In Order, Light and Love


The Grand Fraternity of the Grand Universe greets you, traveling partner!!!. The Cosmos greets you partner on the path!!!. Today we welcome you to this New Dawn of a better WORLD!!!.

The GRAND MOMENTUM HAS ARRIVED! so that together this time, like siblings that we are of the GRAND GLOBAL FAMILY OF THE HUMANITY, begin with resolution the establishment of the new planetary age that is the high age of The ERA OF LIGHT AND LIFE!. This new global prowess will mark the beginning of the seven new advanced times for the NEW MAN!, in his NEW CYCLE!, that will be forged from now on in constant upward evolution until achieving the summit of the great earthly development... This is the most grandiose dispensation granted to our dear HUMAN RACE and our PLANETARY BEING that traveling for the space and time comes for eons waiting to arrive to this glorious moment. Now we can already say: The WAITING IS FINISHED!, let us receive the FRUITS OF OUR FATHER'S LOVE OF ALL. HIS LOVE and WISDOM assist us in this GRAND DIVINE EVENT!.

This Divine Event already entered in action, conferring to our dear planet earth and all that it constitutes to be reinstated to the COSMIC ORDER!, as answer to the Divine Ordinance that gave an END! to the long COSMIC QUARANTINE!!!, that was given in consideration before the serious consequences for the Man's Fall!, that retarded our planet and others; therefore, today we begin immediately the action of external delivery of THE FATHER'S 49 AGENCIES! for the manifestations of the DIVINE PLAN on earth, increasing the Liberation Action of the yoke of the ignorance, the separatists forces and the selfish desires of the rebellious personality. These Agencies will help us to conquer the Gravity Force and the Inertia that taking root are in the enormous lie and human selfishness. My Friend, I must let you know that the Cosmos already began with resolution the process of transformation of all the dense energy of the planet, product of the constant frictions of the behind beings, up to 3 passed eras. This way we are entering victorious to our next evolutionary scale and together we’ll be able to respond to the realization of a better World, that is OUR FATHER OF FATHERS’ WILL!. This conscious world work will allow us to:

Searcher friend of the Useful and Beautiful Truth, whoever you are; man or woman, youth or adult, poor or rich, well educated or not... Wherever country, race, language or religion that you might be... I’m asking for you to be as my partner of life and pilgrim in this brief but fascinating earthly experience. I request you to be unconditional so that you’ll be payee of this important LEGACY and REFLECTIONS. So this way together, we will be able to make the GRAND DECISION! of going with resolution to make the following great evolutionary scale that already corresponds to us and it IS URGENT!, there is no TIME to LOSE!; since the ACTION OF THE PLANETARY RESTORATION is in progress where the whole structure of the planet has entered, inevitably, in a process of Transition, opening the way to The ERA OF LIGHT AND LIFE!!!, and that it will transform all the retrograde forces that no longer correspond for this new dawn, for this man's new cycle; in the same way that happened chronologically in the six previous global events that allowed the scale of evolution of our human race, from the times of the opening of the INTELLIGENT LIFE and in obedience to the PLAN OF LIFE granted by our FATHER OF FATHERS. We are also requesting you, from our hearts that as a payee of this good news you deign to allow to flow freely among you, your neighbors or anyone next to you, the content of this LEGACY as the DIVINE ANSWER! to every human being that from their intern one day elevated his Voice with all his strength to OUR FATHER OF ALL; REQUESTING-SOLICITING not necessarily for himself, but for the whole humanity, the coming of a new dawn of a better World! and the revelation of the Divine Plan! in our planet earth.

Dear partner of life, in this instant that I am making contact with you!, I elevate an action of thanks to the HIGHEST!, to allow us to be synchronized with you in the Here and Now!. And also to give you thanks for your valuable initiative of making a STOP! amid the mechanical and upset life; this consideration will allow to open up a small but important time and FREE space! in your interior world... We Know that inside YOU there is still, Quietness!, Peace!, and Harmony! that will allow us to dialogue, to discern and to understand each other on the most important matters in Life; and that you, me, and all responsible human being, will interest us in our long trip for the life... Now I should make emphasis that when I talk to you like my brother, friend, partner, etc. I am talking to your SPARK OF LIFE!, to your responsible part. Even if externally or physically you be a “man” or a “woman”; you understand me, right?.

Friend, from now on you have nothing to lose... Take a look! it is worthwhile that you try to investigate, to analyze, to discover, and to meditate in depth for yourself what I will tell you HERE!. Give yourself these privileges!; but don't think that we will discuss, to refute, to impose us, to oppose us, to compete; because nothing of those things are necessary to clarify the most important matters in Life, since these surpass the human intellect... But if you are determine to discuss with me, you can make it with freedom and I will tell you that I won't oppose myself, in time I will listen with attention, to know the depth of the cause-roots of your opinions, of your intellectual conceptions elaborated evidently with the data contributed by the physical senses that come from the external world to you; and then I can impersonally and unconditionally approach you to the Cosmic Truth.

In this state of peace and harmony in your small world, don't correspond the influence of “separatists” or “opposition” forces to obtain the Light of Truth!, of those restlessness momentous of our life; in time it is very convenient to make space and Free time in your small interior world to received this new dispensation of this Glorious “ERA OF LIGHT AND LIFE”!.

When you include yourself in a new and elated state of fullness..., you will be able to achieve a deep reflection about the man's life on the face of the earth; and your Attention suddenly can expand toward the complete world panorama, being able to register with truthfulness the serious situation that wraps us externally... Then you contemplate and realize of the excessive effort of the Soul's survival versus the survival of the Body; later on you will get many conciliatory questions:

*What do the human being does in this beautiful planet?, Who is he?, What is he?.
*What is the Reason to be here and now in this part of the vast Universe?,
*Where is the human being coming from?, Where is he going?,
*What is it really that the humans suppose to do to make this earthly experience?,

*Where does the humanity go in such a hurry and so much anxiety?, Does he already have a layout plan?,
*Who guides and directs this mechanic civilization and what destination are they elaborating?,
*Are they aware that with their daily attitudes they sow their earthly and extra-earthly destiny?,
*Will the humanity be conscious that with what he makes, thinks, feels, he will receive in return?,
*Will the human being Know the Principles and Universal Laws that govern the man's behavior?,
*Will the human being notice that the Grand Universal Mansion is endowed of Order, Light and Love?,
*Is “God”, from all Human believes the Alive for Excellence?,
*Will it be that for the short imagination of the human, he only will get to personalize his God but with limitations?.
*What is the Reason that human beings think, feel, and act as if the alive father didn't exist?,
*Will it Be that God is useful only in the dangerous situations? What will happen if it will not be anymore danger?,
*Why there are so many beliefs and so many Gods in the minds of our fellow men?,
*Will they be realizing that with their power of “believe” they are “creating” too many gods and semi-gods?,
*Will the human being realize that our FATHER OF FATHERS is ONE!, UNIQUE! and UNIVERSAL!?,
*What is happening with the human being that doesn't find the ALIVE FATHER?, Alive as we, His children!,
*What it prevent us from encounter with our FATHER OF FATHERS?; why see Him unreachable?,

*There will be in the planet graduated beings that have become to the elevated state as TRUE HUMAN BEING?,
*There will be that this knowledgeable men are in contact with the Living Presence of Our FATHER-MOTHER?,
*There will be awake beings acting silently and not hidden in highly evolution missions in favor of human race?,
*There will be already beings extremely altruist and responsible that do the Divine Will of the FATHER?,
*There will be consent humans that walk by the world executing the New Order, Decreed by OUR FATHER?,
*Do I want to know Them really?, Will I be able to find Them?, Will I be able to join to Their altruist activities?,
*Will it be the Humanity prepared to undertake the return to the Cosmic Home from where he emanated?,
*Could already The Human understand that he is at the door of his new divine Destiny of Order, Light and Love?,
*Are the governmental leaders noticing that the system of life chosen is already inadequate for the modern man?,
*Are the leaders of the world noticing that they are not doing anything to benefit the Divine Destiny of the Humans?
*Why there are persistence in the mechanic life to displace the urgent necessity of saving the soul’s values?,
*Are the leaders of the planet aware that they are giving too exaggerated importance to the “meaningless life”?,
*Why do we waste vital energies of different levels affecting the external and internal economy of the planet?,
*Will it be that human life make sense when is transforming to the perfect image and resemblance of the BEING?,
*Will it be that we are Perfectables?, Will it be that the earthly life is to revel the Task-Mission that it was forgotten?,
*Won't it be that the man have been evolving silently in the planet, and today he starts awake up His Soul?,
*There will be noticing the leaders of the world that the mechanical system doesn’t satisfy the new generation?,
*Why to insist in living in a conditional way, if there are so many universal greatness to know and to live?,
*Why is the man govern as if he was a simple intelligent body or human machine; being his identity the Soul?,
*There will be the new candidate to rule the world Loving, Kind, Altruists and Awake to Reality?,
*It will be a great deal to ask that the new leaders have deep desire (To Be) to serve the neighbor and the planet?,
*These new leaders will be willing to cooperate with harmonious and benefices plans to defeat the separated?,
*There will be noticing the global leaders that the “nationalism” or “patriotism” already finish their cycle of utility?,
*Would the Humans notice that to leave of the world chaos is necessary to conform only one GLOBAL NATION?,
*It will be known for the leaders that the expansion of the human, is to collapse the barriers the separatism?,
*It is evident to the Human that it is Time to conform only one GLOBAL LANGUAGE to get together as siblings?,
*It is noticeable to the world society that with the creation of only one GLOBAL CURRENCY we join all Nations?,
*Are the governments aware that the “wars” no longer be a technique of adjustment before a serious situations?,
*It will be the time to abolish “wars” to balance the human attainment that protect the Life of each man?,
*What is important on earth: the intelligent life of the human or the temporary things that he has created?,
*Before this real situation in the planet, What are we waiting for to resolve, to transform this history-hysteria?...

In this high expansion and in your internal being's tranquility, you will be able to understand the crude reality of the “sleeping man” on the face of the earth, and at the same time you will be able to discover the laborious task-mission of those that are really the humanity's better representatives that capture silent, wise and lovingly their big efforts to conquer the evolutionary level that allows the Encounter with the Universal Reality. As you will be able to discover my estimated friend, searcher of the truth, the “strengths” that put in danger and postpone the human evolution, are not in nature’s laws, not even in the mechanical system of human life; they are taken root in the “same man”, and not outside him... That is the grand dilemma!”, here is the cause of the global disorder!. Therefore, each man already has to be RESPONSIBLE FOR HIMSELF! to be able to advance with resolution in the great universal adventure to go where we never have been, to the COSMIC HOME; Then:

What are all the leaders of our planet waiting for: the executives, the legislative, the judicial, the agencies of planet with all the titles, all the flags, all the names???. What are they waiting for?...

What are all the ministers, the advisors, the town councilor, the teachers, the prelates, the religions, the workers, the public service, the political parties, that instead of “cut-apart” they SHOULD UNIFY, are waiting for???. To act, We all united serving with altruism and wisdom for a Better World.

Tell me my friend: What is stopping you to produce a Better World?, but this time to produce A GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY! of Order, Light and Love; synchronized with the NEW CYCLE of the man, a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY! in Truth, Kindness and Beauty; as is predicted by the Cosmos.! Tell me my friend: Who impedes you?; Nobody right!, Or, are you waiting for others do it for you?, Waiting for who?, who are you waiting for? For the governments, international organization, political parties, the religions, or the masses?, What are you waiting for?, If you already know that everybody is waiting!, Is curious isn’t it?.. And if you don’t do it for yourself, Here and Now!. Tell me, Who of millions will be able to do it for you?. Tell me, Who?, and if you don’t do it NOW. Tell me, When will you do it?, When?. Friend, Do you think that you have a lot of Time and Space?. If I would have “believed” that the Beautiful and Useful Truth would come only with the elapse of the time or that other would do it for me; I wouldn’t be delivering this LEGACY; instead I woold be ignoring everything and also I would be waiting.

Or you are still believing, that with meetings, assemblies, conferences, congresses, agreements, pacts, etc., etc., we will be able to produce the “bases” to initiate once and for all the New World Order!, Uff!!!… Be careful!, be careful with hiding yourself there among the multitude!, because if you disappear with-in the multitude, everything that is required to do for a better world will be in vain. The Multitude, by being dissimilar is not compatible with the UNIT; and the Unit is the BASIC element of the JOINT, of the ALL… And if each “UNIT” assumes its role, then the “JOINT” will function as should be; you understand me, right?. Ah!!!, Maybe by believing in masses, in groups; you forgot that you are the Unit, the essential Base to generations of a better world... Friend, would be very useful that you reappear like UNIT!. Then: Get out of the masses!, and be a factor of Liberation; initiate in yourself the Global Government of Humanity; of course, from the FUNDAMENTAL BASE that is your SMALL INTERIOR WORLD… because there is where the misgovernment world is, and not in another part, Do you understand me?... Or ¿You will be expecting the unexpected?. Think about it!, Meditate it!, and forgive me for telling you the truth; I do it because:

YOU ARE IMPORTANT!... And each human being is important for another human being, because each one was born here in earth gifted of talents to fulfill the need of the other; But without affecting the dignity of the other. Now understand for once, my appreciated brother, THAT YOU ARE AN IMPORTANT BASIC UNIT AND REPRESENTATIVE OF THE HUMANITY IN THIS GLORIOUS GESTE OF PLANETARY LIBERATION!, SOON YOU WILL BE NAMED AS PLANETARY CITIZEN WITH FREE PASS TO GO TO CONFIRM A BETTER WORLD!.

Now you will be able to understand better why we are still divided and limited in a World and Universe that demands UNION and EXPANSION!. My estimated friend searcher of the truth, it is amazing to contemplate, even here on this planet, how the human beings in the “unconscious”, “sleeping” and “out of control” state to reality are attracted and grouped instinctively and they turn into powerful masses, strong and enthusiastic; only when they are affected in its own interests, principally in their basic needs; and they go exclaiming!: “Come on the Union Makes the Strength!”; but it isn’t worth all that concentrated power, because it doesn’t have the Direction or the Correct Sense; and what is worse, they don’t have the RIGHT INTENTION in their hearts, or PURITY OF MOTIVES in their small minds; Therefore there is not approval by the energetic Cosmic financing, because their unconscious state; then they, very prompt abort all that effort achieved, wasting enormous quantities of energies and leaving a new disillusion in their registers, ¡Uff!!!; and this is a danger already acquainted…

And why today with so many intellectual bright people upon the planet, nobody can get the “target”?, Why don’t we solve together the serious world problems, if they are common in all the nations?... By not treating these problems globally and in its last roots, today’s man that spreads himself will not find PEACE! in any place in the face of the earth, and not even within himself!. What a dilemma, right?...

Why is the chaos increasing, remaining the human being deserted?, Will the academic human potential in these difficult times serve?. Friend, we notify you simply and flatly that there is no COSMIC FINANCING anymore, in the mental circuit of energy of the planet for the minds that still are grasped to the old system. But there is APPROVAL and FINANCING for the new Creative and Altruists Minds!, that cooperate with the new cycle of the evaluative man. I challenge you to Prove it!.

The Cosmic Laws demand to have abundant consideration in the “conduction” of the humanity in this new Divine Destiny. In order to go together toward our new evaluative scale is required of a great dexterity and deep experience of ALTRUISM!, that the same life teaches us in all the routine experiences, for example: To any parent it is very difficult to forge and to educate their children; what a task, right?... But to the end and to the tip the kind parents achieve finally their triumphant parentally victory… Turning out to be legitimate Loving Parents!, becoming true Brothers Parents!, letting to flow through them the LOVE OF THE FATHER OF FATHERS to their fellow men. It is marvelous when the life gives the opportunity to expand the fatherly love beyond the little circle of the “family”, to other neighbors, to other felow men to conquer the GRAND GLOBAL FAMILY!!!, transcending every genetic family borders and noble manners even with the “unknown”. This is the faculty of the ALTRUISM; that is to say “ALTRO”: TO THE OTHER!, to Other Neighbors. And the children educated with altruism also are expanded among “Others”... Thus the ALTRUISM!, reverberates itself and does not have barriers. Now you will be able to imagine beings extremely Altruist and Wise to the service of the countries of the Planet!; and this is already in progress. These noble beings are amalgamating the routine experiences; forging day by day a DIAMOND SOUL!, that is to say: Day Lover: Light Lover!, shining and sparkling the Light of the Altruism of their Pilgrim Souls; and therefore wherever they go they radiate the power of the love toward the similar. They know that our dear planet is an authentic UNIVERSAL SCHOOL OF LIFE, in which we should achieve step by step the SEVEN ETERNAL VICTORIES!, that permits us to ascend in the COSMOGONIC SPIRAL OF THE BEING, to the CENTER OF ALL THE CENTERS. TO THE BEING OF ALL THE TO BEINGS!.

Friend, this world panorama leaves a great deal to desire, right?; therefore the Grand Master said with certainty: You Let the dead persons bury their dead peoples!... Let that the “senseless”, if they want to seize the material thing, they will be reduced to dust with it; You let them be!, you do not oppose, is better that they express their DISORDER... And you responsible friend for the new man before the Cosmos, you can certainly assume and be an important factor of ORDER... And let the “proud” to proclaim their strengths and to boast with the effort of others; let the “miserly” to incubate his fortune until he learns that to give, is to receive; let the “violent” to shout to his ease, you let him to unmask; therefore each one will harvest what is sowing; leave the “separatist” to create more groups, dividing the humanity, pretending with the good intentions, justifying everything with logical arguments so that the others live as “he” conceives the life. But, What are few years of life in the eternity of the time?... The serious problem world-wide is the tremendous “habit” to fight, to contradict, to refute, to reject, to avoid, to strike, etc.; against all those mental, emotional, and instinctive expressions of neighbors that characterize still to the “primitive man”; they have not evolved genetically yet, they are immature and left behind of 3 Planetary Ages, of the remote past and still today they act in closed and organized groups using the label of societies, and that they still accustom to be expressed in masses, of course very modern, but same as in the primitive past... The civilization is full with these human beings looking to be civilized and cults... very dressed up to date and until occupying remarkable positions, but in an instant, suddenly, they react confusing the other human beings terribly. You understand me, right?.

This civilization of enjoyment and fortune GOES OUT!!!... But don't worry my dear brother, in spite of everything, Your Essence, You, the Spark of Life!, that lives in each human being, the Soul,

IS NOT DIMINISHED, NOT EVEN ATENUATE!!!... The Soul's Values will germinate in this glorious NEW DAWN!

This way, like when unexpectedly the rain constantly falls on a desert, transforming it vertiginously, making germinate the life, there in an instant; likewise it will happen for you; because the time is coming to analyze, to confront and to figure out the unconscious life, to transform it with “Sense” and “Fullness. This transformation will take us to be able to really love life, the body-temple, the nature, the humanity and the spirit... But even when man keeps evolving he will be always worthy of his wage...

Jesus, THE SON OF THE MAN!, was also one among the men that lived the same experience than you, me, and all those that live here on the planet; he never moved away from the laws of the men, he didn't live a “over-natural” life, no, no, no; he lived a “natural life”, and in this life found the FATHER OF FATHERS IN ACTION!. Therefore, Sorry for those that look for the Alive Father of All in the “over-natural” thing!, there they will find many gods, but never to the UNIQUE AND ALIVE FATHER OF ALL...


That’s it my friend... Our BROTHER-FATHER Jesus, among thesleeping men tolerated gently and wisely and safeguarded all the Useful and Beautiful that the embodied souls behaved for their future maturity, and that today, 2000 years later they begin to germinate in this New Era!, the ERA OF LIGHT AND LIFE!. His example completely humanized, noble and humble passes over all the human wisdom. Yes, he tolerated the state of the “sleeping men” to deserve EVERYTHING OF THE FATHER OF FATHERS and this is an important clue. My friend, this is the NON IDENTIFICATION!, or it is “not” giving power to the unconscious man's incoherence, instead: dare to watch over their dreams, because they are your siblings!; you Have to know them as you never have done it before!, but WITHOUT IDENTIFYING YOURSELF!. This is vital for you to Wake up, that at the same time is the Awakening of the Humanity through you, and remember that you still belong to this sleeper's level... but that you already have thedesiresof Waking Up; so for example, If a sleeping man tells you: “I am good and I love my neighbor”!; don't identify yourself with their expression, nor when he later on bothers other people because they didn't assist him as he wanted, or because some other one didn't place his soap to be washed, or they didn't put his salt in their foods; don’t identify eather when he justifies being super busy when he is requested for his services... And he could be believing that they are removing him or interrupting his valuable time, so that then contradictorily he takes the whole time he wants, to be subdued voluntarily to their bad habits that it degrades him below the animal. And not even there you identify yourself, just observe and know the “sleeper's world”; but without judging in your small mind. It is something like as if suddenly, for the first time you’ll be here in the planet, knowing for first time the human being in evolution; This will be very, very useful to Treat your neighbor, like your own self!.

You have to be witness of the world of the “Unconscious Life”; consider that you still belong to this level and is valuable that you know it deathly for your Liberation to the following Evaluative Scale. Here you should know with PRUDENCE! those civilized that ambition, power, money, positions… and they also still make crimes without knowing it; you should know the fight between the strongest and the most skilled organized and legalized respected groups that influence, or many times drive nations; you should also know the “rights” of these strong organizations that are the “essential base” of this current society, and that it is a Reality that you have to accept without affecting yourself!... Be very careful, because if you identify yourself, you will see that it will begin to fascinate you very subtly and without realizing, you will be involved in the dream and the “sleeping man's nightmares”, until the point that you will react making “common cause”, and like a movie, there you will believe you are the hero, the main character; Uff!, and in that sleeping state you won't be able to solve anything since you will be “annulled” and for permeability you will integrate a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

Now, be careful with the interpretation!... since this sleeping man which I tell you, is not in fact that person that you perceive with your physical senses, no, no, no... What I’m telling you is accurately of the “EGO” of the “World of the Legion”, the world of darkness, the psychological darkness that is very dense in the humanity and that is product of the man's “fall”, this nest inside the human being. We have to know this dominant part of the EGO for its transformation, because this rebel forces have the men plunged in the tremendous plot-schemed of the dream of the “Unconscious Life”, without distinguishing between the “natural life” and the “virtual life” of the mental creations. The “Legion” subjects the human being with very subtle and dense influences, to the BEING'S inferior bodies, subjecting them as draftee programmed to 3 group constant demands about the basic necessities:

Eat: delights, etc…….....…. For the Physical Body.
Affections: pleasures, etc. For the Emotional Body.
Plans: desires, etc....……... For the Mental Body.

To transform the magnetic influences of the “Ego” is urgent to liberate the BEING'S inferior bodies (Physical, Emotional and Mental). Because those are condision tremendously by habits, for implanted necessities since the time of the man's fall; that they developed 3 dominated and strong customs, 3 authority activities that damage the human soul directly and that only favor the “ego’s” demands, truncating the man's life; they are:

The Military on........ Restricting the Physical Body.
The Lawyer........…... Restricting the Emotional Body.
The Merchant……..... Restricting the Mental Body.

These 3 activities already entered into cancellation, today they are concluding their time-space that was given by the Laws of the Cosmos, for their expression in the evolutionary man's life... These 3 activities with their followers have to stop pressing the humanity, to give a free step to the other 3 human activities that are awaiting their moment to be developed.

The Philosopher...... The Ascending Philosophy.
The Scientist.......….. The Ascending Science.
The Religious.....…... The Ascending Religion.

These 3 evaluative activities will help us to accelerate the process of the achievement of a better World... But these upward activities are not in the school, in the university or something like that, no, no, no; you have to Wake them up inside you!, because, Now is the time to activate them!… There were few human beings that woke up these upward activities in the past; but they lit the world with their works, bringing the man little by little from his limited ability to move forward in time and space. Today they already received the shift so that these 3 evolutionary activities take us to the summit of the earthly development. Now, Sing brother, Sing eternally to the Glory of the Life in heaven and of the Creator, because already initiates the revelation of The ERA OF LIGHT AND LIFE!

Dear partner of life... if still in this part of your path for the life you feel like, or you are provokes to enjoy the world of the sleeping man's sensations, and you still consider to have “time and space” for that; then you can make it with “freedom”; also for that desire you will have immediately thousands and thousands of “mental justifications” to stay in that mechanical level... You even will have to your disposition many invitations that you will be able to see outside, and wherever you take a look there will be an “announcement” that will tell you how to live a pleasantly, comfortably life, etc.; they will also guide you how to make a fortune, how to live easily, how to enjoy and how to have economic security, etc... But what they don't announce you, what they won't tell you is the other additional high price to pay for consequences of such transitory dependencies, Uff!... And maybe over there, you will be able to really realize the “Unconscious Life”, pointing out the end of the unconscious man's Dream… Unless you use your Discernment! and realize here and now of the crude reality of the truth, then you will understand that it is already the time to make a STOP! to the mechanical life that robots the human beings; giving this time the entrance to your own Soul!... And when this happen, over there again We will be with you to cooperate unconditionally in your preparation of your new fourth dimension of the knowledge of yourself!; The Path of Life for which many older siblings crossed it before you…

If you still find “Unconscious Life” pleasant; but at the same time you don't want to continue subduing the sensations of the sleeping man's level and you also perceive that you cannot advance, don't worry!, don't be alarmed!, don't underestimate yourself!... the important thing here is that you are realizing the tremendous and difficult reality of the truth and this is what allows to make emerge in you, the tremendous “DESIRE” OF AWAKE UP TO THE REALITY... These “Desire to Wake Up” are very valuable because they are one of the 144 beautiful jewels that you begin to conquer for your TREASURE!; and this will be without a doubt what you will appreciate the most in your Life!. They are the SEEDS OF LIGHT! that our FATHER OF FATHERS grants you for your life-mission, to sow them here in the earth... And when you begin to obtain the Being's high values, then you will be able to wonder: What do I value more in the life?...

What quality of TREASURE am I achieving in my pass through Earth?.

And if your “appreciation” in life is still related with the earthly transitory things; I will tell you with certainty that your treasure is VAIN and that you are only filling it with “VANITY”... That is to say that you won’t have anything for yourself, you won’t be able to give anything to your neighbors; you will only limit yourself to receive, receive and to receive from the other ones... until you will overflow in your universal economic balance, Uff!.

The SEEDS OF LIGHT! that will come from your inside and are inherent to your Loving Being, you will have to win them with the DISCERNMENT process!... And then a new vision will come to you gradually to Value the Goods of heaven and the Goods of Earth!!!; from there on, you no longer will receive from second or third hand the information, you will no longer feed of spectrum of books, neither it will be necessary that you are said something... Because everything will come to you from inside like a spring; This way it will come to you the DESIRES OF WAKING UP TO THE REALITY!, it will come the SEARCH OF THE USEFUL AND BEAUTIFUL TRUTH! and will come to you all the TALENTS-SEEDS to be sowed in your Fertile ground! of your small world... These Conquered VALUES! will make you to BE WORTH!, increasingly before the Humans and before the Divine ones.

Dear searcher friend, it is fundamental to know the man’s internal panorama to be able to know and understand the humanity’s external panorama better. Likewise we will understand better this curious epoch; and you will see that wherever your look you will find contradictions, conflicts, disorder, calamities, misery, poverty, etc, etc... But be careful DON'T IDENTIFY YOURSELF!, and this doesn't mean that you ignore them, you deny them or that you give them your back, no, no, no... What I mean is that you learn how to receive the “Impressions” that you receive from the external world through your physical senses; this time, you should know how to accept them but without affecting yourself and this is a CLUE!, since all the external and internal Impressions should not be altered, whether they be good or bad, positive or negative… in other words:

ACCEPT YOUR NEIGHBOR LIKE IT IS!, CONSIDER HIM JUST THE WAY HE IS!.. ALLOW HIM TO BE!!!... Because everything begins with: Consider Others, the same way I Consider You!”... And if we achieve it, we can apply the maximum Action: Love Others, the same way I Love You!”... This is the exact process that allows us to let it flow the Power of LOVE through us... And I will understand that: LOVING ME IN EACH ONE, IN EACH NEIGHBOR OR THE PERSON NEXT TO ME, I LIBERATE MYSELF!.

Yes my dear friend, we know that we all want to LOVE; but it is necessary the CODE OF LOVE! in our small world. UNIXITRON is the way to the CODE OF LOVE!!!, it is The LIGHT PRESENCE! and you have to find it inside of you. UNIXITRON is BORN IN THE LOVE, FOR THE LOVE AND WITH THE LOVE TO ALL LIFE!, and it is the DIVINE REGENCY OF THE LOVE!!!.

It would be very useful to understand these words…All “IMPRESSIONS” that come to your small world are natural energy, don’t get alarmed or distressed, don't FEAR them; because, you might don’t know but, Inside of you there are powerful forces that help you to transform them,... But if you attack it, you reject it, you ignore it, you avoid it, you refute it, you condemn it, you distort it, etc., it will AFFECT YOU!, Uff!!!. And be careful with the mental “conflicts”!; with them very soon you will realize the reason why the hospitals and clinical of the planet are full with patients, with serious sick people; they are sequels of this tremendous and silent “MENTAL WAR”... And by the way, also many of these patients, gravely affected, suddenly died unnecessary, without being able to complete their cycle of earthly life; leaving to their descending bitter registrations and they leave without understanding the cause-root of this tremendous “World Conflict”. All the “ILLNESSES” are direct consequences of the “constant conflicts” of the mental level of the man, mainly of the permanent “NEGATIONS” and “NON ACCEPTANCES” of them. This “constant conflicts” are produced among the “sleeping men” when they are out of control; such as hate, concerns, doubts, fears, etc., distorting secretly all the lines of energy- thinking-form; then for processes of the Physical Laws in the body, they materialize or they transform into symptoms in some parts of the human organism, can be the heart, the head, the stomach, the knees, etc., etc.

There are illnesses that reveal for the constant race conflicts that are process on the mind and they are imperceptible for the physic senses that become to affect in the DESCENDING GENE. Here we should understand that the 7 RACES are contained in the GENES and you my friend, you are a payee of the 7 Races; only one of them or a combination of them is expressed now in the color of your skin; color that was granted to you for your task-mission of UNIFYING THE 7 RACES in ONLY ONE RACE!

Now, if we want to talk about “To Cure”, that is the ACTION of HEALING!, we should respond with the simple and wise attitude of the NON INTERFERENCE in the operation of the organism during the natural EVACUATION! of the illness. HEALTH! is, granted by the Cosmic Laws and it begins in the same place where all the illnesses originate, in the MENTAL LEVEL of 49, to manifest later by evacuation in the physical body. This not well qualified energy affects directly the SOUL that is in agony... Let Understand once and for all that for the Cosmic Laws THE SOUL'S HEALTH IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!, do you understand me?. Is it clear that all the illnesses are gestated first in the mental level and not in the physical level, right?. Therefore the Cosmic Laws do proceed to the Evacuation [Eva-equation] from the mental plane to the material plane… And why the material?; so that the illnesses finally get NEUTRALIZED! in the material world that is endowed with powerful NEUTER FORCES and is in here where the HEALING of our HUMAN RACE and of the PLANET conclude. We Have to Heal the World!!!; because with so many illnesses, inclusive with illnesses that are ignored still by the man, we cannot enter to the NEW ERA.

Only in the “rebellious minds”, the once out of control, those that explode in mechanical reactions, is where the not well qualified energy are generated. It was told that: “The one that sow rays, harvests tempests!”; being completed the universal laws that affirms: ALL THE MATERIAL IS MENTAL PROJECTION!!. This way, the man creates an “idea” and then it can capture it in the physical plane... Then we can realize that the bad “mental qualification” from our rebellious ancestors, today they are manifested as a fatal heritage; because they “REFUSED” constantly to the TRUTH, to the KINDNESS and the LOVE. Oh Yes!!!, that did happen and it is registered to be transform Here and Now!... In this New Dawn, it does already correspond us to cooperate with the Cosmic Laws in NOT TO INTERFERE in the processes of evacuation of the illnesses that elevate the Health of our human race. Every time we oppose ourselves we unchain quantities of adverse and fatal reactions well-known… Why not, instead of combat the physical illnesses we determine to find the Cause-root-mental ones that originate them?, Or is it that we want to maintain a great business?... and if that is not it, What are we waiting to generate the GLOBAL HEALTH?... The Planet is sick, Humanity is also sick and both have to heal now; there is not time to waist!!!

We are responsible to bring the health to the world; and this will be by our Body-temples. To be only devoted to the “personal health”, doesn't contribute to the Global Health; this way for example: It is not correct to affirm mentally that you have such or which illnesses, when the pure truth is that the illnesses are not yours but of the human race, there you would be attributing yourself something that doesn't belong to you and it is for this reason that your cure is partially and selfish, annulling the possibility that the healthy energy that you receive can also flow with freedom for the internal energy circuits that connect to the whole human race; because there are thousands and thousands of physical bodies that suffer of oneself illness and that they require of Health... Remember that humanity is A SINGLE BODY!, and that you are embodied in a Corporal Unit of that ONLY HUMAN BODY... Also, now is the time that the “merchants of the body-temple” understand that is not right to press the human being commercially; because we know that the terrestrial scientists are already noticing that the illnesses are not real, they began to experience with their revolutionary “medications placebos”, getting astonishing answers.

To face HEALTH; our human and humble attitude enters in action with the TREAT-MENT!, that is wisely say TREAT in the MIND; where the cause-root of the illness is materialized in the physical body, it is in the mind where we will cure the CONSCIENCE OF THE ILLNESS!, and not in the illness that is known physically; you are surprised, right?... This doesn’t mean to undergo sacrifices, no, no, no... “THE TREAT-MENT” is an elevated and efficient technique to cure the sickness; and only discovering and touching the cause-root with the vibrant and vivifying energy of your Loving Being, you permit to insufflate new luminous energy to the body-temple registering immediately that the symptoms begin to shrink... Then the EVACUATION of the illnesses flows with freedom throwing from the mind, going by the physical body toward the Neutral Forces. That is why:

All the illnesses come from the Mental Body passing through the physical body ON HIS WAY OUT. It would be very useful that you allow to circulate with acceptance and joy the illnesses that traffic for your body, through the element earth to BE NEUTRALIZED!. The illness should BE TREATED with LOVE FOR LIFE...

The best TREATMENT for an illness is to follow a process of the acceptance and deep understanding of the error-cause until get the “REPENTANT!. The Cosmic Laws maintain latent the cause-roots in the mind for the achievement of the HEALTH and that is possible through the SALT on the blood that reveals the “Sense of Life”; as well as the “salt” that brings up the flavors of your food... It is important to try the element SALT in the blood to activate their potentialities; so, their virtues are degraded when allowing in excess of the underestimates, the sadness, the hardships, the fear, etc. So, be careful!, You don’t diminish your neighbor!; Don’t feel sorry for anybody; instead you have to activate the GREETINGS!, to elevate the spirits and to be satisfied with knowing that the illnesses are processes of EVACUATION and that they are GOING-OUT. Of course!. Like when a visitor that is in your house and suddenly says “I’m leaving”, and from that moment you do increase your attention and you treat him better so that the farewell is blissful, right?. Likewise it is with the illnesses; you SHOULD TREAT THEM IN THE BEST WAY BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING-OUT!. Dare yourself, experience it and activate the Health in the planet:

GREET TO THE LIFE, GREET YOUR FELLOW MEN... EITHER WITH A LOOK OR WITH A KIND EXPRESSION... GREET YOUR NEIGHBOR AND COME CLOSER TO HIM, SHAKE HANDS, HE IS YOUR BROTHER... TRANSMIT TO HIM YOUR HAPPINESS AND JOY, STILL WITHOUT WORDS, INSUFFLATE FROM YOUR BEING THE VIBRANT LIFE... This action of Love to the life will generate HEALTH! in the internal circuits of the whole humanity. This is the way to produce SALT! in our blood, granting the alchemist, the chemist of the body to generate substances that contribute to the circulation of the illnesses that are GOING-OUT, for its neutralization and at the same time eradicating the laziness of the body that is depending on drugs. It is the Legislative Power of your internal being who approves the TREATMENT, from 50 % +1; granting HEALTH.

And it doesn't matter if they are bad inherited or if they are from the times of the man's fall; the important thing is to achieve the ACCEPTANCE OF THE ILLNESS!; instead of “reject it” or “deny it”... This is a restoring service to the world that the unconditional and impersonal volunteers are gestating to achieve the GLOBAL HEALTH!. The human statesmen will register soon in the whole face of the planet that the illnesses begin to Shrink!!!; Therefore we should no longer increase in the world these “not well qualified” energy such as hate, vengeance, lies, anger, fears, competitions, sadness, laziness, pride, lust, etc., and in time we transmute them inside ourselves, in our Diamonds Hearts...

Don't harm Life anymore, don't harm the World anymore!, Don't harm yourself anymore!... Because if you do it you influence everybody!!!

Don't worry about those immature ones that decide not to evolve, because their own system will take care of them... It is Also time in that each person, each family, each town, each country, each continent of the world have to present their BALANCE! Before The LORDS OF THE LAW, in this New Dawn... Fortunately each country has a handful of beings that will collaborate in the evolution of the towns in the New World Order; they are unconditional beings full with understanding and of enormous Altruism. So don’t worry That EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL!, but you have to take charge of your small world, because the useful and beautiful that you achieve in you, will reverberate by our FATHER OF FATHERS to the World. And together with HIM, we will make POSSIBLE the IMPOSSIBLE!, until being able to HUMANIZE THE DIVINE AND TO DIVINE THE HUMAN!.

Today you are invited to begin together the GESTE OF WORLD LIBERATION!, it is urgent to begin with the total liberation of the human ATTENTION that it is tied in the magnetism of vain and transitory things in the INERTIA that consumes wildly the valuable TIME & SPACE! granted to each embodied souls for their development of evolutionary life in their brief traffic through the earth.

Understanding a little better the emergent situation of the Planet, we will say that it is not right this time of transition of the man's new cycle, that our “weaker” and more “immature” fellow men have to be forced or subjected to pursue with desire the habits and customs of the culminating unconscious life. Enough of going through life walking as simple cartoons, living in an enormous and dangerous “monotony” situation that paralyzes the evolution of the embodied souls, submerging them in a virtual agony.

We are giving too much power to the physical body, harming the Soul!... Be Careful!!!...

This chaotic situation maintains the humanity in a state of lethargy at the same time that generates a lag for his new evolutionary cycle. This risks his new ascending evolution since we live in a World of Probabilities. Consequently it is not right to walk in a world full of “ignorance”, without knowing about the reason why we exist here in the planet, missing the truthfulness of the existence of OUR FATHER'S ALIVE PRESENCE OF ALL, only believing that He is distant and unreachable; and without realizing that we all are an integrated part of HIM, contained and sustained in HIM... As well as a baby is gestated in the mother's womb, easily the baby would feel very distant of the mother, nevertheless it is contained and sustained inside her, that is to say that it is an integrated part of her; but suddenly completed 9 months, the baby is evacuated to another dimension of his life; when he is already developed, and he will little by little realize that his mother was never so remote, isn’t that true?... likewise happens to all of us in relation to our FATHER-MOTHER-LOVE: IN HIM we LIVE, and IN HIM we ACT!!! and FOR HIM WE ARE ONE!!!.

Dear friend, in your growing interest to deepen and to figure out the enigmas of your Earthly-universal existence, and in the increase of your aspirations of going to encounter with reality, you will still find forces of Magnetic Attraction of the dense world of the “unconscious life” that hinder your AWAKENING, even you will notice that you become drowsy in your small conscience... Then is when you should consider that from now on you won't be able to go alone that you need the COSMOS support!... Because you still don't know the ROUTE OF THE LIBERATION!; and you will have your disposition, THE GRAND UNIVERSAL FRATERNITY THAT will ATTEND YOU IN YOUR RETURN TO THE COSMIC HOME!!!. The Inertia’s force is what maintains the fallen man. But if you use your free will, by the hand with the LAW, you can begin with resolution the process of DETACHMENT OF THE MAGNETISM OF THE INERTIA. For your preparation I will provide you the Potent Legacies of Liberation: The 4th. Dimension of the Knowledge of Itself, The 12 Principles of Liberation... that gradually will be completed at due course time and space... Fortunately today, the power of “opposition” and “magnetic attraction”, have shrunk vastly in the planet, since the Cosmos gave End! to the QUARANTINE!, which was decreed approximately 200,000 terrestrial years ago, to safeguard the high interests of our Local Universe of NEBADON, that with precision include the scope of your eyes to the firmament.

This New Era calls us all to the eternal evolutionary trip... Yes my brother, this travel is Eternal!... from now on there is no longer stops or setbacks until arriving at the COSMIC HOME!. The CALL! from OUR FATHER OF FATHERS was given and the decision is yours, Yes yours!, You the soul that wakes up!. And your “mind” cannot decide for you; the responsibility to begin with resolution your return to the FATHER is yours; and only your small lazy mind, for the influence of the inertia, will begin to transform particle by particle in unit with you, participating in this great adventure of SEARCH OF THE USEFUL AND BEAUTIFUL TRUTH!. You already know that nobody will be able to do it for you, not me, not any other one; each one has to respond in their interior before OUR FATHER'S ALIVE PRESENCE OF ALL. Come on!, the beginning is certain and it is not far from you; this walk has nothing to do with the sleeping man's virtual creations, or the blind search of the truth; this Middle Walk! is within your reach, or maybe you were born there and quietly you are transported by the evolutionary life and you have not still known it... Discover it!, Investigate it!, and as for my presence here and now, it is to accompany you and to take you closer to the truth. This way I can fulfill unconditionally and impersonally and REMIND YOU OF YOUR PROMISE! that once you made before the Alive Presence of our FATHER-MOTHER-LOVE.

It is already the time in which you should start getting used to your own shine, That You are!, make it shine in each moment of your intense earthly life. Investigate!, think more about this situation of your life and share it with your neighbors with humility and simplicity!.

Be different!; What is the sense of life if you still think and believe that everything finishes with death?. And what sense has the earthly life if you only determine to use your time and space for mechanical things?.

Come on!, be honest with yourself!; I know that all this alters your small world; and I also know that you still worry about the “material things”; truth, right?; and this includes your earthly life; right? and if this is accurate, then you are in the correct thing, it is better this way... Because if you tell me that you are only interested in the spiritual thing, that you get worried and that you get occupied only for the spiritual thing, Uff!. I will tell you that you are fooling yourself, that you are deceiving yourself and that you would be missing the Truth. You are embodied in this earthly habitation to consecrate in the matters of the Earthly Divine Plan! that reveals progressively in this planet and in the material Cosmos. This here is the primordial reason for which your presence is possible now in the earth. HERE IN THIS EARTHLY MANSION OF THE FATHER IS WHERE YOUR TASK-MISSION HAVE TO BE COMPLETED, THEN VICTORIOUS, CONTINUE IN THE SPIRITUAL KINGDOM FROM WHERE YOU EMANATE!, you should understand once and for all that you are never abandoned here, by no means being punished as to be justified, that you should, in a hurry abandon or supplant this “earthly plane” for the “spiritual plane”. What is the reason for such a hurry?, if this earthly habitation is the fundamental base for your Universal Career of Life. From this Planet-school you begin your evolution toward the Spiritual Kingdom. This is a cosmic guarantee that will be revealed to you step by step; Investigate it!, Prove it!. My dearest brother searcher of the truth, I am a witness and I testify:

That the EARTHLY LIFE is one of the FATHER'S mansions, so that the Man can germinate and grow to the Eternal Life!. Likewise the SPIRITUAL thing that is eternally perfect, it also descends on this earthly habitation to fulfill the most beautiful Mission-Universal of cultivating the SEEDS OF LIGHT! of Eternal Life. Being completed the FATHER'S OF FATHERS WILL, through His Son, The MAN! That was created human; and that TOGETHER! They found this earthly habitation to be able to germinate and to grow; revealing the GRAND WORK! that is the TREE OF THE LIFE!; that it is embodied and it germinates in the TRUE MAN! that captures the Task-mission!.

Friend, during eons we have forged ourselves in safeguarding this Grand Work and today It Is Mature!. It is time to begin our victorious entrance together to the NEW CYCLE!... The TRUE MAN already begins to rise in the Being's Cosmogony Spiral, beginning his return to the Kingdom of Heaven and this time UNITED WITH YOU!. There are not over-natural acts, or magic, neither fantastic beliefs that take the Man from the carnal life to the happiness of the SPIRIT; listen carefully!... That the MAN ACHIEVES WITH CONSCIOUS WORKS and it grows as the plants, ending up being perfect at the right time and space in nature.

So the man develops from their embryonic state, passing by primitive states; and silently could evolve from the hands of the Cosmic Laws, to these plenum days. Therefore the simple earthly life is very important for the evolutionary man... So, only through your inclination the perfection of THE FATHER'S GRAND WORK is possible!!!. Investigate it!, Dare to live it!.

Now, be a good swimmer among the turbulent waters of the “unconscious life” that usually moves you from one side to other and vice versa... this way anything that you like today, soon you won't like it; and this happened every day. Until when?; until you get enough and drown in those turbulent waters of mechanical life. Yes!, like what you are living now and everybody also; there you will have to reappear again and again, until this last time with signs of survival of your soul!; do you understand?.

We know that these words knock down many plans and mental projects that you have; due to this is that you get many incognitos, doubts, fears, etc., right?, then you ask yourself right there: Who are those mental voices that they make me doubt, distrust me, etc.?, Who is thinking there inside me?, where does that mental multitude comes from?, Who is that legion?, Who do they think and decide in the mind?... LISTEN to THEM with ATTENTION!; there you will KNOW YOUR SMALL WORLD AND YOURSELF!, don't FEAR!... Remember that you have to take the reins of your life, otherwise the mismanagement, the legion will dominate in your small world, Uff!!!, because that multitude is your CHILDRENto whom you have to educate; they are the Ego, the legion; they are the fragments of you product of the fall in the past. Understand that just one mental particle in rebelliousness can take control of your life. Come on, check it out and analyze!, Who commands your life while you are in sleeping man's state?...

Friend, It happens that your fragments of life are identified with all that you do in each instant, they see in you their pattern of life. Then when you are unconscious and out of control of yourself, those fragments are the one that think, feel, and react for you, repeating over and over all the good and bad that you show them. This explains the complicity of the thoughts, emotions and attitudes that you express before your siblings as if you were “many people” causing confusions, conflicts, distrusts, impositions, etc., and is very rare when your own Conscience expresses itself; right?. They represent your ignorance and as you educate them you will be a better person, a better human Being!... They are Educable!, initiate within yourself the Global Education!.

If my words shake or confuse your thoughts, your emotions, your knowledge... you excuse me, but I only try to let you know the way to discover and understand for yourself the living existance of these “egos”. They have individual life; you can see them in your night dreams... They are exactly THE HUMANITY IN YOU!. If you get to know them, you will understand the HUMANITY, and then I can tell that:


In our interior world these particles of life demand, request, clamor and look for a LOVING LIBERATOR! as you... They are also of the LORD'S OF LORDS flock; you will have to grant them the way and the Eternal Life... Teach them your Truth, give them the opportunity to enter at more evolutionary levels, remember that they are yourself!!!... Unite them with your Light so that they orbit in order light and love of your own Being Light!. You don't deny or negate them!, Love them As you Love Yourself!.. Initiate with them the GRAND EXODUS! to the promised ERA OF LIGHT AND LOVE!.

Ahh!, but for this it will come your questions: Why do these fragments flow over and over in my mind? , Who or what power in me attracts or excites them?... My dear friend of life, the answer is overwhelming: It is your own Soul!!!. Yes my brother!, although you are surprised the truth is that your Soul attracts the life to you; do you find this unusual?; you will have to investigate and to discover it. It is your Soul-Imam the one that attracts the life, it attracts the energy-impressions, it attracts all that you “Love” and everything that you “Fear”. Why???, so those dense energies from space-time be transmuted and elevated to different levels of light-frequency, because you are the way, THE BRIDGE BETWEEN THE HEAVEN AND EARTH!. You have to understand that you are an Ambassador of the Light!. Now that you know this truth you can work in the realization of your Task-mission.

Searching friend of the truth, you will already be able to understand better the chaotic situation and the total mismanagement that the human being suffers in his interior world, reflecting or exteriorizing it very sportily without repairing that it is the “ego-legion” who governs his life… In such a way that while the small conscience sleeps in a lethargy, the “egos” listen, they think, they respond, they decide, they feel, they make for him, etc.; and when he awakes of the lethargy it is surprised by what happened; and he exclaims:

why did I say that?, why did I do this?, why did I commit with this and not with this other?, How and when did this thing happen?, Why didn’t I analyze it better before?, How did I precipitate this way?, When will I learn how to live?, I don’t want to continue this way etc., etc.; do you understand me, right?...

This will take you to a grand dilemma... Could you imagine that your fellow men treat you and don't find in you the responsible and conscious part?!. Therefore, it is vital that you are Alert and Vigilant so that you know the “sleeping man's” internal mechanism; and if you conceive this way you would be beginning your preparation for your new state of free man; you will realize this way the lethargy dream in what you live... This new state of experience multidimensional will allow you to contemplate for the first time the responsible part of your neighbor and through him, of yourself; you will be able to glimpse to the soul; you will be sufficiently prepared to discover the state of the soul that clamors and it fights among the multitude of the ego to conquer the FREEDOM!. Only this way, will be born in you the desires to transform the lines of “not well qualified” mental energy. The man's chaotic internal condition is the same one that is reflected massively in the humanity's external behavior; their multiple unconscious reactions put in danger the evolution of the embodied Souls and of the Planetary Being. Friend, Awake to the Reality!, Begin in yourself the action of planetary restoration!, called: RESTAURANTIA!.

If suddenly your neighbor exposes you his sadness, his penuries, his bitterness or his fleeting happiness... There, you should only listen to him, but without altering anything, without qualifying; and don't renounce with him because you could multiply their pain. It is not right to make common cause!; the correct thing is to receive the impressions that he liberates, good or bad. Remember that he only needs that somebody “listens to him”, he needs “free space”, nothing else!!!; since he in his chaotic state is tormented and cannot contain either to sustain those “not well qualified” energies. Only when he can contain them and to sustain them will he look for “solution” and perhaps request your participation and this is very different and rarely happens. When being attentive and watchful allows in your intern the TRANSMUTATION OF THE IMPRESSIONS!, being activated your LOVING BEING'S Neuter Forces. Remember that your neighbor is expressing you the chaos from the humanity through him; and anything of that belongs to him; it is the inheritance of the fall that you could already transform it particle by particle.

And What would happen if you begin to complain, to condemn the destination together with him?, there you would be increasing the suffering or the false happiness of the “ego”, the good or the bad [both are equivalent]; this way, the encounter with your neighbor will be a tremendous mournful. These common situations are those that give free rein to the Ego, and they react cruelly in damage of the intelligent life of all. Therefore, you are important to transform this world in a better World. You are the Open Door that should not close!, You can be a factor of Transmutation of all density, of every miasma that makes sick the humanity and the planet!... If you are able to transmute a “dark atom” into a “Light Atom”, YOU WOULD BE TRANSMUTING YOURSELF AND ALSO THE WORLD!, Prove it!... This way you pass from atom to atom to be a NEW AND FREE MAN!, also this way, you get out from the darkest dark; where your Executive [Physical Level], Legislative [Mental Level] and Judicial [Emotional Level] Powers work together and in unison with you.

It is urgent to cooperate with the PLANETARY TRANSMUTATION of all dark and dense energy in luminous energy of high vibration. The Transmutation is a high science that rarely has been understood by the man. This is the DIGESTION OF THE IMPRESSIONS that allows taking out of the setbacks of the life the vital and useful energy to secure the man's intelligent life and of the Planet. It is similar to the digestion of the foods in the STOMACH that transmutes them all in superior elements.

Now you will be able to understand a little better which was the Jesus Master's wise attitude among the men... With his loving and nobleman he could Transmute all those dense energies accumulated per millennia and expressed by the multitude embodied in that old scenario, and that until then anybody dared to assume those “not well qualified” energies... And since Jesus assumed them, it began to shrink the extreme wickedness in the planet, taking out the humanity of that global stagnation; to the current state where the Probabilities are More Probable... Jesus put a lot of attention to the repressive reactions of the “wrong”: like the insult, the envy, the jeer, the hate and so many other reactions of “rebelliousness” that concentrated on that part of the planet. The residents harbored in their minds and emotions the wickedness, the sin, the error and the injustice... Also, Jesus contemplate deeply the potential of the good that it was expressed as reactions of it hurts, it punishes, compassion, admiration, attachment, insipid happiness, etc., etc. all this increased in a great way the pressures that he received and assumed.

And this way His Love for the humanity was tasted; but he never lost His Center of Control!... He was always Attentive! and he observed with great serenity and interior peace the whole event to generate the “Transmutation” of the “not well qualified” mental energy, and not even in the most difficult pensions of the moments were adverse to Him; He could be imperturbable in His work; for example: When Jesus was on the cross, he observed the event and the attitudes of the 4 charge soldiers, quietly... He saw that by habit, these soldiers were distributing the garments of the victims, and in His case the soldiers distributed the turban, the mantel, the belt, the sandals and the main garment that was the tunic because it didn't have seams; and when the soldiers decided to cut it in four pieces, they realized that it was an unusual garment; then they decided to toss it to luck... Jesus observed this way the multitude and there, He recognized the sympathetic, enemies, idlers, curious and others that made fun of him; they enjoyed the primitive show of giving death to a fellow man, the extremely sleeping man's attitude... It was luck for the Master that the soldiers tuck possesion of all His garments; because being this way, if his followers had caught it they would have fallen in the temptation of “adoring” them in the fanatic form... The Master yearned that the humanity should “not” have any type of object material to associate it with him; but he teaches that the important thing was the “Work”; to bring to the Earth the NEW DISPENSATION from our FATHER OF FATHERS to be granted in the Human Being... He brought the “MESSAGE”, because His primordial yearning was to leave the alive memory of the DISCERNMENTS and REFLECTIONS! that could activate and germinate the SEEDS OF LIGHT! that carried each embodied Soul, for its germination during 2,000 years!!!, responding to the highest Spiritual Ideals and Consecrated to do only THE FATHER OF FATHERS’ WILL... My brother, you should wonder:

What is it more important, the Message or the Messenger?... Ah!, and I remind you that the Messenger is in passing. Oh yes!. He came and sowed the codified message in the interior of the human being saying: “Love your neighbor like yourself”; and only after 2,000 years it begins to be decoded, it begins to make real sense in the human being life, and accurately in the opening of the Man's New Evaluative Cycle.

And what it happens when the Messenger is more important that the Message?... first it is necessary to register when this moment begins to happen; and the truth is that this happens from the instant that the messenger is asked in excess for “vain” matters and even “absurd”; forgetting what is the most important thing for Soul's survival and therefore, this indicates that the “Messenger” is already too attractive and more important than the Message; also this indicates that the Message is not very clear in the human minds when not achieving “to be Digested”.

There are Messengers of those which it is known very little; but there are many others that became very important and people adore them everywhere, right?. They turned out to be better known than the “Message” that they were commissioned... Today many human beings already begin to wake up new and evolutionary restlessness, and they are investigating and wondering: WHAT THE MESSENGER SAID FROM LIPS TO HEARINGS???...

The humanity's great majority, from past times determined to seek protection in the “event-forms” of the public lives of its masters, being the human being in the tremendous desire of the “adoration”, giving a lot of power to the history-hysteria of the events; and is this way how is banishing the Messages of the Messengers... Mainly of the Master Jesus whose Messages were conditioned until these days by the whole face of the planet leaving only “registration-writings”, and also with many convenient alterations... and there are few parts of the messages that were genuine and that they circulate for the world but without being understood, without being decoded and without being lived. This way when the Master Jesus said: “Love your neighbor as yourself”, almost everybody that listened to him ran toward others and repeated the announced: “the Master says that we have to love our neighbors, as ourselves”; then this message ran from mouth to mouth traveling around the world, and they listened it so much that they began engraving it only in the subconscious. Dear searching friend of the truth understand once and for all and forever that when Jesus said:

“Love your neighbor, as yourself!”... He didn't say for us to go and repeat the same thing, no, no, no... it was for those that were notified to “Live it” until embodying the great power of the LOVE!, that today so much we need.

So, What are we waiting to examine the Truth contained in the Messages, Bequeathed payees of the PATH OF LIBERATION and of the UNIVERSAL TRUTH?... Many eras have happened and just 2,000 years have lapsed of the last provision and in spite of that bustled, today we have already arrived victorious at the “Fair Time” so that the Cosmic Laws grant us to reopen the ARK OF THE ALLIANCE!; that stores the high Codes of the MAN'S real nature!. Those codes were reserved from the times in that the man's fall took place, approximately 200,000 terrestrial years ago as an act of Divine Mercy and of the highest Wisdom to safeguard the divine commitment that the ORIGINAL MAN! had, have and will have with our FATHER OF FATHERS!. While the planetary emergency happened during the COSMIC QUARANTINE, the Divine Hierarchy in execution always maintains and sustains silently the Grand Work: THE MAN. They have always attended us with the recurrent activation of the CODES OF THE ARK! only in the beings that achieved victorious its AWAKENING TO THE REALITY!.. You will realize that in spite of the fall, there was never the most minimum negligence in the custody of the MAN'S evolutionary development!, the GRAND WORK of our FATHER-MOTHER-LOVE... And that it is clear that those that woke up to the reality completed their task-mission “Representing the whole humanity”, working in a silent way and not hidden, since the rest of the humanity was not still ready to understand, to decode and to live these Codes.

Friend, It is the time to take out the human being of the “Anonymity”, so that each being here on Earth REMEMBERS HIS PROMISE and be devoted once and for all and forever to manifest his True Divine Nature, since it is: PURE LIGHT!!!. It is the time to begin the action of consideration and love to the fellow man, to refresh their memories of the ORIGINATE ALLIANCE!!! that made one day before the FATHER'S Alive Presence. And it is also time to eradicate the current “alliance” with the unconscious life.

This way, the Master Jesus, in his earthly experience served the world in each instant and in each moment, to remind as our Divine Promise, still at the last minutes of his staying on the earth, being on the cross; for him, over there everything was important and it was in that event on the Golgotha, when the interruption from a bandit that wanted to offend Jesus, said suddenly:

If you are the Son of God, Why don’t you save yourself and do save us also?, to what the thief that was also crucified, and close to the Master Jesus, and who also in several occasions had listened to the Master's teachings, interrupted responding:

Don't you even fear God?, don't you see that we suffer with justice, for our own errors; but this man suffers wrongly!; better it would be that we look for the pardon of our sins and the salvation of our souls”...

When Jesus heard the thief's words, he turned his face to him and he smiled at him in an approval way for that exposed; and the malefactor when contemplating Jesus' face, with his Peaceful look, something wonderful took place in that eternal instant, the thief filled with so much value in his soul that vivified the tiny flame of “faith” that was already working in silence; he said:

Master, remember me when you are in your Kingdom. When listening these words with fondness, Jesus responded him: Truly, truth, today I tell you; that you some day will be with me in Paradise”.

The Master found a “valuable time” there to still serve the humanity amid the torture of the death... There he assisted and considered the confession of “faith”, even from a sorry bandit; undoubtedly he was a rebellious human, but later on penitent found his Liberation of “sleeping man's” state... This young thief had fallen in a life of violence and misdeeds that for his weakness and lost the “center of control” of his earthly life, he supremed to the dangerous bands of criminals that justified his misdeeds together to the patriotic protests, against the political oppression and the social injustice, he signed up This way to the audacity of stealing, while he saw in “Barrabás” a hero of the time... But there in the Golgotha, the young thief really saw a “real hero”, a true great man, he saw the ideal human being that point looked for, he saw a man that sure inspired the high ideas of moral dignity and that urged to the ideals of the value, of the courage and mainly of the control of himself.

Therefore in that culminating encounter, this young man when contemplating Jesus, it arose from inside a startling feeling of love, kindness and genuine beauty; it was a brief but important revitalizing experience; from there he began to receive and to decode the Message of the Cosmos that allowed him to recapture their path of Evolutionary Life that the “material death” was not even an obstacle in that episode... Let's make clear that whoever that it had been and that it had really experienced the birth of the Illuminated Faith from the soul, and that it had appealed to the “Mercy”, it would have been there or like today, Considered and Loved!!!, just as the Master demonstrated in that last moment... Already, in the afternoon of that Friday April 7Th of the year 30 A. C... A great storm of sand that was intensively increased began and the sky was darkened more and more, and being very near 3 in the afternoon, Jesus exclaimed aloud: “Accomplished is FATHER, in your hands I commend my spirit”!... Then, already very weak of the physical body, he lowered the head and His last exhalation took place and in that instant abandoned the earthly life... The Roman centurion that was attent in each moment in Jesus saw this scene and he hit his chest, saying:

This was really a fair man... And he should really have been The Son of God”...

This way, a day of tragedy and anguish finished on the earth, caused by the obstinated rebelliousness of the human being of the “Unconscious Life”, and for this immense and vast Universe whose myriad and myriad of Divine Intelligence and Divine Hierarchies witnessed with deep attention this startling show of the culmination of this beautiful EARTHLY MISSION!, accomplished still amid the chaotic life and of the sleeping man's ignorance; the incoherent reactions of the rebellious men that harbored the wickedness and perversity could not interrupt this way not even Jesus (MICAEL) in the exact execution of His MISSION, nothing could make him lose the true sense of his task-mission... He came to the world in the same way like all the children are born, Auto-Conceding to the human incarnation, in that noon of August 21St of the year 7 B. C., in Belen. Jesus is nothing less than our dear and already SOVEREIGN MICAEL DE SALVINGTÓN!, our BROTHER-FATHER of our LOCAL UNIVERSE OF NEBADÓN; well-known in the Earth like Jesus[Joshua] of Nazareth; son of José and Maria, the couple selected personally by GABRIEL of among 3 nominated couples of the whole face of the earth, and that they possessed the most complete amalgam in vast racial bonds, they also contained in their genes a high average of important and vital inherited qualities of personalities guarantors of the USEFUL AND BEAUTIFUL TRUTH.

Jesus, always irradiated from his Being-Loving deep understanding and wide acceptance of the “sleeping man's state”... still in the cruelest moment in the unconscious reactions that happened during the crucifixion... He said there:

FATHER forgive them because they don't know what they are doing!!”...

This happened before being hoisted to the cross and in the instant of being nailed to the timber; these words of Jesus in the middle of a difficult moment, Where did they come from?, my brother, these words couldn’t be pronounced with so much mercy, with so much love to the neighbor and just in the executioner's presence, but for a LOVING BEING endowed with an internal spring of the Altruistic Service... The truth is that the high ideals, the purity of reasons, the clarity of purposes and the man's deep yearnings that wakes up to the reality are REVEALED-PROVED just at the most difficult, more critical moments; do you understand me?... Like you will be able to realize, all the actions forged in the laboratory of the daily life are very valuable; from there the Love arises to the Neighbor!!!, being the main Legacy that we inherit of all those older siblings that fought and that crossed this Path of earthly life, before you. Now it will be clearer, why Jesus said: “Love your enemies!”; If you experience it and you are able to love those that need to be loved, you will understand that it is not a crime to transfer LOVE! to the evil one, to the rebel, to the mistaken one, to the sinner, etc., in time you will understand that they are left behind and weak, that they don't know what they do and that they are not guilty for its primitive reactions, no, no; they have not still evolved enough from “animal man's” state and that doesn't convert them as strong as it is commonly believed, being victims of the “man's fall” they cannot educate, or transform that rebellious part of themselves that so much “affects” you; right?. In their rebelliousness they do demand to BE CONSIDERED and BE LOVED.

Why do we refuse to Love the dead, if that is what the power of the Love is?, or do you only seek to Love the one that is already Loved?, it is easier this way, right?. Being Love your origin, do you refuse to Love?, Meditate it!.

We can make a small glimmer so that you understand why our humanity tighten and shrink in the appraisement of Jesus' MESSAGE, of MICAEL of SALVINGTÓN. We know that he came in advance to prepare the human race for their New Evolutionary Cycle. And for that He emphasized important 3 factors that allowed us to conquer The ERA OF LIGHT AND LIFE!:

2nd Factor: HE URGES TO CONFORM THE GRAND GLOBAL FRATERNITY. With the fundamental principle of “Love each other”; revealing that “what is do to the neighbor, is doing it to yourself”.
3th Factor: HE URGES THE UNCONDITIONAL AND IMPERSONAL SERVICE... He Teach to serve the neighbor in an altruistic way making, feeling and thinking only of everything that makes us to be loved.

However, later on after the departure of our Master Jesus from our planet; many people appeared with desire and good intentions changed and spoiled the beautiful purpose of the Messages, being displaced the Master's work “externally” until these days. Let us see how Jesus' important PERFECT TRINOMIO was displaced:

1st Factor: TO KNOW THE FATHER'S ALIVE PRESENCE: this was displaced by the BELIEVE [not illuminated faith]. It was sowed in the human mind that just “believing in God you will accomplish it”, it was also said: “Why look for the Father if we have faith and belief in Him”!.
2nd Factor: TO CONFORM THE GLOBAL FRATERNITY: this was displaced by the HOPE. That’s it!, to WAIT; it was said: “He will come and let us wait for the 2nd. Coming, this way everything is Fixed”, “I don't need the brother, or he needs me since all we hope is His return”.
3th Factor: SERVICE INCODITIONAL and INPERSONAL: this was displaced by the CHARITY. It was said: “I Do charity and I am in peace with God and with everybody” or “I Pay the tithe and it is enough”, “Why serve if I am already charitable?”, “Let’s others do it, so they pay their debt and feel good!”; Uff!.

The Perfect Trinomial of the Master Jesus: FATHER, FRATERNITY and SERVICE was displaced by the Trinomial: BELIEVE [faith], HOPE and CHARITY; bringing serious consequences for the humanity, but today it is the end. It doesn't matter what happened!, because thanks to the siblings volunteers that worked for the Humanity, they re-established the planetary reconnection to the COSMIC ORDER!.

We, the humanity's representatives before the Cosmic Laws, come for eons cooperating in silence and not hidden in safeguarding THE FATHER-MOTHER'S GRAND LABOR!, to reveal in this Light and Life Era to the TRUE MAN!... Everything begins with the Interior Knowledge of the Fourth Dimension of Itself, until arriving to the cause-roots that it produced the man's fall, to Transform them and to Elevate them toward bigger escalades of evolution. Dear searcher of the truth, Spark of Life, you can reconstruct your Body-temple, particle for particle and you will be able to gestate there the primordial base of The GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY!; and remember that inside each one there are the cause-roots of the world mismanagement.

It is important that you realize the great Cosmic responsibility that you have inside yourself!. It is already the time that you proclaim yourself, in your interior as a Light Being!!! that you are, as Ambassador of the Light!!!. Come on, take the center of control of your life and begin to establish the Divine Order to Make the Light !!! in the darkness of your ignorance; Come on, decree it in your intern:

I Am Light!, I Am Light!, I Am Light!. I Am the Son of the Light!, I Am and I Am present in the name of the Ineffable!. I Am Here and Now embodied in this Tabernacle-Temple!; And my Will here on Earth like in the Heaven of my Mind, is that The Will of my FATHER OF FATHERS be done!.

Remember that Jesus said: “what I do openly, you can do it in your small world and better”!.

My dear partner of life, notice that inside of you there is a SÚPER-CONSCIENCE-WILL, and this begins to be revealed when you realize that you are: LIGHT!, SON OF THE LIGHT!... and that for the time being you are embodied in the faithfulness and humble partner of earthly life that is your Physical Body!; you cannot point out to him anything of the Fall; instead it has accompanied you during the hard experience while passing through earth. What happens is that for a lot of millennia the human being have made a mistake, have believed that he is the “physical body” and this potent mental hypnotic conditions prevent you to know the Truth of Yourself and your Promise.

The human being inwardly is BROKEN INTO FRAGMENTS; and it cannot enter this way to the Kingdom of Heaven; since in the Father's high habitations everything is ONE!; there the FRAGMENTATION doesn't take place. And be careful with the religious merchants that are selling the “resurrection idea in the Heaven”, generating a tremendous “laziness” that today is a serious illness... These sincere mistaken ones go throwing all the Attention of the deceived poor after the material death, explaining to them that: “this earthly life is terrible and ugly” and that: “All pain and suffering that you have will end and only be solved when you die”, then they do offer you the resurrection. They go creating dissatisfactions and fears to the earthly life, making many to walk for the life without present, they are people that are wanting and only expecting the death, and which unhappy people go, thinking strongly that their pain will finish when they die. Uff!, tremendous negation to the Life!; right?.

Before this situation we should gestate the Liberation of the yoke of the mental mechanism and of the inertia... it is urgent the activation of the NUCLEAR-MIND!, to leave the tremendous mental laziness that makes sleepy and limits the human being to only think mechanically; which programmed machine that thinks and thinks in the same thing, so many times that their thoughts become rigid intellectual patterns that characterize the “sleeping man”. Little by little the attention has to be taken to the mental center to register the flow and reflux of the Reconciled Questions that await the instant of being evolved to a superior order of life. All these mental particles in definitive will be added to your CLARITY OF INTENTION AND PURITY OF MOTIVE!, to walk united without opposition for the ROUTE OF THE LIBERATION!. Now, let flow freely [free-mind] your Reconciled Questions, and listen to them with Attention:

Who Am I?, What Am I?, Where I come from?, Where I Am going?, Why I Am here?, Why at this time?, Why do these questions flow through me?, What Do I have to do with all this?, And if it is so what can I do?, And if I don't know it, does it interest me to know it, to discover it?, And if I discover it will I be able to continue the same as before?, or Do I really want to know it but without changing my life?, Do I prefer to live like I am without knowing everything?.

And if I want to change, what should I really do to achieve it?, Do I Really need that new life?, Will be something more to learn in life?, Or is it enough with what I know?, Or will there Be many things that I ignore in life?, Will it Be necessary to really know it?...

Why do I pay attention to so many things, as if I was multiple?, Will it Be that I am as many people?, Will it Be that I am so broken into fragments inside me and for that reason I am unstable?, then, Where is my Attention?, To who I grant this Power?, What does it happen if I recover it?, What does it happen if I give that power to the FATHER? And how do I know I will make it correctly?, will it be that The Father of Fathers reveals things to me in its precise time and space?, How do I explain so many successes in my life to allow me to live an evolutive life?...

How do I know that this part that I am is not separated from the ALL, in spite of my “ego” separatist?, Perhaps already I will be able to recognize that I am part of the FATHER'S infinite creation?, Will I Already be able to dilute myself in this entirety?, And will I still be able to continue as an individual?, And if I realize that until today I have only lived of illusions?; therefore, Will it be possible that I have not still lived?, and How do I liberate myself from all that prevents me to Live and To Be?...

And if I am not able to, who of millions will be able to help me?, Will it be possible that somebody is forced to help me?, Will I be willing to move my thoughts and feelings?, Will it be that my particles of life will evolve if I evolve?, Will This transformation perturb my neighbors?, or Will it be useful for them as well?, Will there be truths that I cannot perceive with the senses?, Or do I have enough with the evolution of my Common Sense?...

Will the moment already be to being able to recognize our FATHER OF FATHERS?, and Which will be the best way to reach HIM?, Will it be Our FATHER-MOTHER as I imagine, product of what I learned or what they told me?, Will it Be that those that spoke to me about HIM, really know HIM in Person?, or Did they Only tell me what they were also told?, Will it be right to believe only in HIM?, and What prevents me to know HIM in Person?...

Who is The Father of Fathers?, How is HE?, Where is HE?, How do I communicate with HIM?, Or if I have already attempted to communicate with HIM and I was not able to!, How to know it?, And what is His address?. Because I have to find the way, I cannot be paralyzed, stagnated!. And in fact, I didn't know that I didn't know!!!, now I know that I have so many and so many questions, product of my “ignorance”, product of my “internal darkness”. But today I am completely sure and resolved, that I cannot postpone or slow down:


My dear partner of life, as you will see it is necessary to RESPOND! to thousands and thousands of questions… They are the “dark atoms” of our interior world and that conforms our “ignorance”. They come to the mental nucleus continually requesting the LIGHT-TRUTH!, as product of the necessity of the KNOWLEDGE!, and of knowing the TRUTH!. When you discover this reality, you can begin the Interior Education!, the Reflexive Education!. Illuminating each mental dark particle, waking up little by little your powerful NUCLEAR MIND! that will reveal you the CENTER OF PERMANENT GRAVENESS!, elaborated with the mental particles that have reached a high and Brightness Vibration. In this mental nuclear center you will be able to pour all the docile atoms that have reached an optimum grade of Conciliation. Later on, the task is to Re-Unite all the particles that correspond to the 49 mental levels... Now the basic and important is to consider the 7 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS! that each human carry in his interior and that they are the “elevated alive particles” that urge you to the SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH... These SEVEN MENTAL FRAGMENTS belong to your own BEING; they will take you by the hand in your evolution and preparation for:


What?..... What Am I?...
Who?...... Who Am I?...
When?.... When will I achieve it?...
Where?... Where Am I?...
How?...... How do I make it?...
Which?... Which is my list?...
Why?...... Why Am I this way?...

They are the Basic Questions that constantly arise in our small minds; and they accompany us since the intelligent life began on the planet; being there to work for the REVELATION!... Their activities go from the subtlest levels to the densest and complex levels in our mental world... If you learn how to set your Attention in your neighbor or mainly in yourself, you will realize that these 7 questions are constantly flowing and urging to each mental atom to higher vibrations... They clamor to Be “Accepted” and “Liberated” to enter atom by atom to THE LIGHT'S KINGDOM!, otherwise they are expressed with rebelliousness... All the questions should be elevated in your interior heaven, to be listened and responded by the OMNI-KNOWLEDGE! of the FATHER... HE RESPONDS!.

Friend, you should understand that there is a NATURAL POWER WITHIN YOU, and you are always using it day by day, and still without knowing about their potentiality it always offers you beneficent results... Now you should know that it can still offer you bigger benefits, inside your daily life... That “POWER” is the privilege of ASKING!... And that is the way my dear friend:

ASKING is a wonderful privilege, because that power allows us to liberate each question, each mental particle that looks for the light of the life to the highest levels in the Conscience... Obtaining the ANSWER is still a bigger privilege... But UNDERSTANDING THE ANSWER is in fact the biggest privilege.

Each UNDERSTOOD ANSWER is an ILLUMINATED ANSWER!... Then your small mind begins to shine with its own Light flashing and sparkling the potent LIGHT of the NUCLEAR MIND! that clears the darkness, the mental fog of the ignorance. And it is not enough to receive the answers but it is necessary to understand them, to be worthy of the True-Light. Now:

Power to ASK is the humble attitude of who knows that he knows, but that he DOESN'T REMEMBER for now.

If you look for with certainty to the FATHER OF FATHERS and you ask for Him; this indicates that you really know Him, only that for the time being you don't remember Him; and for that reason is that you were looking for the FATHER among so many gods and semi-gods in the unconscious world... And this is a Key!.

The POWER TO ASK! is the sincere attitude of a searcher of the truth that has been noticed that he is lost, and is looking for with certainty the direct way to The Beauty and Useful Truth...
The POWER TO ASK! is a grateful attitude of which remembers that nobody has the “obligation” of responding... and notice that when pressing, it gets the opposite...
The POWER TO ASK! is to remember that exists a wise time from the liberated question, the obtained answer and the digestion of it; until their complete Understanding...

Any mistaken attitude that is outside of the Cosmic Laws, will defer all possibility for the Searcher.

All the QUESTIONS assumed by you are already latent in one of the “Centers” of your interior Heaven. And all the ANSWERS are also in other “Centers”; but these last ones should BE EVOKED! for the Searcher, until they become present in your small world, reconciling the Question-Answers, generating the SPARK OF LIGHT! that will illuminate your mind; producing together an explosion of great happiness and joy in your intern, then you will exclaim: Eureka!, I Already have it!, I Already understand it!, I Already know it!, This is it!, Now I know the truth!, That is marvels!, etc... THIS IS YOUR LIT LIGHT!!!

Now, between the QUESTION and the ANSWER that are in two different centers, there is the small being that forgot about himself, that is lethargic; but in this New Dawn begins to give signs of survival and discovers that there is more in life... In your evolution to a higher scale, you will have the combined and gradual cooperation from the “Seven Clue Questions” in your small world, they are inherent to the SEVEN ASSISTANTS OF THE MIND! that cooperate in the New Man's generation...

The TYPE OF QUESTION reveals where the Being's Attention is and in what level or height of the evolutionary path he is. Most of the QUESTIONS are always mechanical and repetitive and they are in the Intellectual Center.

The awake attention centered in the Internal oneself is the vital Clue of the being that wants to Remember!. The deep interest to discover the truth is the sincere attitude of which is being Responded!. The supreme valuation for that received is the sincere attitude of which will Digest the Answer!. The still of waiting without waiting allows the Nuclear Central to Liberate the Information!.

The supreme desire to share the Memory of it's own self with other neighbors, the search of the Unit of itself and to Re-Unite all the ego-fragments, are the Real Reasons that there are behind each QUESTION. A declaration of reason and previous exhibition must accompany the QUESTION. All Questions are inherent to Itself and in the Name of The UNIVERSAL FATHER.

There are seven levels of QUESTIONS that flow in our intern:

A) - Mechanical.
B) - Superstitious.
C) - Logics.
D) - Reasonable.
E) - Discernable.
F) - Conscious.
G) - Illuminated.

There is a series of QUESTIONS:... (Be?)... Relationship of Answers!.

What?...... 1>2>3>4>5>6>7.... (Does it urge to the Mechanical Constructions).
Who?....... 1>2>3>4>5>6>7.... (Does it urge to the Discovery of the Hidden Mysteries).
When?..... 1>2>3>4>5>6>7.... (Does it urge to the Explorations of Remote Situations).
Where?.... 1>2>3>4>5>6>7.... (Does it urge to elaborate Constructions of Mental Systems).
How?....... 1>2>3>4>5>6>7.... (Does it urge to Fixation of the Goals of Wisdom).
Which?.... 1>2>3>4>5>6>7.... (Does it urge to the Exercise of Spiritual Values).
Why?....... 1>2>3>4>5>6>7.... (Does it urge to reach our Cosmic Destination).

All the QUESTIONS are energy or alive mental particles that flow through the thoughts and they can become particle of Light for your transformed mediation... When the Being has formulated the correct series of QUESTIONS plus the gradual obtaining of the ANSWERS, then and only then the “NET-VEIL” of the forgetfulness will become torn and the genetic cells will present the Being's new Level!, the level that allows TO REMEMBER YOURSELF!; from there everything begins to evolve.

It is indispensable to know that our FATHER OF FATHERS would never create a Son with a smaller memory than HIM... It is also indispensable to remember that our FATHER OF FATHERS has never sent His Son to the universe, without equipping Him correctly for his Knowledge.

When it begins to arise in you the desire to complete the Plan-Mission resolutely! and to really want to conclude the VITAL TASK!... Then the Cosmos will allow you to accelerate the whole PROCESS. Friend, it is important to highlight that the acquisition of the Discernment and the Perception of the depth levels, are fundamental and unavoidable halls for a correct Nutrition!; “Not only on bread the man lives!”.

It is fundamental the orderly construction of the INTERIOR FILE in our small world; where will continue alive all the energy ANSWERS!, vibrating to the unison until the complete REVELATION!; this is the Pilgrim's wise task, we should also understand that the Interior Revelation of the Truth of yourself, it is the GOAL-DESTINATION-DESIRE! (Wanted of being).

The SELF-REVELATION has 3 types of Questions:


Example: I Am the Light and I Am looking for the Light that I Am!!!...

It is a great help to simplify the QUESTIONS because as simple is the QUESTION, as simpler it will be the ANSWER; and also to a CORRECT QUESTION a CORRECT ANSWER...

What would it happen if I Am totally Revealed?!...
What would it be to me if I return to the total memory of who I Am?!...

.......Dear Searching friend of the Truth,
............That don't ever forget of Questioning Yourself!, of Remembering Yourself!,
...................That there is still a lot of yourself to BE REVEALED, that this is not all, still...

The Monitor. [The Art of Asking Questions: Libro Blanco: Where Am I?].

Friend, in this part of your path for life, you have to be sincere with yourself and to recognize that you need a lot of LIGHT!. Yes, more LIGHT!, because this new era demands THE FATHER'S LIGHT!. That POTENT LIGHT will set ORDER! in your life... I perceived this way one day and I told myself: I need LIGHT!!!, a lot of LIGHT!!!, LIGHT!!!, to illuminate the ignorance of my small world. This way, I realized that the ignorance is the darkest dark ever seen by the eyes and it was deep-rooted in my interior... This necessity of illuminate my ignorance woke up in me in a natural way; as well as the hunger that is more and more potent... Then I decided to be a searcher of the FATHER OF FATHERS LIGHT-TRUTH. Undoubtedly, for some time I believed as everybody that in some “place especially” on the planet I would find the solution for this search, but everything was useless. Until one day there was a flash of light inside of me, just at the same time when I saw someone making fire with a wax match, this Sparkle of Understanding! made me realize immediately that the fire is “everywhere” and it is an invisible presence, that the physical senses cannot register, unless the fire is precipitated to the physical world. I discovered the Clue by COMMON SENSE!!!. You know that is very simple to precipitate fire to the physical world and immediately to “contain” it in a means of combustion, and to “sustain” it for the biggest possible time, right?... Well, likewise is with the ENERGY OF THE LIGHT-TRUTH!. Let me explain: If you register in yourself the desires to illuminate your ignorance, these desires indicate that you already began to receive small points of LIGHT!!!. And for more desires more LIGHT you get in your internal, where you can learn and sustain this little flame of LIGHT!. Let us place another example, so you understand better how it is that the Seeds of Light enter into your Life:

If you look urgently for the Happiness in your life; this Indicates that living the way you are living, you are not Happy!, there are still situations that produce you Unhappiness, right?... Ok, the important thing is that you look for with certainty the Happiness amid the Unhappiness; faced with this situation, if your Attention becomes vigilant and reflexive you will be able to discover the presence of two poles easily: The Happiness[+] Vs. the Unhappiness[–]; and this is a Clue!: Between the friction of this pair of opposites and your will, plus the mediator action of the power of Love, you will be about to RECONCILE them!, or UNITE them! Producing the liberation of the fine energy that is the precipitation of the THIRD NEUTER FORCE, that would be carrier of the TRUE HAPPINESS! that is coming from the Light's Kingdom, This Seeds of Light, you could poure in the fertile earth to obtain the fruit of the Father’s Love.

Now you will be able to understand better the way to precipitate the LIGHT and find the HAPPINESS you yearn... And what does it make that you yearn it?, What is that force that urges you to look for it?. Now I know that you are already noticing, my dear friend, Then I can ask you:

Won't it be that everything that makes you Unhappy, give you definitive the tremendous desires to look for and be Happy?... Think about it!!!, Meditate it!!!, Analyze it!!!, Discern it!!!. Over there the two poles are!.

The process of precipitation of the fire will give you clarity to understand better the process of producing the LIGHT on you. In the matter of Polarity the humanity externally advanced hardly a little, such as the case of electricity. But in the man's internal life, the handling of the polarities of the good and of the bad it is straggler, having serious problems with the “negative” polarity, being limited to reject it, to deny it, to avoid it, to block it, etc.; and considering it of harmful, dangerous, noxious... ignoring that the “good”[+] and the “bad”[–] can reconcile or to marry to descend the NEUTER FORCE. For that reason, the Master Jesus knowing this situation said:

Love Your Enemies”. Because love is the unique cohesive and conciliator force in the universe.

Remember that you are not alone in this task!... remember that The FATHER OF FATHERS is with you now and always; attending you in your task-mission!. HE doesn't judge, doesn't qualify your current state!, HE is impersonal and unconditional!, His Presence in you is from the purest Love to the Son!!!; He will never be a punisher, neither rigid or superior, nothing of that, no, no, no; that was exaggerated inventions, only for interests of power, for not losing their doctrinal hierarchies...


There is Glory in the heights for each being that conquers their Center of Permanent Equilibrium!. I celebrate and sing a song my brother for your resolution of recapturing your CENTER OF POWER!, from there, you will be able to interact marvelously in your task-mission; also from this NUCLEAR CENTER you will be able to celebrate the direct encounter with The FATHER-MOTHER-LOVE!; you will be able to hear HIS EMBODIED VERB!, HIS INTERNAL VOICE!... LISTEN TO THE FATHER FRIEND!, LISTEN TO HIM WITH ATTENTION!, HE speaks deep inside of you, saying:

I speak to You Son!... I AM Always with You!... I AM yourself!, I AM in You!... I AM the one that knows in You and who always knew and will know!, I AM your own Being!. Who in You says: I AM!, I have Always been with You!, and I AM with You!: Yes, Here and Now, never tomorrow, never yesterday, never before, never later!... I AM Here with You and Now!...

Quiet down Son!, Quiet down your Light!, And then your mind, your emotions and body will quiet down!, Yes, I do Live Here with You!, If you need Me?, I AM Here with You!, I know that:
You cannot see Me, and I AM however The LIGHT that allows You to see!
You cannot hear Me, and I AM however The one that SPEAKS through your voice!
You cannot feel Me, and I AM however The Power that WORKS in your hands!

I AM working in You, although You ignore My Paths!... I AM working in You, although you don't know My Works!. I AM not a strange vision!. I AM not a mystery!. Neither I AM unreachable!. Only in the Absolute Silence, beyond the “egos”, beyond the personality, beyond the person that You pretend to be, there You can KNOW Me!. Therefore You quiet down Here and Now!, and You will KNOW Me!...

I AM Here still with You, I still hear You, I still speak to You and I answer to You!... When You need Me I AM with You, even if You deny Me I AM with You; because at the moments when You think that You really are alone, I AM with You; still in your pain I AM with You!, I AM with You when You pray and when You don't pray!, I AM in You and You are in Me!...

Only in your mind You can believe that You are separated from Me!, Only there in your mind are the fog of “yours” and “mine”!, but only with your still and educated mind You can know Me and perceive My Presence!... Empty your heart of desires, of doubts, of goals, of fears without base!. When You sift the wheat of the weed, When the “egos” no longer commands your life, then You will perceive Me and You will know that: I AM always with You Son!...

Son only in your mind You believe that I AM far from You!, Why to see Me as an indifferent and static Father, like an image that spoil what I AM?. Son!, I AM Here and Now with You and in each one of your Siblings!, from You depends My Revelation in your small world!. Recognize that You cannot do anything just for yourself!; but I with You and You with me can do Everything, because I AM in the EVERYTHING!...

Although You cannot perceive Me, I AM Here, because I have to Be!, Because I AM and that what I AM You are; You and I are ONE!. No, no, no; not your personality, but the true one You and Me, You and I are ONE!, Only in Me the world has meaning; only in Me the world has forms; only for Me the world continues ahead!...

I AM The LAW, in which rests the movement of the stars and the growth of all cell!... I AM The LOVE that is the Execution of that same LAW!... I AM SECURITY, I AM PEACE, I AM UNIFICATION!, I AM The LAW for which You live!. I AM The LOVE in which You can trust!, I AM your Security!, I AM your Peace!, I AM ONE WITH YOU!, I AM!, I AM!. You are ME!...

Even if you fail to find Me!, I never fail to find You!, don't look for Me, because I know where You are!, Only Quiet down with Illuminated Faith, You will perceive Me, You will know Me gradually!, as your will towards Me!. Although your faith in Me is insecure, My Faith in You never weakens!. I AM your Resurrection and your Life!, I AM your Ascension to the LIGHT!, I AM the Eternally Open Door that nobody can close!... Since the Only thing that exists is I AM!...

I AM the Presence that Responds immediately to your call and it Transmutes all limitation and discord!, Without fight, Ahh!. I AM the one that fill permanent your mind and body with My LIGHT'S fullness and PERFECTION!. But your personality and its “free-will” is continually re-qualifying My perfect energy in that You don't want to fight vainly against them!...

Son!, You already know the TRUTH!... If You need Me You come to Me!, And let the LIGHT of My Face Illuminates You, that Transmute, that Dissolves of your mind, of your body, of your home, of your world, all discord that You have accumulated along centuries of incarnations and that You are as what You are, to My IMAGE and LIKENESS!... I AM the Flame Consumer that when You request it enters in AXION, to transform the tuneless creations of your personality forever in your small world...

In the Light and in the Knowledge of these Words!. Son, Understand once and for all and forever that You are not subject to retain the errors of your personality!... You Already made it!, You Already made it!.. Now you loose them, liberate them and understand that they no longer belong to You, it already happened and that time no longer exist!, Why load with tortures of the past?!. Today everything is new!, My Creation goes to the rhythm of the new thing and nothing is as yesterday, like before. I AM The Presence that Liberates You, I AM The Presence that receives your clamor to liberate My all Powerful Energy that will purify and will make perfect your personality!, Get rid of everything and walk with Me!; remember that there is more path to follow!. Let’s Go Son!...

Hopefully these words become the alive fire inside your Conscience!, And that they are never forgotten!... Liberate yourself!, I AM the Giver, The ONLY ONE of All that comes and what will always come!, Accept it with happiness and joy Son, all that I give You is fruits of My LOVE!, I AM always with You!, You are My Son in this Cosmos; identify yourself with Me, because I AM ONE with You!, Use Me!, Ask Me!. Nothing will lack You, also You never lacked anything!, right?, I AM with You, I AM Here!... Educate from now your personality so that You never forget Our Promise again!. Son be alert and always vigilant!...

I AM with You!... I AM with You!... I AM with You!... I AM with You!, I AM with You!... I AM with You!... I AM with You!... Quiet your inferior bodies and You will know!, I challenge You to do it!, And You will remember Me forever!, Don't leave it for tomorrow, it is only HERE and NOW!.

SON!, …PEACE!.... PEACE!... PEACE!...

Partner of life, rise in your intern an Action of Thanks to our FATHER FRIEND!, to the FATHER OF ACTION!, to the ALIVE FATHER!... Thank the LOVER FATHER, for the influence of His Love and to be prepared for your GRAND ENCOUNTER WITH HIM!; Thank in your intern... Because from now on, HE is the Alive Water that will spring from the spring of His Truth to calm your thirs and already with the fresh soul you can share with your fellow men the VERB that will revel what you are, ONE WITH HIM!... Remember that His Presence can descend to your encounter, in an Eternal Instant... If you could only enjoy a thousandth of a second of HIS Presence; for sure my brother that you, starting from that fabulous instant would begin to evolve in THE BEING'S COSMOGONIC UPWARD HAIRSPRING!; and nothing will be able to stop you.

My appreciated brother, I am thankful for meeting you... for being and to being embodied in this beautiful earthly habitation; I am also thankful to accompany you in this corner of your long path for life... Remember that you are important for the humanity and the planet. You always Remember it!. You Have to know that there is great happiness and joy in this New Dawn, for each brother in the face of the Earth that already begins to Remember himself and to Wake up to the Reality!; auto-recognize that he is PURE LIGHT. From today, you will no longer be a “wandering one” for the unconscious life... And for sure, you will take the hands of your fellow men and you will accompany them in this earthly pilgrimage... You will Be a FACTOR OF LIBERATION!!! for our human race, you go and teach to our neighbors that this planet is not a torture place or a place to have a good time and to live of pleasures... You make that our fellow men recognize that this world is a wonderful UNIVERSAL SCHOOL OF LIFE!... You will be glorified by your dedication to the service in the ORDER OF THE SAVIORS OF THE WORLD!...

I know that you may know a lot or maybe nothing, I don't ignore it, no, no... that is not important here; the important thing is that you live the experiences of your being I AM!. And in Union with HIM, and for sure you will pass over all the theories of this world and you will go beyond all the illusions created by the “sleeping man”, beyond all the limits that condition the “mechanical man”.

My friend, I feel real happy that I have to give you this LEGACY!, this includes the “white pages” that you luckilly have received, to write together the New Writing of this New Era, but this time in Unit with The FATHER-MOTHER-LOVE. We can already write the MATE-THESIS OF LOVE!, with characters of alive fire emanated from our BEINGS and certainty we will write only what makes us TO BE LOVED!.

*That you are LIGHT, that you are SON of the LIGHT embodied in earth by the Divine Grace of the LOVE!
*That you are not alone and that in your apparent solitude, you are Attended and Sustained!
*That you exist as a Spark of Life living beyond the body-temple, and you are not a product of chance!
*Love your neighbors: body-mind-emotion-family-friends-enemies-known-unknown as the Luminous Form!
*That you, me and we all are originated by the LOVE!, and therefore there are not reason to refuse to Love!
*That loving you sincerely in each one, in each neighbor, it Liberates you!. ALWAYS REMEMBER....

The road toward THE FATHER'S HOUSE is intimately in natural processes; as natural as happened when you came to the Earth... Or, do you believe to be incomplete to undertake your divine adventure?; What do you lack?. We better would say, What do you have left over?... We understand that the unconscious life had overloaded the human being of so many banalities that had caricatured the small Spark of Life, diving in a lethargy dream. And this begins from the 7 years of age and of 7 in 7 from then on; Uff!. Almost the whole humanity is super conditioned to sacrifice her children to the “Unconscious Life”; forcing them to sign up to the “machine man’s” mechanical career, since they are children. This way, they denied the children of the world all possibility to develop their TALENT-VIRTUES that they carry; Medit-Action it!, Reflection it:

What kind of “education” is that that affirms that if you work you will have money and then you will be able to eat, to have a partner, sex, children, house, amusements and that this way you will be successful?... What kind of “education” is that that only transmit those values as if they were the “maxim ones”; that are displacing the valuable earthly life of the Children that the Father-Mother-Love, HE sends to this world?... And then why do we come to the world?, Maybe it is only to become “machine men”?...

And which is the result of all this?... The formation of tremendous “habits” that later become in rigid patterns of the call “educated man”; and they are the human laws that discipline the sleeping man to their condition of civilized. And he doesn’t have another alternative than the one of clinging to live an “Unconscious Life” and “Without Destiny”. They don't even know that other Superior Values exist and if they listen to it they don’t pay attention anymore. This way each society has their scales of values, but “don't renovate them”. WHAT CHANCE DOES A HUMAN BEING HAVE TO GET IN THE WORLD TO ADVANCE AND TO EXPAND ITS CONSCIENCE, IN FRONT OF THIS HARDSHIP IMPOSED IN ITS ENVIRONMENT?. What do the governments of the planet wait, to unite and to conform a New World Order that allows the soul's evolution?.

It is no longer time of only treating the human being as a “body-intelligent” one. Coarse of continuing conspiring among parents, tutors and State in insisting with desire to recruit the smallest human beings only to a programming career for “men machines”, for then to be exposed to the labor market. The world is saturated with them and they cohabitate among an enormous pressure of wild competitiveness; Why be demolished among siblings generating chaos in detriment of all?, What is there of the soul?, What opportunity are we giving to the CREATIVE FATHER'S Children?, Do you Believe that your life is only good to be exploited and finally disqualified for useless?... This way, millions and millions of human beings finish sadly their earthly life, ignoring the grandiose Universal Carrier of Life...

Your AWAKENING begins there where you are now, there where the destination locates you day by day; that is your starting point... There, there are the valuable experiences for your Evolution; and don't waste your energy of life in vain things that impede your Awakening.!, be careful with the merchants of the temple that persist unsuccessfully in subjecting the human being to a “Beyond-natural” life... truly, the path that drives toward the Encounter with the Reality is Natural. This way: to see, to hear, to play, to speak, to think, to feel, to discern, to love, to understand, to consider, etc., etc., they are natural marvels that are to your service, to the Being, for your escalade toward the Father's high Dwelling. You don’t need anything to return to the Cosmic Home!, remember that you are only in passing for this planet-school!.

The humanity rises from the lethargy Now!, it gets up from each human being interior!, there inside the man it is solving the serious world problems. Don't worry about what happens “outside” the man, the important thing is happening in the man's interior. Soon you will understand that in spite of everything, the Cosmic forces work unceasingly to model with wisdom to each Spark of embodied Life, becoming a “Being of Diamantine Heart”!; you will also understand that many human beings cooperate without realizing in modeling the souls; and therefore we should be grateful before a neighbor... This urges as to watch over our sleeping fellow men... My brother, this revealed truth opened to us steps to get to you, and to give you this Legacy that maybe could have been produced by you to give faith and testimony of the Father's Truth; I know that this is what you had made instead of me; I know that this is what you would want to give to the world, right?... Then, from now on let’s do it together...

My brother, use your Being's freedom and if still you don't decide to carry out your work like Being of Light! and you prefer to be like you are; well, I thank you for this encounter and for sharing with me this pleasing moment... Thank you my brother!, and for sure we will be meeting again when you recapture your path of upward life again; for the time being thank you and Good Bye...

But if you decide to carry out your work although you don't know for the time being “How”; but if you have a stupendous wish of traveling your path life upward. Welcome to this beautiful Mission; our FATHER that lives in your intern will Illuminate your way; and as for me for sure we will recognize each other in some corner of the way, and for sure we will recognize ourselves from our Beings. I Know that soon I will be able to thank you in person for your blessed initiative, and also for Love and leave you to Be loved; equally Good Bye...

Remember that when you are before a neighbor, you are before the Humanity's Representative; and through him you can reach to treat the Humanity altruistically... Let’s go, Treat him as your brother!, And love you in your neighbor and begin with him the Liberty action!, because liberating your neighbor you liberate yourself!... You are Good Sow of Light's Seeds!; now you can clearly notice that “You still are not giving Fruits and up to now you have only received”... if this is the case will it come to you the great desire of giving to the humanity the useful and beautiful balance of the received; then YOU WILL NEED THE APPROPRIATE LAND TO SOW!. and what kind of land do you have?:

ROCKY LAND: They are all the negations of your small world, they are thepart of you that don't accept, they are the parts that deny the seeds of light, they are the particles that say: “I don't want”, “it doesn't interest me”...
ARID LAND: They are the parts that accept the Seeds of Light, but they cannot digest them, they cannot assimilate them and then they say: “I don't understand it”, “I don't understand it”, “I don't have it clear”, etc...
THORNY LAND: They are the parts that don't allow that they be treated, that they be educated; they are parts of you that feel self-sufficient and untouchable and they say: “I don't allow them to tell me”, “I already know everything”, etc.
FERTILE LAND: It is where Seeds of Light enters in depth and gives fruits... it is the docile part of you that listens and accepts the wise precepts and the important thing is that it carries out, and says: I will investigate it!...

But it doesn't matter what type is your land... the important thing here is that you are sincere to identify your land with certainty... Because, there are powerful tools in you, to work even the most arid land; don't underestimate yourself!, only be sincere and remember that you are not the land!, no, no; YOU ARE THE SOWER!... Then you will have “To Clean” the found land; so you will clear all the rocks, thorns, overgrowths etc. and then you will have an important layer of FERTILE LAND!, plus the vital “WATER” that the Cosmos will provide you; it is something similar to the farmer of a high mountain that slowly awaits the generosity of the sky, waiting without waiting the rain... This important step will allow you to pass from SPECTATOR to MAKER!. “SOW AND YOU WILL HARVEST”, “THE ONE THAT HAS EARS [COMPRESSION] CAN HEAR!”: “But some fell in Fertile Land and gave fruit which at hundred which at seventy and which at thirty for one!”... The “LAND” is the entirety of your “MIND”, and you can identify it for layers:

  1. Mechanic Mind.
  2. Mind with Dreams and Illusions.
  3. Mind of Vigil.
  4. Awake Mind.
  5. Conscious Mind.
  6. Illuminated Mind.

You probably have noticed that it is important TO SOW!; and if this is certain, you will need the SEEDS!, the SEED-TALENTS that your Creator granted you with to be sowed in your small earthly world... These Seeds will come to you from your interior heaven. Now you will have to analyze the basic part that allows you to invoke the Seeds; you have to realize for example that for you to be able to eat day by day, there are other fellow men that work, working the land arduously so that it doesn't fail your foods on your table, right?... Facing this and so many other realities, you ask yourself the following question during 7 days and 7 times a day:


You will notice that answers will come from inside of you and that they will lodge in your small mind, Write them down!... Then you relate all your answers; Analyze it, study it with sincerity and integrity!. And if your conclusions are correct in agreement to the Universal Laws, it should have driven you to the following fact:

THAT YOU HAVE LIVED UNTIL TODAY, COUNTING WITH OTHERS WORK FOR YOUR WELL-BEING! And this violates all the Universal Laws!, is that right?... Be aware!, Investigate it!, Meditate!, Look Into it!. AND IF YOU ARE ABLE TO REGISTER THIS REALITY, YOU HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: What does the humanity need from me?... Which is the best way to serve better and more effective?. WHEN OBTAINING HIGH RESULTS, YOU WILL BE INSPIRED TO PREPARE YOUR SEED-TALENTS:

* Look for other fellow men related with your action field, with them begin an action plan.
* Treat and serve them until they realize that they can serve together, for a Better World.
* Make a plan together based on services that really evolves the humanity's sector.
* Execute the action unselfishly, without caring if the result is the praise or the censorship.


And if in spite of everything, you persist in your determination of evolving and of not abandoning... If in spite of the criticism that will come to you for your evolutionary work, if in spite of the censorships, if although you will find that your life gets complicated, if you will find that you will lack your time, if in spite of the 6 “failures” of each 7 actions that you undertake in an octave, if in spite of detach so many vain and unsubstantial plans, it seemed that you are losing much of you, and if in spite of everything you still have very intact your forces to persist in your New Evolutionary scale, Then:


To be able to relate with HIM: you will need Free Time!, and you can begin using your leisure whiles; you will also need an Economy Balanced without pressures, you will need of Humility for you not to believe that you are a big thing, you will need of New Knowledge that will come to you from your own BEING, you will need Patience, you will need of Somebody Awake to Reality that has already crossed this path before you and that you will recognize in the fair moment and you will need the consent of That with who you yearn to Be related: THE MAKER!. Friend, Are you prepared for this?; for the Self-Correction, for the Self-Control, for the Self-Domain. Then you think about it:

I..... Fixation of the GOAL.
II... Descent of the GOAL like simple idea, until it becomes the only yearning of your Life.
III. You Get ready and in order so that you can be devoted for at least ½ day, to your new evolutionary activity.
IV.. It conquers time and free space, so that you can make with liberty the above-mentioned.
V.... Begin to Evoke the Heights of your Interior Heaven, until the Internal Guide is presented!.
VI.. Learn how to be very obedient and docile.
VII. Learn how to recognize HIM, when the opportunity is presented.


1. - Notice that you are not the owner of the Land where you sowed.
2. - Notice that you are not the owner of the Seed-talents.
3. - Notice that you are not the owner of the water (power), with which it was watered.
4. - Notice that the knowledge of the “how to sow”, you haven’t produced it.
5. - Notice that other beings collaborated to you with make all that was achieved.
6. - Notice that others gave up these Fruits long before you ate of it.
7. - Notice that YOU WILL BE: IF OTHERS ENJOY IT!!!.

If you have noticed the above-mentioned, then you will be ready to HARVEST. But if somebody in you refuses to GIVE UP, then you will have to examine it until you discover it. So that this force has been and it continues being your only obstacle to what IS!.

Careful!.. with this opposite force that could destroy all that you have invested in your New Life. AND THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN HELP YOU IS THE ONE THAT HAS IMPLANTED IN YOU THAT OPPOSITION!, APPEAL TO HIM UNTIL THAT OPPOSITION BECOMES AN ALLY!. “LOVE YOUR ENEMY!”.

And if you have gotten here, it is because you are willing to Reconcile all the Opposers that will transform you into a TRULY HUMAN BEING!; and stop being a human machine manipulated by the “ego”; until you really realize, that all that you have lived, thought, sensed and done, NEVER DEPENDED OF YOU!!!. Take seriously this MESSAGE and apply all your zeal, dedication and everything, so you can stop being a “MACHINE”... Analyze it!, Investigate it! Wake up to reality!... And there is not reason to occupy this beautiful planet only in matters of pleasures, comforts, luxuries, properties, fortunes, lies, competitions, nationalism, etc.; notice once and for all that other new intelligent currents of life, ignored by man, are waiting for the opportunity to be and grow in the being on this Planet-School!.

Get out of the inertia and elaborate your new Immaculate Concepts from your New Dimension of Life; your DISCERNMENT is the best tool to work the “LAND” of your small mind… Friend, now it is our opportunity to cooperate together in this worthy one Planetary-Mission. Task-Mission, that our FATHER OF FATHERS commended His Children. Just as it happened to His Material Children: ADAM and EVE!... Who cooperated with grand love in the Earthly Divine Purpose. They arrived 37,916 terrestrial years ago to our planet, toward noon time and without previous warning; attended by two wonderful Seraphic Transports, and accompanied by commended Beings of the transfer of these wonderful SERVANTS BIOELEVATORS!; then, the so prospective arrival was announced immediately; and it is there where it took place the process of materialization of those “INSERAPHINATE” bodies!, just in the central enclosure, created for their arrival, denominated THE FATHER'S HOUSE, in the First Garden of the Earthly Eden. They woke up in presence of a multitude gathered for the reception... ADAM and EVE got face to face with two magnificent beings that many already had heard: VAN and its faithful associate AMADÓN, heroes from the time of the disunion from CALIGASTIA, fallen planetary prince.

These two heroes were the first ones in welcoming to Adam and Eve in their new residence garden... The language of the Earthly Eden was an Andonic dialect, language that AMADON spoke... Undoubtedly, that VAN and AMADÓN had already improved very much this language, creating a new alphabet of 24 letters, and they yearned that it would become the future and only “One Language” for the whole planet, slowly as it would spread the New Culture from the Eden... ADAM and EVE had already acquired total domain of this human dialect, a lot before leaving JERUSEM, the Central Headquarters of our Local System of inhabited worlds; in order to be understood here, for AMADON and company... AMADON was earthly son of ANDON and FONDA (the most extraordinary couple for being the first earthly human beings; they have been for 993,486 terrestrial years, the Parents of the whole mankind that gave the great evolutionary jump from the Animal Kingdom to the Human Kingdom); this way all could hear and understand the eminent govern Adamic in their own language. This moment was of joy and happiness in the whole Earthly Eden; then they loosed enormous quantities of dove messengers, prepared for this occasion, announcing the arrival of the “PROMISED SON” that came from the central headquarters of JERUSEM.

From the first earthly couple with ANDON and FONDA, then ADAM and EVE, plus all the evolutionary couples that preceded us; they fulfilled the Bio-elevators to the human race. They activated the new evolutive energies by the marriage of the Masculine and Feminine forces that live inside all human beings [The Internal Couple]; cooperating in the elevation of our Human Race... Friend, being a man or a woman you carry the two forces: Masculine [+] and Feminine [–]; that is to say that your Body-Temple is made up of 2 pillars. But that they are still separated, divorced, without a correct relationship, without genuine interior marriage; and this indicates why the external couple see reflected their strong incompatibility; Uff!!, is the genders war!.. The task-mission is to capture in the human interior the new Internal Couple, to reveal the new External Couple... It is urgent to conquer the Equality MAN=WOMAN!:





(Of: Seeds of Light).

Be your present incarnation in a material body Man or Woman, and before your resolution of Waking up to the Reality, you will have to carry out your INTERNAL COUPLE'S conciliation! which is constituted by forces masculine [+] and feminine [–]. Usually this internal couple is divorced or worse is still in perpetual conflict; and sooner or later the genders are deformed, they weaken or they are annulled to each other; generating genetic anomalies that are somatic (materialized) for Laws to the physical body; Uff!; manifesting homosexuality, lesbianism or another aberration. You decide!, OR you help to their Evolution or their Involution!, Get your fallen couple up to DIVINE COUPLE'S state!.

The human being serious situation is to be much identified, and over-saturated in giving importance to his material body, reason for which he is super conditioned to the material world life... More, to become super light and possible for the evolutionary escalade, it is necessary to transform the obsolete and rigid concepts intellectual mechanisms that distort the real perception to the evolutionary life... With the progressive generation of your new IMMACULATE CONCEPTS you will be, in that measure, fewer attracted to the dense world!. For example: Which is the current concept that you have towards The FATHER?; Analyze it!, and according to the concept level that you have, it is the level of RELATIONSHIP that you achieve between You and HIM. If you are able to climb high among the 49 levels of the mind, you will be related better with your CREATOR!. Elevate your concepts, when the opportunity is presented!, Elevate your relationship FATHER-SON! until you obtain The COSMIC IDEA!!!...


I Am the MAN between the CREATOR and the NATURE!... As a Light's bridge on the Abyss; and in the depths of me, there the cheerful clarity of a SUN is. I feel Creative and Creature!. I Am HE and HE is Me. Up I am Incorporeal Spirit, below I am Embodied Spirit!. Gods you are!, One with the Father!.


I cannot exist without The FATHER, neither The FATHER would be without Me; Because HE without Me or without You would be incomplete, imperfect and this way HE cannot be Absolute. If HE is PERFECT, I should be HIS PERFECTION, HIS SON!.

WHO ARE YOU?, The Master asked... I AM THAT I AM!!!, HE responded... Who am I?, Who is HE?, Who are You?, Who???, Am I That?... I cannot define myself, HE doesn’t either... Then we both ARE INDEFINABLES, and since it cannot exist two Indefinable Gods... I should Be That!, and That should Be Me!, I am His Creature, because I without That I cannot have my Being...

It is the IMAGINATION the one that creates all the VISIBLE worlds that were INVISIBLE in the FATHER'S Essence; and when the Being wanted to See, HE infused the Desire to my Imagination and this created the eyes. Therefore there is not more than a single LAW: ALL VISIBLE FORM IS THE EXPRESSION OF THE INVISIBLE!... I AM VISIBLE FOR THE INVISIBLE THAT IS IN ME!. IN HIM WE MOVE, WE LIVE AND WE HAVE OUR BEING, the Master Said!.

My IMAGINATION is the Bridge between The FATHER and the Senses; directed toward outside it CREATES!, and guided toward inside it KNOWS!. Believing that The FATHER is beyond-natural to myself it is to offend Him!, it is against my nature. How can The FATHER be beyond-natural, being HIMSELF my Nature?. Because, who doesn't Appreciate, in a natural way, the Alive FATHER within himself, he won't find another FATHER to whom APPRECIATE!...

The FATHER is the UNIT in Me: I Am HE and HE is Me!...
The FATHER is TRINIDAD in Me: The FATHER is the POWER in my Head, The SON is the KNOW in my Heart and The SPIRIT is always the MOVEMENT upward in my Sex.

I Am the crucified VERB in the MATTER!...
The FATHER is SPIRIT... but my Imagination makes IT MATTER!
The FATHER is REALITY... and my Imagination makes IT PRESENT TIME!
The FATHER is the DIVINE PRINCIPLE... and my Imagination is the PRINCIPLE of the CREATION!
The FATHER is the WILL... and my Imagination is the CREATIVE NATURE!
The FATHER is the CAUSE... and my Imagination is the FORCE!
The FATHER is the POWER... and my Imagination is the ACTIVITY!
The FATHER is the SUN... and my Imagination is the HEAT!
The FATHER is the FATHER... and my Imagination is the DAUGHTER!
The FATHER is the SON... and my Imagination is the MOTHER!
The FATHER is the SACRED SPIRIT... and my Imagination is the WIFE!
The FATHER is the INTERN and INVISIBLE... and my Imagination EXPRESSED IT and MANIFEST IT!
The FATHER doesn't request ADORATION; but demands COOPERATION!.

To request and request to the FATHER is to DENY HIM; but to Work with HIM is to KNOW HIM!. The object of the RELIGION is not to pray to the FATHER, but work with HIM... To Pray means to be slave of his force and to Work equal to dominate the forces. And if a religion teaches me to “Love God”, it is an incomplete religion because the LOVE supposes LOVER and LOVED; and as I Am HE and HE is Me!, How can I love me to myself?. The FATHER is the LOVE ITSELF and HE doesn't need to be loved HIMSELF... HE does request DOCILITY to express His Love in the NATURE... I Am HE and HE is Me, HE is the Root and I Am the Tree, HE is the Sun and I Am its Rays!.

Quiet down!, Quiet down!, Quiet down!, Spark of Life... In your intern take charge of your center of control and repeat your new Divine Decree consciously, the sentence that sprouts with your Being's force:

I AM HE, HE IS ME!!!... I AM HE, HE IS ME!!!... I AM HE, HE IS ME!!!.

[COSMIC IDEA! (Summary). Educating and activating your Nuclear Thought].

My dear partner of life, With your mediation we will be able to contact our voluntary siblings of the whole face of the Earth!. LET’S Go to their encounter, they are awaiting for this momentum!... Announce to them the revelation of this New Dispensation!, Let us Make together the Task-Mission, but this time let’s elevate our human will toward the FATHER OF FATHERS Will!. MY BROTHER, YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO BE AND LET THE BEING BE IN THIS PLANET-SCHOOL CALLED UNIVERSALLY: URANTIA!. Now it is the time to conform a better World for the external manifestation of The ERA OF LIGHT AND LIFE!..


This Grand Global Event is to ascend to an eternally evolutionary escalade... The old system of mechanical life already completed its objective and it is already completely decrepit and it collapses by itself... putting patches to the old mechanical system no longer makes sense; we have already lived enough in the unconscious life; do you understand me?... The Evolution is eternal and cannot be stopped; Notice that we are cosmic travelers and we are transported quietly by Cosmic Laws; but from this part of the path ahead, IT IS REQUIRED OF BEING COMPLETELY AWAKE TO THE REALITY!... Remember that one day the man was in a primitive state, without language, without fraternity, etc.; And it he was transported by the Universal Laws by the path of the Evolution until what he is today; and you can imagine how the man will be in 1,000 or 1 million years!... WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE COSMIC HOME!.

Why do you cling so much to the material life?. Did you Forget that here in our Planet everything is temporal?; because nothing is necessary... Understand that you are only passing by for this world!. And also remember that you are learning how to cross the Bridge of Liberation that leads to the return to THE FATHERS’ HOME!.

And who cares for the wasting time during the lethargy dream?, Who cares for the provisional injustice of the past?, Who cares if we suffered so much and we were not happy?, Who cares if many neighbors in the face of their indifference tramped our good customs?, Who cares if the useful thing that you made they annihilated believing that it was not profitable?, Who cares if they treated you with indifference for your race?, Who cares if they considered you worthless, because they believed you were poor?, Who cares if all the good that you gave, they paid you with bad?, Who cares if you found mechanical life absurd?, Who cares for so many things?... This world becomes a world of dreams and nightmares... Yes!, with many dreamers entangled in their own dream and vain mental creations. But finally:

BLESSED BE THE TEMPORARY NIGHTMARE THAT WAKES US UP TO THE ETERNAL LIFE!!!. Remember that the man's fall, is only in the IGNORANCE that is the DARKNESS and it is not in the MATTER... The rebel instinct only “GRAZES” when your Being's LIGHT touches the body, touches your matter. Understand it!; and elevate through you the chaotic state from the man to the BEING'S high spheres.

Searching friend, use your COMMON SENSE that is inherent to your Being; this will allow you to transcend all types of sensorial sense of the body-temple. Then you “will notice” that behind all that your physical senses perceive, there is the mechanical scaffolding of the unconscious life. Only then you will notice which is the best way to generate, without opposition, a better World.

Is it not required that the “whole world” has to do it; no, no, no. You know that the multitude is very busy or enslaved under the system pressures... Before this world emergency, the fair thing is to summon all the volunteers of the planet!. The nature teaches us that when the physical body is completely sick, it arises suddenly in the blood and with resolution a minimum of cellular particles vitalized to generate the health of the “whole” body, right?. This way the responsible beings of the planet have to arise to carry out the task-mission that is our Father of All’s Will. This is not an illusion or a utopia; it is a reality that is Revealed... nevertheless millions of people on the whole planet, and in different levels of the Being are working in this Global Gesta; what happens is that you are not in contact with them. If you don't assume this task-mission in your negation you would take all of us also to deny; because the life that there is in you is the same one that there is and it palpitates in me, and in each one!. And in your acceptance you would take us to accept, although you don't do anything at all!. Notice the reason why with the fall of some, we all fell; therefore, with the success of some, we all rise. Are you surprised with this analysis, right?.

This that I am telling you is based on the most important Law that governs the whole universe, and it is the one that affirms: THE CREATOR THAT HAS CREATED EVERYTHING, IS PRESENT IN EACH PARTICLE OF LIFE, IN EACH ATOM!. AND from this Law arises the most important Principle that governs the man's life; and I will introduce you to it this way: GOING AGAINST THE EVOLUTION OF THE THINGS, IS GOING AGAINST YOURSELF!. You should understand that: If you go against the evolution of people, thing, situations and events that there are in the world, you will be going against yourself... In other words it would be: If you insist and cooperate with people, things, situations, etc., to evolve and each one according to their pattern, you will be evolving yourself!... I Repeat: If you break, if you interrupt, if you oppose yourself, in physical, emotional or mental level to the evolution of any particle of life, you will be breaking the evolution of the same particle of life that beats in yourself...

The Orderly Cosmos requests to the volunteers, to people like you that are tired of rotating in the mechanical life and with out sense, but that already are anxious of generating a better World Here and Now and not for tomorrow!. Remember that the successful way is the process of TRANSMUTE the mechanism of chaotic life; not to “change” it for another one, no, no, no... Because this new procedure would be a contradiction!... The human being already has experienced enough and serious consequences that he has had with the “changes”, which once they are put in action, they are influenced by the inertia until their total involution... The TRASMUTATION is the master key to leave victorious toward our new evolutionary cycle. In simple words we will say:

The TRANSMUTATION doesn't consist in forcing to the things, to the nature; but to join and cooperate with their Laws!. The TRANSMUTATION doesn't consist in transforming an apple into a banana; this is to go against nature!... The TRANSMUTATION consists on cultivating the apple with dedication, so it will be a better apple!.

What it would happen if today you decide to evolve, to be transmuted from sleeping man to Awake Man!... If you have already taken really the decision of not abandoning, then we can affirm with resolution before the Orderly Cosmos that our humanity already began to evolve through you!; of course, and together we will make of this world a better World!. The responsibility of carrying out the FATHER OF FATHERS will is in you!; join to the glorious action of THE SEVENTH MOVEMENT OF PLANETARY LIBERATION!!!. My dearest brother, give me your hand!.. Don't hide what you are anymore: YOU ARE SON OF THE LIGHT!, SON OF THE FATHER-MOTHER-LOVE!.


............... Friend...
If we are not meeting physically at the beginning in some place, you don't worry, because anyway we will be for sure... In some part I will be for you!...

See you later...
............... This is my consideration,
For your blessed action of recognizing your New Cycle and of making your decision of Ascending Again... I already contemplate with happiness and joy Your RESURRECTION!, in the Here and Now!... after a very long dream... The previous cycles transported you in their vast orbits, placing you with love, wisdom and opportunely again in this planet, to Revalue the Grand Work... I know that you will be able to understand everything and you will be satisfied in this GRAND DIVINE EVENT.

In my interior,
............... It is my Conscience...
The one that allowed me to know and to be able to give you these Legacies; the useful and beautiful that was offered to us one day, and that today we place again in your hands... And we are not alone in this task; our Father of Fathers guides us in this great adventure of going back to House.

You have arrived to this part of your long path for the life and now you are worthy of our FATHER-MOTHER’S New Dispensation. Now you have placed yourself at the beginning of the encounter “with yourself"... Make of your small world, a happy world, make it good, make it beautiful... And then, only then the external world will transform in the measure that together we evolve. We are with you!!!, BECAUSE WE ALL ARE A SINGLE BEING OF LIGHT...

Thank you Friend!
............... This is your,