Certain rich man, Roman and Stoic citizen, was interested vividly in the teachings of Jesus that had been presented to him by Angamon. After many intimate conversations, this rich citizen asked Jesus what “He” would do with the wealth if he possessed it, and Jesus responded: «I would dedicate the material wealth to the improvement of the material life, as well as I would be devoted to the knowledge, the wisdom and the spiritual service for the enrichment of the intellectual life, to ennoble the social life and the advance of the spiritual life. I would administer the material wealth like a wise and effective administrator of the resources from a generation to the benefit and ennoblement of the next generation and the successive generations»

But the rich man was not completely satisfied with the answer of Jesus; and he dared to ask again: «But what do you think that a man of my position should make with his wealth?, Should I keep it or should I distribute it? ». Jesus elevated his advice and said:

«My good friend, I realize that you are a true searcher of Wisdom and an honest lover of the Truth; therefore, I bring to your attention the solution of the problems related with the responsibilities of the wealth. I do this because you have requested my advice; I am only advicing you under your personal requirement».

«If you want honestly wish to see yourself only as a receiver and administrator of that wealth, then I would advise you that you made the following analysis about the sources of your wealth: Ask yourself and make the best of you to find an honest answer: How this wealth came to me? ».

«To help in the study about the source of your great fortune, I would suggest that you take into account the following ten different methods of kneading material wealth:

  1. Inherited Wealth -Fortune that derive from the parents and other inherited.
  2. Discovered Wealth -Fortune derived from the Mother Earth not cultivated resources.
  3. Commercial Wealth -Fortune obtained as benefit coming from the exchange of merchandise.
  4. Dishonest Wealth -Fortune derived from the dishonest exploitation or the slavery of the neighbor.
  5. Wealth of Interests -Revenues derived from real and just earnings of the invested capital.
  6. Wealth of the Genius -Fortune accumulated with the rewards obtained from the Creativity and the inventions of the human mind.
  7. Accidental Wealth -Fortune derived from the generosity of a fellow man or obtained by the circumstances of life.
  8. Stolen Wealth -Fortune assured by the infidelity, dishonesty, robbery or fraud.
  9. Fund of Trust -Fortune deposited in your hands by a fellow man for a specific use, now or in the future.
  10. Won Wealth -Wealth directly derived from your own personal work, the honest and fair recompense for your own daily efforts with your mind and body».

«And this way my son, if you want to become a fair administrator of your great fortune before the Father of Fathers and serve the humanity, you approximately should divide your wealth in these ten big divisions, proceeding to administer each portion with the wise and honest interpretation of the laws of the Justice, the fairness, the Loyalty and the true Efficiency; nevertheless, your Father in heaven would not judge you if from time to time you make a mistake in doubtful situations about this ».

«When you have an honest doubt about the Justness and the Justice in the material situations, make your decisions in favor of those that are in necessity and the suffering and unfortunate victims of the circumstances of the mortal life».

After discussing these matters during several hours, and responding to the requirement of the rich man, wanting a wider and detailed instruction, Jesus expanded his advice saying in substance: «As I go offering you bigger suggestions regarding the attitude about the wealth, I ask you that you consider my advice, as observations exclusively for you and your personal guide. I only speak for myself and for you like a good searching friend. I exhort you to not becoming a dictator about how other rich men must treat their wealth. I would advise you then:

«1. As administrator of your wealth, you should consider their sources. You are under the moral obligation of representing to the last generation, in the honest transmission of the legitimate wealth to the coming generations, after having subtracted a loyal percentage for the benefit of the present generation. But you are not forced to perpetuate any dishonest or unjust accumulation of the wealth for your ancestrals. Any portion of inherited wealth coming from fraud or disloyalty, you should distribute it according to your convictions of justice, generosity and restitution. The rest of your legitimate inherited wealth, you will be able to use it with justness and transmit it with security like depositary from one generation to another. The wise discrimination and the deep trial should rule your decisions in front of the wealth of your ancestors».

«2. Each individual that is enjoying of wealth resulting from discoveries, should remember that his stay in earth is extremely short; therefore, he should make the appropriate provisions for the allotment of those discoveries by useful ways to the biggest possible number of human beings. While the discoverer should not be denied to the recompense for his efforts, on the other hand, he should not presume selfishly and request all the advantages and blessings derived from the Mother Earth natural resources that are of all of us».

«3. While men choose to continue with the commercial and exchange system, they are entitled to a legitimate and honest benefit. Each merchant deserves the payment for his services. The loyalty of the trade and the honest treatment given to the neighbor in the organized companies of the world, has created many different forms of wealth, and all these sources of fortune must be judged by the highest principles of justice, honesty and loyalty. The honest merchant should not allow to take for himself the same benefit that he would grant to his merchant neighbor happily in a similar transaction. As this type of wealth is not identical to the one individually earned when the business is being carried out to a great scale, that honest accumulation of wealth would grant to its possessor a voice of considerable equity for his subsequent distribution».

«4. Any human that recognizes the Father of Fathers and search to do His Will, can allow himself to be wrapped in the oppressions of the wealth. Non noble man would search to accumulate wealth or knead power through slavery and dishonest exploitation of his siblings and carnal brothers. The wealth is a moral illness and a spiritual poison when it is derived from the sweat of the oppressed mortal man. All those wealth should be restored to all those that have been stolen or to their children and the children of their children. A progressive civilization will not be able to be built on the practice of the fraud to the wage of the worker».

«5. The honest wealth is related with the interests; while a man lends and requests borrowed, there will be legitimate gathered interests from the borrowed capital, as long as it comes from a legitimate wealth. But first, you need to purify your capital before requesting interests. Don't become insignificant to the degree of practicing the usury. Never allow yourself to get to such a degree of selfishness to use the power of the money, acquiring disloyal advantages on your hard-working neighbors. Don't fall in the temptation of taking the usury of your fallen brother in financial misfortune».

«6. If your wealth is derived from the recompenses of the inventions and the genius's flights, do not be disloyal in the proportions of those recompenses. The Genius owes something to his ancestors as to his offspring; in a same way, is obliged with the race, the nation and the circumstances of his inventions and discoveries; he should also remember that he worked those inventions like a man among the men. It would be equally unjust to deprive the Genius of all the increments of his wealth. And, it would be impossible for men to equally establish rules and applicable regulations to all these problems, for the equal distribution of the wealth. You should recognize the man like your brother first, and if honestly you wish to do to him what you would like him to do to you, the dictations of the justice, the honesty and loyalty will guide you in the fair and impartial arrangement of each recurrent problem of economic recompense and social justice».

«7. Except for the fair and legitimate honorarium earned in the administration, no man should make personal claims of those wealth put on his hands because of the time and occasion. The accidental wealth should be considered somehow by the light of the trust to be invested in the benefit of the own economical and social group. For the possessors of that type of wealth, it should be agreed the biggest voice and vote in the administration of the wise and effective distribution of those resources not won. The civilized man should not consider as personal and private possession to all those wealth that he controls».

«8. If any portion of your fortune has been derived with knowledge of cause of fraud; if part of your wealth has been accumulated by dishonest practice or deceiving methods; if your wealth is product of unjust agreements with your neighbors, hurry to restore these feeble earnings to their legitimate owners. Make full compensations and this way you will purify your fortune from all the immodest wealth».

«9. The trust of a wealth deposited in a person for the benefit of other is a solemn and sacred responsibility. Do not put in danger or betray this trust. Take only for you what any honest man would take».

«10. That part of your fortune that represents the earnings of your own mental and physical efforts -if your work has been carried out with equity and loyalty - It is truly yours. No man will be able to discuss your right to maintain and use this wealth in the way that you want, as long as the exercise of this right do not harm your neighbors».

When Jesus had finished his advice, this Roman rich man stood up from his seat and when telling him good night, he made him this promise: «My good friend, I perceive that you are a man of great wisdom and kindness, and tomorrow I will begin to administer my goods in accordance with your advice».