There are many high reasons of why was not carried out long before the Trial to Lucifer and their confederates; today, in this new dawn, it is allowed to give some lights to Discern on the temporary delay of the Justice:

  1. The MERCY is always present before each malefactor, granting him enough TIME to produce and formulate a deliberated attitude and fully elected on its own bad qualified thoughts and his sinful actions.
  2. The PATERNAL LOVE prevails before the SUPREME JUSTICE, therefore the JUSTICE never overcomes or displaces what the MERCY can SAVE. The TIME is granted to all rebels to accept the Salvation and the Transformation.
  3. Non kindly father would never hurry to punish a member of his family that suddenly makes a fatal error. Let us understand that the PATIENCE cannot work independent of the “Time”.
  4. Although the Error not understood in the mind is always harmful for an entire family or nation, the WISDOM and the LOVE notice to the fair children to be PATIENCE with their brother or neighbor that is in error; during the TIME OF DELAYS granted by a kind father so that the sinner can register without conditions his own error of his tuneless reactions, without causing him any reprisal that clouds his self-recognition, since these precisions could be used as “excuse” to continue in the wickedness. Only this way, he then could hug the Salvation, the Regeneration and the Transformation of himself.
  5. MICAEL of SALVINGTON in spite of being him the Creator Father of Lucifer, didn't still correspond it to exercise immediate jurisdiction over the apostate Sovereign Lucifer, still on those times he had not completed his career of SELF-REALIZATION; but, 2,000 terrestrial years ago in his incarnation in URANTIA, He obtained the unconditional Sovereignty of the LOCAL UNIVERSE OF NEBADÓN.
  6. The ELDER OF THE DAYS could have begun from then the immediate annihilation-disintegration of these rebels, but they don't execute sentences to the malefactors without a plenary audience and without invalidating the decisions of MICAEL.
  7. It is very evident that ENMANUEL advised MICAEL to stay on the margin of the rebels and allowed the rebellion to follow its natural course of self-obliteration. The high wisdom of this UNION OF THE DAYS is the temporary reflection of the Wisdom United of the TRINITY of the PARADISE.
  8. The LOYAL OF DAYS in EDENTIA advised the PARENTS OF THE CONSTELLATION OF NORLATIADEK to allow the rebels to follow a free course until consuming their “end” and their total externalization of the wickedness, so that all cause and effect and all sympathy for these rebels were extirpated to their finish root from the hearts and the minds of all the present citizens and future ones of the Constellation of Norlatiadek; and of all creature of the mortal-physical world, morontial or spiritual.
  9. In JERUSEM the personal representative of the SUPREME EXECUTIVE of the Superuniverse of ORVONTÓN advised GABRIEL to foment all “opportunity” that each alive creature matured by discernment its deliberated decision regarding these matters corresponding to the “DECLARATION LUCIFERICA OF LIBERTY”. Since They had planned about the topics of the rebellion in this part of the universe, The URGENCY PARADISIAC ADVISER for GABRIEL declared that, if it was not offered a full and free opportunity to all the creatures of the vast NORLATIADEK, then the COSMIC QUARANTINE proclaimed by the PARADISE that affected all the uncertain creatures and semi sincere should be extended on behalf of the Self- Protection for the rest of the Universe and against the whole Constellation. To maintain open the doors of the ASCENCION TO THE PARADISE! to all the volunteer beings of the Constellation of Norlatiadek, it was necessary to promote the full development of the revolution and to assure the complete determination of the attitude of all the beings that had somehow to do with these matters of the Rebellion.
  10. The DIVINE MINISTER of the sede of SALVINGTON emitted at that time, the third independent proclamation, a command urging that it should not taks measures to solve the half of the problem or opaque unsuccessfully and in any other way of hiding the horrible image of the mental creations of the rebels and the rebellion. It was urged to the Angelic Hosts that worked for an information and truthful and total divulgation, and also to give the limitless opportunity of expression of the “Sin” already committed; being affirmed that this would be the most effective and quick technique to achieve the perfect and final cure of the pest of the wickedness and of the sin.
  11. In the sede of JERUSEM was stablished an urgency Council of mortals [humans], constituted by POWERFUL MESSENGERS and GLORIFIED HUMANS that had had direct experiences in similar situations; they advised GABRIEL that it would lost three times more the number of beings already affected, if arbitrary methods or a quick suppression were applied. The integral body of Consultants of UVERSA agreed to advise Gabriel to let that the rebellion followed its full and natural course, even if it will take a million years to get to the “End” of the effects of those reactions.
  12. The TIME in a temporary universe is RELATIVE: If a human being of an average life of URANTIA makes a crime or a barbarism that unchains a world pandemonium, and if he was arrested and take it before the tribunals, be judged and dictated sentence within 2 or 3 days of making the “horror”: would it seem to You that this process of few days is a lot of time?... However that will be closer comparatively for the divine vision, to the duration of the trial of Lucifer; even if the trial was not completed within course of 100,000 terrestrial years. The great value of the relative period of the Time from the point of view of UVERSA, from where the “Causes” are contemplated, it could be illustrated saying that the crime of Lucifer was taken to the tribunals within the 2.5 seconds of having made it; and from the point of view of the Paradise, the Trial is simultaneous to the made act.

It exist many more higher reasons that allowed not to interrupt unjustifiable the rebellion of LUCIFER, that it will be practically not very comprehensible for the human mind. In UVERSA are taught 48 elevated reasons that allowed the “wrong” to continue its full expression course, until its own consummation and radical extinction. These merciful delays are not endless. Definitively it arrived the final time, and in the heights the sentence of the rebellion of LUCIFER was decreed; taking place the pending audiences, GETTING TO THE END!. This way, the Divine Justice in the Universe might be very slow, but it is accurate. [Top]



Be wherever will be the difficulties that any evolutionary human can find in his sincere efforts to understand the rebellion of Lucifer, it should consider that the technique of treating the rebels is a vindication of the action of the DIVINE LOVE. The extended loving MERCY to the rebels was considered, very hastily, for many innocent beings as tribulations and vicissitudes; but all these grieved personalities and heartbroken, could accurately trust the OMNISAPIENCES JUDGES that award the destiny in the MERCY, as well as in the JUSTICE.

In all their treatments with the intelligent beings, as much the CREATOR SON as our FATHER OF FATHERS are filled by the LOVE. The man even finds difficult to understand the wide attitude of the Universal Governors toward the rebels and the rebellions, the sin and the sinners; unless we remember that OUR FATHER OF ALL takes “Precedence” on all the other phases of the manifestation of the Deity in all the divine treatments towards the humanity. We should also remember that the PARADISIAC CREATORS CHILDREN are motivated by the MERCY.

This way, if a loving father of a big family chooses to show mercy to one of his guilty children of serious wickedness, it is very possible that the extension of the mercy to this rebellious son could cause temporary difficulties for all the other children of good behavior. These events are unavoidable; this risk is inseparable on a real situation of having a lover father and of integrating a family group. Each member of a family benefits for the direct behavior of all the other members of the family; in the same way, each member must suffer the temporary and immediate consequences of the incorrect behavior of any other one of the members. The families, groups, nations, races, worlds, systems, constellations and universes, are inter-associated and at the same time they possess individuality; therefore each member of each big or small group, harvests the benefits and suffers the consequences of the rightness and the wickedness of any other of the members of the corresponding group.

We should clarify a very important thing: If you are conditioned to suffer and to support the disastrous consequences of the sin of a member of your family, of a fellow citizen, of any earthly fellow man or even of the rebellion in any other place of the Local System or of another part; you can be completely sure of the eternal certainty that this tribulations are “TRANSITORY AFFLICTIONS”. Friend, any consequence related by the terrible behavior of somebody in the group, can never put in danger your eternal destination, or deprive you in the most minimum thing from your divine right to the ASCENCION TO THE PARADISE and THE FATHER OF FATHERS ACHIEVEMENT.

Now it exists in all these experiences, an important compensation that transcends these tribulations, delays and disillusions that invariably accompany the sin of the rebellion. There are many “valuable” repercussions that emerged of the rebellion of Lucifer, and that for now we will mention and with a lot of admiration on the ennobled careers of those ascending earthly beings and citizens of JERUSEM that, for being able to be sustained and discern the sophisms of the sin, they were located in the line to become future POWERFUL MESSENGERS. All being voluntary that could resist and transcend this malicious episode, immediately advanced his administrative state and elevated his spiritual value.

At the beginning, the revolt of Lucifer seemed a “calamity”, without any alleviation for the whole SYSTEM OF SATANIA and still for the Universe of NEBADON; but gradually it began to be added the magnificent benefits. Already with the step of 25,000 years of the time of the SYSTEM OF SATANIA [20,000 terrestrial years], the MELCHIZEDECK began to teach that the resulting Kindness of the madness of Lucifer had begun to equal to the incurred wickedness. Because the sum of the wickedness had become for that time almost “stationary”, continuing to increase only in certain isolated worlds, while the beneficent effects continued multiplying and expanding through-out our Local Universe of NEBADON and of our SUPERUNIVERSO of ORVONTON, even until HAVONA. The MELCHIZEDECK now teaches the useful that it resulted from the rebellion in all SATANIA that is more than a thousand times the sum of all the bad one.

Undoubtedly such an extraordinary and intra-ordinary crop and also beneficial starting from the wickedness, it is only possible for the wise, divine and merciful attitude of all the superiors of Lucifer, from the PARENTS OF THE CONSTELLATION in EDENTI until the FATHER OF FATHERS in the Paradise. This way, to the step of the time rose the consequential well-being that was derived of the flaw of Lucifer and since the “wrong” that must be sanction had been developed thoroughly within a comparatively short period, it is very comprehensible that the Omni-Sapience Governors and of great universal vision certainly prolonged the period of the TIME to harvest better results and every time more beneficial. Besides of so many other reasons that explain why of the DELAY in the arrest and adjustment of the rebels of SATANIA, this benefits by itself it would of has been enough explanation why these sinners were not interned much before and why they were not judged and sentenced before...

In honor to the truth, the minds of the human beings with little vision and tied to the time should not precipitate to judge the “Temporary Delays” of the Divine Administrators, who have great vision and great wisdom in the universal matters.

An error exists in the human thought regarding these problems and consists on the idea that all the evolutionary humans in a planet in evolution, would choose to enter to the universal career toward the Paradise, if the sin has not hindered its world. This mental condition puts in danger to the group, because they undergo the inertia, to the tremendous laziness. This characteristic of refusing to the survival of the soul doesn't date of the times of the rebellion of Lucifer. But, it is vital to know that man has always possessed the gift of the election for his free-will to go after his universal career toward the PARADISE.

Friend, as you ascend in the evolutionary experience of the survival of your soul, you will enlarge your immaculates concepts in what concerns to the universe, and you will extend your horizons of knowledge and values; and little by little, you would be able to understand better why beings like Lucifer and Satan had consent to continue in the rebellion. You will also understand how magnificent results from “error” limited in the time emerged. When you achieve the paradisiacal state, you will be really Illuminated and full of the Truth, and then you will be able to discern with the philosophers Superseraphics until understanding these deep matters of universal adjustment.

The full understanding of these complexities only comes in the Loving Action of the administrative duties of the Superuniverse, acquiring a real conceptual capacity towards these versatile matters of the cosmic justness and the spiritual philosophy. The Cosmic Wisdom is essential to understand the cosmic situations. [With the collaboration of a Powerful Messenger].