Signs arrive progressively for the man and they are telling how wrong the man is. These signs are the most pathetic form of telling the men that difficult times begin for all those that still, having looked for the LIGHT, have not regretted their errors.

Many signs of different nature, of multiple forms are been feel on the face of the Planet. All those men that have used their energy poorly, they should now or in these moments, open the way to the ACTION OF LIGHT, because subjected they are by the DIVINE LAW. It doesn't matter how compassionate it has been their lives, the registrations of their energy will say how the DIVINE JUSTICE will be applied.

For the men, that being lied themselves with false beliefs and false precepts of Light, will have the required sanction, because it is not possible to lift altars and adore false images, without this becomes an insult for THE GIVER OF LIFE. Many have falsified the TRUTH; many have lied using holy words; many have confused innocent beings, taking them to wander, but all those false prophets will fall under the weight of the DIVINE LAW. It cannot have opportunity for those who used in their own benefit the truths and powers granted to serve. THEIR TIME IS FINISHED!!!.

Many men have believed that the salvation is achieved through “power”, and they have used it indiscriminately without thinking that in the day of their trial, the DIVINE POWER will subject them under ITS JUSTICE, showing them how wrong those are that think that “power” is granted to abuse and obtain personal goods and domain above others.

The day in that each one will receive from what has sowed is here, and its own action will be taken to justice; because in the energetic levels each left atom from a human body will return to it, taking, attracting and multiplied the load with which it left. That will be the crop for each one and nobody can reject it. Nobody can deny to “that son” what he is requesting, neither what he is giving.

The day has arrived in that each one and each nation be its own judge!; because that way will be proven the IMPERSONALITY OF THE DIVINE LAW and the settling of accounts will be for the same energy that has been used during the life taken on the planet. For that reason each one knows what it will receive and it is necessary that from now on you already begin to prepare the land for what begins to arrive. If you have sowed Love, prepare to receive Love; if you have sowed hate, you will receive its corresponding action.

It is not necessary to predict what will happen, many voices have said it; the proportions of the Events will be according to the proportion of the violated LAW. It has been stipulated that each being is attended in these supreme moments; but is necessary that you understand that the attendance of the Internal Levels obeys and it is in direct relationship with the Service lent by each one to the LIFE. One cannot hope to the violator of the LAW is offered the same opportunity that to the Sincere Servant. Everything will be according to how each one has used their physical, emotional, mental and divine energy; only the internal recordings will say it and not the external acts full of false love.

The Time in that the Planet Earth has to be transferred to a new orbit has arrived; and it cannot be accepted that the whole scum, the garbage that has the planet above, pass at that New Level, since it will disarrange the ORDER that governs this Process. For that reason it is necessary to open the way to the ACTION OF BALANCE AND EQUILIBRIUM to order everything and each one of the existence levels, and that it proceeds this way to repolarize the energy that constitutes the Planet. This way It will be able to establish the new vibrational rhythm that correspond inside the RHYTHMIC BEAT OF THE FATHER-MOTHER'S LOVING HEART. For that reason it becomes necessary that each one as a small planet that Is, begin to order his energy, taking each thing to its place, cleaning and repolarizing everything that needs to pass to the new system and also evicting everything that can no longer have space in the man. It is necessary that it is understood that each one of you should put on to tone with the energy currents that begins to cover the planet. It is necessary that it is understood that all the beings that are “mature” should give external sample of it, reason why it is not necessary to give instructions, errands or press of what EACH ONE OF YOU SHOULD DO; because that will be manifested internally, in your interior world, from each level of conscience toward your corresponding manifestations in the form.

It is necessary that the man be more and more conscious, more owner of his physical, emotional and mental acts, more expert with his energy; because in these terrestrial days it will be submited to BALANCE the energy of each one, and this way the Law knows inside of which pattern each one is organized, what vibration level corresponds, and how it will be its development inside of the Evolutive Course of the Planet Earth in Its Ascension.

Given that the Events that are announced now begin to give manifestation of their ACTION in these moments, it is necessary that each one of you begins to work with yourselves. Each one knows where it fails and what energy it has used incorrectly. Likewise, you know or you should know how to take it to the Order and therefore it is recommended that you Do it. In these moments it doesn't help to “lie” to yourself , because internally it is perceived clearly how you feel the rejection toward this condition. It is not necessary to make external manifestations to demonstrate that one is working. The SILENCE will be the best way to work before THE FATHER-MOTHER'S PRESENCE. “EVERYTHING THAT BE SILENCE I WILL MANIFEST IT TO THE WORLD!!!”... THE LORD SAID!!!.

The best Action to follow is given by a Conscious Work, for the Search in the true form of Cleaning the energy that composes you, so this way you put yourself in tone with the New Vibration in which the Planet should enter. It is necessary to have a lot of disposition of Service; because when entering in this process, the “not well qualified” energy will return to each one of you so that you redeem it and return it to its Real Center. It is recommended to be centered in the action of the LOVE, since it will be necessary to love a lot to be able to put yourself in Order. Now it rests on you your own opportunity of LIBERATION; each one has “free will”, but each one should be conscious that nothing helps if you are not able to Give Up the wrong form of thinking or acting. It is better to put yourself in the hands of the FATHER-MOTHER, giving up the “free will” than to being entitled to this and be chained to the errors made under its action.

It is necessary that each one be conscious of what should be done, that each one works consciously for the LIBERATION OF YOUR BEING and don't be caught inside the settling of accounts that We will begin NOW!. It is necessary that each one knows that it is responsible for each atom of energy that composes you and that the energy should be orderly, clean and willing to SERVE.

THERE IS NOT MUCH OPPORTUNITY!!!. The Planet is entering in its period of Cleaning and Preparation for a NEW LEVEL OF EVOLUTION. Get ready so that you can enter to that New Energy System!. Otherwise you will be taken out of the Planet for not being in harmony and not being in order, you won't be able to enter to the New Wave of Vibration, and you will have to accept the Process that corresponds to all those rebellious beings that refused to accept the order of the LIGHT, emitted so that you submit as conscious elements to the action of the LOVE.

For the recognition to the DIVINE ORDER that governs the UNIVERSE and accepting the Emanated Dispositions from the GRAND CENTRAL SUN, We reach you this CALLED!.