Global Government of Humanity
In Order Light and Love



In recognition that it is necessary to leave a written testimony to the men on the fundamental bases of the NEW GOVERNMENT, I transfer in this precise moment the verification of the Postulates emitted previously and I leave as support to such a Manifestation the following document:

It has been necessary to transfer to America the Etheric Headquarters of the Temples of Light, since in the New Cycle this is the spine of the whole System and from here, is irradiated toward the Planet the Divine Qualities required by the men.

In the current moments the men merit attention and effort, because we have entered in the great definitive period of re-polarization and energetic transfer for the total Planetary Restoration; now it is necessary that the man knows that he has never been alone, and he will never be, and from the Internal Levels it has been made and still are made all the possible efforts so that his pass through the planet be to grow, to evolve and to continue in the Light's Path that his Being contains.

In these precise moments we are laboring, to prevent the possible and probable damages at the physical level that can affect to the human creature. We know that for many this is an Apocalypse and for others it is the opportunity that the Planet passes at a bigger level of Conscience. Bases and structures are removed, and in a same way, many are assimilated by the energy vortex that takes charge of restoring the vibrating and positional level of the Planet; but it is also necessary to remember that many, times you have been called to open the way to the LIGHT in your lives, and the obtained answer allows Us to take action and interaction in this form to open the way to the DIVINE ORDER and the establishment of the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY.

We know that the man has the tendency to “wait too much” until the last moment, “see it to believe it”; but we also know that you cannot continue retarding the Manifestation of the Emitted Dispositions for The SUBLIME ANTERIOR; therefore, it gave pass to the Divine Action in the Planet.

The regressive counting has begun and this way little by little and as required, it was given the pass to the Restoration for the definitive Anchorage of the “Supreme Well” among the men.

When being given The GUIDELINE OF THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT and when being verified this position again, we want to define to the man that it is necessary that the Planet be assumed in its totality by the Forces of the Light. Our efforts have always been and are directed so that this Process is in a Harmonic way, where an interaction from Being to Being is possible; between the Beings of Light [Elder Brothers] or whatever you want to call Us and you, the human creatures in process of evolution.

It arrived at the maximum point of Equilibrium through the acceptance of the DISPOSITIONS emitted by the DIVINE GOVERNMENT, which allows Us now to open the way to the final adjustment to Labor hand in hand allow that the Planet be transformed into the HOLY STAR OF LIBERATION, housing of Conscious Beings, and Truly Channel of the Presence of the FATHER-MOTHER-LOVE.

Since the external circumstances have arrived at the required moment, it is necessary to complement the Process of Hoisting and accelerating the vibratory rate of the Planet to put it to tone with the definitive moment from its pass to the New Orbit.

All the required steps have been taken so that the mankind is attended and elevated of level, and in a same way it has proceeded to compensate the PLANETARY BEING lovingly, so that the modification of the vibrational and physical field be made by the Acceptance, in Loving Obedience to the Divine Plan. We know that this Planetary Being, as an alive being has assumed the man as part of Itself, a Unity interacting from cell to cell; but its Process of Ascension cannot be delayed anymore; This takes it to the reestablishment of its electromagnetic circuits so that it can enter definitively to its New Orbital Position.

The transformation that is suffering the earth crust allows the settling in the energetic points that reflux the New Headquarters of the ETHERIC TEMPLES and the DIVINE MONUMENT. Geographically it is modified the planetary belt, passing to rotate inside the Orbit that compensates in a reliable way the direct relationship with The Central Nucleus of the Creation and this way, it joins the energetic points of the Planet, so that they flow over their inhabitants, in an orderly way, the Divine Blessings that allows the internal connection and the direct relationship with THE FATHER OF FATHERS.

Each one of the outlines of life that develope in the New Earth, count from now on with the Loving Covering of all the Beings that labor in the DIVINE ORDER. Therefore and as a testimony of the Divine Attendance is given to all the “planetary rulers” and “current governors”, the Basic Elements in which will be sustained the International Communities and Organisms that will guide the men and will help them to fulfill the DISPOSITIONS of THE FATHER OF ALL FATHERS.

Since the external circumstances already enter into their final phase, and America is the central point of more acceleration, it is necessary that their inhabitants assume the Divine Identity and enter to labor hand in hand with the Hosts of Light and Elder Brothers that are ready to help and allowing that it recovers in a harmonious way the relationships between one and another Level of Conscience.

We know that many beings are ready to assume Responsibilities and open the way to actions of internal directions. We count on them for this process that is already in action, and in which is necessary that the man be willing to Serve as energetic center of re-polarization, spreading to us their hands like a bridge that allows the Lightto flow from this Level toward the Earth.

The Gestation of the New Era has been one of the most beautiful processes that have been given to Us as an opportunity of Service for the human beings, and this as such is an explosion of Light, so big that it needs a capable holder to receive such a Grandiose Manifestation of Love and for that, the last preparations of the Earth are being able to house the whole range of Wonderful Beings that will traffic labor hand in hand with their inhabitants.

We cannot delay the Birth anymore!, and in a same way each one of the Beings that are ready to work with the man, are only waiting the internal order and this way to be able to testify the Love with which The SUBLIME ANTERIOR has maintained sheltered, and waiting for you to be ready to receive It.

The NEW ERA is being preceded by the Conscious Labor of the Children of the Planet who although have been Our effective collaborators, also precise that they are Invested with their Suits of Light, because for this “few” is a constant gratefulness, since they made possible that the gates that maintained The Light trapped, opened up and the Planet could receive the Blessing of the Divine Government. For each one of “them” Our recognition and desire that we can see Each other face to face to continue together, heart to heart, Being to Being, Soul to Soul in the PATH TO RETURN TO THE DIVINE DWELLING.

I attach these paragraphs like certification that Our desire has been always to labor hand in hand with the men, and willing we are to Serve with them and for them in this NEW CYCLE that likewise is the Most Splendid Opportunity for the Earth and each one of the particles of life that conform it, as well as for the beings in evolution in the Time-Space-Love.

You have been conscious and in this Opportunity it corresponds to the whole America to be the receptacle of the Divine Presence of Love that Command on each particle of Life in Purity and Perfection for the Manifestation of the Glory of Its Being.

Attentive We are to your calls, ready to serve you and help you, willing to sustain you and maintain the Rhythmic Pulsation of the Heart of the Life in each one, until the Light's Achievement is the Coronation of your Conscious efforts and Unconditional Surrender to the Impersonal Service.

The Planetary Geography began to change, and soon in new geographical points you will be able to share with the Angels and willing Beings to collaborate with you in the Manifestation of the Golden Age, where the LOVE is the Synchronizer, Supporter, Emitter and Realizer of each one of the Events that the New Era brings for Glory of the Light and Expansion of the Divine Kingdom. Likewise when given beginning to this Cosmic Octave, each one of the mature beings passes to Serve in more Levels of Conscience, sharing with The Father of Fathers the Opportunity to Serve Unconditionally to the Life-One-Universal.

Soon we will see each other and we will be able to share the Joy of being wrapped up again by The DIVINE ORDER. Until then and with a Hug of Love I sustain you.




It has concluded the stage of energetic transmission.
The Circle is closed.
It has been achieved to Energized the Action of the Body Light in America.
The remaining vestiges are not more than external parameters.
The labor has been completed and the electromagnetic belt has been activated including the Guyanas to elevate its vibratory rate.

From the Etheric Headquarters of The GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY is emitted Its Decree of Light, where it is verified that it has been fulfilled the Proposition of the Bolivariano Ideal, from Alaska covering Canada until Patagonia in Tierra del Fuego; it has been opened the way to the Manifestation of the DISPOSITION of the DIVINE GOVERNMENT. For such a reason and the fact that America is lit in Light, pulsing for the reaffirmation of its Divine Archetype in each one of its inhabitants, it is projected the Light of the BODY LIGHT OF UNIXITRON, whose bigger manifestation of energy is centered in The STANDARD OF ORION and in the Divine Commandment of the Father of Fathers in The CODE OF LOVE.

America reverberates in Order, Light and Love and internally the Essence Triune of the Light has been captured, to give pass to the external Manifestation of the DIVINE GOVERNMENT in whose regency the men wait with anxiety, since they have recognized that there is not a possibility according to the canons settled down by them; because those are parameters that divide and disintegrate the man at the same time that sink him in the mechanical action of the ego.

The GUIDELINE OF THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT reverberate from north to south, from east to west and the external manifestation pulses through many of their inhabitants that see with joy how the Father of Fathers maintains Its Loving Covering over each one of Its children.

The America Continent shines brightly in Light and it becomes necessary that each one of their inhabitants, conscious of the Divine Command, sustain the Covering of the Love Liberator over the remaining creatures, because in the Manifestation of the Planetary Order many places of America are under the Divine Protection, while others are assimilated by the Forces of the Order, to open the way to the Manifestation of the Archetype of this Continent of Light.

Formerly, the geographical configuration was far from the current one, and in these present moments it is open the way to the Action of Planetary Restoration, where the external structure enters to this process of restoration and the New Era settles in America on a real base in this part of the Planet.

The American Continent has been constituted in a Center of Light; likewise its outlines of life becomes governed by the Divine Order; in such action is given the pass to the energetic and physical restoration where are settled the beings that have accepted THE DIVINE DISPOSITION OF THE DIVINE GOVERNMENT. It concludes this way a sowed stage of racial fights, separatisms, economic inequalities and in a very brief time we will begin externally the Golden Era where the Love is the Regent of each being that accept it as a form of life.

Being achieved that the Divine Outline had been anchored on the American Continent, it has also been achieved that the GUIDELINE emitted in the CODE OF LOVE be activated in each one of the beings that today assume the Father of Fathers as Loving Regent, and this way it begins to divulge the NEW ORDER, where the Divine Genetics begins to be revealed and each one of its payees open the way to the divine quality that should manifest. This Disposition covers America since it has been the central and concentric point of the Movement of Liberation and the incubator of the Gesta that has allowed that the Planet be covered by the Light. The New Era is born here and from here it expands covering the whole Planet; the external parameters of Action of Service have been completed and the Internal Synchronization has been achieved, which facilitates that the Divine Order begins to flow so that each existence level has its very defined purpose of life and act according to the Guide of the Supreme Commander of the Era, SAINT GERMAIN.

When being constituted America in receptacle of the Light, it is opened the way to the expression of the Divine Foundations that should be the GUIDELINES OF SERVICE among the Free Men that assume the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT as form of life:

  1. Only one Global Nation, Free, Sovereign, governed by the Code of the Love, having to the Divine Constitution as Foundation.
  2. Only one Global Race where it participates conjointly in each one of the basic needs of subsistence.
  3. Only one Global School where the children and also the parents learn to take communion with the Divine Essence of the Love.
  4. Only one Global Religion that gives expression to the Being of Light that dwells in each, to consciously reconnect to the Supreme Creative Fountain, The Sublime Anterior.
  5. Only one Global Currency that allows the Rhythmic Balanced Interchange among each one of the beings that need of any element for its sustenance, protection and growth.
  6. Only one Global Government that under the Regency of the All Being, be able to offer to each one of the beings the help that its required for its evolution and development as Free Beings, Conscious of its Plan of Life.
  7. Only one Plan traced under the Divine Patterns that contemplates the free interchange, the free step, the manifestation of the Fraternity and the acceptance of the Universal Family where it can share freely when it is wanted and by virtue of the expression of the Being of each one.
  8. The Territoriality is protected by the necessity of the Being that in its desire to grow and to evolve looks for the appropriate geographical point to such a process.
  9. The validity of the Impersonal Service as a form of life, where it can share the Divine Essence freely so this way to enlarge the Soul and manifest the Divine Genetics that is taken.
  10. New communication systems that facilitate the Rhythmic Balanced interchange from Being to Being, where the Love flows freely embracing and equaling to each current of life that wants to be participant of this Divine flow.
  11. The Government Interaction should be erected according to the degree of the internal maturity, where the old man participates actively with his experience of life and where the youth be the receiver of his energy flow, at the same time is the manifestor of the Divine Order given by The All Being.
  12. The mutual respect that allows the free expression of the Being and the manifestation of its message toward the life.
  13. The Legislation of the Love is the Divine Foundation that takes a step so that the most able and capable citizens can have participation in Government's System where the Guide flows internally and the Obedience to the same one is the nexus that sustains each one of the elements in connected Impersonal Service to the Divine Fountain.
  14. The family form is specified of free convenience, where the couple unites according to the Divine Character that invest them as beings able to manifest the Order, Light and Love; whose precepts make possible that the Androgynous Light can manifest and take communion with The Father of Fathers to give testimony of Its Divine Guide.
  15. The condition of matriarchy or patriarchy stop working to open the way to the direct relationship with The All Being, this way it is energized the Superior Conscience of each individual, to be related directly with The Father of Fathers, without having any middleman.
  16. The Global Government that settles down operates under the direct Guide of the Beings that Regency to the Planet, becoming possible the contact with the same ones through recognition of the Divine Government that operates through them.
  17. The synchronization with the Divine Law will manifest the Harmony that allows the fluency of the biggest Possible Good for each one of the beings covered for the Radiation of the All Being on the Planet.
  18. It won't be contemplated outlines of separated or segregated lives. The Community will be the Divine Outline where it can participate under the Divine Precepts of the Love.
  19. The Manifestation that is made, is sheltered by the Divine Government whose Ordinance of Manifestation was emitted on the 25th of July of 1993, from Etheric Headquarters of the Divine Government.
  20. Each enunciated given has its foundation in the Global Government and the Divine Constitution of Unixitron.
  21. The Statements are based in the CODE OF LOVE whose knowledge was given to the public light and mainly to the “governments of the planet” in fulfillment to the Divine Command.
  22. Personal actions of any type are not estipulated, since the Divine Government will settle down; whose Planetary Headquarters will cover with Its Ordering each one of the systems of life in evolution.
  23. Each Guideline given is of easy implementation, since the basic requirements have contemplated that the same man is demanding for understanding and acceptance of the Divine Order.
  24. The terrestrial laws are obsolete, and they have expired a long time ago, and given to that the Earth passes to a new orbit, where the vibration is bigger, the New Code settles down and the Constitution of Unixitron is the foundation of all action.
  25. The Conscious Beings are sheltered under these procedures able to sustain the internal connection with The All-Being that assumes Its Divine Paternity and at the same time is able to manifest the Divine Archetype that covers it.
  26. The Covering of the Love wraps up the beings able to open the way to the Divine Regency, accepting Its Divine Guide by recognition and acceptance of the Global Government, deposing their free will, so that The All Being Promulgates through them the Ordinances that should govern all the human beings.
  27. It is specified that The Divine Government determines through the Global Government of Humanity which beings will act as guides, coordinators of the actions before the other men, where each life-stream respects and makes respect the experiential statutes of the communities.
  28. It is required that the man understands that the Divine Government's Manifestation has its terrestrial expression through the most mature and capable beings, that in turn, as unconditional and impersonal Service toward life surrender, they consciously to complete and make complete the Commandments of the All Being.
  29. The Hierarchy is only internal where is recognized the Being's maturity and its capacity of Service. Externally the equality marks the pattern that manifests the Love like Axis of all action, being contemplated the Unity of the Life, where each cell can take communion with the Divine Fountain when it wants, how it wants and where it wants.
  30. The tributary regimens are established by the joint participation of the individuals that at the same time assume the necessity of the conjoint, and this way they are able to contribute in an equal way to cover the basic necessities, and give this way through the physical, intellectual or artistic work of any order, support the work of their governors.
  31. There will be organized the cooperative of service where each one is able to support and sustain the effort of the other one and in turn participate actively in benefit of the whole Community.
  32. It will be contemplated the Laws of Prevention that allow to operate under a protection range to each one of the committed elements with the sustenance and maintenance of the Communities; since cooperatively, it will be able to specify the ranges of service that each one can and should carry out.
  33. When assuming the level of Servant, it takes place the protection for the competent organisms that look after each one of the beings committed to such functions, at the same time that it is contributed the basic rulers so that the product of the common effort be equitably distributed.
  34. Violent sanctions or personal offenses are not contemplated, since it is opened the way to the Internal Ordering of the individuals that have incurred in errors or conscious lacks. One re-education mechanism should be specified based on the best form of help for such beings.
  35. It is contemplated the Unity of the viable efforts to offer the improvements of the communities and systems of life where each part of the group can go to the