The Fraternity of the men has its foundation in the Paternity of The Father of Fathers; the Family of The Father-Mother comes from Its Love -The Father-Mother is Love. The Father of Fathers Loves His Children divinely, to everybody any without exception.

The Divine Kingdom, the Divine Government is founded on the fact of the Divine Sovereignty: The Creative Father is Spirit. Since The Father of Fathers is Spirit, His Kingdom is also Spiritual. The Kingdom of heaven is nor material neither intellectual. The kingdom of heaven is a deeply spiritual relationship between The Father-Mother and the Son [The Man].

If all the different religions of the world really recognized the truly of truth of the Father of Fathers Sovereignty; then, all of them would evolve in Peace. Only when a religion assumes to be unique and presume of being the truly one, or somehow assumes to be superior to the other ones and that it possesses exclusive authority on other religions, or even dares to pursue the believers of other religions to convert them; therefore, this religion turns to be intolerant for the other ones. The religious peace [The fraternity] will never be able to exist unless all the religions are very desirous of renouncing voluntary and completely of all “ecclesiastical authority”; and fully give all concept of “spiritual sovereignty” only to the Father of Fathers, because only HE is the SOVEREIGN SPIRITUAL.

The religion won't be able to have equality among them [religious freedom], unless all them consent in transferring all “religious sovereignty” to a super human level, that is to say, the same CREATIVE FATHER.

The Divine Kingdom in the heart of the men is creating ONLY ONE RELIGION; then, all and each one of the religious groups, and all the believers of different religions will be liberated of all notion of “ecclesiastical authority” -free of the religious sovereignty.

The CREATIVE FATHER is SPIRIT, and HE grants a fragment of His own Spirit, sending it to live in each internal-heart of each man. Therefore, all men are spiritually the same. The Divine Kingdom is free of chaste, classes, social levels and of economic groups, etc. WE ALL ARE SIBLINGS!.

But, from the same instant that is lost the Father of Fathers Spiritual Sovereignty, the religions begin to affirm their superiority over the other ones; and it is when, instead of peace in the earth and good will among the men, it will only be disagreement, recriminations, wars between religions or inclusive wars among the same religious, and this is evident.

The beings that enjoy “free will” that look at each other as equals and that are placed consciously under a “superior authority”, like an “ecclesiastical authority”, sooner or later, they fall in the temptation of proving their capacity to impose their power and authority over other people or groups. The concept of “equality” brings Peace, only in the mutual perception of the SOVEREIGNTY OF THE FATHER OF FATHERS OF THE PARADISE.

[The religious of Urmia, in times of Jesus, lived together in relative peace and tranquility, because they completely had given up all notion of “religious sovereignty”. Spiritually, all of them believed in the Divine Sovereignty; and socially, the full and unquestionable authority rested in its president Cymboyton. They knew very well what it would happen if anny of them declared himself as a master and had the presumption of dominating his colleagues. There cannot be religious peace and durable equality in URANTIA until all the religious groups of the world freely give up all notion of “divine favor”, of “chosen town” and “religious sovereignties”. Only when it is conceived the FATHER OF FATHERS like the supreme and only Will of all the men, then there will be peace in the earth, and the men will be able to live together as siblings under the guide of HIS SOVEREIGNTY]. [Top]



[The teachings of MICAEL (Jesus), about the True Sovereignty of The FATHER OF ALL FATHERS, was complicated because the subsequent appearance of the religion formed around his person and from there to the religions of the world. His exhibitions about the “political sovereignty” were complicated in a great way by the political evolution of the national divisions during the last two thousand years. In the time of Jesus there were only two big world powers: The Roman Empire in the occident and the Han Empire in the east; and they were broadly separated by the Kingdom of Parthian and other intermediate lands from the regions of the Caspian and Turkistan. Therefore, in this presentation, we have contributed to the substance of the teachings of the Master in Urmia related to the “political sovereignty”, giving at the same time the essential description of these teachings inthe measure that it is adjusted to the especially critical stage of the evolution from the political sovereignty two thousand years after Christ].

The wars in the planet earth [URANTIA] will continue all time, while all the nations still cling to the illusory notions of the limited “national sovereignty”. There are only two levels of relative sovereignty in an inhabited planet: The spiritual free will of each mortal individual and the collective sovereignty of the whole humanity. Between the individual human being level and the level of the humanity in their entirety, all the groupings and associations are relative and transitory, and they have value, only when they enlarge the well-being and the evolution of the progress of the individual and the humanity at the unison -The Man and the Humanity!.

The religious should always remember and understand that the Father of Fathers Spiritual Sovereignty overcomes to all the intermediate spiritual loyalties. The great moment has arrived in that all the civil rulers of the world learn to recognize, here and now, that the HIGHEST is the Only Governor in the Kingdom of the men.

This Government of the Highest in the Kingdom of men is not for the exclusive benefit of any favored human group. It doesn't exist such a thing like the “Chosen People”. The Government of the Highest, the Super-Controller of the political evolution, is a government designated to provide the biggest possible wellbeing, the maximum quantity of beings possible and for the longest possible time.

The Sovereignty is Power, and it grows trough the correct organization. That growth of the organization of the “political power” is exact and appropriate when embracing segments every time bigger from the whole humanity. But that same growth of the political organization creates a problem among the intermediate phase, between the initial and natural organization of the political power [The Family] and the final consummation of the political growth [The Global Government of Humanity, for the whole Humanity and to the whole Humanity].

Starting from the paternal power inside the family group, the “political sovereignty” evolves through the organization; and this happens as the families are organizing in consanguineous clans that, for several reasons, adhere in tribal unities [and they are the super-consanguineous political groupings]. From there, through the trade, the exchange and the conquest, the tribes become unified in “nations”, and the nations sometimes get united in a “empire”.

As the sovereignty raise from smaller groups to bigger groups, the wars diminish. That is to say that the smallest wars diminishe among smaller nations; but the risk of biggest wars increase among the nations that practise their sovereignties with more power and with more extensions. Finally, when the whole planet is explored and occupied, when many nations of the world be strong and powerful, when the supposedly sovereign nations touch each other in their last frontiers and when only the oceans separate them, it will be prepared the scene for the great evolutionary jump and at the same time the scene for the potential wars, The Grand Decision!. Because this way the so called presumably sovereign nations cannot be related without generating contradictions and to cause conflicts; the grand paradox, right?.

The difficulty in the evolution of the “political sovereignty”, from the family nucleus to the entirety humanity, resides in the inertia-resistance exhibited in all the intermediate levels. This way, the families in occasions have defended their clan, while the clans and tribes subversively challenge the sovereignty of the territorial state. Each new and progressive evolution of the political sovereignty always is and has been hindered and obstructed by the mounted “scaffolding” of the previous evolutions from the political organization. This is true because once the human loyalties are mobilized, it is already very difficult to change them. That is to say, the same loyalty that makes possible the evolution of a nation makes also difficult the evolution to become a super-nation -The Territorial State. Likewise, the loyalty [the patriotism] that makes possible the evolution of the territorial state, enormously complicates the evolutionary development of the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY.

“ The Political Sovereignty” is born from the delivery of the self-determinism, first by the individual inside the family nucleus, and then for the families and the clans in relation to the tribe and bigger groupings or nations. These progressive transfers and self-determinism from the smallest political organizations to the more and more bigger and complex ones, has followed their course practically without interruptions from the East, since the establishment of the Ming and Mogol dynasties. In the West this process lasedt more than a thousand years, until the end of the last World War finished, moment in that an unfortunate retrograde movement reverted this process temporarily, but later this political sovereignty was reestablished with in numerous small countries of Europe.

The Earth [URANTIA] won't enjoy a true peace until the called sovereign nations, in an intelligent and full way, put their sovereign powers in the hands of the Fraternity of the Men –THE GLOBAL GOBERMENT OF HUMANITY. The internationalism, the leagues of the nations and the regional pacts, will never be able to bring permanent peace for the humanity. The world confederations of nations indeed will be able to prevent the smallest wars, and they will be able to control acceptably to the small nations, but they won't be able to prevent, neither to avoid the world wars, nor to control the three, four or five more powerful governments of the world. Because in front of a real conflict, one of these world powers could separate from the confederation to declare war. It is impossible to prevent that the nations do not go to war, while they are infected by the deceiving virus of the “national sovereignty”. The “internationalism” is a step that gets close to the correct direction. One “international police power” could prevent smaller wars; but it won’t have any effect in the prevention of bigger wars.

Between the sovereign nations of the world, in the current circumstances, it have increased the great possibility and the urgent necessity to consider the manifestation of THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY due to that the quick global expansion of the modern man have surpassed all type of limits and capacities of their already obsolete government systems; moreover, the limitless competitiveness have placed the world in an evident concentration of supremacy of various relatively sovereign nations, before the other smallest nations, saturating and putting in risk the planetary order. For the common well-being of all the inhabitants of the planet, all the nations will have to give up the prerogatives of the sovereignty voluntarily, creating an essential nucleus of a new super-national power that serves as a base for the gestation of the true sovereignty of the whole Humanity.

The Peace will not come to the earth [URANTIA] until all the called sovereign nations put their power of declaring the war in hands of a Representative Government of the whole Humanity. “The political sovereignty” is innate in the towns of the planet. When all the towns of the planet, united, manifest a World Government, only then they will have the right and power of making SOVEREIGN to this GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, and when that Representative and Democratic Government of the world controls with his power the terrestrial, air and naval forces, THE PEACE will reign in the earth and the Good Will will prevail among the men, but not before.

We can use an important illustration of the nineteen and twenty centuries: The 50 States of the North American Federal Union live in relative internal peace for a lot of time, there are no longer wars among them. Each state has given up its sovereignty, giving it to a “federal government” and through the arbitration of war, they were able to abandon all illusory pretension of “self-determinism”. Although each one of the states regulates its internal matters, it is not in charge of the external relationships, tariffs, immigration, military matters, or interstate trade. The “individual states” are not in charge either of the matters of the citizenship. The 50 States, only suffer the lashes of war when somehow it is in danger the “sovereignty of federal government”.

These 50 States, when abandoning the double sophism of the sovereignty and the free Self-Determinism, they enjoy the peace and the interstate tranquility. This way, little by little, the Urantia Nations begin to enjoy a relative peace, and this will happen at global level when it is freely given up the sovereignty, trusting it in a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY -Wich it is the great Sovereignty of the Fraternity of the Men. Then, in this great GLOBAL STATE, the smallest nations will be as powerful as the biggest ones, something like the small state of Rhode Island that has its two senators in the North American Congress, as similar to the one that possesses the state of New York with their great population or as the state of Texas with their great territory.

The limited sovereignty [state] of these 50 States was instituted by the men and for the men. The super-state [national] sovereignty of the North American Federal Union was created by the first thirteen states for their own benefit, and for the benefit of the men. In the same way, it has arrived the great momentum for all the nations of the world, to gestate Here and Now!, once and forever, the sovereignty supernational of the Planetary Government, but one GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY IN ORDER, LIGHT AND LOVE, for their own benefit and for the benefit of all the men of the whole face of the earth.

The planetary citizens have not been born for the benefit of the governments; the “governments” are organizations created for the benefit of the Men!. The evolution of the “political sovereignty” should go in parallel to the Sovereignty of All the Men. All the other sovereignties are relative in value, intermediate in meaning and subordinate in status.

With the scientific progress, the wars are more and more devastating, until becoming practically in a suicide interracial menace. How many world wars will be done?, How many leagues of nations should still fail, before the men have the good will of establishing the Global Government of Humanity, and beginning to enjoy the blessings of a permanent Peace and the tranquility of the Good Will [Good Planetary Will] among the men?. [Top]



If a man wants the liberty, the true liberty, he should remember that All the men also have the liberation desire!. The human groups, lovers of the liberty, cannot live together and in peace without becoming subordinates to laws, rules and regulations that grants each person the same liberation degree, and at the same time that it safeguards an equivalent liberation degree for all their mortal neighbors; otherwise, if a man must be absolutely free, then another one will turn in an absolute slave. The relative nature of liberty is true, -socially, economically and politically -. The Liberation is the gift of civilization made possible for the subordination to the LAW.

The Global Religion spiritually makes possible the realization of the Fraternity of the man, but it will be required of the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY to regulate the social, economic and political problems associated with the goal of the happiness and human efficiency. Meanwhile: “There will be war and rumors of wars”; a nation will be against other nation all the time that the world political sovereignty be divided by a reduced group of state-nations. The example of relative peace, is the case of England, Scotland and Wales that finally after so many wars between each other, they decided to give in their respective sovereignties to the United Kingdom.

By not creating the conditions for the external gestation of a New World Order, then another world war will interrupt the world to teach to the so called sovereign nations to conform some federation type, creating the necessary conditions to prevent the internal wars and the wars among the nations. But among the limits of the civilization and in the preludes of a super-civilization, those world wars will arise threatening until it is finally manifested THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY externally. The World Sovereignty will prevent world wars; There is not another way!.

The 50 free states of North America cohabit in relative peace. Among the citizens of these 50 states there are all the diverse nationalities and races of the world; however, in their respective countries they constantly are in internal conflict. Among the North Americans are found almost all the religions, religious sects and cults from all over the world and all of them can cohabit in relative peace. This happens simple and flatly because these 50 states have given up their “sovereignty”, abandoning the entire deceiving notion of the so called “Self-Determinism”.

It is not about armaments or world disarmament if retrograde elements still possess advantages inside the government administration!. Neither is about obligatory nor volunteer military service; nothing of that will maintain the world peace. If we remove all the powerful nations all the modern mechanical weapons and all the types of explosives, the men besides their condition of not being free of the “ego”, will continue fighting and making wars even with stones and sticks, and the whole time they will continue having the illusion of the divine right of the national sovereignty.

The war is not the biggest and terrible illness that the man has!; the war is a symptom, is a result. The true illness is the “mental virus” of the national sovereignty.

The nations of the earth [URANTIA] still have not possessed a true Sovereignty; they still have not had a sovereignty that protects them from the havocs and devastations of internal and world wars. But with the creation of THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY, the nations don't leave their sovereignty like such, but they give their national sovereignty in favor of a real truthful and permanent WORLD SOVEREIGNTY, and from there on it will protect them from all condition of war. Then, the local matters will be administered by the Local Governments, the national matters by the National Governments, and the international matters will be administered by the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

The world peace” will not be able to be maintained by treaties, diplomacy, foreign policy, alliances, balance of powers or by other palliative measures related with the sovereignties of the nationalism. The WORLD LAW must be born and must be put in validity by a Global Government: The Sovereignty of the Whole Humanity!.

The individual will be able to enjoy much more under a Global Government. Today, the citizens of all the nations are forced, regulated and controlled almost oppressively, and many of these present interferences with the individual liberties will disappear when the national governments have the Good Will of trusting their relative sovereignty to the international matters on the hands of THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY.

Under the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, it will be allowed to the different nations a real opportunity to carry out and enjoy the Personal Freedoms and the genuine Democracy; then, the fallacy of the “Self-Determination” will have concluded. With the world regulation of only one Global Currency and the Trade based on the BALANCED RHYTHMIC EXCHANGE, the New Era of the WORLD PEACE will come: It Soon will evolve among beautiful evolutionary tasks to obtain one Global Language, elevating the idiomatic semantic to facilitate the electrostatic communication from being to Being; it will also be able to begin with resolution the conformation of only one Global Religion.

The groupe or collective security will never be able to guarantee the peace, until the community includes the whole humanity!.

The Political Sovereignty” of a Representative Government of the whole Humanity will bring a durable peace in the face of the earth and will allow the spiritual fraternity of the man, assuring the Good Will forever among Everybody. There is not another way of carrying out the peace in the earth and the good will among the men!...

[After the departure of Cymboyton, his children found big difficulties to maintain the peace in the educational body in Urmia. The teachings of Jesus, gave them to the world from Urmia, would have been much more overwhelming if the Christian leaders, later on incorporated to the educational body of Urmia, would have manifested more wisdom and exercised more flexibility].

[The oldest son of Cymboyton appealed to Abner in Philadelphia, so that he helped him; but unfortunately the leaders that Abner chose resulted being of inflexible and uncompromising characters. These leaders negotiated for their religion to dominate over all the other beliefs. They never suspected that the so mentioned conferences from the grand “Conductor of Caravans” had been dictated by the same Master MICAEL of SALVINGTON [Jesus of Nazareth]].

[When increasing the confusion inside the educational body, the three siblings retired their financial support, and after five years, this academy was closed. Later on, it opened its doors again but like temple Mithraism which disappeared in a fire as a result of one of their orgiastic celebrations].