The STATE is a product from the evolution of the civilization; it represents the fair price paid by the society after the havocs and sufferings of wars achieved with technical of adjustments from the old wars among tribal forces and nations in conflicts.

The MODERN STATE is the institution that survived the lingering fight for the power of the group. The “superior power”, at the long runprevailed and produced in fact a work -The STATE- together with the “moral myth” of the absolute obligation of the citizen to live and die for the State. But the State has not been or is the divine genesis, it was not even produced by the intelligent man's voluntary action; the State is a purely progressive institution and had a completely mechanical and automatic origin.


The State is a social and territorial regulator organization. The strongest, more effective and more durable State consists of “Only One Nation” whose people have only one Language, Customs and Common Institutions.

The first States were small and all arising as a result of the “conquests”; and they didn't originate for voluntary associations. Great parts were founded by nomadic conquerors, who attacked the peaceful shepherds or established peasants to dominate them and enslave them. These States, as result of conquests, were unavoidably stratified; and from there, it resulted the manifestation of classes and their consequent fights of social classes that have been selective many times.

The northern tribes of the American Red Men never reached the true condition of State; they never progressed beyond of a confederation, scarce unit of tribes that is a very primitive form of the State. The closest to this condition was the Iroquois federation; but this group of six nations never ended up working as a State, and it was not able to survive due to the absence of certain essential elements for the modern national life, such as:

  1. Acquisition and inheritance of the private property.
  2. Existence of cities, and also more agriculture and industry.
  3. Useful domestic animals.
  4. Practical family organization. These Red Men clinger to the maternal family and the nephew's inheritance.
  5. A defined territory.
  6. A valiant and intelligent executive direction.
  7. Slavery of the captive ones. They adopted them or killed them in mass.
  8. Firm and decisive conquests.

The men of Red Race were too democratic; they had a good government, but it failed in the planet. Much later, they would of developed a grandiose State, if they had not met prematurely with the white man's more advanced civilization, who practiced the government methods of the Greeks and Romans.

The success of the Roman State was based in:

  1. The paternal family.
  2. The agriculture and the domestication of the animals.
  3. The population's concentration -the cities.
  4. The private property and the land.
  5. The slavery -the citizenship classes.
  6. The conquest and reorganization of the weak and retrograde towns.
  7. A defined territory, with roads.
  8. Own and strong governors.

A great weakness of the Roman civilization and the factor that contributed to the final fall of the empire were the supposedly liberal and seemingly advanced disposition of freeing the of youths twenty one years old, and the unconditional liberation of the girls youths so that they could marry the man of their election or leave to the foreigner to be given to the immoral life. But the tremendous damage that suffered this society didn't consist on these “reformations”, but rather, in the very wide and too violent way in that they were adopted. The landslide of Rome demonstrates what you can expect when a state is subjected to a fast expansion and associated with the out of control internal degeneration.

What it made possible to reach an embryonic State was the decline of the consanguineous knots and the territorial conquests that used to lay the foundation in favor of the firmest tribal federations. Although a sovereignty that transcends all the smaller fights and disagreements of the group are the main characteristics of the true State, there were still many classes and chaste that lasted inside the later state organizations as remainders of clans and tribes of remote times. Later on the territorial bigger States sustained a lingering and bloody fight with these groups of smaller consanguineous clans; then, the “tribal government” turned out to be a valuable transition from the “family authority” until the achievement of the “state authority”. Later many clans like guilds and other industrial associations arose.

The failure of the “state integration” results from the setback to the conditions of obsolete government technics, that were used previously to the State; just as it happened to the feudalism of the European Middle Age. During these medieval ages of obscurantism, it came down the territorial state and there was a reversion to the small groups of the “castles”; it was the stage of the growing reappearance of the clans and tribes. Today semi-states of this nature still exist in Asia and Africa, but not all constitute evolutionary reversions, great parts of them are embryonic nucleus for new states.


The Democracy, being an ideal, it is a product of the civilization and not of the evolution. Therefore, it is necessary to advance slowly! and choose carefully!, because the dangers of the Democracy are:

  1. The glorification of the mediocrity.
  2. The selection of bases and unworthy and ignorant governors.
  3. The failure in recognizing the basic facts of the social evolution.
  4. The danger of the universal vote in hands of indolent and uneducated majorities.
  5. The slavery to the public opinion. The majority is not always right.

The “public opinion”, the “common opinion” has always delay the Society; nevertheless, it is valuable because while it slows the social evolution, it preserves the Civilization. The Education of the Public Opinion is the only sure and true method to reactivate the Civilization to a major scale. The use of the Force is only a temporary resource. The Cultural development accelerates more every time when the bullets and the pressures give up the way to the “referendum”. The Public Opinion and the Established Customs constitute the primordial and basic energy of the Social Evolution and the Development of the State, but in order to obtain a state value, they should be expressed in a non-violent way.

The measure of the progress of the Society is determined by the level of influence exercised on the individual and byr the expression of a non-violent state regulation that can exercise the “public opinion”. A truly civilized Government arrives when the “public opinion” assume the faculty of the Free Personal Suffrage. However, the “popular elections” cannot always decide with certainty these government questions, but they represent the form of guessing right or even wrong. The Evolution doesn't produce superlative perfection at once, but rather, a comparatively practical and progressive adaptation.

It exists ten steps for the practical and efficient evolution of the Representative Government, these are:

  1. LIBERATION OF THE PERSON. All the forms of human slavery of any nature, must disappear.
  2. MENTAL LIBERATION. Educate free people, this is to teach them how to think highly and smartly, planning their evolutionary destination wisely; otherwise, the liberty will cause more harm than well-being.
  3. THE KINGDOM OF THE LAW. The Liberty can be enjoyed as long as the will and the desires of the human governors are substituted by modern and better legislative certificates, agreed and accepted by the Fundamental Law of the Ordered Cosmos.
  4. THE LIBERTY OF EXPRESSION AND SPEECH. The Representative Government is inconceivable without the liberty of all the expression ways for the opinions and aspirations of the Human Joint.
  5. THE SECURITY OF THE PROPERTY. No Government can last a lot if it doesn't provide the right to his citizens of enjoying all the forms of property. The man yearn the right of administrate, control, grant, sell, lease and protect the property.
  6. THE RIGHT TO THE PETITION-SOLICITUDE. The Representative Government must assume the right of hearing to its citizens. The Petition-Solicitude privilege is inherent to the "Free Citizenship".
  7. THE RIGHT TO GOVERN. It is not enough with being listened; the petition-solicitude power should get by direct ways and without conditions to the Administration of the Government.
  8. THE UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE. The Representative Government presupposes a universal, intelligent and efficient electorate. The character of such a government will always be determined by the character and the capacity of its functionaries. And as the civilization progresses, the suffrage still being universal for both sexes, will be modified and adapted, creating new forms to modernize it.
  9. THE CONTROL OF THE PUBLIC FUNCTIONARIES. No Civil Government will be effective and helpful, unless the citizenship possesses and uses wise techniques to guide and control the public administration and the public servers.
  10. THE INTELLIGENT AND QUALIFIED REPRESENTATION. The survival of the Democracy rests in the Representative Government's growing success; and this is subordinated to the practice of knowing how to choose representatives for the “public positions”; therefore, these beings will be those that are technically qualified, intellectually competent, socially loyal and morally altruistic. Only with these dispositions can the government of the people, for the people and to the people to be preserved. [Top]


The political or administrative form of a government is not transcendent, but it is the capacity to grant the basic elements for the civil progress: The Liberty, the Security, the Education and the Social Coordination. The course of the Social Evolution is determined by What a State Do and not for what a State Is. In spite of everything, none State can transcend the moral values from the group of its citizens, this is exemplified in the quality of its elected leaders. The infestation of the “ignorance” and the “egoism” in the administration of the state guarantees the unavoidable fall immediately, even in the more outstanding type of government.

No matter how much they complain the national egotism, until recently, has been essential for the social survival. This way, the doctrine of the “elected town” has been, until recent times, a primordial factor to unite the tribes and build the nations. But not any State from now on can reach splendid levels of operation, until it doesn't overcome all the forms of the national fanaticism since this is completely adverse to the following escalade of the human progress. The best way to conquer this type of fanaticism is to carry out global coordination of Rhythmic Balanced Interchanges among the Science, the Trade, the Recreation and the Religion.

The IDEAL STATE functions under the propulsion of three coordinated and powerful forces:

  1. LOYALTY TO THE LOVE. That derives the altruistic realization of the Global Fraternity.
  2. EXPIRATION OF THE PATRIOTISM. In an intelligent way and being founded in high ideals of Global Unit.
  3. INCREMENT OF COSMIC INTERNAL VISION. That translates in fair facts, improved necessities and high planetary goals.

The Laws of the Ideal State are few and they leave behind the negativist age of the taboos, entering the era of the high progress of the genuine Individual Liberty that results from the true increase of the “Self-Control”. The Elevated State doesn't only demand to their citizens to work, but it also urges them to the beneficent and elevated use of the “Free Time”, increasing the freedom of the heavy work as a result and progresing the age of the super controlled mechanization at the sametime. The Free Time must produce as well as consume.

No society has progressed a lot when it allows the idleness or when it tolerates the misery. But the misery and the inferiority will never be able to eliminate if the faulty and degenerate stumps are maintained with the efforts of others and if they are also allowed to the reproduction without some restrictions.

A Moral Society should intend to preserve the dignity of its citizenship and offer all normal individuals an appropriate opportunity for their Self-Realization, for an elevated reason of its existence. This plan of social achievement would produce a cultural society from superior order. The true upward evolution of the Society should be fomented by a government supervision that exercises little by little a minimum of regulatory control. Since:


The elevated ideals of the Governable should be achieved by the evolution, the gradual development of the Civic Conscience and the recognition of the obligation and privilege of the Social Service. At the beginning, the men assume the Government's loads like a Duty while it continues existing in the administration the opportunistics politicians, but now, the New Altruistic Voluntaries go after this service because they consider it a great privilege and a maximum honor. The level of condition of any civilization is clearly reflected in the quality of the citizens that offer themselves to accept the responsibilities of the State in Evolution.

In a true community of nations in way to the Global Unity, the work of governing the cities and counties should be carried out by experts in administration, as well as it happens to other forms of commercial associations and private economics.

In the advanced States, the Political Service is considered as the highest devotion in the citizenship. The supreme objective of the wisest and nobler citizens is to win the civil recognition and then to be chosen or named for some position of government trust.It is the governments' duty to confer their victorious civil and social officials the maximum honor recognition for the granted service. It will be dispensed honors to those that generate and produce progresses in this order: to the Philosophers, Educators, Scientifics and Industrialists. The kind Parent-Brothers will be properly rewarded by the excellence of their children; the purely Religious Guides, being Ambassadors of the Spiritual Kingdom, receive their recompenses in the next evolving levels of the universe.


The Economy, the Society and the Government must evolve to the unison if they want to last. The static conditions in an evolutionary world indicate “fall”; and only those institutions that move forward with the evolutionary push will persist.

The Progressive Program of one Civilization World in advance and expansion is made up of:

  1. The Preservation of the Individual Freedoms. To conform one Global Nation.
  2. The Protection of the Home. To conform one Global Family.
  3. The Promotion of the Economic Security. To conform one Global Currency.
  4. The Prevention of the Illnesses. The Global Health.
  5. The Education Compulsory. To conform one Global School.
  6. The Employment Compulsory. The Development of the Cooperation.
  7. The Use of the Free Time. To conform one Global Language.
  8. The Help to the Unfortunate. The Improve Global Service.
  9. The Improvement of the Race. To conform one Global Race.
  10. The Promotion of the Arts and the Ascendant Sciences.
  11. The Promotion of a New Philosophy of Life -The Wisdom.
  12. The Increase of the Cosmic Internal Vision -The Spirituality. To conform one Global Religion.

This progress depends on the art of driving the civilization to the direct road of the realization of the maxim Human-Divine goals from the material effort, this consists in: The great social achievement of the Man's Global Fraternity and in the great individual achievement of being aware of the Alive Presence of The Father of All Fathers which is revealed in the intimate of each Being, making that their small will be the Will of the Father-Mother-Love.

The appearance in the planet of the true Global Fraternity means that a high social order has arrived in which all the men are delighted, bearing one another's burden, and in fact they put into practice the Golden Rule!, But it cannot achieve such an ideal society when the “retrograde” or “villainous” are to the expectation of taking unjust and impious advantage in those that are motivated basically by the devotion to the service of the Truth, the Kindness and the Beauty. In such a situation only one procedure is practical: The followers of the “Golden Rule” can establish a progressive society in which they live according with their ideals; and at the same Time and Space, maintaining an appropriate protection against their fellow men who are sunk in the ignorance and maybe will try to take advantage of their peaceful predilections or destroy the civilization in advance.

The man's elevated ideal cannot be carried out and survive in an evolutive planet if the intelligent beings of altruistic minds of each generation are allowed to be exterminated or exploded by hands of humanity's perverse groupings. Here it is the great test of the idealism!: Could an advanced society to maintain prepared their policemen and military forces that protect it from the internal attacks of the lovers of the war, without falling in the temptation of using the military power in external offensive operations against other towns, in order to take selfish advantages or international usurpation?. The national survival demand to maintain the police and military forces while it is being in process of reaching a super society; and the religious idealism can only prevent that it prostitutes these forces, avoiding that they become aggressors. But, only the Love and the Fraternity can really prevent that the retrograde forces oppress those of vanguards. [Top]


Initially, the “competition” is essential for the social progress; but the competition without rate or measure engenders the “violence”. In today's society the “competition” is transforming little by little and the little that is left from it is in the field of the wars, this competition class determines the position of the industrial armament’s individuals, decreeing with resistance the survival of the same industries, but this situation has to be transformed urgently. The assassinate and the war differ extremely in their statutes and before the established customs because the “assassinate” was outcast from the first days of the society; on the other hand, the “war " has not still been outcast officially by the humanity in general.

The IDEAL STATE promotes the regulation of the social behavior enough to eliminate individually the man's competitive violence, and it also avoids the injustice against the individual initiative. There is the great problem of the State here: How can it guarantee the peace and the tranquility of the industry, paying the taxes to maintain the power of the state, and at the same time, preventing that the fiscal tax hinders the industry and also that the state doesn't become parasite or tyrant?.

Through the primitive ages in evolution and of any inhabited world, the “competition” is initially essential for the progressive civilization, and as the evolution of the men progresses, the “COOPERATION” turns every time more effective. Therefore, in the advanced civilizations the “Cooperation” is more effective than the “competition”. At the beginning, the competition stimulates the primitive man. The primitive evolution is characterized by the survival of those that are biologically capable, but in the later civilizations they are better fomented by the Intelligent Cooperation!, the Understanding Fraternity! and the Spiritual Fraternity!.

It is certain that the industrial competition is excessively wasteful and extremely inefficient; but it should not be approved any effort to eliminate this disastrous economic movement, if such transformations bear the most minimum prohibition of any of the individual's fundamental freedoms, Be Careful!.


Today the economy motivated by the exaggerated “lucre” is destined to the failure unless the Motive of Lucre can be transformed by Motive of Service. The “merciless competition” based on the egoism of extreme aims, in a long run destroys everything that tries to defend. The tremendous egoistic motivation and exclusive of lucre is incompatible with the big divine ideals of the men and much more incompatible as Jesus' teachings were for the leaders and powerful peolpe from that time, and still for today.

At the beginning of the Economy, the motivation of lucre was for the motivation of service; what in the Religion, the fear was for the adoration. Due to this, the motive of lucre should not be destroyed or eliminated in a sudden way; it keeps arduously working to so many humans who otherwise would be so useless and lazy that immediately they would put in tremendous chaos to the civilization. However, it is not necessary that this excitatory of social energy be perennially egoistic and cruel in its objectives.

The motive of lucre in the economic activities is entirely vile and completely unworthy in an advanced order of the society; nevertheless, it is an indispensable factor during the early phases of the civilization. Therefore, it shouldn’t remove the motive of lucre to the men until it is obtained new and solid Superior Types of Motives, lacking lucrative goals for the economic zeal and the social service -The transcendent aspiration of the Superlative Wisdom, the Glorious Fraternity and the Excellence of the Spiritual Achievement.


The durable State is founded over the Culture, dominated by Elevated Ideals and motivated by the Service. The objective of the Education should be the acquisition of the Intelligence, the gaining of the Wisdom, the Self-Realization of the Being and the achievement of High Spiritual Values.

In the Ideal Nation, the Education must continue along the entire life, and the Philosophy must become the first search of the citizens. The citizens of this community type will look for the Wisdom to increase the vision of the meanings of the human relationships, the reality, the nobility of values, the goals in life and the glories of the cosmic destination.

The terrestrial citizens [of URANTIA] should achieve a new vision of an elevated cultural society. The Education will jump to a new scale of values, leaving behind the motivations of earnings from the economic system [motive the lucre]. The Education already takes too much time being local, military, competitive, ego exalting and searching of lucrative success, but now it must become a Global Education with Elevated Ideals, Self-Realizing and Cosmically Guided.

The Education recently passed from the control of the clergy to the control of the Lawyers and Businessmen. But Now!, in this New Era, it must be given to the hands of the Philosophers and Scientifics. The Professors must be free and true leaders, until the point that the Philosophy, that is the Search of the Wisdom, turned into the most important goal of the Universal Educational search.

The Education is the business of living; it must continue along a lifetime, so that the humanity can experience gradually the Ascendant Levels of the Wisdom. The man in his way to the spirituality should experience those levels, and they are:

  1. The Knowledge of All the Things.
  2. The Realization of the Meanings.
  3. The Appreciation of the Values.
  4. The Nobility of the Work - The DUTY.
  5. The Motivation of the Goals -MORAL CONSCIENCE.
  6. The Love to the Service -The CONSTRUCTION OF THE CHARACTER.
  7. The Cosmic Elevated Vision -The SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT.

Then, by these magnificent achievements, many human beings will ascend to the maximum achievement of the Ultimate Mind: The DIVINE CONSCIENCE!, conquering the ENCOUNTER WITH THE REALITY, the right Encounter in the MIDDLE-PATH WITH THE ALIVE PRESENCE OF THE FATHER OF ALL FATHERS. [Top]


The unique sacred component of any human government is the division of the State into three domains: The Executive, Legislative and Judicial functions. The Universe is administered according to a similar plan of segregation of functions and authority. Besides this divine concept for the social and effective regulation, in other words the civil government, it doesn't matter in what form it could be chosen by their people, as long as it is a government with a progressive goal of increasing the individual Self-Control and the improved Social Service. The intellectual adaptation, the economic wisdom, the social sagacity and the moral force of a town in evolution, are faithfully reflected in the character of a Nation.

The different evolutive steps for the progress of this Evolutive Nation are the following:

  1. The Establishment of a Threefold Government: 1. Executive Branch, 2. Legislative Branch, 3. Judicial Branch.
  2. The Liberty of Social, Political and Religious activities.
  3. The Abolition of all forms of slavery and human degradation.
  4. The Ability of the Citizenship to Control the Taxations.
  5. The Establishment of the Universal Education - From the infancy until the des-incarnation.
  6. The appropriate adjustments between the Regional Governments and the Central Government.
  7. The development of the Ascendant Science and the Conquest of the Illnesses.
  8. The Recognition of the Equality of the Sexes and the coordinated function of men and women in the Home, the School and the Religion; with the woman's specialized service in the Industry and in the Government.
  9. The Elimination of the Human Servitude by the invention of all type of machines, and the subsequent master and control of the mechanized age.
  10. The Conquest of the Dialects -The triumph of the Universal Language –Only one Global Language.
  11. The Finalization of Wars -The international adjudication of the national and racial disagreements by the Courts of Continental Nations, presided by a Planetary Supreme Tribunal, automatically enlisted by the retired presidents of the Continental Courts. The “Continental Courts” are of authoritative character, and the “Planetary Court” is of Highly Moral consultant.
  12. To begin a planetary model from the Search of the Universal Wisdom -The Exaltation of the Philosophy. The evolution of a Global Religion that presage the victorious entrance of the planet to the last phase of the establishment of the Grand Golden Era of The Light and Life and its conscious integration to the COSMIC SOCIETY.

These are the prerequirements of the Progressive Government and the characteristics of the Ideal State. URANTIA distant very little, externally or physically, to the realization of these exalted ideals; it is very notorious to see the human race that have already initiated the great march toward the Search of the Useful and Beautiful Truth -The Humanity is guided toward its Evolutive and Divine destination. [With the collaboration of a Melchizedeck of Nebadon].