Relax! Relax!... Close your eyes, clear up your mind, count until 5 and attentively listen with your heart, listen with your mind and each cell of your body...

Listen! Listen! Listen!... When you force something towards an end, you produce the contrary effect”. To force an end: Opposite. To force finality: Opposite. When you force something towards an end, you produce the contrary effect.

Repeat after me, slowly, visualizing a double dish weight scale, where you force one side down the other moves up.

Visualize the scale with a black circle divided in two and repeat after me: When I force something towards an end, I will produce the opposite result”. I must not force! I must not force! I must not force anything towards an end! When I force something towards an end, I will get the opposite effect.

Continue visualizing on your mental screen the black circle diametrically split in two by a line. Visualize the movement of the scale . You will get your purpose when the two dish of the scale be in equilibrium.

See the scale dishes in movement, subtracting weight on one dish, to put it in the other dish and so on until they are in a perfect equilibrium. One dish represents the effort you are making to achieve your purpose , and the other dish contains what you want to accomplish.

What you want to accomplish has a price, a fair price. What you want to accomplish has a fair price. If you try a little bit, you will not achieve what you want, because you will be paying lesser effort, lesser price than what it is fair. So, if you have not made the necessary effort, you cannot get what you want. Also, you cannot force it and get it. You would be violating the Law of Equilibrium!.

Everything in the Cosmos has a fair price, everything you want requires an amount of effort and of work, not more nor less than its price. This is the reason why, in the past, you haven't been able to reach many of your goals. This is the reason why, instead of reaching your goal, you have accomplished the opposite of what you set out to do , because you have forced your purpose. You have forced the situation many times. Y ou wanted your goal without paying its fair price.

“When you force something towards an end, you produce the opposite”.

Review (or listen) this part of the message for a period of 49 days, once when you wake up and when you go to bed, always visualizing the circle diametrically split and the scale dishes shifting until reaching equilibrium. Recall this 7 times per day. Seven times a day say in a loud voice this Principle which governs the accomplishment of all human effort:

“When I force something towards an end, I will get the opposite effect”.

“Everything I wish to get has a fair price, and I must pay for it with effort, work or some other way, no more, no less than its fair value.”

Alright, my friend , now you can sit down, open your eyes… L et's converse , let’s talk. Let’s be sincere, i f your parents had taught you this Principle when you were between the ages of, let's say, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years old,

Where would you be now? Yes, yes, I know, sadly we were not taught this Principle. How many times in the past have we forced things to happen; we wanted something and forced it, and the only thing we got was the opposite result. You must be conscious that in you, in me and in every human being, our conscious and awaken side knows very well that we must pay for everything we need to get.

Isn't this true?, Then, Who is the one who forces things?, Who is it?

Simply put, a part inside of us, an impulsive man that is inside of us, a person that wants to do whatever he wants to do, a person that does not follow laws, that whenever he wants something, he simply forces his way through in order to get it. He does not care if it has a price or not.

In this moment this impulsive man is in you, in me and inside every human being. This person has to be Equilibriumd by the conscious part of us. Our mind, when it is awake and conscious, knows that there is a price to pay for the things we want, but our impulsive part does not know of laws, it doesn’t know this language.

Let’s go back to our dishes and the scale. Let's put our conscious part on the right dish and on the left our emotional, impulsive part; that part that wants to do whatever it wants and doesn’t know any law.

When the conscious part does not take into consideration the impulsive part, it has no strength to give to any effort; therefore, it cannot accomplish its goal. If the impulsive part in us is the one that governs us, then it forces its way to accomplish its goal, and the only thing it gets is the opposite.

Then you will say: “What would it be the solution?”

The answer is simple: That our conscious side and our impulsive side come to an agreement , both of them, in order to accomplish the goal. The impulsive side is the strong side of us, and the conscious side, the mind, is the one that knows exactly how to accomplish things, what the price is and how to find out the right price to pay to accomplish the goal.

As you do the exercise I'm giving you, over a period of 49 days, your conscious side will be transmitting to your impulsive side the image of this Principle every time you do it ; it will be educating it, and letting it see that it is not possible to just do whatever it wants; it will be telling it to come to an agreement . This is the Binary Law, the Law of Duality : “Everything in the Cosmos is One, and the One becomes two”. One side active and the other passive; one side positive and the other negative; a right and a left side.

And unless, my friend, both parts are in agreement within you, you will continue harvesting failures, you will continue to force things towards some end and, of course, getting the opposite effect. Or you will continue to give a lesser than necessary effort in getting those things you want, but falling short of getting them.

The Law of Duality, the Binary Law, The Polarity Law manifests in you, in all of us , in the following manner:

One pole is your mind. Your mind, when you are awake, knows the law. It knows very well that everything has a price, no more, nor less; and this price cannot be forced under any circumstance. Your mind knows very well. What happens is that this is not the side that always governs us.

The impulsive side is the other pole, the side that have the strength, the emotional side ; that is like an animal that knows nothing of laws, that wants to do whatever it wants and if is possible, accomplish everything without paying any price.

You know this well, this happens to all of us because we are all made from the same mold.

  • Now then, how?, I repeat,
  • How can we achieve the union between the mind and the emotions?
  • How can we get the union of the idea and the emotion,
  • Of the thought and the strength, and
  • Of the goal and the motive force to achieve it?... Without forcing it of course and being willing to pay the price for it.

One way to accomplish this condition is through the exercise I gave you earlier. Another is by being conscious and awakening to the fact that time and again in the past, we have forced things to happen, and the only thing we have gotten is the contrary. Or simply put, we have not put enough effort and didn't get anything.

My travel friend and life companion, are you willing to continue this way?

Get a notebook and a pen and start to recall the times in the past you wanted to get something, forcing your way through, and the only thing you got was the opposite of what you set out to achieve. Let’s do it, take note of case by case.

Each time you have forced to accomplish a purpose, it does not matter what. Write down all of them .

Each of the 49 days try to remember in your mind the times and write down all the situations. Take note of all of them without any exception. Then, on each of the 49 days write down all of your ideas, goals and projects that you wanted to achieve but were not able to accomplish because of lack of strength.

You were not able to do this because your other side didn’t join you with the necessary power and strength needed. Do this over the next 49 days. Then write the names of 7people that you see frequently, and write down the times that they have tried to accomplish something by forcing their way to the end but accomplished the opposite.

During 49 days, make of this work the most important thing in your life. Think about it, over and over until you are convinced of this truth. Do it until every cell of your body, until your impulsive side, your emotional side, and your mind be clear and definite about t he truthfulness of this great Universal Principle.

  • Are you willing to give the necessary effort?
  • Are you willing to do this?
  • Are you willing to pay the price? or
  • Do you think to force things once again? or
  • Do you think you can bypass this Law without paying the necessary price?

If you simply don’t giv e the right amount of effort, you will be violating the same Principle. Look, everything that is in this message will not serve you for anything, and you would be wasting a golden opportunity, the opportunity to be a man.

The opportunity to be a man in equilibrium. A man in harmony and peace within himself. A man with his mind and emotions together, with his will and power joined together, struggling towards the same purpose.

My friend, be prudent, be intelligent, be sensible and don't permit anything in you to discourage your efforts. That’s the side that normally tends to force and justify. It is the side that keeps you on the mud. That’s the side that wastes your energy.

Be sensible, be prudent and make the decision to carry through with these exercises. Now, if since now I were to insist that you do what it is in this message, I would be forcing something towards an end and the only result would be the opposite. I would only accomplish that you don’t do anything of what there is in this message. This is the limit of the Equilibrium.

Like the Great Master said: “He who has ears, should hear; he who has eyes, should see”.

There you have it, my friend. Good luck and work! Be prepared, the price will render in centuplicate. Every effort spent will pay you back a hundred times more satisfactions.

Now then, Lie down. Calm yourself. Shut your eyes. Visualize a circle with a dot in the middle... Visualize a circle with a dot in the middle. Below it, on the left side, visualize a circle split into two halves by a line... I repeat, Visualize a circle with a dot in the middle and below, on the left side and in a triangular shape, visualize other circle split into two by a diametrical line.

On the right side of the triangle , visualize a third circle, a circle looking similar to the Mercedes Benz emblem, a circle divided into three equal parts. These circles represent the 3 phases of accomplishment. The first one we will call THE WISH. To the first circle we will call: YOUR WISH. The circle on the left that is split in two parts has two names: one side we will call: YOUR WISH and the other YOU CAN. If the WISH and the CAN are in Equilibrium, i n the third circle we will have: The WISH, the CAN and the DO in perfect Equilibrium.


If your mind, your body, and emotions are perfectly Equilibrium and if you are ready to pay the price for what you want, without forcing anything, you will be a man that can do; that can accomplish everything because you understand that everything has a price, not more nor less!

Three times a day over the next 49 days you will draw the three circles with what they represent and meditate on them. You have in your hands the key of the DOING. Use it well o r… simply do nothing. [Top]





Very well, my friend: I hope you are a person of good judgment that has a real desire to evolve. A person that really wants to accomplish his life plan and carry it through in harmony with himself , with his little world, his family and his work.

If you have carried through with all the instructions received in the first part of this message, you already know a lot about the forces inside of you. You know a lot about the force of the mind, the emotions and the body.

If this is the case, let's proceed to the second part, which is HOW TO CARRY THROUGH WITH THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THREE FORCES , the Principle that states that: “When you force something towards an end, you produce the opposite”.

Prepare a notebook and pencil... Write down the name of 7 people, seven people with different ages, whom you appreciate and like; and who also like and appreciate you. These 7 people must have in common the following characteristic: That they have the habit and are accustomed to force things towards an end and come out with the result not expected. People who perhaps have the characteristic of don't try hard enough to get what they want.

It does not matter if you can't think of their names right away, but keep at it. Make first the list from many people, they will be your pre-candidates. Then, by using your memory and the knowledge you have about them, you can decide which should be the seven people. I am sure they are in your little world.

Then, ask yourself and write down: What can I do to take these people to the understanding of this great Principle and for them to put it in practice?”

Your work in this second part is to deliver this Principle to the 7 people on your list and help them to put it practice in their lives. This is based on a Cosmic Law that states: “You will affix within you, forever, that which you teach to the others”.

My friend, What is the use of a personal Equilibrium world? What can you get from knowing this Principle and Law, carrying it through successfully in your own small world, while the people closest to you are still ignorant about this Principle, and they continue to force things towards an end? What is the use of knowing that those closest to you aren't harmonious, Equilibrium and happy, reaching their goals?

It is a logical matter , you see, THE TRUTH AND THE KNOWLEDGE HAVE A COMMITMENT.

The one who benefits from the truth and knowledge of the ones who went through this Path, has the obligation to pass it to others , and t his is a necessary requirement . You won’t be able to affix in your spirit this Law. Y our cells, your emotions, your mind, and your thoughts are not inserted with this Principle 100%, unless you try to transmit it and make others to carry it through for their own equilibrium.

But r emember: “If you force something to an end, you will get the opposite”, that is, if you will force them to receive the Principle and achieve it, you will get that they don’t do anything. Don't try to force them. Don’t try to force them.

On one dish of the Equilibrium scale will be the person you want to benefit and on the other dish will be your own effort to get this . The two dishes have to Equilibrium each other, and then you will get that this person carry this Principle through to gain his own happiness.

Remember, remember, the steps you have to go through are as follows:

FIRST: Make a list of pre-candidates.

SECOND: Analyze each of them to see who are the ones that violate more this principle; that is, the ones that force something towards an end and always get the opposite, or those who do not try hard enough and never reach anything .

THIRD: Decide to transmit the Principle to them and help them to carry this Principle through. You can't make this decision unless you Equilibrium yourself.

You have received and benefited from this Principle in the first part. Everything has its price. The price for what you have received, the price of the harmony you could have accomplished by carrying through the first part of these instructions is the transmission and the help you render to 7 people so they could carry it through. The understanding of this idea will lead you to make your decision without conflicts or contradictions, without a struggle between your mind and your emotions, between your desire and your can do.

FOURTH: Be alert to the side in you that can tell you that it does not know how to do it, or that it can't be done, or that these people are not going to listen, or that these people are not able to do it, or any other excuse. This is the fourth step, to be alert to this side in us that normally takes away our courage , the negative and passive side.

Unless you convince this side that doing this work is a necessity, that to do this work is to pay a price for something that has been received, you will not be able to fulfill this work. This is the secret of being able of accomplish it.

FIFTH: Set up a time, set up a time that you will entirely dedicate to each of those persons, until they have reached Equilibrium and harmony in their lives . To say this differently, you have to do it until they “make it”. The best way to reach it is taking time daily or every two or three days.

SIXTH: Start by the principle of considering that each one of these 7 people is yourself, that each of them is yourself before you received the Light of this Principle .

SEVENTH and last step: Teach them to do it exactly the same way you are doing it in this moment; that is, they also have to pay the price by teaching other 7 people, each one in the way to accomplish the Mater Principle of Equilibrium that says: “WHEN YOU FORCE SOMETHING TO AN END, YOU PRODUCE THE OPPOSITE”.

While this takes place:

  • Write your goal in little sheets of paper, placing them in several different places to remind yourself of what you're doing.
  • Write your goal and the Principle in papers, and place them in everywhere, c hange the places often until you always have present the purpose that you have set yourself… To pay the price for the Principle of Light that is the path to the per sonal liberation.

Now then, Read (or listen) both parts of this message for seven days, every night when you go to bed.

I already hear your protest from the side in you that does not want to pay the price; the side that considers that this is too much work; the side that says that it is not necessary to listen to this 7 times, that once is enough; that you are not stupid; that you can understand. I can already hear it!... Don't pay any attention to it! It has always acted this way in the past, but don't permit it to do what it wants this time.

This has happened to me as well, my friend. I know this side very well. It also kept me in the mud for a long time. I know hundreds of people that have the same problem. I deal with this side like I would do with a young child; I do not struggle with it; I let it see that it’s OK; I will not read (or listen) to it for 7 days. Yes, I listen to its protests, but inside my heart, I read (or listen) the message 7 times... Be astute my friend, be intelligent, it is about your life, it is about your life!.

  • Are you going to allow that your life fails?
  • Are you going to allow that side within you destroys your life?
  • It’s not true, right?

I did this same procedure in the past… One day I decided to do it. I decided it... Because I realized that life is one, and that it is something incredibly great to be incarnated in a body and be alive. I understood that one incarnates to do something concrete. We have something to do. You have something to do; e ach one of us has something to do in the Cosmic Plan.

  • Can't you see my brother, that is a world in order?
  • Don't you see, that is a perfect world?
  • Don't mind the side of you that says no...

Everything in the Cosmos is in order. Your life will make sense. My life started to make sense when I started to obey and follow the Cosmic Laws... I started to realize that success, harmony, peace, happiness, friendship and love, all obey precise actions, precise laws and are not something casual, something fortuitous or something that just happens. No, my friend, no, no, they are something that we can produce in our life always that we follow the laws.

I also had my doubts and my struggles. Being positive in the morning and negative in the evening. Thinking “I can” in the morning and feeling that I can’t do anything in the evening. Until I found the Light in the Laws and the Principles. These are Laws and Principles that thousands of people before us have used.

You have used them many times. Think, if an item is worth 100 dollars , you cannot force it into buying it for 20 dollars, it’s not possible . If it is worth 100 dollars , then you have to pay 100 dollars for it, other wise you don’t buy it. It's very simple. You cannot rape a woman , you have to do something for her to go with you; you cannot force her, because the only thing you will get is the opposite. You can't force your child to study; you have to find the way for him to study.

A mother might want very much to see her child eating, but if she forces the child, he (or her) will say no... This is the way we have been brought up, a negative system.

  • You must study, then we don't study.
  • You must work, then we don't want to work.
  • You must do this, you must do that.
  • We have been permanently forced towards an end.
  • You must be good! Then we are bad, because we were forced to be good.

You must love the neighbor! So nobody loves his or her neighbor. You see, we have always been forced to wards an end , and without noticing these ways have entered into our “blood” (DNA). Now w e also force others; we force situations, we force things, and we only accomplish the opposite!

We have to move this out of our body. Getting rid of this way of behavior. We have to awake! We have to observe ourselves!. Realizing of our habits. It’s very easy my friend! Since the moment you set yourself this purpose. Set yourself the purpose to observe and notice how all the people force things to happen, and due to this they don’t get anything. Then, start to observe yourself, and you'll see that this habit is in you. That is why we are where we are.

However, when you awaken to this fact and decide to follow the Law, all the teaching given in the first part of this message, and if you do what is said in the second part, you will in all certainty change your habit of forcing things or not trying hard enough. And you will become a harmonious person.

As you can observe my friend, in the same way that there are traffic laws, income tax laws, laws for banking, for work, for marriage, for commerce, etc., also the nature, the Cosmos and the Order have provided Laws for the animal, the vegetable, the mineral and the human being . Laws that permit growth and evolution in perfect harmony for the accomplishment of the Cosmic and Personal Plan.

Laws, paths, and ways. Carrying through with those Laws, you will find light on your path, you will be able to shine on y our small world and on that of others, who themselves will be able to shine also theirs.


Doesn't our life show, and don't we each one really know deep inside that this Principle is true?. What such a work does it cost us?. Well!, Once it is done, then one surpasses it. What doesn’t cost work?; Everything requires work.

My friend, Reflect, meditate and t hink about it... Be patient with yourself. Don’t be in a hurry, do it slowly… Do it slowly. You will enter into the circle of the friends of the Law. You will enter the circle of the Friends of the Nature, of the Cosmos; Friends of the Order… You will enter the circle of the ones that have understood; of those who can carry through everything they wish, for they do not go against the Law of the Accomplishment, i nstead they back it up, they defend it.

You will be a winner and help other people to win, or a looser, one of so many that wants to do what he wants for his own damage and others life damage also.

There you have the Balance Scale of life in front of you. It's your life. You are free to do with it heaven or hell. In your hands is: “The How.” When you make your decision, our common Creator guides your steps and illuminates you .

Thanks for your time. Thanks for your attention .