UNIXITRON is born in the Love, by the Love and with the Love to all Life; It surrenders in CHRISTOTRON for Love to the Love in the Life. Basically Its action elements are: The Love as Focus Light, the Love as Focus Being, the Love as Focus To Be; the Love in the BEING toward the Being of each one. The New Era as path of Light needs to be governed by the CODE OF LOVE, so that it can project this way Its Light over the man. CHRISTOTRON will flourish, but it is necessary that in the man be gestated and liberate HIS LIGHT.



  1. The "ORGANIZATION UNIXITRON" is manifested in the TRINITY, the SON-LIGHT and CHRISTOTRON, the Perfect manifestation of ALL-BEING in IT.
  2. The "ORGANIZATION UNIXITRON" is the coronation of the Light of ALL LOVE, in conscious surrender for the realization of the Entity Light of the TRIUNO and ONE BEING.
  3. The "ORGANIZATION UNIXITRON" is the CONSTITUTION of the ALL BEING in Action, because It is Its more perfect manifestation.
  4. The "ORGANIZATION UNIXITRON" is the divided UNITY and consolidated as UNITY.
  5. In UNIXITRON is gestated this BEING perfect as It is, It is the LIGHT of the Salvation in the Triphasy of BEING.
  6. UNIXITRON is luminous sphere in radiation and rotation of Its LIGHT. Absorption for It in the Planetary Cosmogony to subsume in the always present UNITY.
  7. UNIXITRON is a centric point in projection of Its Concentric Light, and radiation of Its Perfect Light.


  1. You should Love your brother as the FORM LIGHT; Luminous Thought, Liberated from MY BEING and in Perfect Manifestation, because SO BE IT.
  2. You should pour in your brother your own Luminous Presence that I AM, in the Form that it is Safeguarded.
  3. Each one that asks and wants to manifest his own Luminous Condition should surrender himself in Conscience of the BEING, as the Light that It is Beautiful and Perfect.
  4. All Being in the BEING should Ascend to Its Presence conquering Its own Divine Nature.
  5. In the Unity is the Trinity, but the man must make it conscious to energize it and attract its own Trinity toward himself.
  6. In the dense and rude form the Light is trapped, We have to liberate it by the conscious-realization of the ALL BEING there.


  1. The Earth has the right to be liberated of the fall, genetic chain destroyed by the CHRISTIC Presence in the blood; that is to say, for the assimilation of the PATTERN LIGHT OF UNIXITRON.
  2. Each One has the right to the correction of the error and the Elevation of the Energy toward the Heart.
  3. All have the right to the Elevation in conscious action and re-polarization of the Light jailed in their genes.
  4. All have the right to the Liberation of the Adamic fall. Elevation of the rebellious Light to their MESSIAH in conscious action, cleaning the Tabernacle!.
  5. All have the right that the lashes of their temple be swept by the force of the Love Liberator.
  6. All have the right to be part of a New Race of men; because their consciences won't have the pernicious memory of the fall.


  1. From the THREE in ONE is projected toward each part of itself, Its most perfect manifestation. This operates in the highest level of the nature. It is a descent to ascend in the ENTITY LIGHT that is projected toward the encounter with the ALL BEING.
  2. The Ascent Light with the conscious effort, entail to the Union in the most secret place of the DIVINE LIGHT with Its homologous in this Entity Light in formation.
  3. Only Love can make this marriage. Only Love makes that the magnetized Electron of the ENTITY IN FORMATION emits enough Light, rotate and pass to gravitate in orbits each time closer to the Perfect Entity. This emanates from Its Monad: Its Son Love, Who Fuses with the electron that elevates, Its own ESSENCE SUN.
  4. The broken Unity will recover with the Elevation of the Divine Energy toward the CONSCIOUS and the SUPRA-CONSCIOUS, producing the rupture of the “egoistic” barrier, so it will be only one I, One in Three that is the Perfect I, the I AM, the LIGHT OF BEING.
  5. In an identical way the barrier father-mother physical will be substituted for the FATHER-MOTHER COSMIC, ABSOLUTE and TOTAL.
  6. The rupture of the psychological barriers will occur; because only Love will OPEN the gates of the actual subconscious, to the TOTAL CONSCIOUS.


  1. The LIGHT of the New Earth rotates and in an identical way, the New Moon and the New Sun make it: Integrated Galaxy to the internal communication and in projection over the screen of the BEING in the Perfect Entity of Love.
  2. Reception of the retrospective acoustics in direct communication with the CENTRAL SUN ORION, in advance of Its sphere or logistics and parallel, diametrical to Its rotation index and height.
  3. Electrostatic communication from BEING to BEING by the juxtaposition of the geodesic coordinate and geodynamic of the Earth with the Dynamic and Permanent Central of the Silence of ALL BEING.
  4. All System of life will be renovated by the integrity to the PLANETARY SYSTEM. All ECONOMY WILL BE LIBERATED ECONOMY for the rupture of the selfish and elitist monopoly, and for the density in the form.
  5. The SCHOOL will evolve from its elementary principles until its DIVINE AND UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES.
  6. The UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE is the LOVE, for the Triphasy localization of the Light in projection Galactic and Intergalactic.
  7. The CURRENCY INTERGALACTIC is the LOVE, since only LOVE liberates, only LOVE makes possible the NEW ERA.
  8. The LAW of Laws is the LOVE; since The Law of Love is: The TRUTH; the Projection of the Love is: The PEACE; and the realization of the Love is: The PURITY.