With the permission of LANAFORGE [Sovereign of the System] and with the approval of the HIGHEST OF EDENTIA, I Am authorized to narrate a little about the political, moral and social life of a relatively more advanced human race that stays in Ascending life inside of a planet not very distant from URANTIA that belongs to the jurisdiction of the SYSTEM OF SATANIA.

From all the worlds of the SYSTEM OF SATANIA that were isolated due to their participation in the rebellion of Lucifer, this is the planet that has lived a very similar history to that of URANTIA [The Earth]. The likeness among the two planetary spheres undoubtedly explains the reason for which the permission was granted to make this extraordinary exhibition; because it is very unusual that the SOVEREIGNS OF THE SYSTEM consent that the matters from a planet be narrated in another one.

This planet, just as URANTIA, was misled by its Planetary Prince's infidelity in relation with the rebellion of Lucifer. It also received a Material Adamic Son soon after the arriving from Adam and Eve to URANTIA. This Son also made a mistake, leaving the planetary sphere isolated and producing for his mortal and earthly races, the interruption of the dispensational arrival of a MAGISTERIAL SON!.


In spite of suffering so many planetary disagreements, there in an entire isolated continent, almost the size of Australia, a very superior civilization is evolving. This Nation is a “Unity of Nations”, and it contains around 140 million inhabitants. This town has mixed races, predominantly blue and yellow race, but it contains a lightly bigger proportion of violet lineage as the so-called white race contained here in URANTIA. These different races are not still completely blended, but they fraternize and socialize with each other very acceptably. At the moment, the average duration of life in this continent-nation is of ninety years, fifteen percent higher than the average of any other town from that planet.

The Industrial Mechanism of this nation enjoys a great advantage that derives of the singular topography of the continent. The highest mountains, on which strong rains fall during eight months of the year, are located in the same center of great nation. This natural luck favors the use of the hydric energy and also facilitates considerably the wide irrigation of the most arid western quadrant in the continent.

This town is self-sufficient, that is to say, it can subsist for indefinite time without importing any product from other surrounding nations. Their natural resources are abundant, and by scientific techniques, they have learned how to compensate their deficiencies in the essential elements of the life. They enjoy an agile internal trade, but they have little external trade due to the global hostility from their less progressive neighbors.

This Continental Nation, in general, followed step by step the evolutionary natural tendency of the planet: It delayed thousands of years to be developed from the tribal stage until the appearance of powerful kings and rulers. The unconditional kings were succeeded by many different types of government: Fallen republics, communal states and dictators that entered and left endlessly. This process of growth continued during approximately five hundred years when suddenly in a period of political ferment, one of the triumviral powerful dictators of the nation changed of idea. This dictator offered from his heart to give up voluntarily with the condition that one of the other sovereigns, the viler of the two remaining, also abandoned his dictatorship. The continental sovereignty was deposited this way in a single ruler's hands. The Unified State progressed under a strong monarchic regime for a period of more than a hundred years, during which a masterful Constituent Letter of Liberty evolved.

It was gradual the subsequent transition of the monarchy to the Representative Government form; at the beginning the kings were left as mere social or sentimental figures, and finally they disappeared, when being drained the line of descending males. The current Republic only takes in vigor two hundred years, in which there has been a continuous progress toward the government techniques that we are about to narrate, having already produced the last evolutions in the political and industrial environments inside the last decades. [Top]


Today, this Continental Nation has a great Representative Government, and it has a national capital centrally located. The Central Government consists on a strong federation of “one hundred states” comparatively free. These states choose their Governors and Legislators for ten years, and they cannot be presented to reelection. The State Judges are designated to the life member position by the Governors and confirmed by its Legislative Bodies that consist of one representative for each hundred thousand citizens.

Five types of different metropolitan government exist, according to the number of inhabitants of the city; but not city is allowed to have more than one million inhabitants. In general, municipal government's outlines are quite simple, direct and very economic. The few positions of municipal administration are very dear for their best citizens.

The Government Federal covers three well coordinated divisions: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. It is chosen an Executive Leader every six years by territorial universal vote. This is not eligible to a reelection except with the petition of a minimum of seventy five State Legislators, whose opinions must agree with those of their respective State Governors; and in this case, it is limited to only a six years more. The Executive is advised by a super-cabinet formed by the old alive Ex-Leaders.

The Legislative Division constant of three Chambers:

  1. THE UPPER CHAMBER is chosen by groups of industrials, professionals, agricultures and other workers; being made the voting in agreement with the economic function.
  2. THE LOWER CHAMBER is chosen by certain organizations of the society that include social, political and philosophical groups that don't include in the industry or in the professional. All the citizens of good reputation participate for the election of both classes of representatives; but they group differently, depending on if the election corresponds to the Upper or Lower Chamber.
  3. THE THIRD CHAMBER -the Elder Statesmen - Embraces the veteran of the civic service; it also includes many illustrious people nominated by the Executive Leader, for the Regional Executives [Sub-federals], for the chief of the Supreme Tribunal and for the officials that presides one or another Legislative Chamber. This group is limited to a hundred members and these members are chosen by the majority action of the same Elder Statesmen. The member number is life-members and when vacancies take place, it is chosen properly the one that receives the biggest number of votes among those nominated. The responsibility of this organ is of purely advisory character, but it is a powerful regulator of the Public Opinion and exercises a strong influence over all the Branches of the Government.

The ten Regional Authorities [Sub-federals] carry out great part of the work of the Federal Administrative; each one of these associations consists of ten States. These regional divisions are completely Executive and Administrative and lack Legislatives and Judicial functions. The ten Regional Executives are personally designated by the Federal Executive Leader and their period of operation coincides with that of him, for six years. The Federal Supreme Tribunal approves the appointment of these ten Regional Executives and they are not reelected again; the terminating Executive automatically becomes associate and advisor of his successor. On the other hand, these regional chiefs choose the members of their cabinet among the administrative officials.

In this Nation, the JUSTICE is administered by 2 systems of Tribunals: The Law Courts and the Socioeconomic Courts.

The LAW COURTS function in the three following divisions:

  1. MINOR COURTS -From local and municipal jurisdiction, whose shortcomings can be appealed to the State Superiors Tribunals.
  2. STATE SUPREME COURTS -Whose shortcomings are conclusive in all the matters and they don't involve to the Federal Government or the risk of the rights and freedoms of the citizenship. The Regional Executives are authorized to transfer any case to the Federal Supreme Court without delays.
  3. FEDERAL SUPREME COURTS -The Supreme Tribunal is for the trials of national disputes and appealed cases of the State Courts. This Supreme Tribunal consists of twelve men over forty year old and younger from seventy five that have acted during two or more years in some State Tribunal, and who have been designated to this high position by the Executive Leader with the majority approval of the Super-Cabinet and the Third Chamber of the Legislative Assembly. All the decisions from this supreme judicial organ are emitted by virtue of a minimum of two thirds of votes.

The SOCIOECONOMIC COURTS work in the three following divisions:

  1. TUTELAGE COURTS -Related with the Legislative and Executive divisions of the social and family system.
  2. EDUCATIONAL COURTS -The Juridical entities linked with the state and regional school systems and related with the Legislative and Executive Branches from the administrative mechanism of the Education.
  3. INDUSTRIAL COURTS -Are the Jurisdictional Tribunals in which full authority is deposited to settle all the misunderstandings of economic character.

The Federal Supreme Court doesn't request itself the socioeconomic cases but only by three-quarters of votes from the Third Legislative Branch of the National Government, the Chamber of the Elder Statesmen. Also, all the decisions of the Tutelage Superior Courts of educational and industrial matters are peremptory. [Top]


In this Continental Nation it is illegal that two families live under oneself roof. Since the multi-familiars housings have been outlawed, most types of buildings of multiple housings have been demolished. However, the bachelors live in the clubs, hotels and other multi-personal housings. The smallest home-site that is allowed for the construction of family housing can not be less than 1,524 square meters of land (5,000 foot c.). All land and other properties destined to the purpose of family housing are discharged of taxes until ten times of the minimum allowed for the home-site of familiar housing.

Until recently it has been improved the familiar life of this great town considerably. It is obligatory that the family parents, as much the father as the mother, attend the “puerile-culture” schools for family parents. Even the agriculturists, who reside in small rural towns, carry out this work for correspondence, attending also the next center of oral instruction once every ten days -Every two weeks- because the week has five days over there.

The average of children's number in each family is of five and they are under the guide of the parents, or in the event of death of one or both, they are left under the tutelage of tutors designated by the Tutelage Court. It is considered a grandiose honor that a family is awarded the tutelage of an orphan by father and mother. The new family parents are presented to competitive exams and the orphan is awarded to the home of those that present the best paternal qualities.

This town considers the “Home” as the basic institution of its civilization. It is expected that the children obtain from their parents at home, the most valuable part of their education and formation of character; the parents dedicate a lot of attention to the culture of their children.

The parents or legitimate tutors administer the whole sexual instruction at home. The moral instruction is offered by teachers during the periods of rest in the “school shops”; but this is not for the cases of religious preparation, which is considered that it is a magnificent privilege and very exclusive of the parents, being considered the “Religion” like integral part of the homelike life. But the purely religious instruction is openly given only in the Temples of Philosophy, since among these towns exclusively religious institutions have not been developed, as the churches here in URANTIA. In its Philosophy, the Ascendant Religion is the aspiration of knowing the Father of All Fathers and manifesting love to the neighbor, through the unconditional service; however, this is not a characteristic of the religious state from the other nations of this planet. The “Religion” of this town is a totally family mater, and public places exclusively consecrated for religious adorations don't exist. Politically, the Religion and the State, like it is usually called here in URANTIA, are completely separate; nevertheless, there is an interesting inter-conjugation between the Religion and the Philosophy.

Until recent time, the people in this planet depended on the spiritual teachers [equivalent to the terrestrial pastors -URANTIA], under the government supervision, which periodically visited to each family to examine the children and find out if their parents have instructed them in a right way. But, at the moment these spiritual advisers and examiners are under the new direction of the “Foundation of Spiritual Progress”, an institution supported by voluntary contributions. This institution, probably don't continue evolving anymore, until after the yearned coming of a Paradisiacal Magisterial Son.

The children remain legally subordinate to their parents until the fifteen years of age, just when it takes place the first initiation of the civic responsibility. After this, every five years for five successive periods, new similar public exercises are celebrated, but only for these age categories, during which the obligations are reduced toward the parents; as long as they assume new civic and social responsibilities for the State. The vote is conferred at twenty years of age, and the right of marriage is not granted without the parents' present until the twenty-five years of age. The children should leave home when turning thirty years of age.

Through the whole nation the laws about the marriage and the divorce are uniform. The “marriage” is not allowed before the twenty years of age -the legal age-. The marriage permission is only granted after have given the intention warning with a year of advance and after having presented as much the boyfriend as the girlfriend evidence that they have been properly instructed in the guardian schools about the responsibilities of the matrimonial life.

The divorce regulations are not very severe, but cannot be obtained the separation ordinances that the Tutelage Courts send until it has lapsed one year since the requirement of this application; and one year in this planet is quite longer that one year here in URANTIA, the Earth. Nevertheless, in spite of not being very strict the divorce laws, the current index of divorce is only the tenth part of what happens among the civilized towns of URANTIA. [Top]


The System of Education of this nation is obligatory, and it is mixed in the pre-universitary years to those that the student attends from the five year-old age until they are eighteen years old. These schools differ vastly from those of URANTIA. There are not classrooms and only one matter is studied at the same time; after the first three years all the students become Auxiliary Teachers, instructing those that follow them. Books are only used to secure information that is good to solve problems that arise in the “Workshops School” and in the stations of the “Agricultural Schools”. In these shops are produced great part of the furniture that is used in the whole continent and also many mechanical inventions -it is the great age of the Invention and Mechanization-. It is always found a work library beside each shop where the student can consult the necessary books. They also follow Agriculture and Horticulture courses during the whole period of education in extensive adjacent farms to all the local schools.

Also, the weak mental is exclusively specialized in the agriculture and cattle rising, but they are confined for life in special colonies of custody where are sexually segregated to impede the procreation that is denied to all the subnormal ones. These restrictive measures have been in vigor for almost a hundred years; the reclusion ordinances are emitted by the Tutelage Courts.

Every year, everybody takes a month of vacations. The pre-university schools work nine months of the year that consist of ten; the vacations are spend traveling with parents or friends. These trips are part of the program of Adults Education, that continues during the whole transitory demurrage of the earthly life; the funds are accumulated to finance these expenses by the same methods that are used for the insurance of old-age.

A fourth part of the school time is consecrated to Games of Competitive Sports, and the students progress in these competitions from the state and regional locals until the national tests of dexterity and value. At the same time, all the competitions of oratory, music, science and philosophy occupy the attention of the students from the inferior social divisions until arriving to the competitions that grant national distinctions.

The School Government is a replica of the National Government with his three correlative branches, and the Educational Body Works as the Third Division or the Legislative Adviser Branch. The primordial objective of education in this continent, is to make all the students develope the potentialities to become Self-Sufficient Citizens.

All youth that graduates from the pre-university scholar system at eighteen years of age, is an experienced artisan. From now own the study of the books begins towards the specialized knowledge, even at adult schools or at the universities. When a brilliant student finishes his duties before time, he is granted a prize of Time and Financing with which he can execute some special project of his own imagination. The whole Educational System is designed to prepare the individual in a very appropriate way. [Top]


The Industrial situation of this town is still far from its ideals; they still have capital and work difficulties; but both are adjusting to the plan of Sincere Cooperation. In this only continent, the workers are becoming more and more in shareholders of all the industrial companies, and each intelligent worker becomes gradually in a small capitalist.

The social antagonisms are reducing; at the same time, it is increasing the good will. Non serious economic problem has arisen since the total abolition of the slavery (more than hundred fifty years ago); this modification was made gradually, liberating every year two percent of the slaves. The citizenship was conferred to those slaves that satisfactorily approved the physical, mental and moral tests; great part of these superior slaves were captives of war or children of those captives. About a hundred years ago the last inferior slaves were deported; then, no long ago they have been devoted with zeal to reduce the number of their degenerate and vicious classes.

These towns recently have developed new techniques to solve industrial misunderstood and to correct economical abuses; they represent the marked improvements in front of the old methods of solving these problems. It has been eradicated the violence as procedure to solve the personal or industrial differences. They are not regulated in a rigid way the wages, the earnings and other economic problems; but in general they are controlled by the Legislatives organs of Industrial Matters while the disputes that arise of the industry are decided in the Industrial Courts.

The Industrial Courts already takes in operation around one hundred years, and they work in a very satisfactory way. In the development process, it took place advances and was estipulated that from then on the Courts of Industrial Matters should recognize legal compensations that fit with these three divisions:

  1. Legal rates of interest on invested capital.
  2. Reasonable salary in retribution of the dexterity and knowledge in industrial operations.
  3. Fair and equitable salary as retribution of the work.

These should meet first in agreement with the contract or in the case of salary decrease, they should share in a proportional way a gradual reduction. After this, all the earnings in excess should be treated as dividend, and they should be distributed among the three divisions: Capital, Ability and Work.

Every ten years the Regional Executives adjust and decree the legal hours of work, the working day. At the moment, the industry operates with the base of a week of five days, from which four are to work and one for recreation. This town works six hours every working day, and just as the students, they work nine months out of ten a year. They usually pass the vacations traveling because the whole nation is fond of traveling; for it, recently new and modern methods of transport were developed. The climate, during eight months of the year, enormously favors the trips and the opportunities are esed to the maximun.

A little more than two hundred fifty years ago, the Motive of Lucre dominated completely to the industry; but in these modern times and with accelerated steps it is displaced the reason of lucre by other high forces of Superior Motives for the well-being of the evolution of the joint. In this continent the competition is intense but great part of it has been transferred from the “Industry” to the Game, the Training, the Scientific Achievement and the Intellectual Conquest. They are very active in the social services and in the loyalty to the government. In this town the Public Service is quickly becoming the primordial objective of its aspirations. The richest man in the continent works six hours a day in the office of his company and then he hurries to go to the local branch of the School of State Administration, where he tries to be qualified for the improved “Public Service”.

The Work is becoming more and more honorable in this continent and all capable citizen, bigger than eighteen years of age, works in his house, in the farms, in some grateful industry, in the public works where the temporal unoccupied individuals are absorbed or in the obligatory body of mining workers.

This town also goes creating a new form of social dislike -the dislike to the idleness and the undeserved wealth. Gradually but with certainty, they go conquering their “machines”. Once, they also struggled for the “Political Liberty” and as a consequence for the “Economic Liberty”. Today, they begin to enjoy both; they also begin to appreciate their very deserved “Free Time”, in which they can be consecrated to the development and expression of the Self-Realization of Themselves !!!. [Top]


This nation is making a certain effort to substitute all type of “charity” that destroys the dignity, Guaranteeing a worthy Governmental Insurance for the old-age. As this nation provides education to all boys, and work to all man, it is possible to carry out with success this insurance program to protect the flimsy ones and old men.

In this continental town, all the people have to go into retirement from work and be remunerated the sixty five years of age; unless they obtain a permission from the state commissioner of work that gives them the right to continue working until the seventy years of age. This age limit is not applicable to the public officials neither the philosophers. Those physically disabled ones or cripples can go into retirement officially at any age for judicial order countersigned by the commissioner of the government's regional pension.

The funds for the pensions of old-age are derived of four sources:

  1. The earnings of one day of every month are required by the Federal Government for these ends and in this country everybody works.
  2. The Bequests -Many wealthy citizens leave funds for this purpose.
  3. The earnings of the obligatory works in the state mines. After the conscript workers are supported and of having separated their contribution for the jubilation pension, they give the surplus of earnings from their work to this pension fund.
  4. The revenues of the natural resources. To the federal government is consigned, in position of social trust, all the natural wealth of the continent and the revenues of these are used for social purpose, such as the prevention of illnesses, the education of geniuses and the expenses of individuals that stand out in the schools of public administration. Also half of the revenues from the natural are dedicated resources to the pension fund for the old-age.

Although the state and regional advisers offer many forms of protectionist insurance, the “pensions of old-age” are only administered by the Federal Government through the ten Regional Departments.

For a lot of time, these public funds have been honestly administered; since, after the betrayal and assassinate, the most severe punishments that impose the courts are related with the “prevarication”, the betrayal of the public trust. Therefore, at the moment it is considered the social and political infidelity as the most infamous of all the crimes. [Top]


The Federal Government is paternal in the administration of pensions for the old-age, in the promotion of the ingenious and in the originality of the creativity. The State Governments worry more about the “individual citizen”, while the Local Governments are much more paternal or “socialists”. The municipality or some of its subdivisions are in charge of matters like the health, the sanitary measures, the construction regulations, beautification, water supply, illumination, heating, recreation, music and communication.

In all the industries, it is given high priority to the health; varied phases of the physical well-being are considered as community and labor prerogatives, but the individual and family problems of health are matters of exclusively personal interest. In medicine matter, like in all the other personal matters, the plan of Government is each time more to “abstain of interfering”.

The “cities” do not have attributions to burden taxes or contract debts. They receive assignments of funds per-capital from the State Treasury, and they have to supplement these revenues with the earnings of their socialized companies and for the collection of the granted permits for diverse commercial activities.

The facilities of the “quick transport” considerably facilitate the expansion of limits of the cities that are under control of the municipalities. The bodies of “municipal firemen” are supported by the patronages of the prevention of fire and insurance against fire; all the urban and rural buildings are, for more than a hundred years, safe against fire.

There is no officials of Public Order designated by the municipality; the “police forces” are maintained by the State Governments. The agents of this department are almost only recruited of single males between the ages of twenty-five and fifty years. Almost all the States are assigning a bachelorhood tribute high enough; the funds of this tax are remitted to all the men that integrate the State Police. In a State, the average of the Police Force is only a tenth of what was a hundred years ago.

It exists very little or non uniformity between the tributary outlines of the “one hundred states” relatively free and sovereigns since the economic conditions and other nature vary a lot in different sectors of the continent. Each state has ten basic constitutional dispositions, which cannot be modify but with the consent of the Federal Supreme Court, and one of its articles prohibit the imposition of taxes that overcome to one percent of the value of any property in the term of one year, being exempled the home-sides for family housing, being urban or rural properties.

The Federal Government cannot contract debts; except in the cases of wars where it is required of a referendum with a majority of three quarters of the votes, so that a state can obtain loans, which they are trying to overcome. Since the Federal Government cannot incur in debts, the National Council of Defense is authorized to impose taxes to the states in the event of emergency, in order to gather funds, and require men and equipment as needed. But no debt can continue without being liquidated for more than twenty-five years.

The revenues to sustain the Federal Government come from the five following sources:

  1. Tariff Rights. All the imports are subjected to a tariff to protect the level of life in this continent, which surpasses to any other nation of the whole planet. These tariffs are established by the Superior Court of Industrial Matters, after the two chambers of the industrial congress have ratified the recommendations the Executive Chief’ of Economic Matters who is the person jointly designated by these two Legislatives organs. The Industrial Superior Chamber is chosen for the “work”, the Lower Chamber is for the “capital”.
  2. Rights of Intellectual Property. The Federal Government foments the invention and the originals creativity through ten regional laboratories, giving attendance to all kind of Genius [Artists, Authors and Scientifics] and protection of patents. In exchange, the Government retains half of the reported benefit of all these inventions-creations; being machines, books, artistic works, plants or animals.
  3. Taxation over the Inheritance. The Federal Government levy a staggered tax on the inheritance that goes from one to fifty percent, depending on the size of the inherited goods as well as other conditions.
  4. Military Equipment. The Government gains an appreciable sum from the leasing of military and naval equipment for commercial and recreational purposes.
  5. Natural Resources. The revenues of the natural resources become national patrimony when they are not entirely required for the specific purpose designated in the constituent letter of the Federal State.

Appropriations of federal funds are originated in the Legislative Superior Chamber, except for the funds of war evaluated by the National Council of Defense, they are agreeded in the Low Chamber and receive the approval of the Executive Leader, and finally they are authenticated by the Federal Budgetary Commission of one hundred members. The members of this Commission are proposed by the Governors of the States and chosen by the State Legislative organs to serve during twenty-four years, chosing one quarter of them every six years. Also every six years, this body with majority of votes of three quarters chooses one of their members for the headquarters and by this means it becomes director-controller of the Federal Treasury. [Top]


Besides the obligatory program of Basic Education that extends from the five years until the eighteen years of age, the Special Superior Schools are organized as it continues:

  1. The Schools of Public Administration. These schools are of three classes: National, Regional and State. The public positions of the nation are grouped in four divisions. The 1st. Division of public trust is related mainly with the National Administration and all the officials of this group should graduate from the Schools of Public Administration, at state level as well as national. The individuals can accept designated positions, elective or political from the 2nd. Division when graduating in one of the ten Regional Schools of Public Administration; their misions of trust are related with the responsibilities of the regional administration and the state governments. The 3rd. Division comprehends the state responsibilities and these officials are demanded only to have a state title of Public Administration. The 4th. Division of titulars of public positions is not demanded to have a title of Public Administration because these positions are only designated. They represent the minor positions of auxiliary, secretaries and technical responsibilities that carry out the different facultative professionals in status of government administrators.
    The Judges of the Minor Courts and the State Courts possess titles of the state schools of Public Administration. The judges of the Jurisdictional Tribunals of social, educational and industrial matters possess holding of the Regional Schools. The judges of the Federal Supreme Court have to possess titles of all these Schools of Public Administration.
  2. Schools of Philosophy. These schools are affiliated to the Temples of Philosophy and are associated with the Religion as public function.
  3. Institutions of the Science. These technical schools are more linked with the industry that with the educational systems, and they are administered under fifteen divisions.
  4. Schools of Professional Training. These special institutions offer technical training for the different facultative professions that are twelve.
  5. Military and Naval schools. Near the central headquarters of the National Defense and in the twenty five coastal military centers, are mantained these institutions dedicated to the military training of voluntary citizens from eighteen to thirty years of age. The approval of the parents is required before the twenty five year old age in order to be admitted to these schools. [Top]


Although the candidates to all the public positions are exclusively graduated from the State, Regional or Federal Schools of Public Administration, the progressive leaders of this nation discovered a serious weakness in their outline of universal vote, and since a little more than one hundred years, they dictated a constitutional disposition from modified electoral outline that membraces the following characteristic:

  1. All men and women count with a vote starting from the twenty years of age. When completing this age, all the citizens should accept to affiliate in two groups of voters: They will register in the first group of according to their economic function [industrial, professional, agricultural or commercial]; and they will enter to the second group according to their political, philosophical and social inclinations. This way all the workers belong to some economical group of suffrage. These guilds are regulated, the same as the non economic associations, in a similar way to the national government with their 3 division of powers. It cannot be changed the affiliation in these groups for 12 years.
  2. When being selected by the State Governors, the Regional Executives, and the authority of the Regional Supreme Council, the individuals that have lent great service to the society or have demonstrated extraordinary wisdom in the government service, can be conferred with additional votes once every five years; and these super-votes must not exceed a total of nine. The maximum number of votes of all multiple voters is ten. Also the scientists, inventors, teachers, philosophers and spiritual leaders are recognized with honors from the increased political power. These advanced civic privileges are conferred by the State and Regional Supreme Council in a very similar way to the one of granting the academic titles of the Special Superior Schools, and the beneficiaries are ennobled of attaching the symbols of such a civic recognition, together with their other titles, to the list of their personal achievements.
  3. All the individuals sentenced to the obligatory work in the mines, and all the government servants sustained with funds coming from the collection of taxes are private of the right to vote, during the periods of such services. The above-mentioned is not extensive to the old men that can go into retirement with pension of the state at sixty five years old.
  4. Exist five categories of suffragette that reflect the annual taxes, paid every five years. To those that pay more are allowed additional votes until a maximum of five. This concession is independent of all the other recognitions, but in any way a person can deposit more than ten ballots.
  5. When this project of franchises was adopted, it was abandoned the territorial method of voting in favor of the economic or functional system. Today all the citizens vote as members of industrial, social or professional groups without taking into account their residence place. This way, the electorate is made up of consolidated, united and intelligent groups that only chooses their best members for the positions of trust and government responsibility. An exception exists to this plan of functional suffrage or group: It is carried out the election of a federal executive leader each six years by a national voting in which no citizen emits more than one vote.

This way, except in the election of the executive leader, the suffrage is exercised by economic, professionals, intellectuals and social groupings of the citizenship. The Ideal State is organic and each free and intelligent group of citizens represents a vital organ that works inside the biggest government organism.

The Schools of Public Administration are authorized to begin procedures in the State Courts in order to deprive from the franchise to all faulty, idler, indifferent or criminal individual. These people recognize that, when fifty percent of a nation is inferior or faulty and enjoys the vote, such a nation is condemned to failure. They understand that when it dominates the mediocrity, the collapse of a nation is imminent. To vote is obligatory and high penalties are applied to everybody who does not vote. [Top]


The methods of this town to face the crime, the insanity and the degeneration, although in certain aspects they can please, undoubtedly, in others will be awful for most of the Humanity in Urantia [Terrestrial]. It gets together all the ordinary criminals and abnormal people, according to their sex, in different agricultural colonies, and they are entirely auto-supplying. The criminals of high danger and the incurable demented are condemned by the tribunals with the death penalty in cameras of lethal gas. Numerous crimes besides murder, incluing the prevarication or betrayal of the government trust, are also punished with the death penalty, and the administration of the justice is safe and quick.

This town is leaving the dark era of the law and passing to an evolutive era. Recently, they got the extreme of attempting the prevention of the crime, condemning to those that they believed were potential murderous and criminals to the perpetual service in detention colonies. If these criminals demonstrated later to be more normal, they were given the conditional freedom, or they were pardoned. The index of murders in this continent only constitutes one percent among the other nations.

More than one hundred and fifty years ago, efforts were began to impede the procreation of criminals and abnormals, and so far they have already given satisfactory results. Neither Jails nor hospitals exists for insane people; these groups represent approximately only ten percent from those that are here in all URANTIA. [Top]


The graduates from the federal military schools can be named as “Guardians of the Civilization” in seven classes, according to the capacity and experience, by the president of the National Council of Defense. This Council consists of twenty-five members designated by the Highest Tutelage, Educational and Industrial Tribunals, confirmed by the Federal Supreme Court and also presided by an ex-function, the chief of the Major State of coordinated military matters. These members occupy their position until the seventy years of age.

The courses followed by this commissioned officials last four years; they are related invariably with the domain of some occupation or profession. Military training is never given without this corresponding industrial, scientific or professional preparation. When concluding the military training, the individual has received during the military courses of four years, half of the academical education that is imparted in any of the Special Schools, in which the courses also last four years. This way, the creation of a “military professional class” is avoided, offering this opportunity so that a great quantity of men support to themselves, and at the same time, obtain the first half of a technical or professional career.

The “Military Service” during the times of peace is totally voluntary and the internments in any of the branches of service has four year of duration, during which all follow some specialized course of studies, besides the domain of the military tactics. The training in the “music” figures among the main objectives of the military schools and the 25 training camps distributed in the continental periphery. In periods of industrial inactivity are used in automatic way many thousands of unemployed people to increase the military defenses of the continent in the earth, the sea and the air.

Although this town maintains a powerful military establishment to defend against invasions from the hostile towns that surround them; they could be attributed the great merit of having not used these warlike resources for purpose of offensive war for more than hundred fifty years. They have been civilized to such an extent that they can vigorously defend the civilization without succumbing to the temptation of taking advantage of their military might for aggressive purpose. From the establishment of the Continental United States, there have not been civil wars; but during the last ones two to three passed centuries, this town has been forced to wage nine bloody defensive combats, three of which were against powerful confederations of powerful worlds. Although this nation maintains an appropriate defense against hostile neighbors' attacks, they give more attention to the preparation of statesmen, scientifics and philosophers.

Today, this nation is in peace with the world; almost the entirety of all the mobile mechanisms of defense are really devoted to the service of the trade, exchange and recreation. In the event of hostilities, the military wage is obligatory and paid by the industries, and the bosses of all the military departments pass temporarily to be members of the cabinet of the executive leader. [Top]


Although the Society and the Government of this singular town, in many aspects is superior to those of any nation of here in URANTIA [The Earth], is not as much as those of other incalculable super worlds that are in via of the conquest of the state of ERA OF LIGHT AND LIFE, and those countless inhabited worlds of the universes that enjoy high phases between seven supreme ages of LIGHT AND LIFE. Also, it should be declared that in the other continents of this planet [11 continents in total], the governments are markedly inferior to those of the most advanced nations in URANTIA.

For now this Superior Government is seting forth diplomatic relationships with all the inferior towns and, for the first time, it has arisen a great religious leader that proposes to send missionaries to all the surrounding nations. But it is feared that this attitude could generate the same mistake that so many others have made when determining to impose a superior culture and religion to other nations or races. But, a wonderful thing could be done in this world, if this Continental Nation of advanced culture better brings to its territory the best elements from the neighboring towns and then, after having educated them super well, returned them as culture emissaries to their siblings sunk in the ignorance!. Certainly, if a MAGISTERIAL SON arrived soon to this advanced nation, without a doubt, these wonderful things would happen in this world.

By virtue of an extraordinary permission, this narration was made about the matters of a neighboring planet with the only spirit of cooperating in the evolutionary progress of the civilization and in unison to increase the government evolution of this special decimal world of URANTIA. It could be narrated a lot more that it undoubtedly would greatly interest and intrigue the Urantian Peolpe, but this revelation would drain the limits of the commended authorization. It is also necessary to have a lot of consideration to the current and active gestation of the new dawn from a better world that is emerging Here and Now in URANTIA!, being the opening of the so yearned SEVENTH MOVEMENT OF PLANETARY LIBERATION that is the end and the beginning of a new and great ERA OF LIGHT AND LIFE! IN URANTIA, and this time in union with the worlds that fell and moved away from the Cosmic Order by effect of the rebellion and disobedience.

However, the terrestrial humanity should take note that this planetary sphere mate of the family of the SYSTEM OF SATANIA, has not been benefited neither by Magisterial Missions nor by Missions of Self-Realization from the Children of Paradise.

These planetary dispensational advantages , just as the sending of the SPIRIT OF THE TRUTH to the world offers the spiritual foundations for the attainment of the great achievements in favor of the human race of a performing world from the Auto-Realization of Paradise Beings. Therefore, URANTIA is today very well prepared for the immediate realization of the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY in Order, Light and Love with their laws, mechanisms, symbols, conventions and only one language, besides all that can contribute so powerfully to the establishment of the World Peace under the Universal Law, and then it can be guided to the dawn of a true age of spiritual perseverance, inaugurating the planetary age of LIGHT AND LIFE. [With the collaboration of a Melchizedeck of Nebadon].