In Order, Light and Love


The current proposition that governs the man is that day by day he adds more matter to the one that already has, being loaded with additions, not only its external aspect, but rather its environment prevents him to take the evolutionary step, immobilizing him with strong chains that tie him.

This is the aspect that has the man, a loader of things, an accumulator of goods, of mechanical knowledge; BUT NOT OF WISDOM. The first thing is acquired in the external part, and The WISDOM IS THROUGH THE CONTACT WITH THE DIVINE-BEING. This external aspect is so unlikely for those that work after the veil, this makes a perfect reflection of the man's unconsciousness, because he is possessed by the things that he has, losing all vestige of life in the confused contradiction of believing himself possessors of something.

This sad panorama leaves a lot to want, since in the current moments it is needed that the man vacates his attention of the things that surround him and control him. IT SHOULD BE CONSCIOUS THAT STILL IN THE MOST CRITICAL MOMENTS THE CONNECTION WITH THE BEING SHOULD BE LOOKED FOR.

It is necessary that it takes into account that We are asking to channel the energy in a more Conscious way, removing power from the things, to the “non sense” of the sterile uncertainty of believing itself possessor of “something”. We are outlined an Ordering, taking the attention toward where it should really be deposited: TO THE BEING, THE DIVINE SPARK THAT LIVES IN THE DARKNESS THAT HAS BEEN CONDEMNED BY THE EGOIC PERSONAL FORM, WITHOUT GIVING THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE EXPRESSED.

The Consciousness that the man is framed inside a Superior Order should make you think; because still in the lowest escalades of the evolution, classification levels and channeling of the energy are observed with an absolute precision, without that the disorder that the man presents is manifested in those levels. Be Conscious that you cannot continue in this serious situation, since being the man the occupant of the Superior Level, his behavior lines in the absurd things, being in a bigger state of disorder and violation of the Laws that govern the Universal Life.

It should be meditated in this serious world panorama and removed the bandage that covers your eyes and makes you believe that the man is worthy of the epithet that he has saddled, endorsed; because truly, it should still be called “animal”, as the other species of that Kingdom, since up to now you have not wanted to use the DIVINE CONSCIENCE that lives in you, ignoring THE BEING'S VOICE; Why to call you man, if that epithet owes to be given it to the Conscious Being in full of use of its Divine abilities, in full application of the Love, working Consciously for the reestablishment of the Divine Order on this Planet?.

All these considerations should make you meditate, because although all the inferior species follow the Pattern of Order, why don't the superior species, the men, make it?, why do you disobey the Divine Laws?. Could One say: Will it be for the Free Will?, but, don't you have conscience to realize when you make an error?. If that is this way, then it should be thought that you don't have control of the energy and that you are controlled by estrange forces that make you unthinking and violators of the LAW. Plus, don't you feel the internal little voice that calls you to the Order?. No one can believe that that is certain!; because still in the worst individuals of the human species there is a Divine Spark that calls to Wake up of the lethargy.

What it happens with the call to the man?, Why do they act this way?, Is it so much their incredulity and indifference?, Why don't you meditate in the Blessings that you receive day by day?, Who does carry out the organic functions?, Won't it be that an intelligence of Superior Order has foreseen all the mechanisms to preserve the Life, as well as the activities that are inherent of each species and in particular of the human species?.

Reflect!, because the hour TO BALANCE the energy of each current of Life has arrived, it is Here and Now; and it is necessary that each one recognizes that up to now it has not been able to create something or generate something Useful and Beautiful; Because everything is created and what is considered the man's creations, is not more than delicate manifestations of the DIVINE IDEA.

Recognize that it is incongruous to say: “I have created, I have given, I made it”, because you often can see that those that possess something are unable to give it, still to who truly need it. On the contrary, the bigger quantity of things that it is possessed, more it is wanted to possess. It is an insatiable voracious appetite, and it doesn't look what arms or means use to arrive where you have fixed your attention. Then, you can understand that ONLY THE FATHER-MOTHER GIVES, IT ONLY POURS THROUGH EACH ONE, BECAUSE IT IS THE INEXHAUSTIBLE FOUNTAIN THAT GETS EQUALLY TO ALL.

If the human species reverse the force or energy that it puts in a material object to possess it and it will take it toward the reality that pulses inside, THE DIVINE SPARK, without doubt would achieve the Light's most wonderful expression through their vehicles. If in an act of material possession you are able to get to the most dangerous extreme, why not make it so that the Being gets liberated?, why not fight in a so valiant way that The ALL POWERFUL PRESENCE uses them as channels of Its Light?. Meditate in that!, since it is necessary that you realize that in the same measure in that you sustain your attention in the external world to get something ephemeral, transitory, likewise you can deposit it internally, to Be liberated as CONSCIOUS BEINGS, as Servants of THE TRUE REASON OF THE LIFE, to be elements of SERVICE, of UNIT, of LOVE; to be homologated to the expression of the INDIVIDUAL BEING TO THE GRAND BEING, LIKE A CELL OF ITS BODY-LIGHT.

It is the moment that you notice that there is no longer Time and in this Present Time you should re-polarize the “attention”, removing it from the external world and putting it in the intern of yourself, so that you can conquer the great possessor and controller of your energies: “THE IGNORANCE”. Recognize that if you don't serve the Light, then you should be serving the darkness; and it doesn't make sense that for the abuse that you make with the energy, the Planet Earth has to be threatened with “destruction” and still more, that many Beings have to be sacrificed so that others have to recognize their errors and be conscious of the work that you have to carry out.

To everything adds the fact that it is necessary to work arduously to pass to the New Vibrational Field to which the Planet Earth has to enter for Cosmic Law. Therefore, IT IS TIME TO RECOGNIZE THAT YOU CANNOT CONTINUE BEING INDIFFERENT WITH THE DEMANDS THAT WE ARE MAKING!.

It is TIME that you recognize that you cannot continue in the dark mechanism of the “ego”, of the separativity!, You should proceed to open the way to a Superior Order of Action!. Where being recognized the error and the violation to the LAW, one goes to work to balance the energy, being harmonized with each one of the levels of Life that inhabit the Planet, contributing this way to expands the Light, elevating the vibratory rate, being able to pass to the orbit that it corresponds in Its PROCESS OF LIBERATION AND ASCENSION.

As it is happening on the Planet, likewise it happens in each one of its inhabitants, since the PLANETARY BEING is pulsing for Its Liberation, makes that the desire expands on its inhabitants, so they get out of the ignorance that takes them toward the destruction.

The individual action is decisive; because to each one corresponds to work for its Life-Streams, balancing the energy that is touching and being harmonized this way in its environment. Each one is committed with the Process of Liberation that the Planet lives; because in it the EVENTS are happening!, and every day they are accelerating more and more, to restore the ORDER and to accelerate the LIGHT'S VIBRATION; likewise it will be in each particle of Life since like it is inside it is outside, like it is above it is below; So that the vibration of the energy can displace the shades and sow of LIGHT the path that each one should walk. This process is simultaneous, it is not separate, it concerns to each one and therefore, each cell is benefited by the conscious effort of the other one. But it is necessary that it is understood that it cannot allow more violations to the LAW!, Not more negative use of the energy!, becoming necessary that each one prepares to work internally, so that they are assimilated inside the PROCESS OF LIBERATION OF THE PLANET and don't be discharged of Its face like an old and heavy ballast that should be eliminated, but you have to know that !THE WAIT IS FINISHED!!!.

Your energy should be channeled consciously, since they cannot continue perverting the energy that Emanates THE ALL-BEING. Each one has free will to use it like it wants, but at Internal Levels; the DIVINE JUSTICE will make Its own Balance of the energy given to each one, given to express the LIGHT, to become RADIANT CENTERS OF LOVE, to be tuned completely with the DIVINE CONSCIENCE OF THE ALL-BEING; but, it has been used for personal purposes. Reflect it!, Think about it!.

You are being called several times!. You thank the Service of those who work after the veil!, You thank the LOVE that They pour with the desire to help you to Wake up of the ignorance and to pass to an orbit of more vibration!. You Work!, Harmonize your energies!, Leave the Ignorance!. Leave a side the “false free-will” that you granted yourselves!, and understand that only with A CONSCIOUS AND UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER TO THE ALL-BEING you can become activated by ITS PRESENCE-LIGHT, as cells in expression of Its Love.

Every time that you listen to your Beings, you leave the darkness!; but, when you cede to the song of the siren of the “ego”, the ignorance subtracts life to the Divine Spark. Being Conscious of this Call!, because the work is CONSCIOUS and IMPERSONAL, in Service to the LIGHT'S Manifestation that lives in each one.


Commander of the Forces of Liberation



The main reason of the man's existence on the Planet Earth is marked by the Individual Being's disposition in “etherealize the dense form”, building this way it Vestment of Light that will take as LUMINOUS EXPRESSION OF THE ALL-BEING!.

Covered you are by the Light of the Love, and Unified you are by the Glorious Presence, Who era after era has poured on your individualized Beings the call that makes the FATHER-MOTHER to each one, so that you take conscience that the external robe that you dress should be prepared Consciously, so that it harbors to the Light's Maximum Expression: THE COSMIC CHRIST, THE LIGHT OF THE ALL-BEING.

You went down to the dense plane not to be conquered by the world of the forms and be dominated by them, but so that as you trafficked for the Planet, you subtilized and transformed the robe that cover you, making pour the Light that pulses from the interior of each one, transforming you this way into radiators of that SUPREME PRESENCE, Who covers to all Manifestation of Life. But you have forgotten in this earthly pilgrimage the mission to complete; giving power to the shadows, to the ignorance that has covered to their subtle bodies, allowing all energy to be dense and drown the expression of your Beings.

You cannot deny that the DIVINE SPARK that in each one lives is to the Image and Likeness of the ONE, and therefore payees you are of the Sum Wisdom; but you have allowed that the attraction that exercises the matter makes you forget the Great Purpose made for what you descended to this planet, being prisoners in the dreamer emanations of the dense way that it exercises on each one.

Revert Now this process!, Transform all dense energy and see how necessary it is to return the power to What has been left prisoner among the vestments that you take. And see how urgent it is the necessity that each one appeals to its interior, so that it conquers its Center of Control. Overturn your attention on that Divine part! that forgotten by external the vehicle waits that THE LOVE OF THE ALL-BEING, BE AGAIN YOUR NUTRIENT!.

It is necessary the AWAKENING because you are asleep!. It is necessary of the WORLD CONSCIOUS ACTION, because the unconsciousness covers you awfully. It is necessary that you take into account the ESSENTIAL REASON of why are you here on this planet. It is necessary that you take into account that the Planet crosses for a serious crisis, originated by the forgetfulness that the man has made of the “reason” that each one should manifest. It is necessary that each one gives priority to the DIVINE SPARK! that pulses in your most secret vestments. It is necessary that you return the look toward inside of yourself, and meditate in what it has taken you to show in this earthly plane, because it doesn't make sense that you have been manifested to impede the Light's Expression.

Remember!, because in each one of you there are those intact Memoirs, of the days in that you were ONE WITH THE ONE and bathed with ITS Light. But see yourself now, lost in the unconsciousness mass, egocentric, separatist that persist in consuming your Divine Forces. It is necessary that from that Memory it takes the force and decides to work to reconstruct the Path that will drive you toward the UNITY.

It corresponds to you to equilibrate the energy from your physics, emotional and mental vestments, elevating them to the maximum so that they can spill out again; but this time rhythmically, Unifying each electron, taking it to rotate more and more quickly so that it is connected with your DIVINE ENERGY and re-build this way the REAL VESTMENT that each one has to take again, since this that you dress now is very but very dense and it prevents the Light that pulses from being Individualized to be manifested and expanded.

You take conscience that to each one of you correspond to RE-STRUCTURE each atom of energy of your Body Temple. Taking it to its correct position, so that each one of you can accelerate this way your upward turn and attract toward yourself to those ones that rotate in other denser and heavier orbits, urging them at superior levels.

You should understand that as you accelerate the vibrations of the particles of live of the internal body, where it lies caught the Being's enlighten, likewise you energize to the unison the atoms that must build Light's Vestment. Some ascend from the dense thing toward the subtle thing, and others descend from the subtle thing toward the dense thing, so in that interaction, the dark nucleus that catches the Light allows its expression, so that in turn the Light Fountain attracts It toward Its Center.

This marriage is achieved with the Conscious Act of each one, by the equilibrium of the energy in the RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE among the “Small Presence” caught in the dense form and The ALL-PRESENCE that propone this UNIFICATION, calling it to the ORDER and to gravitate in the internal orbit that correspond inside Its Body Light.

The Action of Acceleration, that each one prints with Conscious Acts, makes that the Atoms of Light that lie caught in the form accelerate its vibration and in turn attract toward itself the necessary energy elements that allow it to build the VESTMENT OF LIGHT. For that reason, the Conscious Act in the emanation of Light makes that day by day dark atoms are liberated, being irradiated the Being that lives in the shadows. For that reason, to each one of you it concerns this process, and each one should feel the call that makes the Being, you should prepare to its expression, giving this way place to that the energy be equilibrated and open the way to the EMANATION OF THE LOVE, so that the marriage of this “Small Being” carries out with THE ALL-BEING. Each one of you is responsible for the time in that is carried out the process, since it has been committed from the first instant of your incarnation in this Planet, so that that is the biggest Manifestation in your Life-Stream.

Each one of you should assume the acquired Responsibility, should commit to equilibrate the energy and to make possible the Ascension, since the process is individual; plus, built by the conscientization of the Unit of Life, working second to second with the energy poured on the other one, on the neighbor, on the Planet.

The conscientization of that each Life-Stream is Connected and Interconnected will help you to work arduously; because the acceleration of the energy of your vestments in the preparation for the ASCENSION, makes that the adjacent cells to this Being receive additional stimulus Light, accelerating the vibratory rate of your vestments, leading you to take more conscience of your purpose here on the planet. This taking of conscienceness makes that day by day more Light spills from the FOUNTAIN ONE OF LOVE TOWARD THOSE LIFE-STREAMS that live in each one of you, tuning them completely with the DIVINE PURPOSE OF THE ALL-BEING, being connected to ITS Current of Elevation or Ascension of the Energy; since in the different Levels of The ALL-BEING, the energy always goes in progressive acceleration toward more Ascent, every time in the Light of Its Conscience.

The interaction among the men that have decided to Liberate the LIGHT OF THE ALL-BEING through them, the volunteers, makes that the MONAD LIGHT sustains on their vehicles a constant call, attracting them toward more and more quick orbits, being completed this way the Manifestation of the DIVINE ORDER between the men and the Emanation of Light through their vestments over their neighbors, their siblings, being as Centers Receiver-Emanatory of the Divine Love Liberator, THE MAGIC PRESENCE IN ACTION.

This synchronization makes that the “Initiatic Vestment” gets ready and the movement of the energy of the Body Temple will be more and more quick; and although the man's external presence conserves his physical characteristics, the acceleration of internal atoms of the body-temple will make that it TRANSFIGURES, for those that can capture the Sound Voice of the Light of the BEING in color and scent, in Manifestation of the Purity and Perfection of the Being that pulses from the carnal Vestment toward the mean that surrounds It.

The ASCENSION is a conscious process that should be carried out by each one of you, prepared carefully for the personality that is subordinated to the Individualized Being. This process is of SELF-REALIZATION, but with Humble Wisdom and Power of Love, for the view of the own Divinity and the Light's recognition, and for the acceleration of the wonderful Service that it correspons to you to complete, dedicating to carry out each one of the actions that will give place to Light's manifestation through your external vestments.

It is a very conscious process, configured day by day, second to second, meditated and analyzed with the wise understanding that offers the LOVE, when making conscious that in the external robe a Light's Being is covered; and it is the duty of each Life-Stream to allow Its expression, corresponding It to serve with Love, so that the wonderful expression of Its Light TRANSFIGURE! the dense form into a subtle, high body, in a Center of Light.

The ACTION OF LIBERATION is foreseen by the harmonization of each atom of energy of the Body Temple and in a permanent equilibrium with the Life, by means of the Rhythmic Balanced Interchange; but the Ascension commits to a more conscious effort, to a more arduous work, to a surrender for Unconditional Love, so that the Being expresses through the physical vestments, TRANSFIGURING them and taking them to manifest the PERFECTION OF THE ALL-BEING. Tuned this way with this magnific Unity, it is left that the ASCENT get realized, as Communion between the Homonymous Being and THE ALL-BEING, to seal with Purity Pact of Light between the Man and the FATHER-MOTHER, conquering the right to say: I AM ONE WITH THE LIGHT, IN IT I LIVE AND TO IT I EXPRESS!.

You are created vehicles, vestments for the descent of LIGHT, to express the LIGHT through you and to Ascend the dense condition, transforming it into Emanation of the Perfection for the conquest of the form and the Manifestation of the ALL-BEING through you.

You remember the beginnings of the Light!, Vivify your Memoirs!, and Work so that your vestments can manifest THE ALL-BEING!; Ascending to ITS Presence in a Communion of Light, in an Act of Love and Purity.

You are called to conquer each atom of energy that your vestments conform; but, it is in Recognition to the Being that in each one of you live, it is in the Desire of Expressing It in Perfection and Purity as you will build the “Suit of the Light” that will take you to be liberated of the ties in the dense forms, to BE ONE WITH THE LIGHT, WITH THE ALL-PRESENCE OF LOVE. Unified in that loving hug Prepare to serve so that your Beings get Liberated!; Ascending toward THE UNITY, IN THE LAST COMMUNION WITH THE ALL-BEING.

Multiply your efforts!; increase your hours of vigil, acts of Love and your Surrender. Make conscious the necessity of your Beings and evoke to work so that the LIGHT that each one carries out to be liberated, serving at the same time as the center of attraction, so that the Light of the ALL-BEING be anchors in the Planet and this way to Ascend It to Its planetary condition of STAR OF THE LIBERATION!, BEING OF LIGHT OF THE PLANET EARTH!.

Surrender before the evidences that every day your Beings pour on each one of you!. You work being conscious that each effort is assimilated by the Light’s Host!, taking you this way to accelerate the atoms that must attract to the subtle substance that will build The RADIANT VESTMENT OF THE COSMIC CHRIST, in manifestation through each one... You are CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT!!!; allow your Beings to be expressed and give this way testimony of THE GRAND TRUTH OF THEIR BEINGS: IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF THE ALL-BEING!.

Quiet your emotions, your thoughts, your physical bodies!; Prepare your inferior vehicles!. UNIFY THEM IN A CENTER OF LIGHT EXPRESSING THE PRESENCE OF THE ALL-BEING Constitute yourself in lamps that light the Path to others, still in the deepest darkness. This halo of Light will arrive until the Unity, pointing out where is each one of you!.

It is very important to be permanently in the Service, it is necessary that you stay connected to THE LIGHT OF THE ALL-BEING, TO ITS PRESENCE, so that in turn IT ATTRACTS YOU TO ITS NUCLEUS SUN, ITS HEART.

Meditate!, Reflect!, the Earth has entered at a level of more vibration. Don't stay in the form, accelerate your vehicles!, Take them to their New Orbit!, so that in the measure of the transfiguration of the Planet, be assimilated completely to the unison by the LIGHT OF THE ALL-BEING and lifted you be of the dense vehicles to be dressed with the Purity Suit of the Light.

Remember!, Look for it in your memoirs!. Don’t stop the process!. Accelerate it!. VIVIFY THE FLAME!, GIVE LIFE WITH THE LOVE OF YOUR LIGHT!. Surrender before the call that makes the LOVE!; inviting all of you to participate of ITS DIVINE ESSENCE, AND TO TAKE COMMUNION WITH ITS DIVINE WISDOM.


Connect yourself with the Emanation of the LOVE, with supreme conscience; ONE IS WITH IT!. Work so that It is manifested through your bodies; giving this way example of Service, of surrounding to Its Presence and Manifestation of the Light on the Planet!.

!!!, fight to Manifest It, to conquer the right of dressing “The Nuptial Robe” and to marry in a complete knowledge, LOVING TO THE LIFE, TO THE LOVE THAT MADE POSSIBLE YOUR MANIFESTATION.

Remember!, the physical thing should be subtle, the form energized with the Perfection, the Light Loved and Liberated. Love yourselves and work!, give course to the Action of Light, so that each Conscious Act propitiates THE MANIFESTATION OF THE DIVINE ARCHETYPE THAT EACH ONE OF YOU ARE, and be possible THE COSMIC CHRIST'S MANIFESTATION IN THE MAN. That should be your purpose, the task to carry out. YOUR ASCENSION IS IN THE MEASURE OF THE EFFORT AND IMPERSONAL SERVICE, OF THE DIVINE LOVE AND LIBERATOR THAT EACH ONE EXPRESSES.

The Light of your Beings should Be liberated!. And to each one of you correspond that Be!. Your desire of Service accelerates the purpose; but, the realization of the Service constitutes the Form of Liberation, THE VEHICLE OF ASCENSION. Don't be limited!, allow that THE ALL-BEING guide you in this process, and ONE with IT build the Robe of Light that you must dress.

The Sequence of Liberation, The Conscious Act of Love, of Serving the Light, will open the way to the Pure Light of the Presence of the ALL-BEING. UNIFIED YOU ARE IN IT!. Manifest IT!, Be yourselves Channels of IT!. Transfigure the external form! so that when the moment arrives, THE ONE UP AND THE ONE DOWN GET UNITED, THE INTERNAL THING AND THE EXTERNAL THING FUSE, AND THE LIGHT OF THE PRESENCE IS MANIFESTED IN ALL ITS SPLENDOR, AND EACH ONE OF YOU ASCENDS TO YOUR LUMINOUS CONDITION, TO THE PLACE THAT CORRESPONDS TO YOU IN THE HOLY HEART.

Your Service is for the Manifestation of the Divine Order in the Planet, beginning to reconcile each one of the points of the external womb that covers you, UNIFYING IT TO THE GRAND WOMB OF THE LIFE ONE, being synchronized to the movement of continues acceleration, so that as you break the chains the Being Liberates and Expresses Its Luminous condition, Becomes unified and Surrended in arms of Love, consolidating the MARRIAGE LIGHT, THE HOLY COMMUNION WITH THE DIVINE PRESENCE.

Remember the Nexuses that you have with the Light!, Vivify them!, Narrow them!. Don't allow more darkness on your Beings!. Let yourselves to be guided, allowing that the Great Truth Liberates you, taking you toward the conquest of the Body Light that corresponds to each one of you. Remove the veils!, Don't retard the process!, THE HOLY VESTMENTS WAIT FOR YOU!. As one day you descended, it is time that now you dedicate to work to ASCEND. It is your Goal!, It is the Call that We made to you!. Get ready for it!, since to each one it corresponds to elaborate with the subtle energy of the Conscious Body, The Vestment of Light that you should take.

IT IS HERE AND NOW!. IT IS IN THIS INSTANT!, It is the opportunity!, TAKES COMMUNION WITH THE LIGHT!, DON'T RETARD THE SURRENDER!. It is your path the one that you have to build, fulfill it with Love in recognition to your Being!. Offer It the opportunity to return to the Womb from where It left!.

YOU ARE LIGHT!, Manifest it!, Yours is the effort and the recompense!: THE ETERNAL LIFE, THE LIBERATOR LOVE, THE COSMIC CHRIST.

In the Way of the Liberation of the Being, The ASCENSION; UNIXITRON is the Mediator of the Light of the Holy Call of the ALL-BEING, so that the Planet expresses Its BEING OF LIGHT in conjunction with each effort carried out by the men. THE NEW ERA WAITS FOR YOU!, But it corresponds to get to It through the conscious effort, the conquest of your Body Light and with Its Ascension toward the Divine and Un-Temporal, THE DIVINE PRESENCE, THE UNITY.

The Love covers you, the Love nurtures you, the Love waits for you, Take a bath with Its Light!, Drink of Its Sap!, Manifest It!. The Purity of your Beings should manifest It!. Be conscious that with each effort, with each surrounding it accelerates the energy that captures your Beings, displacing the shadows that it prevents you to see to the GRAND ENTIRETY. Be conscious and get ready for the ASCENSION!.

In the LIGHT I cover you, with the LIGHT I nurtures you, in the LIGHT I wait for you, in the LIGHT I AM!,

Commander of the Forces of Liberation.