Good morning, good morning, companion on the road of life, companion on the path...

This message is to transmit to you one of the most important Principles that governs human behavior. With the help of this Principle there will be light on your Path. So be attentive , reflect on each word and phrase of this message . Listen, meditate and reflect on it again and again, until its contents becomes a part of yourself; until it becomes your usual approach to life, being instinctive and automatic in you.


This principle is based on a Cosmic Law, the most important Law that governs the Universe. It is the Law that states that the Creator has created everything that exists, He then is present in each particle, in each atom of his Creation. Everything is in everything and everything is in all things. This is why if you go against the evolution of things , you are also going against yourself.

Life is One and beats in all of the Cosmic Kingdoms: It beats in the animal , vegetable and mineral kingdoms; it beats in planets, suns, water , fire. W herever you look there is movement and movement is Life, and Life evolves. Life is One. The same impulse of live that you feel in your chest, in your heart , the same consciousness that beats in you, is also in the stone, the animal, in the trees, and in other people. Life evolves from the imperfect to perfect forms, from the most dense to the most subtle, from the most material to the most spiritual; this is why if you stop the evolution of any particle of Life, you will also be delaying the evolution of the same life that beats in you.

Now let's see... How this Principle can be applied in the way of life we are living today?

Reflect with me. If this principle says: “To go against the evolution of things is to go against yourself”, it is saying, in other words: “If you commit yourself and help other things to evolve according to their pattern , then you will be evolving yourself”. That is, if you help other forms of life to evolve... Wouldn’t you be helping the same particle of life that beats in you and is one with the others to evolve as well?

Simple, isn't it?... Very well my friend, let's see what obstacles we might find on the road so as to be able to put this principle to work for us.

The first and most important one is that from the moment of our birth we start thinking that we are a separate entity, that I am only myself, Peter is Peter, and John is John; that I have nothing to do with the sun, the moon, water, fire, the eucalyptus tree, the dog... I sn't this right?... This has been the education we have received. It is not enough to understand the idea that we are one with everything else, that our life is the same life with that of the rest of humanity. It is necessary to feel it, to feel it. It is necessary that this feeling penetrates each of the cells that form your mind, your emotions, and your body. It is necessary that you remember this step by step, as you walk forward on the path of life.

This is t he first obstacle, to believe that we are a separate entity, independent and individualized from the whole.

The second obstacle that we will encounter on the path is not holding firmly in our minds and spirit that everything is in evolution or involution. If I toss a rock upward , it will go up on the air as long as it last the impulse and strength that it was tossed with, then the impulse will end and it will fall back. To ascend is evolving, to descend is involution. There cannot be anything static in the universe, nothing is inert, nothing is paralyzed; everything moves, vibrates, either forward or backwards, inbound or outbound. Everything evolves or involutes.

My friend, let's concentrate and meditate on this : A seed evolves into a tree; a boy evolves into a man; a little puppy evolves into an adult dog, and so forth. Ideas and thoughts evolve also, so do feelings and situations. You get married today and you may have evolution or involution; your union can go into more advanced phases of life, or it can involute and degrade until the infinity . You can start an activity today such as a new job, and dedicate yourself to it with good effort to rise the evolution of your job, or it also could involute. This is the daily struggle inside our small worlds.

We are made of basically three entities: Mind, Emotions and Body. Consciously, no individual wants involution. Consciously, when we are awake and if we were to be asked, everybody wants to evolve, we all want to be a better person , better workers, better professionals, better friends, better brothers, better children, better parents, to be rich, have creative ideas,

I sn't that right?... Even though this desire to evolve is in our mind and our mind is weak. By the Law of Duality, our emotional instinct naturally opposes our mind. Our emotional instinct tends to involute, tends to go backwards. See, this instinct is lazy, is a justifier, is sweet - toothed , holds back, runs away from effort, looks for the easy way, and tends to involute. Inside you, inside me, and inside all other people, there is that constant struggle between the side that wants to go forward and the other that wants to go backwards... Our body is in the middle of this battle. The reaction produced by the friction between our minds and our emotions become weakness, sicknesses , destroy our organs and embitter our life . O ur body resists that battle taking place inside of us between the two forces.

Going back to our Principle: “To go against the evolution of things, is to go against yourself”. This means that if you support the involution of something external to you, you will at the same time be strengthening the part in you that involutes. On the other hand, if you help in your world to other forms, beings or persons to evolve, you will be supporting the part in you that wants to evolve.

How can we make this happen?

The people that have walked that path into evolution before you and me have asked themselves the same question. Those who have crossed the barrier and have evolved step by step, season after season, left for us the following legacy of their experiences.

Before we continue, I would like to suggest to you that you read (or listen) the first part of this message for seven days, that you meditate and reflect on them. This is the first part of their legacy to you, to understand the Principle, to deeply understand it, to see the light of this Principle and the reason why it is the first of the twelve that can give man his total liberation from life and the maximum evolution possible to reach . Unless you follow this first advice comin g from those who have walked this path, it won't be worth continuing with the rest. So be conscious my friend, be prudent, pull yourself out from the masses, be different, take this advice; t he only purpose of it is to make a free person out of you.

The second advice they have left us, after understanding very well this Principle, is to make an analysis of our own life.

Get a sheet of paper, a pencil and write . Ask yourself the following question: Can it be that unknowingly I am doing, saying or contributing to the involution of my own life and that of the people around me?”

I am not saying that you are doing so, but could it be? Remember that the part in us that involutes our life works very secretly, hidden , it is subconscious, we don't realize about it and to bring out that possibility, write down:

  • What tho ughts come to my mind and hurt me?
  • W hat are the emotions I feel once in a while that involute me?
  • Do my actions contribute to the evolution of my physical body?
  • Is everything I do evolvable?

Now, lets look at the situation with the people you live with: your mother, spouse, children, work-mates. Write them down too, one by one, and ask yourself the following questions:

Can it be that I am doing something that involutes or makes any of them go backward instead of forward?”

Analyze it and write them down from the point of view of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Then, after doing this, you will “wake up” and understand more fully the identity of what is within us, that is ourselves, but because of the Law of Equilibrium, it must tend to involutes us and our mind must tend to evolve . After doing this analysis, you will discover many unknown things.

But my friend, you must be true to yourself, sincere, impartial, as if you were doing this about somebody else. Now, after finishing, do it once a day for seven days, each time as if it was the very first time, not forgetting to be prudent and judicious ; accomplish these advices, they are the beginning of your liberation from the involuted influences of the world.

The third instruction is as follows: Choose an hour of the day for your private use over the next 49 days. During this hour you must be away from all your activities, relations , and you must go to look for the evolution in action , to see it in action . For example, you could go to a hospital and see a newborn baby, see another born 1 day before and another born 2 days before. Notice how they evolve. Or you could plant a seed by yourself and watch it over the following 49 days, and you will see that if you watered it, it will evolve. You could go to a laboratory and observe through a microscope the cells of life, watching how they evolve.

Look, search, investigate until the evolution be a totally living part of you; until every cell in your body can respond to the evolution word ; until you really see that everything evolves.

Then comes the second part. You must also see the involution that is in this world. Buildings are demolished to build better ones; students are flunked in school; husbands and wives get divorced; people die; employees are fired from their jobs; accidents and violence . All of these are examples of involution. All people and things involved in these situations are involuting.

Then analyze your own life , run your memory, use your imagination and see how many times in the past you have wanted to go forward but you went backward instead. Notice how many times the involution held you back without strength to advance. How many ideas have you had in your mind to do “evolutionary” things but did not follow through?

Then, use again your mind, you memory. Try to remember h ow many times have you inflicted harm on other people and they have involuted because of it? How many times have you helped other people and they evolved because of your action?

My friend, the secrets that have led other people to liberation are in your hands. You have it in your hands to make a better world for yourself and others, or make your world a hell. In your hands you also have that others have a “heaven” or a “hell”. To go against the evolution of others and the others are the whole, is to go against your own evolution.

If a fter the 49 days, after this thorough analysis and acquired knowledge of yourself and of others, you will have awakened to the reality that everything evolves or involutes , and that you can help the rest to evolve, as well as to contribute, even unknowingly, to the involution of others; not willingly of course , no body consciously hurts others, not even a flea. But we must remember t hat within us we are asleep, we are not alert, we are not awake, when we are overwhelm with our fears, our needs, our fights; when we forget that others are ourselves and that the life in them is the same life in us. Then t hat entity makes us do things that we consciously are not willing to do.

See my friend, nobody wants to watch a baby cry. Nobody wants people to die of hunger. Nobody wants war, conflicts and discord. Consciously we want to see everybody happy, beaming, progressing. But what we see all around us are the signs and effects of involution.

  • Who causes this?
  • Who causes this, my friend?

Simply me, you and he, the part of us, the human beings, that we cannot control, the part that tends to involution and for fear, necessity, isolation or trauma, it dominates our essence and makes us do the things we do. This is involution.

Think about it... Can you imagine if every person in this world decided and say: I accomplished this Principle , the Principle that says: “To go against the evolution of others and things, is to go against yourself”.

If each and every human being in the planet would do this, What kind of world would we have?... Wouldn't we have a marvelous world, a beautiful world, a world that our Creator has foreseen as perfect and that is why He gave us the strength to evolve?.

The best way to get to be a better world is for you, me, John, Peter to start working each one in their own worlds. We have started this work, my friend, and we are making it. You can also do it. You can also make your own world a better one and when you learn how to do it, following the instructions of those who preceded you on this road, you will also be able to teach it to others. You will be able to help others evolve in their own worlds.

It is not a dream, my friend; it is not a n illusion . It is a reality. This message now reaching you is new for you, but we have many years working in it, there are millions of people working on this. What happen is that y ou are just not in contact with them. We are precisely doing this because we either help the stone to rise up or it will fall, and if it falls, it will carry us along with it. Think about this, my friend, think about this possibility. If you do not accept this message and do not follow its content, in your fall you can take us with you because the life that is within you involutes, and since it is the same that is within me, I will involutes with you as well.

I know you are surprised by this analysis, but it is the truth. This message is for people who are eager to develop, is for people that is tired, is for people that want a better world, here, now, today, not an sky in a future time. [Top]




To go against the evolution of things is to go against yourself”. If you go against the evolution of things, you will be going against yourself.

Said in other words, my friend, if you help others to evolve , you will be evolving yourself. This is the key. This is THE key. My friend, I hope you have complied with the advices you have received in the Part “A”, they are fundamental. Unless you have practiced and followed the instructions, step by step, y ou will be able to continue with what follows.

The reason for this is that evolution is like a ladder; you can evolve step by step, but only step by step. Imagine a person that wants to jump up the stairs, instead of walking up the stairs step by step, he wants to jump them 10 at a time... Isn’t it true that he could end up hurting himself?

Be prudent, be conscious, be intelligent about this my friend. If you have not yet consciously carried on the advices in the first part, don't worry, read (or listen to the audio) them again. Go over and read each advice again , take note, until the part within you that tends to involute, understands that you now wish to Evolve. If all the work from the first part has awakened within you the desire to evolve, to stop going against the evolution of people, situations and things; if you have realized that through all your life, you have attempted and stopped that Evolution again and again, and that the Involution of all is also yours, then I have the hope that you can continue studying these Principles…

Our key question is as follow:

What do I have to do to Evolve ?”

Simply put: There is a Law called the Law of the Ternary, or the Law of the Trinity. There cannot be evolution unless a person conciliates the “force of Evolution” and the “force of Involution” within himself.

To say it differently, you will not be able to evolve or help things and people to evolve unless your mind and emotions work together. Unless your mental desire to evolve penetrates your emotions, and they also want to evolve... By joining these two forces, the active and the passive, like in the case of electricity, you will be able to produce a third force, superior to the first two, and that “Third Force” is totally Evolutionary.

My friend, I would like to call your attention about a word, the Evolution word.

EVOLUTION implies WILL, write it: E -volu-tion. It means: Action of the Will to go Forward!

Write underneath: Will comes from the union of the idea that you have in your mind and the desire to carry this idea through... This is clear, right?... Hopefully you will be able to accomplish this Principle. From the position that We are , we are sending you all the vibrations and all the necessary energy so you can make it.

Do it in the following way: Over a period of 49 days, the first thing you will do when you wake up and the last thing when you go to bed is the following:

Relax your body, lie down facing up, close your eyes and visualize in your mental screen one dot and one black circle on a white background. Visualize this in your mind: A dot and a perfect circle around it. Under them, visualize a phrase that says:

Everything is in all and all is in everything”. The explanation for this is: “Life is in everything, and everything is in life”... Visualize the Principle below the circle. “If I help others to evolve, I will evolve myself”. Hold this image in your mind: The dot with the circle, the Cosmic Law and the Principle next to it.

Now, after 3 minutes of holding this in your mental screen, start to w ish it firmly from the deepest part of your heart; wish so profoundly that it becomes a reality in your life. Talk to your emotions, to the other part of you, as if talking to another person different from you, and make “him” see the circle, with the dot in the center, and have “him” see that evolution is the Mater Principle of the Universe.

My friend, do this repeatedly over a period of 49 days, morning and evening. Remember this seven times a day; recall seven times a day that you have taken the decision to evolve, that you have decided not to stop or interfere with the evolution of any other living being and remember: “Everything is alive”, the rock evolves, the water evolves, the animals evolve, the minerals evolve, all vegetables evolve, businesses evolve, your ideas evolve, your body evolves, everything evolves.

Through the visualization of the circle and this Principle, you will start to join your mind with your emotions. You will start to join the part in you that want to go forward to the part that tends to go backwards.

Then after doing this, you should get yourself a notebook, a notebook that has 100 pages. Divide it into 4 sections as follows:

  • The first section will be titled: The Evolution of my Own Will, the Evolution of Myself.
  • The second part will be: The Evolution of my World.
  • The third: The Evolution of the People that Live in my World,
  • And the fourth: The Evolution of Nature-Humanity.

With this notebook you will have the escheme for your Evolution, something precise and concrete, not something vague.

In the first part which is about the Evolution of your own Will, write down the Principle with the Circle and the Dot. Then, divide this first section into 4 parts:

  • The first one is: Evolution of my Physical Body,
  • The second is: Evolution of my Emotional Body and my Emotions,
  • The third one is: The Evolution of my Thoughts, and
  • The fourth is: Evolution by the Cosmic Law application.

Let's now see the second part of the notebook that is titled: “The evolution of my world”. This part will be divided in two:

  • The first is: Evolution of my Activities, and
  • The second is: Evolution of my Possibilities.

The third part of the notebook will be divided into 4 parts:

  • The first is: The evolution of my Friends, write here the names of all the friends whom you see frequently.
  • The second is: The Evolution of my Family, there you will write the names of your mother, father, wife or husband, children.
  • The third: The Evolution of my Work Mates, write down all names of the people you are in frequent contact with.
  • The fourth: The Evolution of all the People that I see daily.

Now, lets see the fourth part of your notebook that should read: Evolution of Nature-Humanity. This section you will divide into two parts:

  • The first part is: The Evolution of Humanity, and
  • The second: The Evolution of Nature.

After all this is done, write down the key question on the first page of the notebook:

What can I do to help everything that I have written down in this notebook to evolve, to advance to a higher level?

This question will be in the entire content of the notebook , while you will d edicate 20 to 30 minutes to it every day... Then you supposedly will have solid answers on how you can help to evolve your ideas, your emotions, your physical body, your work, your friends, your acquaintances, and humanity. You will be able to contribute to them in a concrete way.

Even though the involuted part of you will try to make you see that there is not much you can do for others and for yourself, be smart and astute. My friend , I am putting on your hands the way on how you can help to the evolution of others. If the involuted part of you did not give you an appropriate answer on how you can help others and yourself to evolve, then utilize this message and your experience; use this Principle and take it with you so others can get to know it, practice it and can include in their own lives the First Principle for The Liberation of Man.

But let's suppose that you have been able to see that you certainly can help others evolve. Then you relate them with a symbol, any drawing that you want, then close your eyes, and project this in your mental screen, putting in what you want to accomplish; wish for it vehemently, strongly, transmitting the image that is in your mind to your emotions. Do this during 7 days, when you wake up and when you go to bed; remember 7 times a day what you want to accomplish and that allow you to evolve.

As you are able to experience it my travel and life companion, there is work to be done. One must work, sweat, even fight at times, because what you have in this message is not for lazy people, nor for the indolent, or for people that have failed in life, and certainly not for people who have not made the necessary effort to evolve in their lives. This is for those that have made the effort over and over again and because of a lack of method, lack of Principle, lack of knowledge or a lack of Light, have tripped on supposedly unsurpassable obstacles.

I hope that you are a part of those people who put a value on their lives, people who have understood that The Cosmos is order and all that order comes from an Ordainer . It does not matter what you call it or how you conceive it. The Cosmic order, the planets, galaxies, suns, your life, the cells, all life grows under principles and rhythms in perfect harmony together.

Perhaps you will ask: And why were these teachings not given to us when we were children?... My friend, I will answer with the words of a great wise man:

Everything is beautiful on its own time; there is a time to sleep, a time to eat, a time to work and a time to rest, and also there is a time in the life of a man when he can receive the necessary teachings that will take him to the accomplishment of his Plan of Life”.


My friend, don't permit anything within you to fool you. Don't allow anything within you to lie to you . Be intelligent. Your Creator has given you a mind to think, emotions to perceive and feel, and a vigorous body with which to act:

Idea, Emotion and Action.

You can understand by yourself, without help from anybody else, the truth that lies in this message... Don’t listen to the part in you that says that it is difficult, that you can't carry it through to the end. Is this true?... Isn’t it true?... This is the part that we call the Involuted Force. It is the part in you that is happy to see you in the mud, in failures, and in the gutter. It is the part that is happy to see you down on the floor ; the part that has caused all the disgrace in your life.

Will you continue to listen to it ? Or will you be sensible and prudent?... I am appealing to your other part, the part that appreciates the gifts of wisdom and intelligence, the part that realizes that it is necessary to put effort to be able to achieve something in this life; the part that knows that without effort nothing is valuable.

But I do not want the two parts within you to argue, the involuted and the evolved . Stop them now, enough of conflicts and “contradictions”... The hour has come, and through this message you are receiving “How” your evolved part can influence your involuted part, so that both can shake hands as brothers and move the body to reach the goals that will allow you to a world full of light, a happy world.

So make your decision, you have to decide today, tomorrow, every day. Seven times per day make the decision to evolve. Don't get frustrated if on the first, second or third attempt you are not able to transmit the image of the dot and the circle, or that you still are not able to wake up your inner desire to evolve. Don't stop trying. Try over and over again because when you accomplish this, nothing, absolutely nothing will come between you and evolution. No obstacle will be unsurpassable.

But all of this has a price , not the price of this message or the price of our work , but other price, that if you are able to accomplish everything that is in this message, you must commit yourself before your being and the Creator of the Universe to use it only and exclusively for the purpose of evolved goals . To use it only for the service of the well being and perfection, transmitting it to others who could be in the same condition you are today, in a very big obscurity, not knowing how to evolve or how to move forward, this is the price.

Once in the past, we did this promise before other people who t ransmitted this teaching to us, and we were as you are today, in a relative obscurity, and now we are accomplishing with transmitting this message to you, so you as well commit yourself to do the same by taking it to others.

Wouldn't you like it that in your small world all the people would progress, be successful, and be really happy?

You do it first!, You be happy!

Thank you.