..."What makes the man fail are the displeasures, the hate, the vengeance, the pride, the bad habits, the pleasures, the resentments, the anger, the lust, the greed, the arrogance, the competition, the monopolizing, the vanity, etc; those stagnate man's evolution; and his short vision makes him to believe that “these” are danger detached, unaware of his responsibility; and for treating them this way, he suffer unjustly, then he blame the destiny but never himself”…



The evolutive man should recognize and accept with sincerity his difficulty in understanding the true meaning of the Wickedness, the Error, the Sin and the Iniquity. The Orderly Cosmos considers of a lot of importance the man's upward evolutive state; but the man is still slow and of short reach in the perception that the PERFECTION and the IMPERFECTION in permanent friction among them produce a potential energy that escapes to the reception of his senses, showing it as a phenomena for the man, well-known as the “Wrong or “Negativity.

For him is also complicated to understand that the Truth and the Falsehood to be opposed produce the disconcerting “Error”, a surprising energy that few dare to examine it to obtain the useful tools [the error learned in the mind]. He also finds difficult to understand that the divine gift of the election of the Free-Will results of the divergent domains of the Sin and the Rightness; and that the persistent search of the Divinity leads to the FATHER OF FATHERS Alive Presence; in contrast with their continuous rejection, negation or wrongly beliefs, that leads to the domains of the “Iniquity”.

THE DIVINE CHILDREN OF OUR FATHER OF FATHERS, don't create the wrong neither approve the sin, neither the rebellion. The potential of the “Wrong” is temporal-existent in a universe that understands differential levels of senses and values of perfection. The “Sin” is also potential in all the Kingdom of the space-time where the imperfect beings have the gift of knowing how to choose between the “good” and “bad”. The same conflicting presence of the Truth and the False, constitute the potentiality of the “Error” exposed for its transformation in the man's mind. The deliberate election of the wrong constitutes the “Sin”; the conscious rejection of the Truth is “Error”. The persistent search of the sin and of the error, unconscious or consciously it is “Iniquity”. This range of potentialities of dense energies, nests in the human interior as raw material to be transmuted consciously by the man.



Of all the perplexed and confused problems that arose of the rebellion of Lucifer [from the explosion of the rebellion of the “Luster Star”, with his manifesto emitted in the annual conclave of the whole SYSTEM OF SATANIA in the “Glass Sea”, of the central headquarters of JERUSEM, approximately 200,000 years ago, in terrestrial time], no one else has caused more difficulty than the failure of the immature evolutive humans, to distinguish between the TRUE LIBERTY and the FALSE LIBERTY.

The TRUE LIBERTY is the search of the DISPENSATIONAL AGES OF THE DIVINE PLAN, and the recompense of the EVOLUTIVE PROGRESS in the Universal Career of Life toward the Encounter with the Alive Presence of The FATHER OF FATHERS.

The FALSE LIBERTY is the subtle deception of the error in the Time and of the wrong in the Space. To force the space of life and also to be outside of its fair time result it the Iniquity; it is as giving money to a boy that doesn't understand finances; that is to say: “To do what ever comes in desires”. The durable LIBERTY is preached over the reality of the Justice -Intelligence, maturity, fraternity and equity.

The LIBERTY turns into a self-destructive technique of the cosmic existence when their motivations are not intelligent, unconditioned and uncontrolled. The TRUE LIBERTY is progressively related with the great REALITY and always takes in consideration to the SOCIAL EQUITY, the COSMIC LOYALTY, the UNIVERSAL FRATERNITY and the DIVINE RECOMMENDATIONS.

The LIBERTY turns into a suicide when it gets divorced from the Material Justice, the Intellectual Loyalty, the Social Coexistence, the Moral Duty and mainly the Spiritual Values. The LIBERTY doesn't exist outside of the cosmic reality; and the whole reality of the personality is proportional to its relationships with its divine part.

The wild Self-Will and the not regulated Self-Expression increase the “egoism” without moderation; and this is the stigma of the No Divine in the Man!, it is the motive apparatus of the disorder and of the chaos inside and outside of man. The LIBERTY without the Being's associate and always increased conquest is an unsubstantial illusion of a selfish and self-destructing imagination. The self-motivated LIBERTY is a “conceptual illusion” that sooner or later turns into a cruel deception, being loaded of the potential of rebelliousness. The license of to do whatever it is desired on behalf of the Liberty is the road toward the total slavery!.

The TRUE LIBERTY is entirely partner with the genuine Self-Respect; but the FALSE LIBERTY is spouse of the Self-Admiration. The TRUE LIBERTY is the fruit of the Self-Control; and the FALSE LIBERTY is product of the too much Auto- Affirmation, that is to say of the Self-Importance of the Ego. The Self-Control leads to the altruistic service; and the Self-Admiration leads to the exploitation of others for the selfish growth of the mistaken individual that is willing to sacrifice personal achievements for the single purpose of possessing an unjust power on its neighbors, group or nation.

The Divine Wisdom is still safe and accurate only when its vision is cosmic and its motivation is spiritual.

It doesn't exist a bigger error than that one specie of the “Self-Deception” toward itself; that drives intelligent beings toward the desire of exercising the power on other beings, with the purpose of depriving them of their natural liberties. The GOLDEN RULE of the human loyalty must defend of all those frauds, infidelities, selfishness and all lack of rightness. The true and genuine LIBERTY is only compatible with the Kingdom of the Love and the Ministry of the Mercy.

How dare these self-will creatures give themselves the authority to pull up their rights to their neighbors on behalf of the “personal” or “group liberty”!; when truthly, the SUPREME GOVERNORS OF THE UNIVERSE support with Their merciful respect these prerogatives of will and potentiality of the Soul!. None being in the exercise of his supposed personnel liberty is entitled of depriving another being of the privileges of the existence, conferred by the CREATOR and properly respected by all Their loyal associates, subordinates and fellows.

The evolutionary man has had to fight for his “Material Freedoms”, against the tyrants and oppressors in the world of the sin and iniquity, during the early times of the primitive evolution of the earth; but is not this way in the superior worlds. The war is the inheritance of the man's little evolution, and today it is falling in total bad reputation; but, in the normal worlds and of advanced civilization all type of freedom is perfectly respected in all and for all.



In union with the SON and with the ESPIRIT, The FATHER OF FATHERS Created the eternal HAVONA, and from then it was stablished the eternal model of the unanimous participation in the Creation -The Cooperation. This cooperation model is the original design for each one of the Children and Daughters of the FATHER OF FATHERS that leave in missions to the Space to be involved in the great adventure of enlarging in the Time the luminous Kingdom of the CENTRAL UNIVERSE of Eternal Perfection [HAVONA]. Therefore it is necessary to understand, in the honor to the truth that the current world disorder, NO!, it is NOT an universal requirement, no, no, no; this world chaos arose for consequence of the rebelliousness of LUCIFER and his cortege; and for submission, the immature man at that time, remained out of control of himself.

In the whole Grand Universe, all creature in evolution, from its soul that aspires to make purely THE FATHER OF FATHERS’ WILL is designated to become associated with the Space-Time Creators in this magnificent adventure experiental of achievement of the PERFECTION versus the IMPERFECTION. If this was not Truth, THE CREATOR FATHER would have not endowed to all Their creatures with the power of the Creative Free-Will, and neither HE would live in each one through THEIR OWN SPIRIT.

The licentiousness of LUCIFER was to try to do what no one can do: to manipulate the Space and to avoid the Time of our experiential universe. The fault of LUCIFER was to try to deprive the Beings of SATANIA from their creative rights and urged to the incomprehensible reduction of the personal participation of the creatures in the long evolutionary and upward fight to reach the state of LIGHT AND LIFE, so much individually as planetary. This way, this fallen sovereign of the SYSTEM OF SATANIA placed the “temporary purpose” of his own will in opposition to the ETERNAL PURPOSE OF THE FATHER OF FATHERS WILL, just as it is revealed in the granting of the Free-Will to all Creatures.

The Rebellion of LUCIFER threatened and usurped the ability of the “Free-Will”, characteristic of all upward creature and the servants of the SYSTEM OF SATANIA; this way, he threatened and tried to deprive forever each being of their fascinating experience of contributing with something own and unique to the construction of the GRAND UNIVERSAL MONUMENT, of the gradual construction of the Experimental Wisdom that some day would exist as perfected system in this LOCAL UNIVERSE.

The “Manifest” of LUCIFER and his cortege hid in the mantels of the LIBERTY, and it was presented to the clarity of the reason like a monumental threat in detriment of the Personal Liberty, fact that was twice previously produced in the whole history of the LOCAL UNIVERSE OF NEBADON.

What the FATHER OF FATHERS had already granted to the Men and Angels for the Eternity, LUCIFER in a short time wanted to deprive them of the divine privilege of participating eternally in the creation of its own destinations and the destination of all the inhabited worlds from the LOCAL SYSTEM OF SATANIA. No Being in the whole universe has the liberty of depriving another Being of the TRUE LIBERTY, the right of LOVING and BEING LOVED, the privilege of work with The FATHER OF FATHERS and of SERVING his fellow men.



All moral evolutionary creature from the evolutionary worlds, always ask itself the reflexive question of: Why does the Creative Omni-sapience of the Universe consent the “Wickedness” and the “Sin”?. We should understand that both are unavoidable if the creatures must be truly free. The evolutionary man's “free-will” or of the superior beings it is not a mere philosophical concept, neither a symbolic ideal. The man's ability to Discern between the “good” and the “bad” is a great UNIVERSAL REALITY. This liberty of choosing for itself is a gift of the Supreme Governors, and They won't allow that any being or beings' group deprives to a single soul in the vast universe of this liberty that is a divine grant.

The process of conscious identification and conditioned with the “wrong” [sin] is equivalent to the nonexistence [self-annihilation]; it should always intervene among the moment of the personal identification with the sin and the execution of the pain [The automatic result of this volitional hug of the wrong] AN IMPORTANT PERIOD OF TIME, of enough longitude to allow that the award of this individual's universal state is proven entirely satisfactory for all the related universal personalities, and that it is so Fair and Straight as to win the same sinner's Approval.

But, if this rebellious continuous against the Truth and the Kindness, and also refuses to approve the verdict and in spite of knowing that he is guilty and that he only recognizes the justice of his condemnation in private (in his heart), but that cannot ADMIT IT, or DECLARE IT for reasons that are understandable from the levels of the soul, then the Execution of the Sentence is endowed with the “DELAY OF THE TIME”, and in accordance with the directory of the ELDER OF THE DAYS; they tried this way with great prudence and wisdom to these universal rebels.


One could affirm: Why does an unworthy deserve to live?; because, we should remember that the most valuable thing in the universe the LIFE ITSELF, and the sin is not life, it is a relative creation, it is a dense energy, a mental and temporal individual's condition.

The earthly parents, those that have engendered, raised and educated their children, are able to understand better the reason why MICAEL, embodied as Jesus of Nazareth, was so compassionate and wise in the execution of the Sentence to these rebels, being them his own Children. The history that Jesus always narrated of the Prodigal Son, instructed very well what way a loving father can "WAIT" for a long time, until the bewildered son be sorry and become rehabilitated.

Before the fact that a creature that do wickedness by election and seduction, and that it is based on his free-will; there it is advantageous not to fall in the “impatience” for justice or to undergo the wild desire of possessing what later will come by addition: The JUSTICE and the MERCY; and less to challenge the freedoms of the beings that compose the Intelligent Life of the Planet.

It exist many high universal reasons from which the Supreme governors don't execute the SENTENCE immediately to the rebels. The characteristics of MERCY in this DELAY in the execution of the Justice were extended personally for MICAEL of SALVINGTON. If this wonderful Creator Father wouldn’t intervene for their deviated children, then the Supreme Justice of the SUPERUNIVERSE OF ORVONTON would have acted. The Supreme Justice can act instantly when it is not aided by the Divine Mercy.

The Ministry of the Mercy of the FATHER OF FATHERS to His Children in all the worlds of the time and the space always provides this TEMPORARY DELAY that is interval for the Salvation and Regeneration, between “the cultivation and the crop”. If the seed is “good” this interval provides the EXPERIENCE and the invigoration of the CHARACTER; and if the seed is “bad” this merciful delay provides time for the REGRET and the RECTIFICATION in progressive transformations. This technique is applied by command of the free-will of the CREATOR CHILDREN, and product of this incomparable technique in the treatment of the sinful rebels, today it has been conquered the planetary state of LIFE AND LIGHT.