The "FATHER OF ALL FATHERS" Governs through His Children, descending through Universal Organizations. There are a colossal series of Descending Governs that culminates in the Planetary Princes; who direct the destinations of all the evolutionary planets of the FATHER OF FATHERS vast domain; they capture the Divine Will; just as affirmed by the poetic expressions: “Of the Lord is the earth and its fullness”, “The Highest Governs in the Kingdom of the men”...

In each human being individual matters, it might that the UNIVERSAL FATHER doesn't obtain the answer to His Will; but in the behavior and destination of the human group, of the Planets, of the Cosmos, etc., the DIVINE PLAN always prevails; that is to say the eternal purpose of the Wisdom and of the Love always triumphs.

MICAEL[Jesus] said: “The Father that Sent Me, Is the biggest of all and nobody could snatch anything of His hands”... If you glimpse the Father's of fathers multiple works and you contemplate the wonderful immensity of the infinite creation, then you would surprise yourself and you would hesitate in your concepts of supremacy; but you would not hesitate in accepting the CREATOR FATHER as firm and eternally enthroned in the Center of the Paradise of everything and as PROTECTOR FATHER of all intelligent beings. There is not but ONE SINGLE FATHER OF ALL that is above All and in All, HE IS BEFORE ALL THE THINGS AND IN HIM IT RESIDES ALL THE THINGS!.

All uncertainty of the life and vicissitudes of the existence don't contradict the SOVEREIGNTY OF THE FATHER OF FATHERS. Thus, the live of all the “evolving creatures” [human] is snared by circumstances or inevitable challenges; let us see some challenges and achievements:

  1. If you yearn the Value! [The force of the character]-then the Laws of the Destiny will make you to cohabit in an atmosphere of constant disenchants situations, disillusions, etc.; but never superior to you, remember that this world is a Planet-School.
  2. If you yearn the Altruism! [Serving the Neighbor] -then the experience of daily life will provide you the encounter with situations of human inequality, abandon, distresses, abuses, etc.
  3. If you yearn the Hope! [Magnitude of the Trust] -here, the daily experiences will provide you situations in that you will face very sturdily with the insecurity, mistakes and uncertainties.
  4. IF you yearn the Faith! [The supreme statement of the human thought]then it is put on test your mental capacity, and you will be among confused difficulties where you know less than what you can believe.
  5. If you yearn the Love to the Truth! [The great disposition of knowing the Divine Plan] -then your experiences of daily life will be unwrapped among situations where the error will be present and the falsehood will always be possible.
  6. If you yearn the Ideal thing! [The Immaculate Concepts] -then you will cohabit among situations of kindness and “relative” beauty that urge you to yearn without postponement to better situations of evolutive life that help you to not attaching to the transitory, illusory or false.
  7. If you yearn the Loyalty! [The Cosmic Duty] -then you will be singed by the betrayal possibilities and desertion. The great victory in this important experience confers us the Universal Citizenship.
  8. If you yearn the Absence of the Selfishness! [The love to the neighbor] -then you will cohabit with the incessant clamor of the “ego” that demands consideration until its cause root. The man would not achieve the rightness if it didn't exist in him “a bad potential” that contrasts his opposite; it is this way that the universe is Ordered and the pain and the suffering is in avoiding it, and to ignore it is to be from back to the Reality.
  9. If you yearn the Happiness! [the Being's fullness] -then you will cohabit in a world in that the alternative of the pain and the probability of the suffering are experiental possibilities always present, until the achievement of the true Happiness.

This is a Planet-School where their Laws govern the human behavior; and which masters, every day they give their lessons and experiences for the evolution; the lessons don't cease in exteriorize because these help to transform the soul, converting their values in Fruits of the Love. It is not possible to avoid the experience-lessons or challenges that offer the Life. Those that are already realizing this reality, are evolving, and they no longer suffer anymore and they don't have affectation.

The Soul's Survival is based on the cooperation with the Divine Plan and with the Purpose of the Whole; what is equal to have the great sincere desire and perfect disposition of making the Father's Divine Will. One evolutionary world without error would be a world without Free Intelligence. Undoubtedly in the UNIVERSE OF HAVONA there is a thousand of perfect millions of worlds, with perfect inhabitants, product of eternal evolutions; but the evolutionary man should be fallible if it must be free; and it should conquer his freedom because he is “Perfectible”. The inexpert intelligence from the beginning cannot be wise. The possibility of an erroneous trial only becomes “lack” when the human will supports and adopts knowingly a deliberately immoral trial.

The deep valuation of the Truth, Kindness and Beauty is inherent to the perfection of the Divine Universe. The inhabitants of HAVONA [Center of all the Universes] don’t require of potentials relative levels of value like stimulus for their election; because such perfect beings can identify and choose the correct thing in absence of all contrasting moral situation and forces to analyze. But all these perfect beings are of moral nature and of spiritual state, and they are this way in virtue to the fact of their existence. They have only achieved an advance experiential inside their inherent state. However, the mortal man achieves his candidacy to the ascension for his own faith and hope. The entire divine one that the human mind is able to understand and that the soul acquires it is a universal experiential realization; this is a great true of intimate experience and therefore it is an Ideal possession, in contrast with the kindness and rightness inherent in the personalities of HAVONA that never miss. This makes interesting the man of the space and time.

The creatures of HAVONA are naturally brave, but not valiant as the human being of experiences of the space and time. These beings of HAVONA are sweet and considered, but difficultly altruistic to the human way. They remain in the pleasant eternity, but not with the hope in an exquisite way that the humans trust these uncertain evolutionary spheres, as the Earth. They have faith in the stability of the universe, but not like the saving faith which, the mortal man ascends from his animal condition until the doors of the Paradise. They love the truth, but they don't reach experiential the redeeming qualities of the soul embodied in the matter. They are divine archetypes, they were born this way; but they don't have the ecstasy of becoming it for legitimate and revitalizing election. They are loyal, but they have not experienced the emotion from the sincere and intelligent devotion to the Duty in front of the temptation of the no fulfillment.

They are altruistic in those high levels, but they have not experienced the magnificent situations of the conquest of a belligerent “ego”. They enjoy the joy, but they don't have experienced the sweetness of the joy of transcending the pain and the potential suffering.[ With the collaboration of a Divine Consultant].