1. “These words I say now for the recent understanding human of his New Cycle”.
  2. “LOVE ONE ANOTHER, ALL THE MEN, because you are ONE in ME. Anything that you do to anyone of ME, you will be doing it to All, because All are ONE in ME”.
  3. “Love your brother like you love your Being; Serve your brother before serving your Being. Elevate your brother high, elevate him to the heights, because your brother is your BEING”.
  4. “I Truly Say, the love to oneself puts neighbor against neighbor and nation against nation. The love to oneself feeds the hate and sows it seeds, throwing them to the winds so that it takes them everywhere. Therefore I Say that the LOVE between Neighbors and Nations will UNITE to the man like ONE”. [DIVINE ILIADA: in gradual revelation, according to the Awakening to the Men].

2. - WHAT AM I?


For the deep part that could respond to this tremendous, What Am I?... We have said that there are different levels of human beings and that the evel of the sleeping human is called “human machine”... While a man that is “Conscious of Himself”, that knows Who is!, Where does he comes from!, Where is he going to!, Where is he standing! and What is he doing in his Life!, Is a TRUE HUMAN BEING! with capacity of reasoning, with capacity of make and change his world, with capacity to transform himself from machine human to a COMPLETELY CONSCIOUS BEING.

To be able to achieve that great objective, the next and high evolutive step of the machine man should be to WAKE UP first, of course, he should realize first about himself and for that I recommend you to revise the previous Legacy, Number 1, titled: “Who Am I?”. Then we should begin to analyze the “human machine”, Yes!, the machine that is part of ourselves, that is in service, and consists of three bodies or levels:

Our Physical Body........... First Floor.
Our Emotional Body....… Second Floor.
Our Mental Body........….. Third Floor.

This is a tremendous and fabulous factory that works no less than 24 hours of the day and since long before leaving the womb of the mother, until the last sigh, concluding its earthly stay in humble service. In this earthly world you should investigate, you should begin to know your Physical Body, Yes!, your physical body with all its organs and in each organ to find out which is its function, what does it do, what it communicates with and whit what is related. My dear searching friend, you should know:

The Digestive System,
The Respiratory System,
The Sanguine System,
The Sympathetic System,
The Nervous System,
The Sexual System and
The Metabolic System.

You should know about the transformation of the foods of the “First Floor”, that is to say, from one energy to another superior energy that would be the food for the “Second Floor”, the second body that is the Emotional Body or Body of Desires!.

Then you should begin to analyze yourself, knowing everything about the Desires that are in your “machine”, in the “Second Floor”. Yes!, all the good and bad desires, it doesn't matter which they are: anger, violence, kindness, love, affection, hate, fears, necessities, etc., etc. All of them have to be registered and investigated by you.

Then, it is important that you realize and understand the existent relationship among the part of the “First Floor”; that is your “Physical Body” with the “Emotional Body”. Among them you can lose amounts of energy that were elaborated in your Physical Body and that can get lost in your desires, in your emotions of the Second Floor unless you CLEAN and PURIFY the “Second Floor”. Friend, the energy of the air that you consume through the breathing, plus the physical foods that you consume through the mouth, are energies that don't get to your brain but in a minimum degree. Your brain is the receiver of the “Third Floor”, the “Mental Body”; and you move this cerebral center in such a slow rhythm that will never allow you to leave the mechanic state.

For you to Wake up you have to achieve the “MAXIMUM ECONOMY”; of course, first the maximum economy of the physical food, and you have to know all the systems to cooperate in transforming the physical food in the highest energy. This energy has to rise to your “Second Body” or “Body of Desires” and if your desires are purified, then that energy will multiply and will ascend pure to your mind: to the “Mental Body”.

And in the MIND, if you are already balanced, if you don't have “conflicts”, if you don't have “contradictions” and you don't have “anguishes”, then that energy will become in a much higher energy that will give you the potential to be CONSCIOUS OF YOURSELF!. It will give you your NEXT LEVEL OF CONSCIENCE!. And will widely open the horizons to the NEW STATE OF CONSCIENCE. Yes!, the State where one really knows the Truth:

Who is?, Where it comes from?, Where does it goes?, What does it do here in this planet?, What is it that it should do here?, Why is it here embodied?, Which is the reason for which we exist in this Universe?.

As you can see friend the What I Am? and the knowledge of the “Machine” is first!. Yes!, it pertains to you to know the 3 Bodies: Physical, Emotional and Mental with their respective functions. All the “Machines” are made under the same patterns, as well as there are cars made by the same factory, one is a Cadillac, another is Caprice, Impala and another is Chevy Nova.

Likewise, the men are machines number 1, number 2 and number 3, they are made under a same pattern, but THEY FUNCTION UNDER A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PATRON because your “machine” in its functions is completely different tothe one of the others. There is not a “machine” that works similar to yours; there is not a combination of ideas or thoughts like the ones you have. There is not a combination of sensations, perceptions, imaginations, fears, necessities, etc. same as yours. Yours is a “machine”, it is true but it is very special, very peculiar and nobody can know it for you, nobody can know about its functioning for you, and you should begin yourself to know it, to study and investigate it…

As you can see friend, not any machine man can get to the next level of Conscience, at the level of the Awake and Conscious Man. Not any human can get there because it is necessary effort, work, dedication and capacity. You have to know your “machine” in its entirety. You have to know how to take out the maximum benefit to the 3 ELEMENTS that enter every day in your bodies. Everything depends on you and this makes the difference among the human beings.

These 3 ELEMENTS are the following ones: 1.- PHYSICAL FOOD, 2.- .AIR, and 3.- IMPRESSIONS.

All the Elements are related with your “Head”; this way, your mouth receives PHYSICAL FOOD of different energy graduation like the lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, meats, fish and all are energy of different states and degrees. ACCORDING OF HOW DO YOU EAT IT!, you will be able to transform it in superior energy, contrary to eat just to eat maybe in a hurry, with concerns, worried, leaving the body to its luck just to fill up the stomach, come on, be honest!. Then,

What do you do with the result of your foods?, do you re-potentialize it?. What do you do after eating?. If you are dedicated to elevated and refined activities, that energy will rise to superior levels!

It would be very useful that you would dedicate to Elevated Activities!, so that you refine the energy through the breathing... The element “AIR” is your Second Food, it is the food of your Second Body and through the breathing they combine with the resultant of the First Food from the PHYSICAL FOOD. Among the two refined energies they help to work to the MIND. From the moment in that a person doesn't eat or breath highly, automatically enters in the unconsciousness and gets off level, it goes down to the animal state.

If you are more conscious of yourself, if you are waking up and are inspired by living the universal reality, then your Physical Body will respond. And automatically its breathing system begins to rise in a natural way, and it is not necessary to force it with strange exercises, complicated methods or any sacrifices. It is about to activate the INSPIRATION Vs. the BREATHING, that is to say, the more Inspiration more and better is the Breathing. iF you are inspired by something superior, your breathing rises automatically, Prove it!. See it in another way: What breathing quality do you have when you are sad, furious, luxurious, sick, etc.?. Investigate it!.

The Third Food is the “IMPRESSIONS” that you perceive through the “five senses” of the body. All the IMPRESSIONS are the ideas, thoughts, communication with people, with the world, sounds, lights, colors, etc., these are the Third Food and is the food of your brain. If you have used the first two energies well, the “Air” and the “Physical Food”, then you will have a clear and elevated mind, a mind without conflicts and this will allow you to transform to those that are not impressions and that don’t pertain to you. It will allow you only to absorb the Impressions that can elevate your level. And with those 3 Elements you will make the 4th ELEMENT, the 4th Energetic Element that becomes your “SEXUAL ENERGY”, but more elevated and refined.

And what do you do with the sexual energy? Ah!, There is the SECRET KEY!!!. What do you do with the secret energy?.

If this energy is directed and guided correctly, it will become a VERY SPECIAL MEMORY!, in memory of oneself, in energy of conscience that will allow you to liberate yourself of the circumstances of the environment, and it will allow you the total control over your bodies and your perfect “machine”... The upward process of these energies are similar to what happens in the nature when the solar rays evaporate the marine waters that then travel until getting to the high mountains, so then precipitate as rain making sprout the natural life. That is to say, to more conscience and shine of your Interior Sun, the more transformations you will have. As you can see dear friend, I have already told you the important and a lot about the: What Am I? What Am I here in Earth?...

Then you should know that your body is made up of the Animal World, the Plant World and the Mineral World; you should also know that it is made up of Water, Air, Fire and Earth. These four elements should be harmonized to the perfection, so that you can achieve the state of waking up, the state of the free man, the state of the “non mechanism”.

All this work requires dedication, it requires unconditional and impersonal surrender, and after knowing and balancing the elements, after dominating your “machine”, of thoroughly knowing it and knowing how to take out the maximum profit to the 3 basic Foods and the 4th. Resultant to obtain your high level of Conscience, you should establish a CORRECT RELATIONSHIP with the external world. Because if your relationship with the external world is mistaken, you will lose energy; if your relationship with your neighbor is mistaken, you will lose energy; if your relationship with yourself is mistaken, you will lose energy; and to more energy loss, deeper it is the dream and bigger is the mechanism, more slave of the circumstances you will be, you will be as a cork taken by the waves. If they insult you, you respond; if there are rumors of war, you panic; if there are pain symptoms, you fear to death, etc.

This is the GLOBAL EDUCATION!. This is a beautiful work of many years, my dear searching friend; nevertheless, if your time has come, if you can no longer accept the “mechanical” and “senseless life”, if you no longer accept to be taken by the waves, if the desire already beats in you of developing that tremendous will, that illumination, that wisdom of an awake and conscious human; then, you will find to your side people in the way of waking up and with them you will form an unconditional team, without names, without titles, without obligations... And everything to get to know yourself, to get to know your “machine” and to know what is a TRUTH MAN!:

How a true man should think?, What a true man do here in the planet?, What is a true man?, What is a machine?, What is the human machine?, etc.

Of course, those people of whom I tell you, those awake people are in your surroundings, but you cannot see them or recognize them... Maybe yes or maybe not!; but from the moment that your desire is genuine and sincere, for sure you will enter in CONTACT WITH THEM, and at the same time, they are in contact with other people of higher level of Conscience. They have the duty of guiding all those people that are waking up from the “dream” and the “mechanistic”, they assist everyone that is realizing about the senseless life...

Then, What Am I? What Am I here in the earth?...

Well, until here I am still a “machine”, a machine with tendencies to the physical body that would be a “Machine 1”... And if the tendencies go toward the emotions, it would be a “Machine 2”. And if the tendencies go toward the mind, it would be a “Machine 3”. But a machine that after all is dominated by desires, by fears, by necessities, by the environment, only with a minimum degree of free-will and subjected to its destination and inheritance.

What Am I? A factory of 3 Floors with Physical Body, Emotional Body and Mental Body, I receive 3 types of foods every day, and What do I do with the bodies and the foods?.

If my factory of the 1st. floor is in perfect state and if I know How to convert!, How to eat!, What to eat!, When to eat!, What to do with the energy of the foods!, How to re-potentialize it!, and so forth; then, I could get to the “Resultant” of the 3 Foods that is the SEXUAL ENERGY! but of high graduation, and unless I use this resulting energy according to the Cosmic Laws, I will never be able to get to the state of the Awake Man, I will never be able to be a True Man.

What Am I?: I am a combination of 4 Elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water; I continue wondering: What Am I?: I am a combination of all that there is in the Universe: Mineral Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Human Kingdom and Divine Kingdom that for now is only a POSSIBILITY!.

As you see searcher friend, we were born here in the planet and practically without any effort on our behalf, right? Indeed, we develop ourselves in the environment and if we are given the necessary physical food, then at the age of 20 years old, we finish developing a physical body, and even so we are “machines men” with a completed physical body; nevertheless, we still have all our jumbled emotions and we don't have concrete thoughts or concrete ideas. We don't know almost anything, we don't have an integrated mind or an integrated body. The 2nd and 3rd floor of our factory are not still working to an elevated rhythm like it suppose to. They should function under OUR CONTROL! and therefore we should WAKE UP! Of course! We should WAKE UP.

What Am I?. What Am I here in the Earth?...

A toy in hands of the destiny, in hands of the circumstances, of the events, of the occurrences and of the befall... Anything can happen to Me in any moment without doing anything to avoid it, still if I am locked or refugee in my house, even there it can happen the unexpected, the roof can fall on me, a lightening, etc... They are Possibilities!. This way, I am limited in my movements and I supposedly can move everywhere, but I am subjected to laws that I don't know or perceive. I am subjected to a society that “seemingly” doesn't request anything from me; until I feel the necessities imposed by the system; then, we are subjected to a world of competitions, to have profession, fame, prestige, fortune, security, etc. I am This way subjected to a regimens group that is a world, Uff!, while my aspirations, my yearnings, my look to the firmament and my search of the truth is shrinking and I realize that I am managed.

What Am I?. What Am I here in the Earth?...

I am a “human machine”, a developed physical body but with the possibility of waking up; sure, if I develop a will and I put the necessary effort, I can complete my other bodies and end up being a CONSCIOUS MAN!. And this is a POSSIBILITY!. As well as in the ovum and in the sperm beats the future man that is a possibility, because it is possible that it doesn’t develop; likewise, the potentialities are in you my friend so that you can end up being a complete total human being as well as your CREATOR, if you consider that HE has defined it for you, but everything are POSSIBILITIES!. What are you waiting for?. If the Work of the Creator in you is accomplished!, You carry all His perfection!, like the seed that carries the tree, but you are a possibility that you should realize.

Its realization doesn't depend on the chance, miracles or luck, it doesn't happen mechanically, it doesn't come with time, it doesn't come by itself; its realization obeys to Laws, to concrete processes that have been carrying out for all those beings that have been waking up along eons, along the history of the humanity... They are processes that are only finding out by those people that had to evolve quietly and not hidden; since it was effective the COSMIC QUARANTINE.

But then: What Am I?...

I am a “machine” with mistaken relationships with myself, the neighbor, the society, the world, the nature, of course!! without realizing because of the education type that I have received from my parents and tutors, they didn't know the Universal Truth... I have been violating again and again many Laws and Universal Principles that I ignore and that nobody has taught me, as well as others that have given me teachings, but I still continue violating because I have been imitating my parents and my environment, and they as well have been violating again and again all the principles of the Equilibrium and the cosmic harmony.

But I continue: What Am I?...

I am a “machine” in not well state, built for an end; I am still a machine with organs in state of deterioration and I don't know anything about this “factory”, I don't know anything about my organs, I don't know anything about my emotions, I don't know anything about my mind, I don't know anything about myself and I still don't know myself...

What Am I?. What Am I here in Earth?.

Well, let’s begin to Work; this is to “Transform what is dense” . Searcher Friend, you already have enough elements, judgment elements, of postulates and ideas of which you can already check up by yourself. Investigate it!, Investigate it!, you have to be alert, you have to be awake, you have to learn how to observe yourself, where the destiny has placed you in your daily life. Just as we study in the first part Who I Am?, you have to know the residents that live inside you, you have to thoroughly know all the necessities that impel you, the fears that impel you, the mistaken thoughts and to know what to do with that whole tangle.

Perhaps friend, you will tell me that this is a “very sad picture” and that you feel sad about knowing the reality in which you live... And the truth is not “very sad”, “very bad” or “very good”, IT SIMPLY IS!... When you check it out you will realize that it is the truth and this reality we won't qualify it as good or bad... Now, if you prefer you can ignore this fact and start from the beginning, you can sleep again, yes, you can start from the beginning and continue believing that you are so and so, that you are a man with a lot of potentialities and abilities, that you are capable of “doing”, that you can dominate your environment, that you have a will, that you are conscious, that you are awake, that you don't need to wake up and all that bla, bla, bla; and simply, continue your life filling yourself with insipid beliefs...

You can destroy, erase, or eliminate this legacy and forget the matter... That is what the “machine man” do, even becomes furious when he is told that is a “machine man”, and he becomes furious when he realizes that it is a “machine” and he doesn't want to believe it or ever accept it before the evidences. He never accepts that he doesn't have “own will” yet, that he is a cork taken by the waves, and that he is subjected to a lot of laws without realizing. He doesn't accept that it is impelled by the necessities of the “desires” and the “fears”, he doesn't accept anything of that... Undoubtedly that is shocking, but it is basic for the AWAKENING.

So you are before TWO POSSIBILITIES! my searching friend... Maybe your illusion had taken you to look for something “preset”, perhaps your illusion and imagination have taken you to look for and imagine “something” in that the evolution for you is completely different, without realizing that you elaborated it with the data that were given to you since the childhood. Maybe you already have designed a paradise and that with a magic twig you can get to the fullness, to the peace, to the wealth and the happiness, making you believe that “this is the way to be”...

But the truth is that this is not like that. So you are before these 2 alternatives: Or you FALL ASLEEP again and you forget everything, like a person that is sleeping deeply and somebody comes and wake him up, but he falls asleep again, and the following day he remembers, as a joke, that somebody came to wake him up, right? So take your time!... or your time has come to WAKE UP, and if this is the time, Searching friend, I am with you. We are with you, we have passed this path before through the ages, all the human beings that had to evolve also has passed through this process and have left the signs behind, the laws, the principles, the postulates, the commandments and the How the things should be done?.

It is a precise fact that obeys scientific laws and that everyone can check out... If you take the alternative of WAKING UP, we welcome you and we are with you. The famous maxim of initiation that says: “THAT WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY THE MASTER APPEARS”, never have been violated until this moment; if you take this alternative, very near you will be persons or one person and all the necessary so you can evolve, that is a guarantee, it is a fact... There is great happiness for each human being that humbly assumes manifest and to conform The GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY! of Order, Light and Love.

We know how you feel, it is bitter the Awakening!, it is bitter to realize the Reality!, it is bitter to glimpse the Truth!; still more when one has been living in the lie, in the deceit of oneself, And for sure that some times you have seen yourself in fragrant in a lie!, is that rigt friend?... Because the TRUTH is bitter, in contrast with the LIE that is easy and sweet; everybody can lie, everybody savors the sweet of the lie, it is so easy!. While the TRUTH is bitter and there are few that have the courage to try its flavor and resist this same process; nevertheless, if the time of WAKING up has arrived, you will begin to try small points of the TRUTH. They will taste bitter at the beginning, but then that flavor will become Light, Peace and Harmony. It will be openned for you new horizons of Understanding... I Request to our COMMON CREATIVE FATHER that guides you, blesses you and illuminates you. Thank You.



What Am I?... I Am a man contrary to an Animal; what it comes quick to my mind is that a man is somebody that Reasons, is somebody that Thinks, and the animal doesn't think; the animal feels, perceives, but it doesn't think; so a man is a THINKER!. How interesting!!!.

I Am a man but meditating deeply and analyzing, I realize that there is something else. Yes my friend, something more that characterizes a man, and that something more about the man is the capacity to DO!; Of Course!.

The animal cannot modify its environment, since it doesn't have thought and is only limited to accept the conditions of life, such which it is presented and it is impelled by its “instincts” of eating, of procreating, of surviving, of getting used to the climate or emigrates if the climate is not good, right?. But a man has another ability and by his ability of REASONING”, the man can get to “DO”. He can modify his conditions of life, a thing that the animal cannot do, but the man can do or produce the ideas and thoughts that he has in mind.

Then, I am a human, I Am a thinking entity that has ideas that can carry out; I can change my life, I can change my environment, I can change my conditions since I have the ability to THINK, and I have the capacity to Do. This also answers the question Who I Am? from the previous legacy, and now I do get to the second question What I Am?.

I Am a HUMAN BEING, yes, a human being... and everything has its Being, as well as there is a being of the stone, a being of the vegetable, a being of the mineral, a being of the animal; there is also a HUMAN BEING. And what characterizes me as a human being is my ability and capacity to THINK, of DEVISING, of CREATING and of CARRYING OUT what I projected or designed in my mind. I can change my life, and to I realize this truth got me very surprised, Yes! I got surprised, and if this is this way, then:

Why during all my life I have been subjected to conditions and circumstances without being able to change it?, What did it make me useless? Ah!; Of course! It Was Because I Was Sleeping! Of course!.

I didn't know that I had the ability to project, to create some new conditions of life or that I had the capacity to carry it out. Today that I am awake, I realize that state of “sleeping” that it is as if I was a “machine” and not a human being.

Yes, I do realize that there are different types of human beings, there are different levels of human beings. Those that are sleeping resemble robots, they resemble “machines”, they are as if they were true machines, this truth surprises you right?... Today I remember my days of being a “human machine”, I woke up every day with an extraordinary precision, with the precision of a machine, I got up of the bed and I took a bath; every day I did the same movements, all my movements were repeated days after days. This way, I went to work under the same routine, I always repeated the favorite plates and when I listened to myself, I realized that I always spoke about the same things, I realized that deep inside my problems some how are always the same, that were repeated again and again... One and another time, my conflicts and tendencies also repeated, again and again...

When a person told me something, it was as if it impelled a button inside of me and automatically the reaction came, and I always responded in the same way to the situations as if it were a recording; there was rarely something new, only when I changed the routine. Sometimes when I left for vacations, when I went on a trip, when I was in places that I had never visited before, when I made things that I had never made before... There I had another sensation, a sensation of novelty, of rebirth...

Now, I begin to understand and I observe the people in my surroundings, my companion, my family, my neighbors, my friends, my acquaintances and the unknowns, and I realize that most of them are not still human beings; that is to say they are not conscious human being that they are “human beings”, very few, very few of them are conscious in the whole planet. Very few of them have the real ability to Meditate, to Create, to Project a new life and few have the force and the capacity of carrying it out, since they don't know it and they are sleeping. They are unconscious, they are as corks taken from here to there in the middle of the ocean of the mechanical system of life... and the serious thing is that they believe that they know it all but deep inside they don't know it, they only belive that they are conscious, but they don't know it.

Friend, ask your acquaintances to see what they respond to you: What is a man?, What is human being?.

A TRUE HUMAN BEING is a conscious entity that is unable to harm even in situations very, very adverse... A conscious human being would not harm anybody, it would not throw away garbage on the streets, it would not contaminate the environment, it would not cause wars even in thoughts, it would not monopolize, it would not accept the distinction of classes or undergo to retrograde acts. My partner of life, What would it be of our planet if it were completely inhabited by conscious human beings in Order, Light and Love?. Our world would be a world of light, a world of Harmony, a world of Peace, a world of Love, and a world in Fraternity because that is what characterizes a CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEING... But for the sleeping unconscious machine man impelled by his instincts, for him wars are normal, the competitions, the abuse, the exploitation of his neighbors, to monopolize, etc.

Then before the question, What Am I?...

Unavoidably my answer until here is that I am still a “machine man”, and it is my starting point. Yes! I know that it is difficult to accept it my dear partner of life; I know that it is difficult to accept it but understand that I don't request you to accept it, no, no, no, simple and flatly I ask you to investigate it, to discover it, to check it out...

We are machines, friend!, We are machines! and we are impelled by necessities. If I ask you, Why do you work? Ah, you will tell me because I need to survive, I need to have roof, food, family, etc... But tell me, where did those necessities come from?, are not those necessities maybe the ones that impels you to make all those things?, or Did You create those necessities?, Did You manufacture them for you?.

Or maybe from the moment that you were born all those needs were already in you!; and those necessities of security, of wanting to have an own house, of wanting to have always your wife by your side, food for today, tomorrow and after tomorrow and that you never lack money, etc!...

Where those necessities come from? Have You created them?.

Well, nevertheless these necessities put you to conceive things every day, they put you to run every day from here to there. And God knows how many things you face every day to satisfy all those necessities: The necessity to survive, the necessity of security, the necessity of acceptance, of wanting to have friends, of wanting to invite them to your house, of wanting to have a good car, a good suit, of wanting to be accepted in the society, Ah, and that it is another necessity that moves you also; and let’s see how it moves you. Friend, those necessities have moved you day after day... And apparently we are the ones who want to buy a car, those that want a better suit, a bigger house, sophisticated things, money in the bank, success for our children, food for today and more days, fortune, etc... But friend, there are many NECESSITIES SOWED IN US and they move us as machines. Observe them in yourself starting from today, investigate them, write them down primary and basically to: The necessity of SURVIVING, the necessity of SECURITY and the necessity of ACCEPTANCE, that is to be accepted by the neighbor and the society. Then already you will be able to distinguish the NATURAL NECESSITIES from the SOWED NECESSITIES or imposed in the human being.

Observe and choose the names of 10 people that you know and start to know them. See everything that they do and you will discover by yourself that they are impelled by those “THREE BASIC NECESSITIES”. Now I ask you the following question:

Why do you work? You will tell me, well for such and such reason; and why? and I continue With the why?...

And at the end we find that we are simply being impelled by a series of necessities that we have not created. Undoubtedly, we are born with BASIC NECESSITIES: of eating, breathing and surviving, and these put us to run the whole day; then those necessities are our “masters”, our “patterns”... Then if we cannot do and satisfy our necessities, we begin to feel AFRAID!, adding the fear to lose our job, fear to not being successful, fear to not being able to pay the bills, fear that the woman leaves us, fear that my car get collide, fear to get in dail, fear to lose the freedom, fear to get sick, fear to age, fear to the failure, fear to that something happen to me, etc. This are the Sowed Necessities that make us suffer.

You will see friend, Meditate it!, Investigate it! Those Fears put us to run, to give birth and conceive things. But that is not our sovereign will!, you have not decided to be afraid!, You have not decided it!, realize about that!, wake up to that fact!, You didn't decide to be afraid or to have necessities!.

Those are in you before you were born!, they are in you and they move you... Check those truths and you will know that they move you. You will know that you are a “machine” impelled by those necessities and for those fears, and we all are “machines” until the day that you wake up to the fact that you are a “machine”. The day that you realize that you are a machine and that you are being impelled from the internal by necessities and fears, and from the external by the environment and the society that not obligates to behave of such or which way; then, you will realize that you are a “machine” and that you still don’t have free will, that you don't have your own will. You will realize that you are not still a free human being, since a conscious human being is a free human being.

Then we already can respond little by little: What Am I?. Undoubtedly until here we still are “machines”, a machine of 3 Floors and perfectly well made. Notice it!:

The First Part of the machine is our PHYSICAL BODY and all its processes are mechanical; you will already have realized about that fact when you eat because without you intervene for anything, it is carried out the digestion inside the organism and the essence, synthesis of the foods that you eat, passes to the blood, the rest is evacuated, it leaves in feces and urine; so you are a machine with processes that repeat and repeat and repeat. And when the human machine begins to deteriorate, it means that its pieces, the organs begin to spoil then illnesses appear, coming the oldness and finally the death of the physical body.

Nevertheless, there is the Second Part of the machine that is the EMOTIONAL BODY. When the energy essence of the food enters to the blood, the blood begins to circulate trough the whole physical body, right?, and when the blood circulates through all the body you begin to have perceptions, sensations, emotions, desires and all that is your Second Body, the second part of your “machine”.

Then that blood arrives to the lungs and there it enters oxygen that purifies it; then the blood is pumped to the brain and when it arrives to the brain, it becomes nervous force and then the thoughts come to your small mind, and this is the Third Part of the “machine” that you are, that is to say, the MENTAL BODY.

Then if you are aware conscious of yourself, if you are awake, that nervous force rises and becomes “Cosmic Energy”... Then is when you realize about your new dimension, and your Common Sense enters in high action, and you will say: Me and the machine!, Me and my body!, Me and my emotions!, Me and my mind!. And you will understand better this situation and you will be able to affirm:


Yes my friend, you can stop being a machine… But first you have to realize that you are a “machine” and this you have to observe it and experience it; you have to get to your own conviction and not for the fact that somebody tells you, no, no, no; you have to get to your own conviction that you are a “machine”. And when you are able to discover the mechanism and you be sure that you are a “machine”, then it is when you can already stop being a “machine” to become a TRUE HUMAN BEING, climbing different levels; as well as there are different levels of mineral beings, as well as there are different levels of vegetable beings, of animal beings in that some are more intelligent and more skilled than others; likewise, there are different levels of Human Beings. And the common level of the human race in today's world, is the level of “machine man”, it is qualified this way by the COSMOS.

See it on the whole face of the Earth!... Millions, millions and millions of people every night seat in front of the television to see the same programs that only change the forms. Others cannot see television and go to the movies; but What is what they see?, nothing new, nothing real, they are only falling inside a pre-recorded and deprived of meaning programming. Wherever you look you will find mechanism, and if you live in a neighborhood, I can calculate with automatic accuracy that you will go to the nearest supermarket, that you will deposit your bank bill near your work or near your house and so forth. We can calculate how many millions of people lose the wallets every day; and all this are “Happenings” and “Occurs”... We can calculate how many thousands of people collide their cars, how many thousands die every day, how many thousands are born every day and how many thousands get sick every day, even statistical schemes are designed of all that is “repeated”, since already anybody can “predict” the mechanical future. Millions, millions and millions of people live in automatic pilot repeating the same things over and over again.

People that are “sleeping”, the machine man don't realize this reality. They open the newspaper in the morning and they find out that the president of such country is threatening, pressing the president of another country but if that has always happened, and the only thing that changed in the news are the names; right?. They also can see that the secretary of the party A replies and accuse the secretary of the party B, and the only thing that changed there are the names; and if they open up the sports pages they find out that the team “D” won to the team “C” with so many goals, repeating the same thing. What is the difference between yesterday and today?.

Thousands of times it happened, it repeats every day, all the years... The newspapers always speak of inflation, of economy, of politics, of novelties that in fact are nothing novel; and in the television programs it happens weeks after weeks the same and the only thing that changes are the artists, at the end it continues the same thing, it repeats, repeats and repeats.

Analyze your food, make a list of what you eat and you will see that you eat once and again repeating your same dishes; realize that you always circulate for the same streets, that you go with your car for the same places, that you frequent the same places, that you meet with same people, that more or less you speak and say the same things, that your discussions with your wife are always the same ones, that your reproaches to your children are always the same ones; realize that fact because this mechanical world is the level of the human that has not waken up yet to reality... And this is not either “good” or “bad”, it is just mechanical.

Searching friend, simply and flatly we are still “machine man” but with possibilities because the day that we realize that we are human machines, then we will have the capacity to stop being it, Yes! We will have the capacity to stop being machines, and we will have the opportunity to graduate as PLANETARY CITIZENS!, FREE!, FREE!, FREE!.

Searching friend, you can analyze this legacy again and Meditate it!, until you can clearly perceive the meaning of the words that I have transmitted to you... they can be keys for your life, and they are KEYS in fact for the knowledge of yourself and for your liberation of machine man that is the first stage of your evolution... All individual is born “sleeping”, and then he has the possibility to Wake up and stop being a “machine”... A boy is born and during the first years of his life is guided by his parents and depending entirely on them, then they send him to the school and begins to depend on the environment of the school, then the area where he lives, where he works, where he studies, and then to be at the mercy of the environment and the society; starting from here his possibilities of wake up are possible.

You will see that all these are levels, are turns. I Repeat, first I am born as physical body and I am in charge of my parents, then in charge of the school or the institute, then in charge of the university, the society and the environment; then, I marry and I am in charge of the laws that govern the human society; there I am forced to obey these laws and to follow the behavior put by for the society, and I have very little free will, I can only move to a certain extent inside certain limits, but not more.

My Friend, most of the people in the planet stay in this level for ignorance; and they crystallize their lives until they are constituted in the based of “habits”, Yes!, firm and fixed habits... And undoubtedly there are humble, sincere and altruistic people that have a bigger level of Being, and that means that they can go even further, they are people that are waking up, they realize about their mechanism and they decide to begin to look for themselves, to get to know themselves andto know:

Who are they?, Where do they come from?, Why are they here?, and What are they doing here?.

In other words, they wake up and then they try to take control of the “machine” that constitutes their bodies but under their control, under their management and they develop a formidable will, beginning to transform the conditions of mechanical life, transforming themselves, waking up to their own reality and the own sense of their Life. My dear friend, if this Legacy has arrived to your hands and if you have received it with great valuation, is because you belong to the level of being, to the type of human that CAN GET TO TRANSFORM HIS SMALL WORLD, the one that can get to transform from the “machine man” to the human being conscious of himself, of his reality and his life... And if this is this way for you, I please request you my brother that you try to meditate and discern the NEW CONCEPTS emitted in this legacy that are very deep and can activate your NUCLEAR MIND!, taking you out of the inertia and the lethargy. These are the UNIVERSAL POSTULATES that take the man to the LIBERATION, Yes!, they can take you to your own liberation.

Take a note step by step of the most important ideas that you have received and that made you, meditate, then do your experiments and investigate in the laboratory of your daily life, Mater School! Why to be refuged or be isolated in doctrines?, if they were traced for their time and level. Today we are before new challenges, before higher octaves of evolution. Today we have to Wright the White Pages!.

Friend, make your experiments, investigate, remember that nobody will be able to do it for you, Nobody at all!

As well as nobody can understand for you, nobody can think for you, nobody can realize for you, nobody can sleep or wake up for you. You have to do it if you have the deep desire, the sincere and genuine desire to leave the mechanism stage to pass to the Conscious Man Stage. That in certain parts, in certain dimension of the man would be the MAN NUMBER 4!, the man of the Fourth Level, that realizes that is sleeping and therefore enters in his process of Waking up.

To define better this: If you are inclined toward the physical body and believe that you are matter, this way you would be a MAN NUMBER 1!... and if you are inclined and you pursue to your desires and emotions, this way you would be a MAN NUMBER 2!... and if you are an analytic person and you follow the reasoning of your mechanical mind, you would be this way a MAN NUMBER 3!. Friend, there are machines men Type1, there are machines men Type 2 and there are machines men Type 3; and these three types are the majority in the planet and there is a world for each type.

The men whose tendencies are physical, the men number 1, have their places, their circles and they frequent them, over there they do certain things very different to the men number 2... And the men number 1 and the number 2 make things different to the men number 3... And the machines men number 3 make things very different to the number 2 and number 1. Nevertheless, all share the same planet, inclusive they associate and marry among themselves. As well as different species of animals can share a same forest, right?. Likewise, it is with the earthly man, but they don't realize this reality...

Be defined! to your question: What Am I?...

You can already begin to RESPOND... Experience it for yourself!, don't take as truthful anything of what has been said up to here. The one that is waking up from the mechanical life, Doesn't accept anything for dogma!. Doesn’t accept anything such which is explained, he needs to meditate it, to experience it and reach his own conclusions, his own crop!, do you understand me?.

This way, I welcome you! to the circle of MEN THAT WANT TO WAKE UP! We, from the FIFTH LEVEL, the ones of Order, Light and Love WELCOME YOU! once again to this glorious planetary gesta to generate a better world.

Thank You.