Who are You?!...

I AM the Light of your heart!
I AM yourself!.
I AM the Path, the Truth and the Life!.
I AM the Resurrection and the Life!.

You have been born in ME; today you will know about your existence. Today you exist!.
You will complete for ME and through ME. I have grown and today I can leave to the life through your, manifesting ME with the Free Expression of the Knowledge.

Each question that you made, I received the Answer of the FATHER that reigns in the Throne of your mind. I was and I AM the Receiver of the Answers.
Today covered with Knowledge, you can labor and make the realization of the Work commended by HIM. The one that Was and Will Always Be in the Centuries and Eternities!.
You will substitute your likenesses and pleasures for the Work; you will take the indispensable of the life to reign and to carry out in the same one.
I will trace the map and you will accomplish to the Perfection, I will reign in your heart, and I will be giving sense to your life and life to your existence in the Action.
HE Directs, You Obey and I Guide you; we will be one for the other. A Unity,

Only for The Father!.

A movement emerges: ...Raise ITS right hand and ITS left hand in Its womb and IT says with firm voice:

You listen with Attention!:
You trace the map inside the mental laboratory!. And give it Light, with the Force of Power in the Love!.
And put it to function!.
Working all your center motor;
You carry it out for HIM!.

*** ***


What continues next is beyond the Third Dimension. For this is required the Presence of the Father and of Fathers of the Useful and Beautiful Truth in the Here and Now; The Encounter in Half Path!.

... Make the LIGHT
in your vehicles!
...and the LIGHT was made
... And it is very good!...

Central Trinitized Pillar
Order, Light and Love.



*** I ***

The Reason for the coming and materialization of the COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT in this period of Planetary Global Evolution, with all their different forms of life represented in It, it is due:

To the imminent, evident and urgent necessity of rising and introducing the Planet Earth and all its Kingdoms to a totally new phase of its growth as a "PLANETARY BEING", Integral and Unified, in its total manifestations.

The "COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT" is the visible and tangible representation of what this new stage means, in which the humanity is the neuralgic point of this Re-Evolution of the PLANETARY BEING.

Through this physical manifestation of the Divine Perfection embodied by the Kingdoms of the CONSTRUCTORS OF THE FORM, it is sought to Elevate the vibratory level of the Earth, so much in its physical form like in its energetic bodies; accelerating the conscious development in Energy and Vibration of the different Kingdoms that live, breathe and are nurtured, on and inside of the Planetary Being's Body.

For different causes ignored in its majority for the external mind of the Human Kingdom, these different forms of life have retarded its process of evolutionary growth toward the Harmony and Integration to the Universal Mind; The Heart of the Unique and Common COSMIC FATHER-MOTHER.

It is in this point where the Human Kingdom in its unconscious act as “free will” beings, with capacity to model and qualify the Universal Energy, according to their desires and the dictation of its conscience, has been the main contributor of the creation in forms and energy “imperfect and without control” which have ended up controlling, largely, the same man's existence.

The Human Kingdom, through its main representatives, whatever the area of its development, has ignored through time and generations Call of the “Conscience” by the Divine Beings that govern the development and destination of the Solar System, the Galaxy and the Super-Universe.

The representatives Divine Intelligence of the Absolute Authority of the Common Father-Mother, made the call to the Divine Mercy and Kindness; being able to defer in the line of time, and as much as possible admitted by the Cosmic Law the development in the different ways of Lives, the occurrence of Big Events of Cosmic Character in which the Planet Earth has a fundamental role to represent, because it corresponds to be one with the Original Archetype which was devised, created, generated and activated in the Physical Universe, with its Real function in the Grand Group of the Solar and Galactic Family.

The Opportunity was granted and the Human Kingdom lived from then on, in the last millennia without having a lot of conscience of it, under the protective mantel of the Divine Grace and Mercy. With an attentive waiting on the part of the Divine Hierarchies, of the human awakening to the Cosmic Reality that one day he knew; but that he forgot when deciding to experience without order or control with his “free will”; generating this way, the Chaos in his own world.

In this pass of the terrestrial time, the Human Kingdom has affected vastly the Mineral, Plant, Animal and Elemental Kingdoms, subjecting to the suffering to these Life-Streams; these attitudes are not part of the Divine Archetype, since these Kingdoms live and grow peacefully serving and loving, unselfishly, the Human Being.

So the man has retarded his development and the one of other Kingdoms that live closest to him in the Kindness of the Planetary Being.

The Time arrived, and the Cosmic Events can not longer be retarded because the Law of Balance and Harmony were used in extreme in the case of the Planet Earth; especially, with the humanity that lives in It.

That is why:
The GRAND WHITE FRATERNITY of the Ascended Masters in the Planet Earth, THE LORD OF WORLD, THE SOLAR PARENTS - HELIOS AND VESTA, THE REGENTS OF THE GRAND CENTRAL SUN - ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE GRAND COUNCIL OF THE TWENTY-FOUR, THE DIVINE GOVERNMENT, THE PLANETARY GOVERNMENT and THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY in the Universe: They make a Call to the Awake Beings of the Human Kingdom to make conscious the importance of their active and loving integration to the Grand Conjoint of the Conscious Souls, in this great Time of the Planetary Being, the Solar System and the whole Galaxy; with a deep respect and gratefulness toward the PLANETARY BEING that so patiently and lovingly has tolerated the man's unconsciousness, until the point of arriving on the edge of a possible annihilation in all form of life over, inside and in the atmosphere of the Earth.

The Grand Fraternity of the Ascended Masters close to the hosts of the Angelical Kingdom, in fervent attitude of Service and total Surrenders, it spreads the hand of Power, Wisdom and Love of the “All Love”, to the Human Kingdom. Pouring in it, all the luminosity and Sainted Ideas of the Divine Mind as a rain of Blessings and Illumination.

With the orientation of the Ascended Hosts, the Human Kingdom in a narrow fraternity with the Angelical Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom and the unconditional support of the other Kingdoms; they will restore, balance and elevate victoriously the Planet to its Original Perfection. Just as it is guarded in Its Heart by the Eternal Father: Accomplishing exactly and perfectly ITS function in the Solar System as in the Galactic Family of Alpha and Omega.

To the Light of this culminating moment of the planetary history and of its current humanity; it is that the COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT in the Planet Earth is presented to the man as a solution and final synthesis of this CURRENT TIME. [Top]

*** II ***

“That the Children of the Wisdom, the Love and the Divine Power, Wake up!. That listen the one
Call of the Son of Man; and arise of the lethargy of the human personality, putting hands to the Work.
Of Course!; To the Grand Work. Because the FATHER OF FATHERS comes accompanied with His Son.

The Marriage of the Force and the Form for, by and in the Spirit of the Divine Nature is the Foundation of THE COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT in the Planet Earth; the creation, generation and physical manifestation of the Third Force, the “Son”, arose from the marriage of the FATHER-MOTHER for and in the HOLY SPIRIT of the Without Name, the “IT”, Un-Qualified and Eternal.

The Cosmic Monument is the creative gestation and formation of “THE SON OF MAN” for the perfect manifestation of “THE SON OF THE FATHER OF FATHERS”; the Presence of the Father in the Planet Earth in Action. THE COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT is the Seat of the Presence of the ONE; as Light, Life and Love manifesting the Universal Order.

The Throne of Light made of the living energies of all the Kingdoms, in recognition and acceptance that IT is the Unique Source of Life, the Unique Presence, the Unique Power and the Unique Maker. THE KING OF KINGS, whose Names is only pronounced by the humble souls that melt in HIM, by Love to HIM, being already HIMSELF.

“I AM”

The COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT is the sublime manifestation of the Wisdom-Power-Love of all the Kingdoms: The perfection archetype of the Mineral Kingdom; the ecstasy beauty of the Plant Kingdom; the gratefulness and the fidelity to the Eternal of the Animal Kingdom; the humility, self-denial, loyalty and devotion of the Elemental Kingdom; the Manifestation of the Useful and Beautiful of the Human Kingdom; the glory and the eternal consecration to the Father-Mother of the Angelical Kingdom; The perfect Equilibrium and Balance in Divine Order of the Ascended Mind.

The sublime Coordination and Organization of the CONSTRUCTORS OF THE FORM, will be the inspiration source for the future generations that must visit the Earth. A song to the Beauty of the Devas and the concentrated power of the Elohims and theirs Hosts of Light. [Top]

*** III ***

“That the Fraternity of the Man goes to the Call of the Ascended Host.
That the Fraternity of the Woman goes to the Call of the Ascended Host.
That the Fraternity of the Children goes to the Call of the Ascended Host
And that the Elder of Elders of Days guides us day by day in the accomplishment of our purpose of Life.
So Be It!!!”.

The COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT in the Planet Earth, preserved in the Heart of the Silent Guardian of the Concept Immaculated Planetarium in the Etheric Temple of THE FRATERNITY OF LUXOR is offered to the humanity with total Faith in its capacity to work its own Real Being, in Harmony with the Divine Presence of the Angelical and Elemental Kingdoms. There being considered the maturity of a certain quantity of awaken souls of the Human Kingdom, THE SILENT OBSERVER and THE GUARDIAN OF CONCEPT IMMACULATED PLANETARY have begun a gradual Illumination of the human consciences that for voluntary decision in this humanity's crucial moment and the planet in its global totality, have decided to Balance their debts with the Planetary Being for the incorrect use of the Divine energy through the “word”, the “thought”, “feeling” and the “external action” made for the man's hand; the bad caused to the Planetary Being's body and the vital means of the other Kingdoms that live on Earth.

The deposition of the rebelliousness to the Divine Plan is the only real and possible solution to the current chaos in which the man has submerged himself, being in danger of affecting unfortunately the Planetary Being's own body, “The Mother Earth”.

The Illuminated Obedience to the Divine Will, will lead these members of the human race to the possibility of restoring, energizing and re-establishing visibly the original cosmic order of the Earth and its different Kingdoms, in Peace, Love and permanent Harmony.

The COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT, as concentrated synthesis of the Concept Immaculated Planetarium, will be gradually presented to the minds and the men and women's hearts that consecrate in humble and grateful attitude its life for the execution and finalization of this planetary stage, as well as its entrance in a New Golden Dawn, whose Light not even the man can glimpse in its real dimension.

The Seventh Movement is the “PRESENCE IN ACTION” of this New Era, operative and completely practical in all its phases; realizing the transfer of a period of gestation in the darkness of the previous era to a glorious birth. A new Earth in the interstellar space, with all its free forms of life and ascended with full conscience of the why of the own existence and a re-established communication between the Creator and Its Creatures. THE FATHER OF FATHERS!, THE ULTIMATE FATHER!, THE LORD!, HOLY IS HE!.

The Seventh Movement is the bring together and loving relationship between the Ascended Host and the Volunteers of each Kingdom in this Grand Work, especially Angels-Men-Elementals acting as Unity in the process of Liberation, Purification and definitive Ascension in higher levels of conscience, energy and vibration.

The cooperation sustained among Masters, Angels, Men and Elementals will make reality the construction of the New Earth. The Golden Era so sung and waited by the human souls and beings of the nature.

The Seventh Movement is the final note of a Symphony and the beginning of another totally new. “The Symphony of Liberty”, the trumpets of the Planetary Liberation, The birth of a new star in the Cosmos, “THE HOLY STAR OF THE LIBERATION”. The Earth, the hidden thought of the Divine Mind, the Great Interstellar Revelation that will take its Light wherever the galaxies will get...


*** IV ***

“Man: How can you know what you don't still know?
Father!, You are the Unique Fountain of the Light, Illuminate us day by day.
Melt us to Your Divine Nature!. You are the Knowledge,
the Knower and the Known!. Thank you Father!, For Your Love!”.

The COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT for the Liberation and Ascension of the Planet Earth, perceived as materialization coming from the Divine Mind, is the practical verification of the Universal Order, is the practical verification of the Cosmic Law, the revelation of the Divine Mathematic, in which, the current human intellect cannot still have access.

At the moment, in the movement of the planets toward the Sun of its respective System, as well as of the Suns of the Galaxy toward the Grand Central Sun “Alpha and Omega”; the Earth precises of a true change in its form of revolution, as a unified stellar body. The elevation of the Human Conscience toward levels of maximum purity will allow advancing without obstacles to other Kingdoms toward the global integration with the PLANETARY BEING.

It is as well as the physical body and the energetic bodies of the planet will be able to revolutionize to higher speeds, entering in a new orbit of existence as physical as spiritual, which we can qualify as a total revolution for the Earth and its inhabitants.

In the preparation of the summit moment for the orbital change, it is that the DIVINE MIND through THE CONSTRUCTORS OF THE FORM and its HOSTS with the direction of the ASCENDED MASTERS, gives the Human Kingdom gradually the first steps in the Science of the Materialization; as introduction to the High Technologies of the Science of the Being.

For the external human mind won’t be an obstacle in the labor of the Divine Mind shared with the Angels, the Elementals and the voluntaries souls of the Human Kingdom, you should kindly to loose your resistances and surrender with faith to the Divine Beings that will guide and illuminate you, step by step in the Grand Work that is the COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT. Indispensable condition so that all the human voluntaries can conquer the barriers of the intellect and the external mind deformed by the false conceptions about the operation of the Universe, the Space, the Time and the Energy.

Only in the full trust inside the man’s heart, he will listen the Interior Voice that will guide him in what is granted as labor for Light's Beings that guide this action of the All Love. From the internal and external plane is that it will be able to carry out this victorious action definitively. The Science of the Being is not embraced for the external mind, but the humble and grateful soul will hear the Voice of the Wisdom and Divine Intelligence in its secret interior; this way being able to comprehend, understand, recognize, to know and discern in the measure of his dedication, interest, consecration and concentration.

The FATHER-MOTHER loves ITS Children and shares with them ITS Knowledge, but the man must want IT and look for IT; because the FATHER-MOTHER, since the Eternity, has taken the first step toward the man. Now it corresponds the man to take his step!. The appointment is “TO THE HALF WAY OF PATH”!.

The precipitation act and materialization of the COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT in the Earth is a combined operation, represented by 49 Planets and the 7 Suns that form the galactic system of the Grand Central Sun, Alpha and Omega. Each Sun with its respective 7 planets, have already contacted the representatives of each Kingdom that inhabits the Earth and had offered, to each one of them, their unconditional service for this victorious and glorious manifestation of the Divine Kingdom of Light on the Planet.

The disinterested support of these galactic and intergalactic siblings is the foundation of this action. These galactic siblings are representing the different atomic elements that constituted the Earth in its formation as a planetary body. The whole galaxy has its part in each one of the Kingdoms. The Presence of these Beings on Earth is a song to the Interstellar Unity, where there are no frontiers and THE ALL FUSIONS WITH THE ALL IN ALL.

In these moments each Sun of the galaxy, through their planets, are directing their concentrated rays from each point of its system, as septuplet radiation toward the Earth. Like a prism, the Earth receives the main 7 aspects or virtues of each Sun of the Galactic Family of Alpha and Omega.

With the enthusiastic collaboration of all these divine siblings of the Cosmos, the Man's Kingdom is integrated as being Unified to the exterior space, establishing again the open and direct communication with the whole Universe. Again the Gates of the Space will be Open for the Earth and Its Inhabitants.

The Radiation septuplet of each solar system will anchor firstly in the etheric belt of the Planet where the Divine Host of the Ascended Masters, in permanent knot of friendship with the Angelic Hosts and Devicas, have disposed temporarily to center these concentrated rays coming from the exterior space, in the Etheric Temples of the Grand White Fraternity around the Planet. These are located in the points of crossing of the electromagnetic lines that form the luminous body of the Earth. Each one is a permanent ray of Light-Life-Love qualified distinctly by the Planetary Divine Hierarchy, wrapping continually the Body of the PLANETARY BEING.

All these Rays converge in the Center of the Earth, “The Interior Sun” from where the Earth emits its tonal note to the space and in turn receives from the System and the Galaxy; effecting the Divine Interchange of the IN and the OUT, the OUT and the IN. [Top]

*** V ***

“26. - The Light of the New Earth rotates and in an identical way makes it the New Moon and the New Sun: The Galaxy
Integrated to the internal communication and in projection on the screen of the Being in the Perfect Entity of the Love”;
[Extracted of the Universal Constitution of Unixitron; paragraph 26 of the chapter V of Planetary Dispositions].

The Grand White Fraternity of the Ascended Masters having carried out almost in its totality the preparations for the great moment of entrance of the Earth in its New Orbit, wait attentively in joyful attitude the conscious sign of the awakening to the illuminated and voluntary action of the mature souls of the humanity.

The Fraternity of Luxor is in charge of the planetary ascension and guardian of the great Immaculated Concept of the COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT, which is permanently energized and sustained by the flame of the Resurrection and the Life, has open its gates to the resolved man that has enough humility and common sense to accept the Order of Action that is transmitted by internal and external illumination.

If the voluntaries of the human race decide to make conscious contact with the Fraternity of Luxor through their Divine Presences and the Christic Interior Being, all the concerning to the Cosmic Monument will be gradually developing after certifying the sincerity and purity of motive from the voluntary “applicant” to participate in the Planetary restoration together with the Ascended Masters, Angels and Elementals, to benefit of all the Kingdoms and grateful recognition to the Planetary Being, to have given its holy energies, its time and space unselfishly and lovingly as an act of unconditional surrender to the DIVINE LIFE OF THE ALL BEING.

Being the COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT a physical and tangible manifestation to the human senses, although its function and mechanisms are not completely comprehensible to the external mind and human common intellect, it is required of surrender and sincerity of the men that want to dedicate their vital energy to the fulfillment of the Divine Will, the Grand Architect of the Universe and Its Son “The Angular Stone”.

Purity and humbleness are indispensable so that the instructions are received and carred out without obstacles on the part of the human personality. It surrenders the “false power” of the personality to the Interior Being; the same Father-Mother's Presence in the Heart; because IT is the Unique Power.

Being completed these fundamental requirements, the materialization process has been initiated individually and not massively, and in the measure that the individual decides in his interior jurisdiction, he is contacted internally and externally for the “Fraternity”, consecrated in his function and well educated on the Order of Action that concerns him personally. This way the concentration of the voluntaries is preserved, coordinating with the “Fraternity” the combined action internally and externally.

Since the first steps were taken in the materialization of the Cosmic Monument, the different Rays coming from the grand galactic conjoint have anchored in the physical presence of the Monument -initial scale model. 33 of the 49 planets of the galaxy are active in the COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT on the face of the Earth. The remaining ones 16 will act in Absence and Absolence through the 33.

Each one of these active planets, among those the Earth is present like a culminating tonal note, will manifest its respective virtue as sound, movement-vibration, qualified light with different irradiation colors, in the atmosphere of the Earth.

The Ray qualified by each respective planet acts from the etheric plane, having its feminine polarity manifested in the southern hemisphere and in the northern hemisphere its masculine polarity. While it is elaborated the physique settles for Rays of Light, they act through the Temples of the planetary Hierarchy in the etheric plane. And each qualified Ray is a “Pillar” of Light in the Cosmic Monument; Anchoring the Ray in its respective “Pillar”.

In the body of the PLANETARY BEING, the Pillar corresponding to the Earth is anchored energetically between the north and south poles. Equally each Pillar-Ray is anchored on the Earth in different points of the geography, in agreement with the points of conjunction of the electromagnetic lines of the energy body of the planet.

Each Pillar-Ray is manifested this way in the Northern Hemisphere and in the Southern Hemisphere, interconnected by the Center of the planet. The heart of the planet is making the third force, manifested as the fourth essence of the Primordial Light over the surface of the planet, and as the fifth pure essence of the emanated Light of the Magna Presence “I AM” Planetary and the Holy Being Christic Interior of the Earth, wrapping the whole planet with the purest and potent Incandescent White Light.

This Light and the process of resurrection of the planet in its totality already is a fact in the Planetary Being's internal planes, it will be physically manifested in the moment that the corresponding geographical points have a functioning replica of the Immaculated Concept of the COSMIC MONUMENT OF SEVENTH MOVEMENT, as a physical settlement of the qualified Rays, completing this way an atomic circuit ready to be connected by the “ALL BEING”.

At the moment the Immaculate Concept of the Cosmic Monument is completely built in its maximum beauty and perfection in the Center of the Earth; under the protection of the Magna Presence Planetary “I AM” and energized permanently by the Christic Being and the Planetary Holy Spirit. Soon it will be observed in its etheric form on the North Pole and the Antarctica, being from these two points where enough electromagnetic force will be generated for the reestablishment of its complete Verticality of the Planetary Axis.

From the moment of the verticality of the Planetary Axis, the Divine Hosts of the Light will precipitate directly from the Father-Mother's Heart, through the dear Alpha and Omega and the dear Helios and Vesta, the vision of the Divine Mind, the Cosmic Archetype of THE COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT, with the primordial substance of the Universal Source.

This is the gift from the Cosmic Fraternity of all the alive to the planet Earth in its New Birth as THE HOLY STAR OF LIBERATION. [Top]

*** VI ***

“The broken Unit is reestablishing with the Elevation of the Divine Energy toward the Conscious and the Supra-Conscious, taking place the rupture of the “egoistic” barrier, because it will be only one “Self”. One in Three that is the Perfect Self, the “I AM”, the Light of Being”.
“In an identical way the barrier of the physique father-mother will be substituted by the Cosmic Father-Mother, ABSOLUTE and TOTAL”.
“Is happening the rupture of the psychological barriers, because only the Love opens the gates of the current subconscious to the TOTAL CONSCIOUS”.
[Extracted of the Universal Constitution of Unixitron. Chapter IV, paragraphs 23-24 and 25 of the Domain of Application].

Being THE COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT a representation of the Universal Order manifested from the atom to the Super-Universes, we can understand that it is the blessing of the physical world for It and for Eternal Order, always existent and upgraded in the Being's internal planes. Expressed Multi-Dimensionality, the Cosmic Monument is the Earth itself. The Earth is the COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT in interstellar action; because this way is the real function of its true Being in the Cosmos, dedicated to the expansion of the Love of the All Love, the Father One.

In smaller scale each alive being is in itself also the Cosmic Monument as a symbol and reminder of the Order and the Omnipresent Perfection of the One. For this reason the Idea of Cosmic Monument should not be limited only to a material construction. But even this way, replicas of the Original Archetype will exist, built in the center of the planet, in 64 points of the Earth built or materialized in a combined action of the Angelical, Elemental and Human Kingdoms under the direction of the Masters. The Central Pillar that goes from pole to pole is precipitated directly from the invisible during the verticality of the axis geodynamic of the Earth. But it acts with full power from the etheric plane.

These two manifestations of the Immaculate Concept of the Cosmic Monument in the Artic Pole and in Antarctic is caused by Divine Beings that being ignored for the man's mind, they came from the deepest of the Unqualificable and Unqualificated; the Supreme Silence of the Without Name or Number, the Deep and Sublime Anterior, what is “beyond” the Throne; they accompanied the planet and its inhabitants in the long and dark period of the rebellion and the fall. This Body-Light of Divine Beings of pure Incandescent Light are One with the Ultimate Father, “The Grand Father” and they were in IT and with IT before the Throne Itself was.

This Body-Light is presented as “Only one Trinitized Being” manifesting the Power, Wisdom and Total Love of the ALL BEING. This manifestation for the Earth of the Only Fountain and Universal Center is known as the Divine Name codified in stellar mathematical key of: UNIXITRON! manifesting in total action of surrender to the planet with “The Three in One”, the Promised Son with the Divine key name of: CHRISTOTRON!.

This sublime messenger of THE PERSONAL PRESENCE OF THE FATHER brings as an especial present from the FATHER OF FATHERS ITSELF to the Earth the Materialization of the Central Pillar or PILLAR OF ORDER, with its physical manifestation in the poles. Completing this way 33 Pillar-Rays of Light-Love-Life manifested in 66 permanent focuses of Holy Fire on the Earth, plus the 12 mansions of the Sun Helios and Vesta along the Equator [The 12 Cities of 7th Golden Race]. Converting the Earth in the “HOLY STAR OF LIBERATION”, “The Hidden Center of the Father's Heart”, “The Beautiful Gem of 78 faces”, “The Splendor of Splendors”; The Good, Beautiful and Useful of the Divine Nature with all its glorious simplicity.

The physical place where the Fraternity considers making the first scale-model of the COSMIC MONUMENT OF THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT it is “Revealed to the Voluntaries” with real desire of acting impersonally, in the most convenient moment considered by the Fraternity. From this first model elaborated and consecrated are made mini-replicas of the same one energized and consecrated by the Angelical Kingdom and dispatched to the different points of the planet, where the moldels are crystallized into a bigger size.

The election of the place for the realization of the first model-pattern is based on the Cosmic Idea of the Omnipresence of the BEING OF THE All BEING. Every place is all the places at the same Time and Space. The election is based on operative and practical reasons of the Work and not special predilections. The Fraternity is neuter and in the Action it operates according to the perfect order, which determines the “how” and the “where”, although this escapes to the human intellect by its short vision of the Universal Causation. [Top]

*** VII ***

“It is a good “Magician” who can appear and disappear in any place, in any time and under any form. To fulfill impersonally its Holy Labor of expanding the borders of the Kingdom of the Father and leave such which, without attachment or identification
and with the unique goal, unique objective deep, unknown and unqualified of being fashioned in the
Total Neutrality of the Without Name and Without Number, and simply Being”.
“ 3'14”

The Being that was known in one of their terrestrial incarnations as the Count of Saint Germain, it is really one of the big strangers for the humanity.

The magnitude of this Presence of Power-Wisdom-Love cannot be limited to the conceptions of the human intellect. This Being of Light has always accompanied the Planet Earth from the Silence since its formation, as well as in the periods of isolation and darkness. It doesn't matter how the human mind calls, qualifies or considers Him; because even this way He continues being a great stranger.

The Father of Fathers, this Being and Unixitron are One in Three and Three in One. The one that has ears that hear and go to the Voice of the Silence so that this way it discerns and knows what “Is”. The SEVENTH MOVEMENT FOR THE LIBERATION OF THE PLANET EARTH is the deep desire of this Being; the loving surrender of the Oneself to the world, the humanity and the whole Cosmos.

The Cosmic Monument is the expression of the interior Being offered to the humanity, to the Planetary Being and all the Galaxies. His stamp is the Impersonality, His Voice is the Silence. The Magisterial of His Work: THE HOLY STAR OF LIBERATION!.

The Hierarchy of the Seventh Ray of the Violet Transmutetor and Liberator Flame has put its glass of Light as holder to the Light of this Being, in these precise definitive moments of the Earth. Difficultly the man can conceive the Perfection, Order and Harmony of the Combined Work from the Free and Divine Beings at this Time.

The recognition and gratefulness are the two gates that drive the man to the real and unitary knowledge of this Being, One with the All Being.



* * *

Dear brother and friend, whatever is your sex, race or religion, the gates of the Light are open for you.
If you want to love more and better, if you want to know the Truth, you go inside of yourself and speak with Our Father of All. There you will find us waiting for you with open arms. But you go slow that we are in a hurry!. If after meditating it you decide to add yourself to the common effort, communicate with us in the offices of the Father's Cosmic Business. We are the Gate of the FRATERNITY “I AM” of the internal worlds. Here all the beings of the Cosmos are ONE, although we appear with the name that most pleases you, including Yourself.

Sooner or later we will contact you externally, with all naturalness. Some humor is always healthy… We are One With You!. We are Yourself!.


This Is So... Although you don't KNOW it,
Although you don't READ it,
Although you don't BELIEVE it,
Although you don't MAKE it;
But... If you RECOGNIZE it,
If you READ it,
If you BELIEVE it,

THAT WILL BE MADE, through you..