This is a narration of the long and extensive progressive fight of the human race, that for then past through from a much more favorable evolution than of the Animal Kingdom, passing through intermediate ages until the current times. Being really a real, but imperfect civilization, for then it began to evolve among the emergent superior races of the mankind.

The CIVILIZATION is the man's inventive achievement and it is not biologically inherent to him; that is why all the children are raised in an environment endowed with culture, at the same time that the youth's successive generation has received again more formation that allows them to adapt to the changing civilization. The best qualities in the civilization: scientific, philosophical, artistic and religious, are “not” transmitted from a generation to another for biological inheritance; these cultural achievements are only preserved by illustrated registrations of pedagogic legacies.

The masters of DALAMATIA, the first terrestrial community in Mesopotamia, basically began the humanity's social evolution, based on COOPERATIVENESS, and during 300,000 years, the man was educated in GROUP activities. This way, the Blue Race existent for that time was benefited with these first social teachings; the Red Race was benefited to certain degree and the Black Race was benefited less than the other ones!. In more recent times, the Yellow Race and White Race were showing an earlier social development than the other races of URANTIA [The Earth].


During the first social experiences, the man was located in strait contact and he was accustomed with pleasure to learn how to be liked mutually; but, it didn't highlight naturally the spirit of the fraternity or the desire of the social contact with their fellow men; therefore it was limited and sadly forced to learn that “the union makes the force”; and this is the lack of natural fraternal likeness that today hinders the immediate realization of the GRAND GLOBAL FRATERNITY of the man in URANTIA.

Soon the ASSOCIATION began to be the price of the survival. This way the man was left defenseless, unless he took the tribal mark that certified that it belonged to a “group” and that they would retaliate undoubtedly of all assault that was made. Even in CAIN'S time it was fatal to leave alone, without taking the mark of some association type. The “Civilization” became the man's insurance against risks and violent death; provided the fee were paid by the submission to the numerous demands of the society.

The Primitive Society was founded this way on the reciprocity of the NECESSITY and over the increase of SECURITY for ASSOCIATION. The Human Society was evolving in cycles of ages as a result of the fear to the isolation and by means of the reluctant cooperation.

The primitive human beings didn't take long in learning that the “groups” are vastly stronger that the mere sum of each one of their individual units. One hundred united men working to the unison can move an enormous stone; a group of twenty well trained guards can maintain in control to an infuriated crowd. This way, the “SOCIETY” was born, not of the mere quantitative association, but rather qualitative, as the result of the ORGANIZATION of cooperative intelligent. But the COOPERATION, nevertheless, is not the man's natural feature; because this learns how to cooperate at the beginning for the “fear” and then because he discovers later that it is very beneficial to draw the difficulties of the time and to be protected of the presumed dangers of the destination.

The towns that prematurely were organized this way, in a primitive society, they ended up having more success when facing the active nature and also when defending against their infuriated fellow men, and they had bigger possibilities of survival; therefore, the civilization in URANTIA has progressed uninterruptedly, in spite of its multiple distresses. Due only to the progressive increment of the value of the survival by ASSOCIATION, the man's multiple and serious mistakes until this moment have not broken or destroyed the human civilization.

The real fact that the contemporary “cultural society” be a relatively new phenomenon, it reveals in its current survival, the primitive social conditions that today characterizes the aboriginal of Australia, to the Bushmen and Pygmy of the Africa. In these slow towns one can observe a litle the primitive hostility of groups, the personal mistrust and other extremely antisocial features that were so characteristic of all the primitive races. These left behind remains of non social towns of the old times give eloquent testimony of the fact that the man's natural “individualistic” tendency cannot compete in definitive with the potent organizations and powerful associations of the social progression. These late and antisocial breeds that very limitedly speak “one dialect” that only is extended to sixty or eighty kilometers of distance to each other, demonstrates what kind of world you would be living at the moment, without the combined teaching of the corporeal retinue of the PLANETARY PRINCE and for the later works of the biological elevators of the races, the ADAMICS.

The modern expression of “returning to the nature” is an illusion of the ignorance; it is a relative belief of a “golden age” of the past that was missed to the lost of its supreme destination. The only foundation of the legend of the “golden age” is the historical event of the existence of DALAMATIA and the EDEN; but these improved societies were very distant from the realization of the IDEAL. [Top]


The CIVILIZED SOCIETY is the result of the man's initial efforts to overcome to the tremendous dislike that he had of the “Isolation”. But what it was said not necessarily indicates a reciprocal sympathy; today, it is still patent the current state of certain straggler human groups that well demonstrate what the first tribes passed for. But although the individuals of the civilization still repel one with the other and although they fight against each other, even the civilization itself can pretend to be a heterogeneous mass that makes an effort and fights, it reflects flagrantly the test of the sincere effort to complete its evolutionary destination, and “not” the moribund monotony of the stagnation that pretend before the physical senses.

Although the level of some individuals' intelligence has contributed thoroughly in the rhythm of the cultural progress of the society, likewise the “society” is created primarily to reduce all element of risk in the way of living off the “individual”. The society has progressed quickly, being able to reduce the suffering, but at the same time it increased the element of the “pleasure” in the life. But any way, it advanced the whole social body slowly toward a goal - The Extintion or the Survival!... -That is to say depending if the goal is the Self-Gratification or the Auto-Conservation. The Auto-Conservation originates and maintains the SOCIETY, but the Self-Gratification in an excessive way destroys the CIVILIZATION.

The SOCIETY was concentrated basically of the Self-Perpetuation, the Self-Conservation and the Self-Gratification; but the expression and the evolutionary development of the HUMAN PERSONALITY was worthy of becoming the immediate goal of many cultural groups.

The instinct of the natural man's “flock” is not enough to explain the development of the “social organization”, as the one that exists today here in URANTIA. Although in the bottom of the human society resides this propensity gregarious innate, great part of the man's sociability is clearly acquired. The Hunger for the food and the Sexual Desire were two big influences that contributed to the early association of the human beings; undoubtedly the man shares these basic instinctive impulses with the animals; plus the “Fear”, concretely the fear for the unknown, for the phenomenic, for the ghosts and the “Vanity” were the other two emotions that induced the first human beings to unite and stay gathered.

The history has not been other than the chronicle of the perpetual fight for the man's sustenance. The primitive man only put to work his thoughts when he was hungry: to keep foods for his future use; was his first act of self-denial and of self-discipline. With the development of the society the problem of the “hunger” was relief and it ceased of being the only incentive for the mutual association. Then other types of hunger and multiple satisfactions of necessities induced to the tightest association in the mankind. Today, this society is overloaded and oversaturated of unjust necessities. The western civilization of the planet troublesomely suffers the weight of the enormous overload of the “luxury” and of the disproportionated multiplication of the human “desires”... The modern society suffers this way a tremendous tension and one of its most dangerous phases of immense inter-association and a complicated interdependence.

The Hunger, the Vanity and the Fear to the unknown exercised a continuous social pressure; on the other hand, the gratification of the sexual desires intervened in fleeting and intermittent way. The sexual desire by itself didn't impel the primitive men and women to assume the heavy loads of the maintenance of the home. The “primitive home” was founded about the male's sexual restlessness when he was deprived of the frequent Gratification and on the devote maternal affection of the human female, which, in certain way is similar to the females of all the superior animals. The presence of a “destitute” newly born determined at the beginning the differentiation of man and woman activities; the woman had to maintain a fixed residence where she could work the land, and from the most primitive times it has always been considered “Home” where ever the woman is.

This way the Woman was indispensable inside the social scheme that went evolving, not only for the temporal sexual passion, but as a consequence of the Nutritious Necessities; for then she played an essential part in the maintenance. She was supplier of foods, beast of carrier and a partner able to support the bad violent treatments without resentments, and besides all these characteristics; she was a means of sexual Gratification always to disposition.

Almost everything that is of lasting value in the civilization has its roots in the Family. The Family was the first productive pacifist group, in it the man and the woman learned how to correct their discrepancies and to teach to their children to go in search of the peace.

The company of the Marriage in the evolution was to strengthen the survival of the races and not only to obtain the personal happiness. The Self-Perpetuation and the Self-Conservation are the true goals of the Home. The Self-Gratification is supplementary and not essential, except as of stimulus to guarantee the couple's union. The nature demands the survival, but the diverse arts of the civilization continue increasing the pleasures of the marriage and the satisfactions of the family life...

If the “vanity” is enlarged to include the pride, the ambition and the honor, then it can discern not only how these tendencies contributed in the initial formation of the human associations; but rather also, how they maintained the man together in their primitive state; since such emotions are “vanes” [vanity] they arose without having spectators before who make ostentations. But in little time, the “vanity” was related with other emotions and impulses that required of “social forums” where they could be exhibited and satisfied. This group of emotions gave origin to the primary beginnings of all type art, ceremonies and all the forms of sport games and tournaments.

The “vanity” contributed in grand part to the birth of the SOCIETY; but, of the moment that these revelations were happening, the mistaken efforts of a already too vainglorious generation, threaten to destroy the whole complicated structure of an extremely specialized civilization. A long time ago the “desire of the pleasure” replaced the “desire of the sustenance”. Today, the legitimate social ends of the Self-Conservation are becoming vile and lowering forms of the Self-Gratification quickly. The Self-Conservation builds the SOCIETY, but the wild Self-Gratification unerringly destroys the Civilization. [Top]


The “original desires” produced an Original Society; but then the “fear to the unknown” maintained it whole and gave to its existence an Extrahuman aspect. The “common fear” had a physiologic origin: the fear to the physical pain, to the non satisfied hunger or to some material calamity; but the “fear to the unknown” was a new class and a certain sublime form of the terror.

Dreaming of “specters” was the biggest individual factor without a doubt in the evolution of the human society. Although most of the dreams perturbed excessively to the primitive minds, the spectral dream, in fact terrified the primitive man, inducing to these superstitious dreamer to take protection and be willing to associate seriously for the mutual shield receipt against the imaginary, vague and invisible dangers of the world of the spirits. The “spectral dream” constitutes one of the first big differences that appeared between the tenuous animal mind and the human mind. The animals don't register the survival after the death.

Except for this spectral factor, the whole society was founded over fundamental necessities and basic biological impulses. However, the “fear to the unknown” introduced a new factor in the civilization, a fear that transcends the individual's basic necessities, and that it even induces it a lot beyond the fights to maintain the group. This way, the panic for the spirits of the deceases, took out to the light a new and astonishing form of fear, a strange and powerful terror that lashed to the not very rigorous social orders of the primitive ages, makeing them more judiciously disciplined and better controlled that of the previous times.

We highlight that this non sense superstition which still persists, prepared the minds of the men, by means of the superstitious fear of the unreal thing and the phenomenic, for the later discovery of the “fear to a God that is the primitive beginning of the search of the wisdom”. All the groundless fears of the evolution are conceived to be “substituted” consecutively by the CONSIDERED ADMIRATION TO THE DEITY, and inspired by REVELATIONS. The first cult, fearing of the unknown get to be a very strong social knot, and from that remote day, the humanity continues making an effort with varied way for the conquest of the “Spirituality”.

The “hunger” and the “sexual desire” attracted the men to Unite; and the “Vanity” and the “fear to the unknown” maintain them United. But these emotions alone, without influence of the SUPERIOR PACIFICATION REVELATIONS are not able to support the tensions and irritations of the human inter-associations. Without help of the REVELATIONS OF SUPERHUMANS SOURCE the tensions of the society in their extreme limits would explode; then these same mobilized influences of the society -the hunger, the sexual desire, the vanity and the fear- conspire dangerously to sink to the humanity into wars and the spill of blood.

The “Pacifist” tendency of the human race is not a natural endowment; this is derived of the high teachings of the “Revealed Religion” trusted to the experiences of progressive races; but better even, of the teachings of MICAEL [Jesus], the Prince of the Peace. [Top]


Today's modern social institutions arose from the evolution of the “primitive customs” of our wild ancestors. Today's conventions are modified and amplified of the past customs. The HABIT is for the individual what the CUSTOM is for the group and the Customs of the Groups became folkloric or tribal traditions with the time, and they are the “conventions of masses”. All the institutions of the current human society have it humble origin in these remote beginnings.

It is necessary remember that the instituted customs where originated in the effort to adapt the group life to the conditions of the mass existence; the Customs constitute the man's first social institution. And all tribal reaction is born of the effort to avoid the pain and the humiliation, and also to try to enjoy the pleasure and the power. All origin of the folkloric traditions, as well as the origin of the languages, are always “unconscious” and not volunteer; therefore, they are always covered with mysteries.

The “fear to the unknown” induced the primitive man to conceive the “extra-natural”, and this way it settled with stability the foundations of the powerful social influences of the “ethics” and of the “religion” that in turn, preserved intact from generation to generation the Customs and Traditions of society. The only thing that was good at the beginning to settle down and to crystallize the customs was: “the belief that the deceased were very jealous of the means for those that they had lived and died”; consequently, they would inflict severe punishments to the alive humans that dared to minimize or repudiate the regulations from the life to which those deceased had made honor when they were alive. All the information above is better illustrated by the great reverence that the Yellow Race has at the moment for its ancestors. The “primitive religion” that was developed later on reinforced in great way the fear to the “ghosts of the deceased” to stabilize the customs, but the civilization already in progress came liberating in growing escalades the humanity of the captivity of the fear and of the slavery of the superstition.

Before the liberating instruction and liberalizing from the masters of DALAMATIA, the old man was a defenseless victim of the rites of the established custom, because exaggerated and persistent ceremonies trapped the primitive savage. Everything that he did since he woke up in the morning until the hour of sleeping in his cavern at night, he did it in a forced way, in accordance with the traditions of the tribe. For then the man was a slave of the tyranny of the usage; his life didn't contain anything free, spontaneous, neither original. There was stagnation, there was not natural progress toward a mental, moral, or social superior existence.

The “Custom” had the primitive man in its strong fist; then, the savage was a true slave of the usage but from time to time some useful variations arose in the norm because some few ones dared to inaugurate new ways of thinking and improved methods of living. Nevertheless, the primitive man's tremendous inertia constituted a control of biological security against the too accidental precipitation of the devastating imbalance of a civilization that begins to advance with great speed.

However, these customs are not an unconditional wrong, in turn their evolution should continue. It is tremendously fatal for the survival of the civilization to undertake its global modification by a violent and radical revolution. The habit has been the thread of continuity that has maintained together the civilization. But it is also true that on the way of the human history, this is saturated of remains of completely obsolete social practics and discarded customs. Any civilization that has abandoned its established customs has not survived except to adopt better and more appropriate customs to evolve.

The survival of the society depends mainly on the progressive Evolution of its customs. The Process of the evolution of the customs arises of the great Experimentation Desire; when they intend new ideas, then the “competition” happens. In a progressive civilization hugs the progressive idea and it lasts; the time and the circumstance finally select the most capable group for the experience of the survival. But the above-mentioned doesn't imply that each one of the isolated changes that happen in the composition of the human society has been for the “good”. No, no! Of course not!, because there have also been many, but many, setbacks in the lingering progressive fight of the civilization of URANTIA, the Earth. [Top]


The “Land” is the scenario of the society and the men are the actors. The man must constantly adapt his form of acting to be adjusted to the conditions of the Land. The Evolution of the customs always depends on the relationship MAN-LAND. The above said is true, in spite of how difficult it is to discern. The technique for the man's land or the arts of the maintenance plus their level of life is equal to the total sum of the “popular customs”, the “instituted customs”; and the total sum of the adaptation of the man to the demands of the life is equal to its “cultural civilization”.

The first human cultures arose along the rivers of the oriental hemisphere, and there were four big stages in the progressive march of the civilization, those are:

  1. THE STAGE OF THE HARVESTING. The demand of the sustenance and the hunger induced to the first form of Industrial Organization, emerging the primitive lines of Harvesting of Foods. The march of such a line of men could sometimes measure up to fifteen kilometers, and they crossed the land picking up the foods. This corresponds to the primitive nomadic stage of the culture, and it is also the way of life that follows the Bushmen of today's in Africa.
  2. THE STAGE OF THE HUNT. The invention of the weapons allowed the man to become hunter and this this way to win considerable freedom of the slavery of the sustenance. An ANDONITA [Son of ANDON and FONTA, the humanity's biological parents] very skilled that had been mangled the fist gravely in a bloody combat, rediscovered the concept of using a long stick as on arm and a hard stone tied to the tip with fibers, as a fist. Then many tribes, independently, made discoveries of this nature, and these different forms of hammers represented a great advance step in human civilization. Today some Australian aboriginals have not progressed much beyond this stage.
    Men of Blue Race, existent by then, ended up being big hunters and expert trappers; they fenced the waters of the rivers and captured abundant fish, and they dissected the surplus for the winter. Many forms of ingenious tricks and traps were used to catch the preys, but the most primitive races didn't hunt big size animals.
  3. THE STAGE OF PASTORAL. The domestication of the animals made possible this phase of the civilization. The Arabian and the African aboriginals figure among the towns more recent shepherds. The Pastoral Life offered more relief to the slavery for the sustenance; the man learned how to subsist with the interests of his “capital”, that is to say with the increment of his flocks, which offered more time and free space for the great adventure of the Culture and the Progress.
    For then, the pre-pastoral society was of Cooperation among the sexes; but the propagation of the cattle rising reduced the woman at a tiny level of social slavery. Before this happened, the man's concernment was to get the source of animal foods and to the woman was corresponded to obtain the vegetable groceries. Therefore, when the man enters to the pastoral era of his existence, the feminine dignity lowered considerably. She still has to make a lot of effort to provide the vegetables; on the other hand, the man doesn't need to make more than to assist to the flocks to obtain abundant food animal. This way, the man ended up becoming relatively independent from the woman. Through the whole pastoral age, the woman's condition decayed in an uninterrupted way. Toward the end of this Pastoral Era, she had become in little more than a “human animal”, dedicated to work and to give birth to the human offspring, and in a very similar way to the animals of the flock; then, from them it was expected that they worked the land and produced the breeding. The men of the pastoral age had this way great affection for their livestock, but they didn't reach to develop a deeper affection for their wives.
  4. THE STAGE OF FARMING. The domestication of plants was responsible for this era and it represents the type of superior level of the material civilization. So much Caligastia [The Planetary Prince] as Adam were determined to teach the man the Horticulture and the Agriculture. ADAM and EVE were “Horticulturists” and non shepherds; and the cultivation of vegetable gardens was an advanced culture in those days. The cultivation of the plants exercises an influence ennobling in all the races of the mankind.

The Agriculture multiplied more than four times the reason Man-Land of the world; and it can combine with the pastoral efforts of the old cultural stage; and when they overcome together the last three stages, the men hunt and the women work the land.

Frictions have always existed between the shepherds and the farmers of the land. The Hunter and the Shepherd were combative, belligerent; but the Farmer was more developed to the “pacifist type”; because the association with the animals suggests the fight and force; while the association with the plants inculcates the patience, the peace and the serenity. The Agriculture and the Industrialism turned out to be activities of “peace”. And until today, both world-wide social activities possess a weakness that rests in the lack of emotion and adventure.

The human society has evolved from the stage of the hunt, going by the shepherds, until the territorial stage of the agriculture. In each stage of the progressive civilization, was shrinking the “nomadic” and the man began to live more and more in his Home.

At the moment, the Industry is supplementing to the Agriculture; and this for the rising urbanization and multiplication of non agricultural groups of all the civic classes. But an “Industrial” era doesn't have hopes of surviving if its leaders begin to stop considering that the most complete social development must rest always on a solid foundation of the “Agriculture”. [Top]


Man is a creature of the land, a son of the nature; and no matter how much effort makes to be isolated from the land, ultimately, his destiny is the tremendous failure. “Dust you are and to Dust you shall return”, it is applied to the whole mankind. The man's basic fight was, is and it will always be for the conquest of the Land. The primitive man's first “social associations” were concerted with the purpose of achieving the Land victory. The relationship Man-Land is the base of the whole social civilization.

The man's intelligence, manifested by the Arts and Sciences, increased the yield of the Land; at the same time, it could brake to a certain extent and in a natural way the increase of the offspring; and this way, the increase of the sustenance was provided and of free time-space to build a progressive cultural civilization.

The “human society” is govern by a Law that decrees that: The population varies in direct proportion to the “Arts of the Land” and inverse at the “Level of Life”!. Through these first ages and even more than the present time, the law of the “offer and demand”, regarding the men and the land, determined the estimated value of both. Because during the times in that there was great abundance of lands [non busy territories] and enormous increase of the man's necessities, the value of the human life was more important; consequently the loss of life was more terrifying. On the other hand, during the period shortage land and consequent overpopulation, the human life was devaluated; so that the war, the hunger and the pest were considered less important.

When decreases the yield of the land or the population over increases, then wars inevitably renewed, appearing the worst qualities of the human animal nature. But the improvement in the yield of the land, the development of the mechanical arts and the natural control of the overpopulation, tend to promote the development of the best qualities in the human nature.

The primitive society develops the non specialized elements of the mankind; this way, the “fine arts”, the “scientific” progress and jointly with the “spiritual culture” are much more developed in the biggest populated centers in the world, but only if they were supported by a completely Agricultural and Industrial population, and lightly below the reason Man-Land. That is to say in the cities is always multiplies the power of their inhabitants for the good or for the bad.

The level of life has always influenced on the size of the family. The higher is the level of life, more reduced is the family to the point of stabilizing their growth or arriving to the gradual extinction.

Through the ages the level of life has determined the “Quality” of a survivor population, in opposition to the mere “Quantity”. The multiple levels of life from the social classes give origin to new social castes and new established customs. When these levels of life get complicated too much or they get to be very “vanity”, they start in becoming in self-destructives. The “castes” are direct fruits of strong social pressures, due to the intense competition generated by the population's density.

The first primitive races of the planet often appealed to practices dedicated to restrict the population; the primitive tribes eliminated their malformation or abnormal children; and the newly born girls were eliminated before the time of the purchase of women for wives. Sometimes they suffocated the children when being born, but the favorite method was that of the abandonment; the father of twins used to insist in that one of them were killed, because it was believed that the multiple childbirths were of the magic or the infidelity. But in general the twins of the same sex were forgiven the life. Although almost they were common these taboos about the twins, they were never part of the established customs of the ANDONITES [Children of ANDON and FONDA]; to difference, these evolutionary towns always considered the twins as omens of good luck.

Many races learned the technique of the abortion and this practice ended up being very common after settling down the taboo of the childbirth among the single women. For a long time it was a habit that a single young woman gave death to her offspring; but already among the civilized groups these illegitimate children passed to the totelage of the mother of the youth. Many primitive clans were virtually exterminated by the practice of the abortion and the infanticide. Nevertheless, in spite of the dictations of the customs, very few children were eliminated that had already been breastfeed and this is because the maternal affection is quite strong.

Even presently remains patterns of the primitive population. Exist a tribe in Australia whose mothers refuse to raise more than two or three children. Until recently, a cannibal tribe ate up each fifth son that was born. In Madagascar some tribes continue eliminating the children born in certain fatidic days, resulting the death of around 25% of all the newly born ones.

From the global perspective, the “Overpopulation” has never been a serious problem in the past; but today, if they decrease the wars and the science goes controlling in growing scale the human illnesses, but without a NEW GLOBAL ORDER, this can end up being a serious world problem. Here and Now is the moment of the last great test of the wisdom for the leaders of the world!. Will the leaders of URANTIA Have the sagacity and the courage to foment the Moderated or Equilibrated Human being's multiplication, instead of the extremes ends seemingly supernormal and those every time bigger than subnormal?... Because it is very urgent to foment the “normal man”; he is the dorsal thorn of the civilization and the source of the evolutionary genius of the race. Should the “subnormal man” stay under the subordination of the society; it is no longer correct to engender more children than those that are required for the harmony of the human group, so that they can cooperate from their inferior level with tasks of the industry, or in those tasks that require of intelligence above the animal level, until of such minuscule demands as to give state of true subordination to the types of the “normal man” of the humanity; [With the collaboration of a Melchizedeck].