suffering?, How many errors?, How many blows they could be avoided if each and every one of the people that live in your small world could receive and carry through with this message?.

This message arrived to you and is a chain. We do not know the people that live in your world, but you do. You are already a keeper of this message, and now you possess the: What to do to obtain a better balance towards evolution?

You could make your goal plan...

Write down the name of seven people and i f you have followed all the instructions, if you understood and have conquered this Principle and this Law of Cause and Effect, I assure to you that you will not have any difficulty in transmitting it. They, as well, will spread it to others, and those others to others, and so on. Do not permit the pessimism invade you and think that there is no one who would understand or be interested or be able to carry through with this. There are many who under their mask, their outer of arrogant and pride people , that apparently know it all, people that perhaps at the beginning will tell you that they know all, that they carry through with this in their lives. Be alert; understand that they are like us, that b ehind their looks exist the desire to learn , that deep inside everybody recognize their mistakes, and that every one wants to correct them.

So be alert in your determination, listen patiently to them with an understanding heart, knowing that within them there is a spirit that is eager to evolve, a spirit that is eager for not receiving or giving any more blows and that would anxiously receive the help offered. If you are aware, if you are alert, you will get there and will be sowing a better world. You will not be talking nonsense anymore; you won’t be like the person sitting down at a coffee shop criticizing the mistakes of our world. No, you will be a person without t ime for any criticism. You will be a man, a doer. You will be a person capable of changing circumstances in your world and of that around you. You will stop being the type of person that only criticizes and receive more blows.

My friend, being that we ourselves have thrown dirt in the past, now we have to clean up... The world is our creation. I n your hands is to get it dirtier and dirtier and live in filth , or as well within you is the possibility to begin to clean up, and what is of most importance, not mess it up again. You can make of your life either heaven or hell.

You choose!... In this moment you are conscious and awake, and you have your free will, so you can decide. We have done it, you can too... You can do it! W e too doubted; we also at first doubted of our capability, and even thought we didn’t have anything to transmit to others.

In my own situation, I even thought that in order to re-transmit these teachings I would have to turn myself into a radio broadcaster and would need to go to a university to learn how to give speeches. But one day I understood that if I can talk well or not, that if I try to transmit this to someone, and this someone is like me, a human being with problems and happiness, with struggles and a will to evolve, this person would feel me , understand me, live me and would not criticize my grammar or my pronunciation mistakes .

So first we did it, then we learned, then we dared. Venture it my friend! It is your life; it is not the life of somebody else. I know we are used to receiving the blows, even further, our pessimistic side has already turned our skin in crocodile skin . We wake up in the morning and are not surprised anymore by the blows, right?

But deep inside of us we say: Enough! Enough! The time to be i s now! It is the time to do! It is the time to do, to build up the courage and the enthusiasm needed, to get the strength and move forward with it. The cosmic masters will guide you step by step, as they have guided all that were willing to progress and advance, as a mother would help her child when he wants to do the homework, as you would help anybody willing to do it.

I trust in you, my friend! I trust in your kindness; I trust in the Creating Spark that vibrates in you. I trust in your capability to do this. Read (or listen) this message as many times as you want and do not forget that the key part is:

The Idea, Emotion, Action, Mind, Heart, and Body have to function all together.

Never do anything against your emotions. Never do anything against your mind, for it will bring conflict and then the stronger force will arrive.

Read (or listen) the other messages that contain the rest of the 11 Principles; they are closely related to this Principle and the Law of Cause and Effect... Make this the most important matter in your life! Make this your primary goal. You'll make it!.